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Episode 60: The Master of Magicians - Part I (Black Magician User Pandora)

In an alley, a Battle City duel has just ended—but the winner isn't satisfied with his opponent's rare card, and demands two rare cards. He's about to enforce his demands with his fists, when Commissioner Mokuba shows up with his whistle to call a dueling foul. The bullying winner calls Mokuba "Junior" and tells him to get lost. Mokuba says if he wants to stay in the tournament, he'll have to do what Mokuba says. "Or what?" the bully asks.

"Or you'll have to deal with me." It's Kaiba, looking fierce and tall in his Battle City studded white coat. (In the Japanese, he calls the guy "samoshii duelist," which means "mean duelist.") The bully is appropriately cowed, but Kaiba's not satisfied. Placing his briefcase on the ground, he opens it, showing off his huge card collection, telling the bully it's time he learned some respect. The bully gets a gleam in his eye as he drools over all of Kaiba's rare cards. Kaiba challenges him to a duel, telling him to use these cards to boost his pathetic deck, and the bully readily agrees.

They face off. Kaiba smiles. He only has to play one card to teach him a lesson, he says. The scene pans above the alley, as Kaiba summons Obelisk the Tormentor. (Okay, they must have skipped a few turns here, because Kaiba has to sacrifice three monsters to summon Obelisk. He can't do it on his first turn.) The giant monster towers over the city!

The bully is left quivering in the alley, cards floating around him, stunned by the terrible power of the God card! Kaiba walks away with Mokuba, saying it's time to find a real opponent—Yugi. Nobody messes with his little brother, Kaiba thinks, as Mokuba gazes up at him adoringly, carrying his brother's briefcase for him. Especially with a God card in his deck. If his plan is working, the other two God cards are somewhere in the city. Once he wins them, and has all three God cards in his deck, no one will beat him! Not even Yugi.

Meanwhile, in his secret hideout, Marik is informed by his servant Odion that Obelisk the Tormentor has just been played in Battle City, and its owner is Seto Kaiba. Marik says he knew it. Ishizu is conspiring against him, and gave Kaiba the card to stop him. He remembers finding the Winged Dragon of Ra card in Egypt—his second God card. One more, and he'd be unstoppable! But his sister Ishizu confronted him as he left the underground vault where the card had been hidden, telling him that her Millennium Necklace had warned her that he would betray her. Five thousand years ago their family swore to protect the Pharaoah's tomb, she said. Who knew that the greatest threat would come from one of their own? He told her he was claiming what should have been his from the beginning! She warned him that he'd never find the third God card, and he attempted to use the Millennium Rod to force the information from her, but her Millennium Necklace enabled her to withstand him. (In the Japanese, Isis told Malik it was his destiny to sacrifice himself to his duty, but he said he wanted to break this myth with the power of the God cards, and dispel the curse on his family. He used the Millennium Rod to force her to let him pass.)

Now, Marik knows that Ishizu gave Obelisk to Kaiba in order to tempt him to hold the Battle City tournament. But, he thinks, Kaiba doesn't understand the true strength of the God cards. Once Marik has them all, the power of the Pharaoh will be his! But first, he'll have to soften up the Pharaoh a bit.... He orders his minions to dispatch Arkana (Pandora) to take care of Yugi Mutou.

Meanwhile, Tristan's about to leave Serenity in her hospital room and head out to the tournament, when she asks if he'll take her to the Battle City Tournament on the day she gets her bandages off. She wants the first sight she sees to be her brother dueling. He agrees.

Téa and Grandpa are still congratulating Joey on winning his duel with Espa Roba. (In the Japanese, they're saying that Shizuka will have her bandages off soon, and he must try hard for her.) They split up, Téa and Grandpa going to find Yugi, and Joey to find another duel.

Yami Yugi looks at the Red Eyes Black Dragon card, while Yugi says he's glad Joey let them hang onto it. Now they have Joey's heart in their deck. With Marik and the Rare Hunters after them, they're going to need all the help they can get. He just hopes Joey can survive the tournament without it! Yami says Joey's a great duelist, and he gets better with every duel. He beat Roba without his Red Eyes. Yugi agrees—maybe they need the Red Eyes to help them fight Marik. They don't even know what he looks like! How will they know when he strikes next? (In the Japanese, Yami says this card is Jounouchi's courage. Yugi says Jounouchi wants to win it back with his own hands, when he's won in Battle City. Yami agrees, and says he'll face Jounouchi's challenge then. Win or lose, Yugi says, it will stay in their memories, just like his memories of playing with his Grandpa. Then he realizes—Yami doesn't know anything about him.)

A harlequin pops out from behind the trees and greets Yugi, telling him his master is waiting for him inside a nearby tent. (The harlequin is silent in the Japanese.)

Téa and Grandpa just happen to be passing, and see Yugi going inside the tent. But he doesn't hear them calling to him. Inside, Yugi sees a Magic Box set up on a stage, and the harlequin beckons him to enter it. Téa and Grandpa come into the tent in time to see Yugi disappear into the Magic Box—just as it collapses, leaving no sign of Yugi!

Meanwhile, Mokuba's just received word on his hand-held computer that Yugi's disappeared from the tournament surveillance system! His Duel Disk signal is being blocked somehow. (Japanese Kaiba thinks it's the Ghouls.) But Kaiba is determined to find him. (Japanese Kaiba thinks he might be inside a building that's blocking the signal.)

Yugi exits the Magic Box into a room where he sees a computer displaying his Battle City duelist data. But the Dark Magician in his profile on the screen suddenly changes, its cloak turning red, and its smile evil. This new Dark Magician materializes in the room, telling Yugi he's not worthy to have him in his deck. It's time Yugi met the true master of the Dark Magician! (The Japanese new Black Magician says, "I've been waiting for you. Please play with my master, Pandora. Only one in the world can control the Black Magician, and that's my master Pandora.")

Yugi smiles. Enough of these tricks! Then the duelist appears—it's the illusionist, Arkana (Pandora). Soon Yugi's Dark Magician will be playing for him! (In the Japanese, he tells Yugi that he's the Number 2 Rare Hunter.)

Yugi accepts Arkana's challenge. Every duelist chooses cards for his deck from many types of cards, he says, but sometimes a card can choose a duelist. And the Dark Magician has chosen him!

Arkana leads Yugi downstairs to a dueling arena, telling Yugi that his superiors have ordered a real spectacle! Yugi asks who Arkana is working for, but he won't say. Can it be Marik? (In the Japanese, Pandora tells Yugi that Malik told him where Yugi would be. Yugi demands that Pandora tell him where Malik is, but Pandora says he doesn't know. Yugi wonders if Pandora is under Malik's control.)

They go to the center of the circular dueling ring, and shuffle their decks, Yugi warning Arkana not to try any sleight of hand. (In the Japanese, Yugi tells Pandora that the way he shuffles will damage his cards, but Pandora says he's used to doing it this way.) Just to be sure, they cut each other's decks. Then the duel ring shifts—the table sinking into the floor, and the floor beneath them moving them back into position—locking their legs in place with shackles that emerge from the sides of the ring. Now neither of them can escape! Arkana explains the extra twist: whirling dark energy disks set into the sides of the ring will get closer to each player as his life points decrease. When the dark energy disk touches the losing player, he'll be sent to the Shadow Realm! (In the Japanese, they're not "dark energy disks," they're actual saws that will slice the player's legs off if they lose. Well, Pandora says the loser will be "cut in half," but the saws are down at the level of the players' legs.)

Then, boxes rise between their feet containing the key to unlock their shackles. The box will only open when the player's opponent's score reaches zero, so that only the winner will be able to escape. Are you some kind of demented madman? Yugi asks. Arkana says he's just undefeated, and Yugi says not for long! (Japanese Pandora says this is Pandora's Box, and says that Zeus sealed all the miseries into Pandora's Box. A scene of Zeus sealing the box and Pandora opening it, and tiny little hope left in the bottom of the box, is cut from the US version.

(The last hope, he says, is the key. Yugi says Pandora seems happy to be playing such a life-and-death game, and Pandora says yes, because he'll be the winner. Yugi says, "I'll give you nightmares. Play with a True Duelist!")

The duel begins, and they each draw their first five cards. Arkana's pleased to see that he's drawn the Dark Magician already—but then, he knew he would. He'd trimmed the edges of the card to make it slightly smaller than the others, so it would fall to the top when Yugi cut his deck.

Yugi begins by playing one card face down, and plays Alpha the Magnet Warrior in defense. Arkana plays Legion of Fiend Jester in defense, waiting to get another monster on the field so he can sacrifice them both to summon his Dark Magician. Yugi says he won't be smiling for long, and plays Card Destruction, which requires them both to discard their hands and draw a new one. Yugi suspected Arkana had somehow fixed his first hand, so now they'll both have to start over. Arkana's pretty annoyed. (Japanese Yugi says that the way Pandora shuffles shows he has no respect for his cards, so Yugi knew he would be willing to cut them.)

Then Yugi activates his face down card, Brain Control, and takes control of Arkana's Fiend Jester. He sacrifices Fiend Jester and Alpha the Magnet Warrior to summon his own Dark Magician, and direct attacks Arkana, bringing his life points down to 1500.

Arkana sweats in fear as he watches the dark energy disk get closer! But this is only the opening round, he thinks. Yugi has no idea what's in store for him. Soon Yugi's mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever!

To Be Continued

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