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Episode 49: Dungeon Dice Monsters - Part IV (The Miracle Dimension: The Black Magician Summon)

(Just as a side note, with this episode, the Japanese opening has a new look and a new theme song, the second of three so far used in the series. This appears to be the official introduction of the Battle City arc, even though the actual Battle City lead-in doesn't begin until next episode.)

Yugi's on the defensive again! He rolls, and gets a movement crest, which he uses to move the Knight of Twin Swords in front of his heart points to protect them from Duke's monsters.

It's Duke's turn, and he moves Orgoth the Relentless four spaces towards the Warp Vortex. Reminding Yugi of the way he used the Warp Vortex to move the Strike Ninja to Duke's side of the field, Duke sends Orgoth into the Warp Vortex. It comes up on Yugi's side of the field, where it looms over Yugi's three monsters.

Yugi rolls, and moves all three of his monsters in front of his heart points. Duke then moves Orgoth closer to Yugi's monsters, and uses a magic crest to increase Orgoth's attack. Orgoth destroys Thunderball, leaving Yugi with only two monsters to protect him. Duke's cheerleaders cheer, while Joey thinks he'd better get used to the taste of dog chow! Téa reminds Tristan that Yugi's been in tough spots before, but he's always come through. (In the Japanese, she agrees that Yugi's in trouble, because there's nowhere on his field to summon a monster.) Outside, where he's watching on the big screen, Grandpa urges Yugi to hang in there.

Duke taunts Yugi some more, telling him he can't summon any more monsters, because there's no more room on his side of the board. He insists there's no way a hack like Yugi could have beaten the great Pegasus!

Yugi says the game's not over yet! He rolls, then tells Duke he's used the help screen to discover the Mighty Mage's special ability—it can attack monsters two spaces over. He attacks Orgoth, but Duke uses a defense crest to increase Orgoth's defense, and the attack fails.

Duke rolls, and moves Orgoth forward one space, then uses six magic crests to power up Orgoth by 30 points! (In the Japanese, he uses three magic crests.) Yugi tells Duke even he should know that power isn't everything. Without strategy, it's just an empty threat. Duke isn't worried. (In the a Japanese, Yugi just says Little Wizard won't stand up to the attack.) Orgoth destroys the Mighty Mage, leaving Yugi with just one monster between Orgoth and his heart points!

Yugi thinks maybe Duke is right—maybe he just isn't good enough for this game! He's going to let Joey down. (In the Japanese, he's thinking about losing Duel Monsters forever.) Duke tells him to surrender, but Joey tells Yugi not to give up! The cheerleaders call Joey a bad dog, and say that's it! Get the muzzle! But Joey finally rebels, telling the cheerleaders to back off. Then he tells Yugi not to let Duke rattle him, reminding him of how he won against Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom. Yugi says this is different, but Joey says Yugi won Duelist Kingdom because he was the best gamer on the island! No matter how tough it seemed, Yugi believed in the heart of the cards. "You're the King of Games! If you trust in yourself, you can win!" (In the Japanese, Jounouchi tells Yugi to pick up the dice and fight. Yugi lowers his eyes, thinking apologies to Jounouchi for letting him down. But Jounouchi says, you're not fighting for my freedom, you're fighting for all duelists, who fought you with everything they had—even Pegasus! You have a responsibilty to go on fighting!)

Yugi is encouraged. He tells Joey he's right, then tells Duke to watch out for his last heart point, because he's coming after it! (In the Japanese, Yugi thanks Jounouchi, and says even though the cards are different, a game is still a game. He won't give up until the last second.) Yugi rolls, and uses a movement crest to move the Knight of Twin Swords forward, then uses six attack crests from his roll and his crest pool to increase the Knight's attack, and attacks Orgoth. But Duke uses Yaranzo's special ability to change crests in his crest pool to defense crests, increasing Orgoth's defense points until it can withstand the Knight's attack.

Duke rolls, and attacks the Knight of Twin Swords with Orgoth, destroying it. Now Yugi has no monsters to protect him, but he vows not to quit. (In the Japanese, Otogi wonders why Yugi isn't afraid—how can his heart be so strong?) Yugi rolls, but none of his dice match. There's nothing he can do.

Duke rolls two movement crests, and moves Orgoth into position to attack Yugi's heart points. One more of Yugi's heart points is destroyed. Yugi says all he has to do is summon a monster, and he can turn the game around, but Duke points to the field, telling Yugi there's no more room for him to dimension the dice.

Yugi rolls a Level 4 summoning. Duke laughs, saying there's nowhere Yugi can summon his monster. Yugi points out that there are different ways to dimension the dice, and finds a place where his die can unfold onto the field. Then he summons the Dark Magician!

(In the Japanese, Otogi wonders, how can he summon the Black Magician? And there's a brief flashback, cut out of the US version, where Pegasus asks Otogi to let him make a change to Dungeon Dice Monsters. He wants to add a new monster with special abilities, and tells Otogi he'll find out what it is when he plays the game next. Now Otogi wonders if Pegasus meant the Black Magician. He thinks he should have done some research!)

Yugi moves the Dark Magician forward, and destroys Orgoth.

Duke is furious. "Your comeback ends now!" he says, and rolls. He moves the Dark Assailant forward onto the mysterious Item chest. Dark Assailant opens the chest to reveal Monster Cannon, a weapon that fires a monster at the enemy. He launches the Dark Assailant at the Dark Magician, but Yugi activates Dark Magician's special ability, concealing it under Magical Hats. The Dark Assailant misses, and the Dark Magician emerges from another hat unharmed. Duke sends Yaranzo into retreat.

Now it's Yugi's turn. He rolls two magic crests, which he uses to activate another special ability—the Dark Magician's Mystic Box (Japanese Otogi says, "Is this the special ability Pegasus was talking about?"), which skewers Yaranzo in one of the boxes, while moving the Dark Magician to take Yaranzo's place on the field. Aww! Duke programmed the Dark Magician in his game to make the same chastizing finger-waggling gesture the Duel Monsters Dark Magician does! (Of course, in the Japanese, it was really Pegasus who programmed it in.) Now the Dark Magician's in position to attack Duke's heart point, with no monsters in between to protect him!

Dark Magician attacks, wiping out Duke's last heart point, and Yugi wins! The gang cheers. Joey's dog days are over! And the crowd outside agrees, Yugi is the King of Games! (In the Japanese, the crowd is silent.)

They retreat to Duke's office, where, head in his hands, Duke apologizes for accusing Yugi of cheating. The better man won—and thanks to the television cameras, the whole world knows it! Now no one's going to want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters. (In the Japanese, Otogi doesn't apologize, he just laments that his dream has been crushed, and he now has nothing left.) That's not true, Yugi says. Dungeon Dice Monsters has the potential to become a big hit! Grandpa and the others agree—there's room for more than one game store in town. Even Joey agrees it's a great game—it's Duke he doesn't like! (In the Japanese, Jounouchi just says he likes the game. He doesn't appear to hold a grudge at all!) Tristan says he'd like to learn how to play, and Duke offers to teach him.

Yugi says now that that's over, he can get back to playing Duel Monsters! Duke can't believe Yugi's willing to let him off so easily (now Japanese Otogi apologizes for the "bad things" he did to Jounouchi), but Yugi says revenge only leads to more bad feelings. If Duke's really sorry, the best thing to do is be friends. Duke and Yugi shake hands. (There's been a slight redesign of the poster on the wall behind them, for some reason. Looks like some graffiti scribbled on the Japanese poster, that's been digitized out. Heh.)

Then Duke's email program announces an incoming message. (Duke's got a lime green clamshell iBook, just like mine! Except Duke's has a lemon symbol on it instead of an Apple.) It's a message from Industrial Illusions! They're sending him the contracts, and want to take his game global!

It ends in an orgy of friendship.

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