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Episode 59: Espa Roba, the ESP Duelist - Part II (The Couragous Bet: Spinning Roulette Spider)

The score stands at Espa Roba 1440, Joey 2600—but Roba's Jinzo has 2400 attack points, and as long as it's on the field, no trap cards can be played. Joey's Alligator Sword only has 1500 attack points. It doesn't look good for Joey.

And now it's even worse—Roba plays the magic card Amplifier, boosting Jinzo's attack by 500 points. Not only that, with every turn, Amplifier will increase Jinzo's attack by another 300 points. Roba attacks Alligator Sword with the pumped-up Jinzo, taking Joey down to 1200 life points.

But Joey's not about to give up. Up on the rooftop, the little Roba brothers cheer, while Mokuba looks on sternly. And Yugi also watches, thinking that Roba's a strong duelist, but he knows Joey can beat him. (In the Japanese, Yugi's silent as he watches Jounouchi.)

Joey draws Baby Dragon, and plays it in attack mode. Rex Raptor thinks he knows what Joey's up to—it's the same trick he used in Duelist Kingdom. (In the Japanese, Dinosaur Ryuuzaki thinks Baby Dragon is useless.) But Roba just laughs at the weak baby monster. If that's the best Joey can come up with against Jinzo, he's finished! Then Joey plays Time Wizard, hoping to age his dragon into a more powerful monster, while Jinzo rusts and weakens. The Time Wizard's spin is successful, and Baby Dragon becomes Thousand Dragon, with 2400 attack points! But Jinzo is untouched—it's made of a special dititanium alloy that won't rust or corrode for ten thousand years! Rex taunts Joey, while Yugi continues to silently encourage him. But Jinzo destroys the Thousand Dragon, and Joey's down to 700 life points, with no monsters on the field.

At the hospital, Tristan watches the duel on the laptop computer, worrying about Joey's losing streak. But when Serenity asks how the duel is going, he reassures her that Joey's still winning. Joey's just toying with his opponent, he says. Then the nurse arrives to take Serenity's temperature, so Tristan goes outside. We're all behind you, he thinks to his friend. And that gives him an idea....

Meanwhile, Serenity asks the nurse to check the duel and tell her who's winning....

Téa's still sitting on her park bench, thinking that all that talk of ancient evil forces is freaking her out, when Grandpa sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes. Startled, Téa jumps up and beans him on the nose. "You scared me!" she yells, while Grandpa moans and clutches his nose. "You almost broke my schnozz!" Then her cell phone rings (the ring tone is "Shuffle," the Japanese opening theme of the show). It's Tristan, with a message for Joey.

Roba taunts Joey, telling him there's nothing in his deck that can save him now. But Joey's determined, saying his deck didn't let him down at Duelist Kingdom, and it won't let him down now. He draws, and plays Scapegoat, which puts four little goat monsters on the field to defend him. Roba laughs at the little goats, saying Jinzo will take them out one by one. Why don't you save yourself the embarrassment and hand over your locator card now, he asks, and even Rex thinks it's time for Joey to give up. But Joey just tells Roba it's his move. (In the Japanese, Yugi on the rooftop thinks Joey made the right decision. "Don't give up until the last moment. Where there's will, there's hope.")

Back at the hospital, the nurse is leaving Serenity's room as Tristan returns. Serenity tells him that the nurse told her Joey's been losing the duel. Tristan apologizes for not telling her the truth, and she says if her brother's in trouble, she wants to know about it, so she can support him. She wouldn't have been able to go through with the operation without Joey's help, so now it's her turn to help him. Tristan agrees.

Joey tells Roba to bring it on. Roba draws, and summons Reflect Bounder, which can reflect an attack back at the attacking monster. (The Japanese name of this monster is also Reflect Bounder, in English. But the subtitles have it "Dr. Demon Mirror.")

And Jinzo's attack is raised to 3200 points by Amplifier. Now Jinzo and Reflect Bounder each attack and destroy one of the little goats. Roba laughs—next turn, he'll be able to summon another monster, and destroy the rest of the goats and Joey's remaining life points!

Joey's getting discouraged. He can't lose like this, but what can he do? Yugi continues to send silent encouragement from his rooftop. (Why he doesn't go down and shout actual encouragement, I don't know. Maybe he wants Joey to learn to stand on his own and not depend so heavily on his support. Or maybe, as Yami is coming into his own personality, he's still learning to accept Joey's friendship as his own.) Joey closes his eyes, thinking that it's all over. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi thinks, "I'm sorry, Yugi. I may not be able to keep my promise.") His hand hovers over his deck, about to surrender.

Just then, he hears Téa calling to him. She and Grandpa push through the crowd to deliver Tristan's message—Serenity believes in him, and says not to even think about giving up! She flashes him a peace sign, and Joey smiles. No way he's giving up! He'll win with Serenity's help. Grandpa shouts his encouragement, too, telling him he can still win. (In the Japanese, Grandpa tells Anzu it will be all right. "Look at his eyes," he says. "His eyes are burning with determination.")

Joey draws, and plays the magic card Roulette Spider! It attaches itself to Jinzo, and Joey says this is one of the riskiest moves in Duel Monsters! It could win the game for him, or destroy him. He pays half his life points, and Roulette Spider blindfolds the strongest monster on the field and walks it to the center of the field. Now, it will spin Jinzo around until Roba tells it to stop—and it will attack whatever the Spider's arrow points at.

Roba's sweating now, and Rex thinks this is crazy! Joey's risking getting knocked out of the tournament! This will never work. But Joey orders the Roulette Spider to spin.

Everyone watches as Jinzo spins. It's all riding on this! Roba calls out for Jinzo to stop, and Jinzo slows until it points at the Reflect Bounder. Jinzo attacks, and Reflect Bounder reflects the attack back at Jinzo. Both monsters are destroyed, and Roba loses.

Téa cheers, hugging a delighted Grandpa in her excitement. Tristan and Serenity celebrate from the hospital. (They've cut out a bit where Ryuuzaki is astonished that Jounouchi won. "Sometimes it depends on luck," he thinks.) Yugi mentally congratulates Joey.

The little Roba brothers are disappointed. How could Espa lose? (Also cut is a close-up of the snotty-nosed Roba brother, saying through his tears that brother played a great game.)

Espa Roba falls to his knees in defeat. Joey walks over to him and tells him it was a tough duel, but now he must hand over his locator card and Jinzo. Tears in his eyes, Roba begs him not to take them (in the Japanese, he cries, "You despise me!"), glowering at the crowd, which is now laughing at his psychic act. Joey tells him to stand up and take it, trying to reassure him that everybody loses once in a while, but Roba's not appeased. People count on him, he insists. ("I don't need your pity," Japanese Roba says.) He can't lose! He's dueling for his brothers.

Always a sucker for a big brother story (Joey's just as bad as Mokuba), Joey bends down and offers Roba a hand. But Roba still isn't ready to accept it. He knocks Joey's hand away, and as he does, the radio receiver falls out of his ear. Frustrated, Joey turns away, then freaks out as he hears the voice coming from the receiver. It's the Roba brothers, reassuring Espa that they're not disappointed in him. (In the Japanese, they're saying, "Stand up, brother! Stand up!") He played an awesome duel, they say, and he did it without cheating. Roba looks up and sees his zillions of little brothers (okay, four) standing at the edge of the crowd, tears in their eyes. "In our book, you're a winner," they say.

Roba finally stands up, and there's a Roba group hug. Awww! (And they've also cut a bit showing Jounouchi moved to tears by the Roba brothers' reunion.)

On the rooftop, Yugi says, "Good work, Joey. I knew you'd find your strength." He walks away.

Espa Roba finally hands over his Jinzo and locator card, apologizing to Joey for cheating. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi says, "Esper Roba..." and Roba says, "Not Esper any more. Just Roba.") Joey brushes it off, and walks away with a dorky, "Smell you later, Roba brothers." Then he stops to tell Roba that he has his brothers, while Joey has his sister and his friends to support him. As long as they have that, nobody loses.

Joey walks away down the street, with Téa and Grandpa congratulating him. ("I made it, Yugi," he thinks in the Japanese.) Yugi walks down the street, thinking that Joey gets better with every duel. (He's silent in the Japanese.)

"My first duel of the tournament," Joey thinks. ("I made it, Shizuka," Jounouchi thinks in the Japanese.) Not a bad start. There'll be tough times ahead, but he knows he's not in it alone.

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