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Episode 65: Mime Control - Part I (Malik's Opening Play: God Combo)

Joey is walking down the street with Téa, Tristan, and Grandpa, celebrating his win against Weevil. Now, he's only two locator cards away from the finals! The others congratulate him on his two wins, and Grandpa says that now he's ready for anything, having dueled two opponents who were also major cheaters. (In the Japanese, instead of congratulating Jounouchi, Honda asks him why he didn't take Insector Haga's Great Moth card instead of the Insect Queen, since its attack is higher. Jounouchi explains that since he doesn't have Larvae Moth or Cocoon of Evolution, he couldn't use the Great Moth even if he took it. Anzu says he already took Haga's locator card—called a puzzle card in the Japanese—so he'd be sorry to take his Great Moth, too. But Jounouchi says that's not it! And Grandpa laughs, saying Jounouchi is becoming quite a duelist—Yugi'd better watch out! Jounouchi is appropriately flattered.)

But Téa's still worried about Yugi, and Joey wishes Yugi could have seen his last duel. (In the Japanese, he thinks, "Just wait, Yugi! I'll become a True Duelist, and then I'll challenge you again.") They all head out to look for Yugi, and to find Joey another challenge, unaware that one of the Rare Hunters is watching them.

Meanwhile, Marik's ship approaches Domino Harbor. Standing in the bow, Marik says that all is going well, but he has one more task to complete before setting foot in Domino. (In the Japanese, Malik says to Jounouchi, "Sorry, but your friend, Yugi—or I should say, the hated Pharaoh—will be killed by me soon.")

Odion comes to ask Marik if it is time. Marik says yes—he'll control the Quiet One's mind and eliminate Yugi once and for all.

Back in the plaza, the mime is still standing motionless on the park bench. A group of kids cluster around him, waving their hands in front of his face. But they jump back when he suddenly starts moving, a Millennium Eye glowing on his forehead. The Quiet One (Silent Puppet) pulls out his Duel Disk, jumps down from the bench and rushes off, under Marik's control. Marik thinks he'll use one of his two God cards to crush Yugi. (In the Japanese, we hear Malik telling the Silent Puppet to "Run... run... run to Yugi.")

Yugi stands in front of a waterway. He says that Marik keeps talking about wanting the power of the Pharaoh. "But you are the Pharaoh," he tells his other self. If he had all that power, wouldn't they know about it? Yami's spirit form appears beside Yugi, showing no reflection in the water, and he says that the past is still unclear to him. Yugi says that they know that Marik's family has been protecting the Pharaoh's tomb, and for some crazy reason Marik thinks he deserves to be the Pharaoh. Yugi says that although he didn't realize it when he first solved the Millennium Puzzle, now he knows he was meant to have it. He and the spirit are bonded forever, and he'll help Yami save the world again, as he did in the past. Yami might have had to do it alone the first time, but this time he's got Yugi to help him, along with all of their friends. Yami thanks Yugi for his friendship and support, and says that Yugi has the heart of a Pharaoh.

(As usual, the exchange between Yami and Yugi has been rewritten. In the Japanese, Yugi says he knows Yami is fighting in this tournament in order to find something, and he thinks what Yami's fighting for is his memory. Yami turns to him and says, "You know." Yugi says that he didn't know in the beginning, but then he realized that Yami was dueling because he wanted to find something important to him. Yugi recalls that it took him many years to complete the Millennium Puzzle, and that when he did, he met an important friend. Yami gave him courage, and now he has many friends. "It's all because of you." Yami says no, "It's your own power." Yugi says that now he'll lend Yami his power. "Let's fight together." But Yugi thinks he might not be able to help much. Yami tells him not to say that. "Because of you, I am able to fight.")

Yami senses someone coming, and fades back into Yugi. Soon, the Quiet One leaps before him, and challenges Yugi to a duel, telling him to prepare to lose his Puzzle. Yugi realizes it's another of Marik's mind-controlled slaves, and challenges Marik to face him directly. Marik says that using his Millennium Rod to duel through his puppets is no different from Yugi using his Puzzle to duel. (In the Japanese, Malik tells Yugi that the mime is an empty shell with no mind of his own.) Yami takes over, telling Marik it is different—Marik takes control of his mind-slaves against their will, but Yami duels with honor! But Marik says he does what he has to. He tells Yami that he doesn't even know how to use the power of the Pharaoh, so he'll take it away from him. Yami says the ancient power isn't Marik's to take. (In the Japanese, Yami tells Malik he's abusing the power of the Millennium Rod, and Malik tells him this duel was destined three thousand years ago. Yami says if it's his destiny, he'll accept the challenge. Then Malik says that if he wins the duel, his puppet will kill Yami immediately.)

Little Yugi pops up to say, you tell him! Yami says he just did, and Yugi says, well, okay! Heh. (In the Japanese, Yugi tells Yami to be careful—Malik has God cards. And Yami says he can defeat God.) Yami and the Quiet One face off.

Back at the museum, Ishizu stands before the stone tablet, saying that the wheels of fate are in motion. Her brother Marik faces Yami. Although Marik follows the path of evil, there is good in him, but in order for him to be saved, he must fail in his quest to become the Pharaoh.

Dark Bakura stands before the museum, his Millennium Ring pointing toward it, indicating that another Millennium Item is inside. Soon, all seven Millennium Items will belong to him!

Inside the museum, Ishizu senses evil approaching. She hides, while Dark Bakura finds the stone tablets, saying that it's been a long time since he's seen them. Once he obtains the seven Millennium Items, he'll unlock the Shadow Magic the carvings depict. (In the Japanese, Dark Bakura doesn't recognize the carvings, but he thinks something interesting is happening, and he'll be part of it.) Around the corner, Ishizu realizes that this spirit has some of the ancient knowledge, but not all. Her brother seeks a power that is far more dangerous! She remembers Marik's attempts to gain all three of the God cards, and the Pharaoh's power. Again, she says that Marik must not succeed. Only the true Pharaoh can stop him! (In the Japanese, Isis wonders if she tried hard enough to stop Malik, and whether they'll have to fight the next time they meet.)

Meanwhile, on his ship, Marik says that once he's won Yugi's MIllennium Puzzle, he'll strip Kaiba of Obelisk, and then the power of the Pharaoh will be his. Nothing can stop him! Battle City and the world will tremble at his feet!

The duel begins. Strings sets one card face down, and summons Humanoid Slime in attack mode. Yugi suspects that by playing such a weak monster, Strings wants him to attack, and plans to destroy Yugi's monster with his trap card. So Yugi sets his own face-down card, and summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts. (Oops! They're showing Gazelle's defense as 2100, when it's really 1200. They've got it right on the Japanese.)

Marik-controlled Strings isn't worried. He summons Worm Drake, then activates Polymerization. (Oops again! The card they're showing is actually De-Fusion, not Polymerization.)

He fuses Worm Drake and Humanoid Slime into the Humanoid Worm Drake, with an attack of 2200 points! But fusion monsters can't attack in the turn they're summoned, so Yugi says Marik has left himself wide open! But Strings activates his face-down card, the magic card Quick Attack, which allows him to attack immediately. (Needless to say, this card doesn't really exist, because the rule that fusion monsters can't attack in the turn they're summoned isn't a real rule.) He attacks Gazelle, but Yugi activates his own face-down card, De-Fusion (okay, now it's the right card), turning Strings' monster back into Worm Drake and Humanoid Slime and stopping its attack. Yugi knew Marik's plan all along! He lured him into using his hidden magic card, so he could reverse it! (Although, you know, if he knew Strings's face-down card was Polymerization, he could have just gone ahead and attacked and destroyed Humanoid Slime in the first place, and Strings wouldn't have been able to use it.) He tells Marik he'd expected a better duel than this!

But Marik says the duel is far from over. That last turn was only a test! His God card will destroy Yugi. (Cut from the US version is a bit where Malik is telling Yugi that a duelist is like a vessel filled with water. If the vessel is shallow, you can see the bottom right away. But Yami is a vessel with depth.)

Yugi draws Buster Blader. This monster is too powerful to waste on Strings's weak monsters, he thinks, so he'll save it for later. (In fact, Buster Blader is a Level 7 monster, requiring two sacrifices in order to summon it, so Yugi can't summon it now. In the Japanese, he thinks that he'll summon another monster to use as a sacrifice so he can summon Buster Blader next turn.) Instead, he summons Beta the Magnet Warrior, using it to destroy Worm Drake. Then he destroys Humanoid Slime with Gazelle, reducing Strings's life points to 3000 and leaving him with no monsters to defend him.

Marik-controlled Strings says he's still just testing Yugi's strengths and weaknesses, and now the duel is about to get interesting! (Japanese Malik continues the water analogy, comparing his slime monsters to water that can survive an enemy's blade.) He draws, and plays Revival Jam in defense mode, telling Yugi that this plasma monster is completely indestructible. Then he activates the magic card, Jam Breeding Machine, which will create a new monster called a Slime Token once each turn.

Yugi realizes that Marik is planning to keep breeding Slime Tokens until he has enough to sacrifice to summon his God card, and Marik agrees—once he has three Slime Tokens, he'll summon his God card, and Yugi will be defeated. (In the Japanese, Malik tells Yugi that his God card is Osiris the Sky Dragon.) But Yugi says that as long as he believes in the heart of the cards, Marik's plan won't work.

Now it's time for the big guns. Yugi sacrifices Gazelle and Beta the Magnet Warrior to summon Buster Blader, and attacks Strings's Revival Jam. But to his surprise, Revival Jam reforms onto the field. It is indestructible! Yugi has to think of some way to destroy it, before Marik can summon his God card!

Strings draws, and the Jam Breeding Machine pops out a Slime Token. He sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Yugi thinks he sees the flaw in Marik's plan. The Slime Tokens have only 500 attack points. Buster Blader has 2600, and can destroy them easily, doing 2100 points of damange each time. He sends Buster Blader to attack the Slime Token, but Strings activates the continuous trap card, Jam Defender, which forces Buster Blader's attack to be redirected to Revival Jam. Since Revival Jam is in defense mode, it absorbs the attack harmlessly, then reforms on the field to continue to shield Marik-controlled Strings against all attacks!

Strings draws, and a second Slime Token is created. Only one more turn, and he'll be able to summon his God card! Then, just to protect himself even further, he plays the magic card, Nightmare Steel Cage, which surrounds Yugi and prevents him from attacking for two turns. Now Yugi can only watch helplessly while Marik summons the most powerful monster Yugi has ever seen!

To Be Continued

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