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Episode 62: The Master of Magicians - Part III (Magician's Disciple: Black Magician Girl)

Arkana reminds Yugi that his Dark Magician is gone to the graveyard, and Yugi's only one attack away from being sent to the Shadow Realm forever! But Yugi tells Arkana that he's already lost by putting his trust in someone like Marik. How can he believe that Marik will really reunite him with his lost love? (In the Japanese, Yugi thinks he won't let his Black Magician sacrifice himself. Pandora thinks he sacrificed his Black Magician, and it ended in nothing.)

Arkana sweats a little as he looks over his shoulder at the figure of a woman seated behind a curtain. But he's certain he'll win, and Marik will be pleased with him. Yugi once again urges Arkana to stop the game and set them free, but Arkana continues the game, placing one monster face down and ending his turn, telling Yugi that he's the real Master of Magicians. (Okay, Arkana says it's a monster, but he's playing it in the magic/trap zone. In the Japanese, he says "Reverse card set.")

Yugi says Arkana disrespects his monsters and relies on tricks to win. But Arkana says he can't hear him over the hum of the Dark Energy disk. (In the Japanese, Yugi says if Pandora were a real Master of Black Magicians, he'd hear the mourning of the soul sacrificed by its master. But Pandora says he hears nothing, only the voice of the cutter that's going to cut Yugi in half.)

Yugi draws, reminding Arkana that he has no monsters to defend him, and summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts. Arkana activates his trap card, Shadow Balance (Demon Scale), which makes the number of monsters on Yugi's side of the field equal to the number of monsters on Arkana's side. And since Arkana has no monsters, both of Yugi's monsters are destroyed!

It's Arkana's turn. He draws another Dark Magician. Then he plays the magic card, Dark Magic Curtain (Black Magic Curtain), which allows him to pay half his life points to summon a high-level monster without a sacrifice, and summons the Dark Magician to the field. Then he plays the magic card Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent Yugi from using either of the face-down cards he has on the field, and sends his Dark Magician to attack Yugi directly. It looks like it's all over for Yugi! With no monsters on the field, and no trap or magic cards he can use, he's wide open for an attack.

But to Arkana's surprise, Yugi is also able to use the Dark Magic Curtain to summon his own high-level monster.

Yugi uses it to summon Dark Magician Girl (Black Magician Girl)! But her attack is only 2000 points. Arkana orders his Dark Magician to attack her, confident he'll win. But Arkana's Dark Magician is destroyed. How can it be?

Yugi explains that Dark Magician Girl gains 300 attack points for every Dark Magician in the graveyard, making her strong enough to defeat Arkana's Dark Magician. But Yugi only has one Dark Magician in his graveyard! Arkana protests. She still shouldn't have been able to beat his Dark Magician. Yugi reminds Arkana that there are two Dark Magicians in the graveyard—Yugi's Dark Magician Girl gains 300 points from the Dark Magician Arkana sent to the graveyard, too. And Arkana's Dark Magician is pretty pissed. (Black Magician Girl's pentagram is turned into a red jewel.)

Now Yugi uses Dark Magician Girl to attack Arkana's life points directly, and Yugi wins the duel.

Meanwhile, Mokuba, Téa, and Grandpa have finally reached the building where the Kaiba Corp computers have determined Yugi is located, just as Tristan rides up on his motorcycle. They explain that Yugi's been missing, and they think he's trapped here, and Tristan's all set to break some doors down.

Yugi's still busy telling Arkana that he's lost due to his disrespect and misuse of his cards. The Dark Energy disk moves towards Arkana, and the box at Yugi's feet opens, revealing a locator card and a key.

Mokuba and the others run down the stairs, calling out to Yugi. They reach a heavy door, bolted shut.

Arkana thinks to himself that a real magician always has a trick up his sleeve—a spare key! But as he's about to use the key, his hand freezes, and Marik appears in his mind. Arkana didn't hold up his end of the bargain, Marik says, so now he must accept his punishment. Arkana begs for another chance, but Marik makes the key disappear in Arkana's hand.

Yugi unlocks his own shackles and stands there glaring at Arkana. Then he hears his friends pounding on the door, and the spirit recedes, leaving little Yugi in charge. Yugi rushes across the duel ring, snatching up Arkana's key and unlocking his shackles just in time to pull him free of the approaching Dark Energy disk. Not even a cheat like Arkana deserves to go to the Shadow Realm, Yugi tells him. (Japanese Yugi says it's wrong to die for a game.) But Arkana's completely lost it now. Calling out to Catherine, he runs toward the figure behind the curtain, which turns out to be a dummy. He clutches the wooden body, begging Catherine to return to him.

Yugi starts to go to him, asking if he's all right, but when Arkana turns to him, it's no longer Arkana. Marik has taken over. (Japanese Malik tells Yugi he cares too much. It's at this point in the Japanese that Malik tells Yugi his name.) Yugi calls him a coward, challenging him to show his face, but Marik says he'll appear when he's ready to take what he wants—the power of the Pharaoh, the spirit living in Yugi's Puzzle. (Japanese Malik explains that he is able to control the minds of people, as he controlled Keith, in order to confirm the existence of the spirit inside him.) He insists that the power is rightfully his, and goes on to explain to Yugi that his family has slaved for centuries protecting the Pharaoh's tomb until his return. (Japanese Yugi asks why Malik wants to kill him, and Malik says it's not little Yugi, but the spirit of the Puzzle he's after. He wants revenge for himself and his family, the Tomb Keepers. There's a bit here that's cut out of the US version, where Malik explains the history of his family. On the edge of the Necropolis in Egypt, the Tomb Keepers have lived for three thousand years, protecting the Pharaoh's secrets from all attackers. They are not allowed any contact with the outside world, but must stay in the dark, guarding the Millennium Items with their lives. Their mission is to return the Pharaoh's memory to his soul.)

But Yugi says that the power belongs to Yami, and he won't let Marik take it! Marik doesn't think much of Yugi's ability to stop him. He says he's studied the ancient scriptures, and knows how to harness the power with the three God cards and the Millennium Puzzle. But he can't just take the Puzzle, he has to win it in a duel. Then he'll banish Yugi to the Shadow Realm so he can't interfere! He already has two of the God cards, and he knows where the third one is. It's only a matter of time until his Rare Hunters bring it to him! (Japanese Malik is still explaining that the Pharaoh's memory exists in the three God cards. Whoever owns the cards can become the new Pharaoh and use the Millennium Items. Yugi now realizes that his other self is searching for the lost memory hidden in the God cards. This frame of Yugi with the three God cards behind him is snipped from the US version.)

Yugi is confident that as long as he and the spirit stay connected, he can defeat Marik. (Japanese Yugi thinks that if he doesn't get the three God cards and the lost memory, his other self can stay with him forever. But the other Yugi must be desperate to know his lost memory! "We move forward because of our faith," he thinks. "We have our memory supporting us. But the other me doesn't know his memory, so he can only stay where he his. How sad. Even though he knows that once he gets his memory back he has to leave me, he still has to search.") But Marik says another of his Rare Hunters is already in Battle City, preparing to duel Yugi, and this one holds one of the God cards! He tells Yugi to beware the Quiet One! (The Silent Puppet in the Japanese. Occasionally, the subtitles call him the Silent Puppy.)

Then Marik releases Arkana, who slumps into Yugi's arms, just as Tristan and the others finally break through the door to join him.

Marik tells his servant Odion that the Quiet One will soon crush Yugi and bring the Millennium Puzzle to him. He's not worried about Kaiba—he thinks he can easily defeat him and take Obelisk the Tormentor from him. He tells Odion to watch out for Yugi's friends—they could get in the way. Perhaps they'll prove useful—he can always use more servants. (Japanese Rishid [Odion] thinks that the Ghouls' goal was supposed to be to retrieve the God cards, but Malik is acting as though it's a game between him and Yugi.) Marik rises from his throne-like chair, and picks up his God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Soon he'll combine its power with that of the other God cards, Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor. He allows his cloak to fall, revealing a design etched into his back, resembling the stone carving of the three God cards. In accordance with the ancient scriptures, the unlimited power of the Pharaoh will be his! (Japanese Malik thinks that he must kill Yugi. "I swear by the charm on my back, I must defeat you. Sister, I have to kill Yugi who killed our father.")

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