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Episode 47: Dungeon Dice Monsters - Part II (Showdown! Dungeon Dice Monsters)

Yugi and Duke Devlin repeat the stakes: if Yugi wins, Joey will be free. But if Duke wins, Yugi will never play Duel Monsters again! (They don't repeat themselves in the Japanese. Otogi just says, "You don't know the rules but you accepted the challenge? This will be your last day as a duelist!") Then Duke snaps his fingers and the arena begins to change, while Duke goes on about how Dungeon Dice Monsters is a whole new game and Yugi'd better learn fast if he's going to play. (In the Japanese, there's no dialog while the DDM ring sets up.) The playing field is laid out in a grid, and Yugi steps up to the platform. A tray opens, revealing three rows of dice, all different designs and colors. Duke tells Yugi to choose fifteen dice to play the game with, saying he's sure Yugi's such a good gamer he won't need any advice on which dice to choose. Yugi doesn't know which ones to pick, but Duke hurries him up and he selects his fifteen.

They each put their dice in a chute, where they're randomized and returned three at at time. They'll roll all three dice at once, and the result determines what they can do on their turn. Duke goes on to explain that they each start the game with three heart points, and whoever loses their heart points first loses the game.

And the game is on! Duke's cheerleaders cheer him on, while Téa and Tristan mutter about how unfair it is for Yugi to have to compete in a game he's never played before. In his dog suit, Joey complains about the cheerleaders being a bunch of suck-ups (in the Japanese, he's calling Otogi a "sneaky guy"), who proceed to pummel and jump on him. The Japanese cheerleaders have "Otogi" written on their sashes.

Duke rolls his three dice, explaining that the markings on the dice are called crests. The star-shaped crests are summoning crests, and since he's rolled two of them, he can summon a monster. He places one of the die on the grid, saying, "Dimension the dice!" and it unfolds, revealing the monster Ryu-Kishin. The unfolded die becomes a dungeon pathway the monsters can use to get to the opponent's heart points. (In the Japanese, Yugi says to himself, "It's a good game.")

Before taking his turn, Yugi reminds Duke yet again that he's promised to set Joey free if he loses. Joey tells Yugi he's counting on him! But the cheerleaders call him a bad dog and tell him to be quiet. Yugi rolls, but none of his three crests match. Now Duke gets around to explaining to Yugi what the six types of crests are: summoning, movement, magic, trap, attack, and defense. (All the crests have been redesigned for the US. Okay, they always change hexagrams, but arrows? Five-pointed stars? Why did they change all six of them?)

Level two dice, like the ones Duke rolled, have three summoning crests each. High level dice have only one summoning crest, and Yugi's chosen mostly high-level dice! He's already at a disadvantage. Téa and Tristan tell Duke he should start the game over, since he didn't tell Yugi about the dice levels before they began, but Duke says since Yugi is the King of Games, he'll be okay. (In the Japanese, he just says the game can't be stopped.)

Duke rolls, and gets another two summoning crests. He dimensions the dice, and summons Yuranzo, then uses the movement crest he also rolled to move his monster forward, explaining to Yugi that the players can save the crests they've rolled in their crest pool for later if they don't want to use them on the current turn.

Yugi's roll again turns up nothing. Duke rather snottily tells him maybe he should try blowing on them for good luck. (In the Japanese, he just tells Yugi if he doesn't summon a monster soon, he won't be able to defend himself.) Then Duke rolls another summon, and summons Gator Dragon (Lizard Dragon), once again using a movement crest to move it forward.

Yugi finally rolls two summoning crests and thinks he gets to summon a monster! But Duke says no—the two crests are different levels.

This time Duke rolls Level 4 summoning crests, and summons yet another monster, all the while saying that Level 4 summons are too hard for Yugi, but he's so good he can do it. (In the Japanese, he says the game is getting boring, so he wants to spice it up by trying a higher-level summons. Japanese Otogi isn't half as insufferable as US Duke.) Instead of a monster, a chest comes out of the die, and Duke tells him it's an item summoning, but doesn't explain what that means.

And Yugi rolls nothing. And Duke rolls another summoning, and summons the Thirteenth Grave. The monster is only three squares from Yugi's heart points! He really needs a monster this time! Duke thinks he'll beat Yugi soon, and show the world that only a cheater could have beaten Pegasus!

Yugi rolls, thinking he has to have faith in his dice, just as he has in the heart of the cards. The dice roll... slowly... the first one isn't a summon crest, but the second one is a Level 4 summon, and the third... one... is another Level 4 summoning crest!

Yugi dimensions the dice, summoning the Mighty Mage (It's Little Wizard in the Japanese. Why did they rename the little guy "Mighty" in the US?), then uses a movement crest from his pool to advance it so it can destroy the Thirteenth Grave. The crowd watching on the big screen outside is pretty impressed.

Yugi's made a good move, but he's still way behind. Duke rolls another summoning, and summons the Blast Lizard (Lizard Bomb), telling Yugi it has a special attack.

This time, Yugi has some lower level dice to roll, and is able to summon Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress. Duke's next roll doesn't give him any summoning crests, but he does get two magic crests, which he needs in order to use the Blast Lizard's special attack. He moves the Blast Lizard into position and activates its attack, destroying Yugi's Winged Dragon!

Yugi's next roll yields nothing, and Duke is able to summon a Level 3 monster, Dark Assailant (Dark Assassin). He moves Blast Lizard and Gator Dragon right up to Yugi's heart points, taunting Yugi that even he wouldn't be able to figure a way out of this one, and he's the game's inventor!

Yugi's shocked! He knew Duke was a Dungeon Dice Monsters champion, but not its creator. Duke declares that the whole world should know that he's the second-greatest game creator in the world! The only reason he's not is that Yugi cheated in his game against Pegasus. (Japanese Otogi doesn't accuse Yugi of cheating. He's just mad because Yugi's win apparently drove Pegasus into hiding.)

Duke explains that he dedicated his life to creating Dungeon Dice Monsters. He sent his game to his idol, Pegasus, who flew Duke out to his island on his private helicopter for a meeting. Pegasus challenged him to a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, and even though it was his first time playing the game, he overpowered Duke and won the game. Then Pegasus told Duke he enjoyed the game, and would partner with him to produce it. The official contracts were to be drawn up after Pegasus had finished hosting a Duel Monsters tournament. But ever since Yugi defeated Pegasus in that tournament, Duke had been unable to contact him. Everything Duke had worked for was shattered, and it was all Yugi's fault!

You don't know what kind of man Pegasus was, Yugi protests. But Duke won't listen. He insists Pegasus was a great man, until Yugi broke his spirit with his dirty cheating ways! (Okay, now Japanese Otogi says Yugi must have pulled some dirty tricks on Pegasus in order to win.) Now Duke will break Yugi. Yugi insists he's never cheated in his life, but Duke won't believe that anyone could defeat Pegasus without cheating.

Yugi rolls two Level 3 summon crests, and summons Thunderball. Duke thinks Thunderball's not really all that powerful—unless Yugi uses its special attack. But Yugi doesn't know how.

Duke's next roll gives him one attack and two movement crests. He moves the Gator Dragon and Blast Lizard into position, and destroys one of Yugi's heart points with the Gator Dragon. The cheerleaders cheer! And Joey rebells, telling them to shut up, but they pounce on him.

Duke laughs! His monsters are in position to wipe out Yugi's heart points! It looks bad for Yugi!

To Be Continued

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