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Episode 46: Dungeon Dice Monsters - Part I (Mysterious Transfer Student Otogi Ryuuji)

Grandpa is sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Game Shop, muttering about how he's worked hard all his life and now this happens, when Yugi comes out on his way to school and asks what's the matter? (Okay, now the Kame Game Shop's sign says "Game" in English, but it's still digitized out of the US version.)

Téa arrives to walk to school with Yugi, and her cheerful "Good morning" to Grandpa is greeted with more grumbles. Finally, he tells them that he's furious about the new game shop just down the street! They only sell the trendy new games, Grandpa complains, and have no respect for gaming traditions! (In the Japanese, Grandpa says he's 72 years old, and facing the biggest crisis of his life!)

Yugi, who doesn't seem to see anything wrong with selling all the latest games, says he'd better go and check out the competition! Grandpa says don't even think about it!

But naturally, Yugi has to go. He and Téa head to the new game shop. (In the Japanese, the name of the new game shop is Black Crown. There's a clown, with a crown. "Crown" and "clown" sound the same in Japanese. Not sure if it's meant to be "Black Clown," or if it's a pun. In the US version, the name is digitized out, and replaced by another crown.)

Out front, Yugi's given a handout advertising a new game, Dungeon Dice Monsters. (As usual, all the writing is removed from the handout.)

Yugi thinks it looks pretty cool, but before he can find out any more about it, Téa drags him off to school.

From an office above the shop, Duke Devlin (Otogi Ryuuji)'s flunky points out Yugi, saying it's hard to believe a little pipsqueak like that beat Pegasus! (Hm, in the Japanese, Otogi's flunky calls him "Otogi-chan." Which is generally reserved for little kids, lovers, and guys you're trying to piss off. Since Otogi's not a little kid, and he's not pissed....) Duke grimly tosses a few dice in the air and says, a cheater can win any game! Then he goes on to say that the trap has been set—he's going to expose Yugi for the cheater he is! Soon he'll be the new King of Games! (The conversations is a little more low-key in the Japanese. Duke says he'll get Yugi into the DDM ring and take his title. Doesn't mention anything about him being a cheater. He says he'll use the victory to promote Dungeon Dice Monsters around the world. And tells his flunky not to worry, he'll get his share.)

At school, Yugi tells Joey about the new game shop. Téa says they were really hyping that new game, Dice or Dungeons or something, and Joey exclaims, they've got Dungeon Dice Monsters? Tristan asks how Joey got to be such an expert, and Joey says he read it in the paper. Téa's skeptical—you never read the newspaper! Joey protests that he reads the papers when he's out delivering them. He needs the spending money, he says—he's saving every penny of the prize money Yugi gave him for his sister's eye operation. Soon she'll be able to see as good as new! (In the Japanese, when Jounouchi says he's delivering papers, Anzu says, isn't working not allowed? and Jounouchi says he has special permission to earn his tuition.)

They notice some sort of commotion going on in the next room. It's Duke Devlin, showing off his skills with the dice for a crowd of admiring schoolgirls. Joey thinks Duke's just a show-off. There's nothing he hates worse than a guy who'll do anything to get a girl's attention! Téa says what he really hates is a guy who's more popular than he is, and she and Tristan rag on Joey, while he brags about all his great moves at Duelist Kingdom. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi says he's an innocent boy who doesn't show off his talents in public. Heh.)

Duke comes up to the gang, tells Yugi he's heard all about his Duelist Kingdom win, and challenges Joey to a game with dice and a cup. Duke's crowd of admirers cheer about how cute he is, and Joey thinks once he beats Duke, those girls will be cheering for him!

Duke puts the dice down on a table and sets the cup over them. He bets Joey that he can move the dice into his right hand without touching the cup. Joey says that's impossible! But Duke tells him the dice are already gone. If he doesn't believe it, he can just look for himself. Joey, sucker that he is, picks up the cup to look. Duke picks up the dice in his right hand—without touching the cup.

Joey is mad about being conned. He challenges Duke to a Duel Monsters game, and Duke agrees—with one small condition. Duke doesn't have a deck of his own, so they'll both open new packs and make new decks. Yugi protests that if you're not playing with your own cards, the game is just luck! Besides, there are a lot of new cards they're not familiar with. But Joey's confident he can win, and accepts the condition, over Yugi's protests.

Then Duke adds another twist—if he wins, Joey will have to do whatever Duke says for a week. Joey says if he wins, Duke will have to close down his game shop! (He doesn't say this in the Japanese. He just says once he wins, all the girls will be cheering for him.) Duke's cheerleaders are horrified, and Tristan, Téa, and Yugi agree that Joey's getting in over his head. But Joey insists he knows what he's doing, and they agree to meet at Duke's shop after school for the match.

The gang show up at Duke's shop (and Yugi's not wearing his school uniform!), and Duke's flunky shows them to the elevator, where Duke is waiting with a box of booster packs. Joey picks one out, and celebrates over getting some good cards. He's sure he'll do great, but Duke thinks, we'll see.

They arrive at the dueling arena, where Duke's cheerleaders await. Duke says this is his smallest duel ring. (In the Japanese, they say it's like Kaiba's duel ring, and Otogi says he rented it.) The dueling ring is surrounded by TV cameras! Duke's going to broadcast the match. After a bit more macho posturing, Duke and Joey face off.

Duke opens with Oni Tank T-34 in attack mode. Joey summons Sword Hunter and destroys Duke's Oni Tank. Not only that, Oni Tank becomes part of Sword Hunter's armor, raising its attack by 200 points. Tristan says Joey might do all right after all! Yugi agrees, but he doesn't sound too sure about it. Then Duke plays Dark Bat in defense, and sets a magic/trap card face down.

Joey summons Mad Sword Beast (Charging Swordhorn Beast) and attacks the Dark Bat. Duke thinks no harm's done, because his Bat was in defense mode—but Mad Sword Beast does battle damage even when the monster it attacks is in defense. Duke's now down to 550 life points. Duke admits Joey might be a little better than he thought, but the Dark Bat won't be going to the graveyard alone! He plays his trap card, Michizure, which allows him to destroy one monster on the field when his monster goes to the graveyard, and destroys Joey's Sword Hunter. Yugi thinks Duke Devlin knows more about Duel Monsters than he's letting on, and hopes Joey doesn't blow it.

Duke sets a magic/trap card face down, and summons Spikebot (Spike Head), which destroys the Mad Sword Beast. Joey's getting a little worried, finally, and Tristan and Téa shout encouragement.

Joey draws Goblin Attack Force (Goblin Strike Team) and destroys the Spikebot, and Duke's now down to 50 points. But the Goblin Attack Force goes into defense mode after attacking, so Joey can't use it again next turn. Still, he thinks he's got the game in the bag.

But Duke's still calm, twirling his hair around his finger. Yugi thinks Duke's still got some major move planned, and tries to warn Joey, but all Joey can hear is the cheerleaders in his headcheering for him when he wins!

Duke summons Gradius (Supersonic Sky Battle Fighter Vic Viper), then plays his set magic card, Limiter Removal, which doubles Gradius's attack to 2400, and combines it with Fairy Meteor Crush (Meteor Strike), which allows his monster to inflict battle damage when his opponent's monster is in defense position. And since the Goblin Attack Force's defense is 0, the full 2400 points of Gradius's attack is taken from Joey's life points! Joey loses.

Yugi tries to tell Joey it's okay. (He doesn't in the Japanese. Instead, Anzu says Jounouchi is too full of himself.) Then Duke snaps his fingers, and one of his cheerleaders brings Joey a dog suit to wear. He'll be Duke's dog for a week.

Joey wonders what happened to him! At Duelist Kingdom, he was playing for his sister, but now.... (In the Japanese, Jounouchi is thinking that at Duelist Kingdom he played beyond himself. Now, was he too proud?)

Yugi protests that Duke can't treat Joey like this! But Joey says he'll keep his word, even if it's to a creep like Devlin. Duke snaps off a die that hits Joey in the head, and tells Joey to be quiet! He's not to speak unless his master tells him to.

Now Tristan tells Joey they should just get out of there, but Joey's adamant. He made a bet, and he'll keep his part of the agreement. Duke zaps him with a few more dice, then tells Joey, he's a dog now—he doesn't say "ouch," he says "woof, woof."

Joey puts on the dog suit, gets down on his hands and knees, and says "woof, woof." Téa cringes, and once again Tristan urges Joey to get up and leave.

Then Yugi thinks, I have to put a stop to this! The Puzzle activates, and Yami comes out. He tells Duke his cruel stunt has gone on long enough, and challenges Duke to a duel, saying if he wins, Duke has to let Joey go free. (In the Japanese, he says, "How dare you do that to my friend!" before his issues his challenge.)

This is exactly what Duke's been waiting for! He agrees. But they'll play a game of his choosing—Dungeon Dice Monsters! If Duke wins, he'll take Yugi's title of King of Duelists, and Yugi must swear never to play Duel Monsters again! Yugi's friends urge him not to do it. (Honda says, "Forget about him. Jounouchi asked for it.") Even Joey says, "Yugi, you can't do it!"

Duke flicks another die at Joey. But Yugi catches it in his hand. He accepts Duke's conditions. He drops the die and crushes it under his shoe, thinking that his friends are worth all the games and titles in the world. (In the Japanese, there's no more dialog after Yugi crushes the die. Yugi and Otogi just stare menacingly at each other.)

Duke thinks to himself, "My Dungeon Dice Monsters will destroy you!"

To Be Continued

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