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Episode 64: Playing with a Parasite - Part II (Steel Knight Gearfried)

Weevil gloats that it's all over for Joey! His Great Moth will squash him! Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa urge Joey to stay strong, as the Great Moth attacks Joey's Alligator Sword and destroys it. Tristan encourages Joey, saying he must have something in his deck that can beat the Great Moth! Weevil laughs—what are you, his cheerleader? Weevil says only Gate Guardian and the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon have higher attacks than the Great Moth! And he's pretty sure Joey doesn't have either of them in his deck!

The boy hiding in Serenity's hospital room, Kento, pushes the laptop away, saying maybe they should just turn it off. The Great Moth is too powerful—Joey can't win. No way, says Serenity. Her brother is going to win, and they're not going to give up on him. Kento doesn't know how she can be so sure. Sometimes, he says, things are too scary and you might as well just run away. Like the x-rays. He doesn't want to have them, so he's just going to stay in Serenity's room and hide. (Japanese Kento says some people are born strong and smart. You can't change your destiny. Shizuka asks if that's why he doesn't want to leave the hospital, and he explains that as long as he stays there, his mom and dad are very nice to him, and he doesn't have to go to school.)

Joey draws, hoping for something that can help him. He plays one card face down, and switches all his monsters to attack mode. The gang is shocked! Joey can't attack the Great Moth! What is he thinking? But Grandpa thinks he knows what Joey's up to.

Weevil draws. Just in case Joey has a plan, he plays a monster in defense, then attacks Joey directly with Leghul. Leghul knocks Joey onto his back and reduces his life points to 2800. Then, since Parasite Paracide is the lowest-attack monster on Joey's side of the field, he sends the Great Moth to destroy it. If the attack succeeds, he'll win!

But Joey activates his trap card, Skull Dice. It rolls a two, which cuts the Great Moth's attack in half, to 1750. Not enough for the Parasite to win. But then Joey activates his other face-down card, the magic card Graceful Dice. (Parasite Paracide's been redesigned for the US, with an insect drawing instead of a guy's face with an insect burrowing into it.)

And he rolls a four, which multiplies Parasite Paracide's attack by four, to two thousand! The Great Moth is destroyed!

Kento is quite impressed that Joey managed to destroy the Great Moth—and using the card Weevil snuck into his deck! Joey draws a card and ends his turn. Weevil is furious that his ultimate insect was destroyed. He vows to have his revenge, and summons Insect Soldiers of the Sky, then plays a magic card, Eradicating Aerosol, which has the power to destroy any insect monster on the field. And since Parasite Paracide turns all of Joey's monsters to insects, it could destroy any one of them! But that's not what he plans to do. Instead, he flip summons his face-down monster, Pinch Hopper, and destroys it. When Pinch Hopper goes to the graveyard, Weevil can summon any monster from his hand. He summons the powerful Insect Queen, with an attack of 2200, telling Joey to say goodbye to Battle City!

Weevil goes on to explain that his Insect Queen absorbs the attack points of every insect on the field—including Joey's monsters—raising her attack to 3200 points. Grandpa encourages Joey, telling him that to battle an insect duelist, he has to think like an insect duelist.

Uh oh, says Kento. Now Joey's facing a monster even stronger than the Great Moth! How can he face it all alone? Serenity says that Joey's not alone. Joey knows that Serenity's always there for him, just as she knows that Joey's always there for her. She tells Kento that when she was afraid to have her operation, Joey gave her the strength she needed to go through with it. And even though she's not next to him, he knows she believes in him. Kento asks if Serenity will be his friend, and she says of course. But right now, Joey needs both of them, so they must cheer him on. (Japanese Kento says that even though Jounouchi beat the Great Moth, Haga came back with another strong monster. The one with the weak monsters will have to lose. Shizuka says the situation will change. Her eyes can see again, and it's all because of her brother. She flashes back to Jounouchi showing up at the hospital to encourage her. Much of the flashback is cut out of the US version. She says she believes in herself now, and she knows her brother can hear her. Kento asks, what if the result is the same? She says it doesn't matter, because he's done his best.)

Next, Weevil feeds Leghul to the Insect Queen, making her attack even more powerful. (Insect Queen's nasty sharp teeth as she's about to munch on Leghul are digitized out of the US version.)

Then he attacks Tiny Guardian with the Insect Queen, reducing Joey's life points to 1000. Every time the Insect Queen destroys a monster, she lays an egg, a tiny monster with an attack of 100 points. The eggs also raises the Insect Queen's attack strength, and when they hatch, Weevil will have an insect army! Joey desperately thinks that he must destroy the eggs before any munchkin monsters hatch! But with Weevil's Insect Barrier in place, he can't attack, and any monsters he summons will only be turned into insects, making the Insect Queen even stronger! How can he get out of this mess?

Joey draws. He plays one card face down and ends his turn. Grandpa calls out to him that he forgot to switch his monsters back into defense mode! Oops! But it's too late. Weevil summons Cockroach Knight to sacrifice to his Insect Queen. When Cockroach Knight goes to the graveyard, it returns to the top of Weevil's deck, so he can sacrifice it again and again! Then he attacks Joey's Panther Warrior. If this attack succeeds, Joey will lose!

But Joey has a trap card waiting. He left his monsters in attack mode deliberately, so that Weevil would go for the kill, and now he activates Magic Arm Shield, which allows him to redirect the Insect Queen's attack to one of Weevil's own monsters, Insect Soldiers of the Sky. Weevil's life points take a hit. The Insect Queen lays another egg.

Kento is pretty impressed—Joey escaped Weevil's attack a second time! (Oops! Continuity error! The laptop screen in the US version shows Weevil's life points going down to zero. They should have stopped at 3250. Heh. They've also left Weevil's level at seven, which in the Japanese makes him one level lower than Yugi's eight, but since they changed Yugi's level to five in the US version, now Weevil's level is higher! The Japanese screen shows Jounouchi's level as "horse's bone," that is, a nobody.)

The gang shouts encouragement. But Joey's still in a pretty tight spot—the Insect Queen continues to gain strength from her eggs, and Joey still can't attack. (Japanese Haga says he's researched Jounouchi's cards, and knows they're all warriors. If Jounouchi summons any of them, they'll be infested by the parasite.) Joey draws, then switches his remaining two monsters into defense.

Weevil draws his Cockroach Knight and again sacrifices it to power up the Insect Queen. Then he attacks and destroys Panther Warrior. Insect Queen lays another egg.

Now all Joey has to defend himself is the Parasite Paracide! And even if he summons another monster, it will become infested and won't be able to attack. What can he do? He lowers his head, wondering if it's all over.

Tristan calls to Joey not to give up. He has to win this one for his sister! (In the Japanese, Honda says, "Don't you want to be a True Duelist? Don't you want to challenge Yugi?") Joey remembers how Serenity supported him in his duel with Espa Roba. He can't let her down. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi is not thinking of Shizuka, but Yugi. He remembers Yugi telling him he'll keep the Red Eyes for him until Jounouchi becomes a True Duelist, and his promise to duel with him then.)

Kento shouts encouragement to Joey. He tells Serenity that Joey's in a tight spot, and needs their help! (Japanese Kento says if Jounouchi wins, he might feel like doing something himself.) They chant "Joey! Joey!" Téa and the others also call out to Joey not to give up.

Joey stands tall and draws. Weevil tells him he's finished, but Joey goes on to play one card face down, and summons Gearfried the Iron Knight. Weevil laughs, waiting for the parasite to infect Joey's monster. But Gearfried's metal armor repels the parasite. (The real Gearfried destroys any equipment card that is equipped to it.) Grandpa taunts Weevil—any insect duelist should know that Parasite Paracide can't feed off of metal. Since it isn't infested, Gearfried isn't affected by Weevil's Insect Barrier, and Joey uses it to attack the Insect Queen's eggs.

Weevil is furious that Joey managed to attack him! He summons Soldier Ant, then plays the magic card Ant Reproduction to multiply his ants by ten, and sacrifices them all to power up his Insect Queen. Then the Insect Queen attacks!

Joey activates his trap card, Graverobber, which can steal one card from Weevil's graveyard and use it against him. He snatches Eradicating Aerosol and uses it to destroy the Insect Queen. Then he attacks another of the Insect Queen's eggs with Gearfried (oops! Joey calls him "Gearfield" here), wiping out the rest of Weevil's life points. Joey wins!

Weevil sinks to his knees begging for mercy. But Joey demands his Insect Queen and locator cards. Weevil's out of the tournament.

Kento and Serenity celebrate Joey's win. He almost lost a zillion times, Kento says, but he never gave up! Kento's ready to face his x-rays now, as long as he has his friends behind him. (Japanese Kento says he's going to go to school. He wants to be just like Jounouchi!) Maybe one day he'll be a top duelist, too! Serenity giggles as Kento asks if she can get him Joey's autograph. (Japanese Kento asks if Shizuka will introduce them next time Jounouchi's there.)

A crowd watches the duel on a big screen on the side of a building, exclaiming that Joey is quite a duelist! Passing by, Yugi pauses to enjoy Joey's win, reflecting that he did it all without his Red Eyes. Yugi knows it's his destiny to help Yami save the world, and he has a feeling Joey's Red Eyes will help him. It won't be easy, with Marik's Rare Hunters after him, but he'll be ready! (Japanese Yugi thinks soon he'll be able to return Jounouchi's card. But Malik has told him about the Silent Puppet. Where is he?)

The mime is standing still on the park bench. Marik's voice says soon they'll destroy Yugi Mutou together! (There's no voiceover in the Japanese.)

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