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Episode 48: Dungeon Dice Monsters - Part III (Yugi's Desperate Battle: God Orguss's Violent Attack)

The cheerleaders do a cheer celebrating Duke's win over Joey, which Joey doesn't appreciate. (In the Japanese, the cheer isn't about Jounouchi. The girls urge Duke to defeat "treacherous Yugi," and Jounouchi tells them to shut up. Then he tells Duke he won't allow anyone to call Yugi "treacherous.") The girls warn him if he doesn't be quiet, they'll find a muzzle for him, and he quickly backs off. Tristan can't wait until Yugi wins, and Joey's out of the dog suit! Téa says Duke is all about humiliating his opponents, and blaming Yugi for everything that happened to him. It's wrong! (In the Japanese, Honda's trying to tell Duke that Pegasus was the one who cheated, using his Millennium Eye to mind-scan his opponents, while Anzu says not to bother—Duke thinks Yugi crushed his dream, and won't listen.)

Joey calls out to Yugi to save him! (In the Japanese, he tells Yugi, "This isn't about me any more! You have to fight to defend your honor!") And the girls smack him down. Joey yells "I am not a dog!" But he ends up sitting in a huddle, drawing circles on the floor. (In the Japanese, the girls call him "Makeinu" which means "loser dog." The subtitles translate it as "big stupid dog.") Tristan and Téa say those cheerleaders really know how to yank Joey's chain! At least they haven't reduced him to howling! At which point, Joey lets out a mournful howl. "I'm not housebreaking him," Téa says. (In the Japanese, Anzu and Honda agree that Jounouchi is a loser dog.)

Meanwhile, back at the duel, Yugi's already lost one heart point, and Duke's monsters are poised to take out another! He has to do something right now! (In the Japanese, Yugi's wondering how to make Otogi understand the heart of the game.) But he thinks he's found something that will help him. He rolls his dice, and gets two double magic crests, allowing him to activate Thunderball's special ability. Duke is impressed—Yugi's learned to use the built-in help screen. (In the Japanese, Yugi's just telling Duke about the special effect he's going to use. They haven't mentioned the help screen yet. This image of the help screen was borrowed from later in the episode and redesigned to add to the US version.)

(And Yugi's magic crest is again redesigned.)

Yugi activates Thunderball's special attack, and destroys Duke's Blast Lizard. Then he uses three more magic crests from his crest pool to destroy the Gator Dragon as well. The cheerleaders wail, while Joey cheers Yugi with a hand-drawn sign of a circle with a line through it over Duke's face. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi's sign says, "Ii zo Yugi," which means "Good going, Yugi." Jounouchi cheers by barking for Yugi, saying "Won won" which is how dogs say "Bow wow" in Japanese.)

Yugi says, "Now we have a game." (In the Japanese, he says, "Yoshi," which means "Good!")

Grandpa notices the big crowd in front of the neighboring game store, and comes over to check out what the competition's up to. The first thing he sees are the cheerleaders on the big screen in front of the store, and his eyes pop out at the sight of the pretty girls! Then he's shocked to see Yugi dueling. They've stolen his business, and now his grandson, too! The crowd angrily tells him to get out of the way.

Duke condescendingly tells Yugi his move wasn't bad. But Duke still thinks he'll have no trouble winning—after all, he invented the game. Yugi reminds him that Pegasus invented Duel Monsters—but creating a game doesn't mean you can't be beaten at it. Duke again insists Yugi only beat Pegasus by cheating. (In the Japanese, Yugi tells Otogi that he had his doubts about the game at the beginning, but now he sees what a great game it is. Otogi's pleased for a moment, but then gets all huffy, telling Yugi he won't get around him that way.)

Duke rolls, and doesn't summon any monsters, saying he'll save the crests in his crest pool. (In the Japanese, he just says the summon failed.) Yugi rolls two summons and a movement crest. (Well, that's what he says. Actually, he's rolled a summon, a movement, and a magic crest. They are in fact two summons and a movement crest in the Japanese.)

Yugi summons the Knight of Twin Swords (Battle Swordsman), but it's not within striking range of any of Duke's monsters. So he saves his spare crest for later. Duke congratulates him on learning to save his spare crests, and poor Joey says he doesn't get it—and his sign now has a question mark on it. Duke reminds Joey of the rule: if you don't use your crests when you roll them, you can store them in your crest pool for later. But the cheerleaders tell Joey to forget about the game rules and learn the rules of doggy behavior! (In the Japanese, they tell him they can't believe he challenged Otogi.) Joey sits, whining.

Duke thinks Yugi's catching on pretty fast, so he'll have to take things up a notch. (Now is where in the Japanese we see Yugi plinking away at the help screen, but there's still no specific mention of it.) Duke rolls, and summons the Battle Ox, using four stored movement crests to move into position to attack Yugi's Knight of Twin Swords. The Battle Ox gains ten points of attack strength when attacking Warriors like the Knight! But Yugi quickly switches his Knight into defense mode, where it has enough points to stave off the Battle Ox's attack. Duke is furious—Yugi's learned how to defend!

Now it's Yugi's turn. He uses two attack crests to allow his Knight of Twin Swords to attack the Battle Ox twice and destroy it. Yugi's friends cheer, but Duke laughs. He points out that his dungeon path has taken up most of the board, crossing the entire field, blocking Yugi's monsters from getting anywhere near his heart points! Yugi's trapped. The only way he can reach Duke's heart points is to travel up Duke's dungeon path, through the gauntlet of Duke's monsters!

Duke rolls a summoning with the rare and powerful black die, and summons the Warp Vortex (Warp Hole)! Once he summons a second vortex deep in Yugi's territory, his monsters can travel instantly from one Warp Vortex to the other.

Yugi rolls another summoning, and summons the Strike Ninja (Black Ninja) to the field. Duke gets another black die, and rolls—but the summon fails. Yugi's lucked out this time!

Now Yugi gets a one of the rare black die in his next set of dice! He rolls two summoning crests, and summons his own Warp Vortex, then sends his Strike Ninja into it. It comes out on Duke's side of the field, where it destroys Ryu-Kishin. Duke is horrified! Now all Yugi has to do is roll a movement crest, and his Strike Ninja will be in reach of Duke's heart points! (The little graphic showing us the position of Yugi's Strike Ninja is labeled "BN." Which, of course, stands for Black Ninja. Oops! Forgot to change that for the US version.)

Duke rolls, but doesn't get a summoning. Yugi rolls two movement crests, and sends the Strike Ninja to destroy one of Duke's heart points. Yugi's friends cheer, but Duke's laughing again! It's been a long time since anyone destroyed one of his heart points, he says, but it won't happen again! (In the Japanese, Otogi says, "How dare you hurt me, the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters! Now I can see why you're the champion of Duelist Kingdom. This is very exciting, Yugi-kun. But I won't let you go any further!")

Duke rolls a Level 3 summoning, and summons Orgoth the Relentless (God Orguss), then uses two stored magic crests to raise Orgoth's attack power, and movement crests to move it into position to attack Yugi's Strike Ninja! Desperately, Yugi searches the help screens for a way to save his Ninja, and just in time finds what he needs. (Here's the screen that was borrowed and inserted earlier in the US episode, once again redesigned.)

Yugi uses a trap crest to activate the Strike Ninja's special defense, avoiding Orgoth's attack.

Duke can't believe Yugi taught himself such an advanced move! He reminds himself that Yugi's just a cheat. He can't possibly have the skills to win. (In the Japanese, Otogi wonders if Yugi could have had the skills to beat Pegasus.) Yugi rolls two more movement crests, and moves the Strike Ninja in to destroy another of Duke's heart points. Now Yugi's in the lead!

Duke rolls, swearing his revenge. This time, Yugi has no more trap crests to defend his Strike Ninja, and Orgoth the Relentless destroys it. Duke tells Yugi that none of his monsters can stand against Orgoth! Nothing will stop him from beating Yugi now! (In the Japanese, Yugi looks over his field and wonders what to do next.)

To Be Continued

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