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Episode 61: The Master of Magicians - Part II (Soul of the Black Magician)

Yugi tells Arkana to stop the duel and end the madness! His Dark Magician has already taken over half of Arkana's life points—one more direct attack, and Arkana's mind will be lost in the Shadow Realm forever! But Arkana just laughs. He's a master magician, and he's saved the best trick for the finale.

Outside, Téa and Grandpa walk the streets, wondering what happened to Yugi. They're determined to search every inch of the city until they find him. (In the Japanese, they're saying that Yugi was kidnapped by Ghouls, as Jounouchi predicted. And passing a truck selling "Clape." Which would be crepes.)

Arkana knows he'd better protect himself from another direct attack, or he's finished. He plays Mystic Tomato (Killer Tomato) in defense mode, and sets one card face down.

Yugi summons Beta the Magnet Warrior and attacks, but Arkana activates his trap card, Dark Renewal (Reviving Coffin of Black Magic), which takes a card from each player and sends it to the graveyard, while bringing back one of the cardholder's monsters.

Beta the Magnet Warrior and Mystic Tomato go to the graveyard, and Arkana's Dark Magician is returned. Now it's Dark Magician vs Dark Magician!

Yugi plays two cards face down and ends his turn. Arkana also plays two cards face down. Then Yugi plays another card face down, and Arkana does the same. Once more they each play one card face down. Now they've both got four face down cards and one Dark Magician on the field. Whose strategy will be the winner?

Arkana activates one of his face-down cards, the magic card Mystic Guillotine.

Yugi's Dark Magician is captured in shackles around his wrists, and pinned to the base of the guillotine. But Yugi activates his magic card, Magical Hats, which hides his Dark Magician. An empty hat is sliced in two by the guillotine. But Arkana plays A Thousand Knives, allowing him to seek out and destroy Yugi's Dark Magician. Then Yugi plays Curse-Breaker (the real card name is De-Spell) to destroy A Thousand Knives. The two Dark Magicians stand unharmed on the field. Yugi and Arkana both order their Dark Magicians to attack! Since both have equal attack power, both are destroyed. Both players activate Monster Reborn and call back their Dark Magicians!

It's a stalemate. Yugi asks Arkana to unlock their shackles so they can finish the duel honorably, but Arkana refuses. Yugi demands that Arkana tell him what's going on! Why is he dueling for Marik?

Arkana removes his mask, and Yugi gasps in shock. Arkana explains: once he was a world-renowned stage magician, in love with his assistant, Catherine. They were going to be married, but then a routine escape trick went wrong and an explosion destroyed his career and his good looks! (A bit showing Pandora running from the flames was cut from the US version.)

In his despair, he drove Catherine away from him, unable to let her see him. By the time he'd realized his mistake, she was gone.

Then he met Marik, who promised to help him win Catherine back if he destroyed Yugi!

Yugi tells Arkana that working with Marik will only bring him more suffering, but Arkana won't listen. He's counting on Marik to bring Catherine back. (In the Japanese, Yugi tells Pandora he should trust his lover, and tell her what's in his heart. It's not too late. Pandora laughs and says Yugi's just a kid and doesn't understand. Love and trust don't exist in this world. But Malik will bring Catherine back to him.) Arkana signals and a door opens, revealing the shadowy form of a woman sitting behind a curtain. It's his Catherine, waiting for him to destroy Yugi (in the Japanese, he says he'll kill Yugi) so they can go away together. (Japanese Yugi thinks Malik is controlling her mind.)

Yugi says Arkana is a fool to trust Marik. He should put his trust in himself and his cards. They're just cards, Arkana says, but Yugi disagrees—his heart is in his deck. Arkana says Yugi depends too much on his Dark Magician to protect him. He's designed his deck with one purpose: to take Yugi's Dark Magician away from him!

Téa and Grandpa are running through the streets, desperately searching for Yugi. Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba have arrived at Kaiba Corp's Battle City headquarters, also searching for Yugi's duel. If Yugi and his opponent's Duel Disks are cut off from the Kaiba Corporation's computers, Kaiba says, they must be playing somewhere that has its own internal computer dueling system. He orders his clone-girls to find all computer systems within Battle City that are compatible with Kaiba Corp's, and let him know if any of them refuse to identify themselves. (In the Japanese, he asks his girls to find any location linked to the Kaiba Corp computers with an unknown opponent. And the computer find it right away.) Mokuba hits the streets, while Kaiba waits for the clone-girls to do their thing.

It's Arkana's move, and he plays one card face down. Yugi places two cards face down. Then Arkana reveals the magic card, Beckon to the Dark, which will snatch Yugi's Dark Magician in its claw and send it to the graveyard. Yugi plays the trap card, Mystical Rift Panel, to counter Arkana's magic card. But Arkana says Beckon to the Dark was only a decoy to make Yugi use his trap card. Now he plays his own trap card, Nightmare Chains, which chains Yugi's Dark Magician up and takes him out of play. (Poor Dark Magician really gets a lot of bondage in this one.) Now Yugi's open to a direct attack! Arkana's Dark Magician attacks Yugi, while Yugi's Dark Magician looks on in helpless anger.

Yugi must find a way to free his Dark Magician, or Arkana will win! (Black Magician's chained to a cross in the Japanese. It's been changed into a slab in the US version.)

Téa and Grandpa have stopped a moment to rest, when they see Mokuba running towards them. He tells them that Kaiba has just found out where Yugi is, and he's headed there right now. They join him.

Yugi plays Big Shield Gardna in defense mode to protect his life points. Arkana summons the Doll of Demise (Killer Doll) (whose axe and knives are obscured in the US version).

Then he plays the magic card, Ectoplasmer. This card will drain the soul of one of his monsters and fire it directly at Yugi! But Yugi exclaims that that will turn his monsters into empty shells, who will be of no more use to him! (In the Japanese, Arkana says that once the monster's soul is extracted, it will die.) Arkana says he doesn't care—once he's won, he'll have no more use for his monsters, anyway. His Dark Magician doesn't like the sound of that.

Arkana uses Ectoplasmer to drain the Doll of Demise's soul and shoot it at Yugi. The pure energy passes right through Big Shield Gardna to attack Yugi, reducing his life points to 700. (Hm, I'm not sure how that happened. After the Dark Magician's direct attack, Yugi had 1500 life points. Doll of Demise's attack is 1600. Clearly, only half of the Doll's attack points were ectoplasmed.) One more hit like that and Yugi will lose! Yugi's Dark Magician looks on in horror.

Arkana taunts Yugi, telling him monsters respond best to fear! He'll never gain their respect with kindness and trust. Arkana says his Dark Magician knows he's nothing but a pawn! But his Dark Magician glares angrily at him. Arkana activates Ectoplasmer again, and extracts the soul of his Dark Magician, sending it at Yugi. (In the Japanese, Yugi says, "Pandora, your monster is crying.")

But to his surprise, Yugi's own Dark Magician, hanging in his chains, begins to glow! Yugi's Dark Magician's soul is also drained, and blocks Arkana's attack. Yugi explains that if there's more than one of the same monster on the field, Ectoplasmer affects them all the same way. (In the Japanese, Yugi's Black Magician chooses to sacrifice his soul to protect Yugi. Both Pandora and Yugi are shocked by it.)

Yugi managed to avoid this attack. But he's still only one attack away from being sent to the Shadow Realm forever!

To Be Continued

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