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Episode 66: Mime Control - Part II (Saint Dragon - The God of Osiris)

Marik-controlled Strings tells Yugi he's out of options. With the Nightmare Steel Cage preventing Yugi from attacking, in one more turn, he'll be finished. Yugi insists that as long as he believes in the heart of the cards, he won't lose. But once Marik's Jam Breeding Machine produces one more Slime Token, he'll be able to sacrifice the three Tokens to summon his God card. (A tiny bit at the beginning showing an elevated train passing over the waterway behind the duel has been cut from the US version. And in the Japanese version, there's no grandstanding from Malik or "heart of the cards" talk from Yugi. Malik tells Yugi he can't attack; Yugi knows Malik is planning to sacrifice the Slime Tokens to summon his God card, and thinks that Malik must already have the God card in his hand, since he's so relaxed.)

Meanwhile, at Kaiba Corporation, Kaiba checks in by video transmission to find that his satellite has not yet detected any use of the two remaining God cards in the tournament. Ordering his lackey to contact him immediately if it does, he signs off.

Kaiba closes the briefcase containing his cards and laptop, telling Mokuba he's surprised the God cards haven't yet been used. He's eager to find them and win them for himself, so that once again he'll be the world's greatest duelist. (I would just like to point out that apparently the subtitlers were getting their English translations via email, and cutting and pasting them directly into their subtitling software—because you'll occasionally see a right angle bracket in front of "From", as in the screenshot below. Also note there's a Tower Video in Domino.)

"Let's go, Mokuba," he says, walking away, leaving his briefcase lying on a tree planter. Mokuba grabs up the big briefcase two-handed, and hurries after his brother.

Back at the duel, Marik is still going on about how he's going to get the Puzzle away from Yugi and take the power of the Pharaoh. (In the Japanese, he's taunting Yugi, asking him how it feels to be a prisoner inside a cage. Does he feel humiliation? Disappointment? He says he'll get his revenge when he beats Yugi and becomes the Pharaoh. Yami wonders what he did to Malik. He can't remember, and that's why he must win. Not only for his friends, but for the friend who waits to become a True Duelist to challenge him, and also the life of his partner. A short sequence showing Anzu, Honda, and Grandpa, then Jounouchi, and finally little Yugi, is cut from the US version.)

Yugi draws a card and ends his turn.

Strings draws, and the third Slime token is created. Now, he can sacrifice the three Tokens (he says he's sacrificing the Jam Breeding Machine as well, but the Jam Breeding Machine is a magic card, not a monster, and can't really be sacrificed this way, although it is destroyed in a flash of lightning) to summon his God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon! (The Japanese card says "Saint Dragon God of Osiris" on it in English. But the characters call it "Osiris no Tenkuuryuu," which means "Osiris the Sky Dragon." As for why they renamed it "Slifer"—one of the English show's producers was named Roger Slifer.)

The skies darken, and lightning flashes around them as the huge red dragon appears, looming over the players, its double mouths both brimming with sharp teeth. Marik exults, telling Yugi he's staring at the face of defeat! Yugi looks at it in horror, wondering how he can defeat it. (Japanese Yugi thinks it's not just the Steel Cage holding him back—he can feel the oppression from the God monster.) Marik tells him Slifer's power is limitless, and explains how it works. For each card Strings holds in his hand, Slifer gains 1000 attack points. Since he now holds two cards, Slifer's attack is 2000—lower than Yugi's Buster Blader. But then Strings plays Pot of Greed, allowing him to draw two more cards. Now he has three, and Slifer's attack rises to 3000. Yugi points out that there's a limit to how many cards each duelist is allowed to have in his hand (it's six, by the way), but Marik says every rule is made to be broken, thinking that Yami doesn't understand the destructive force of the God monsters, because he has no memory of the days when they devastated the earth. And he holds just the cards to give his Sky Dragon infinite strength!

Once again, he threatens to take Yugi's Puzzle and banish him to the Shadow Realm. Yugi tries to figure out a way to defeat Marik's God monster. Buster Blader increases its attack by 500 points for every dragon on the field, so Slifer has raised its attack to 3100, more than Slifer's. But with the Nightmare Steel Cage trapping him, he can't attack, and by the time he can, Strings will have drawn another card and Slifer will be even more powerful.

Yugi draws Lightforce Sword. It may be helpful, he thinks, but he's still trapped for one more turn. If he can hang on until then, he might be able to turn the duel around. He sets two cards face down, then plays Kuriboh in defense mode.

His turn ends, and the Nightmare Steel Cage evaporates. But Strings draws, and now Slifer's attack increases to 4000. He attacks Buster Blader—but Yugi activates his trap card, Lightforce Sword, which takes one card from Strings' hand out of play for one turn (actually, it takes a card out of play for three turns). Slifer's attack goes back to 3000, and Buster Blader counterattacks. But Revival Jam absorbs Buster Blader's attack, and Slifer is saved. (In the real game, it wouldn't work like this. Buster Blader wouldn't attack in return, it would simply receive Slifer's attack, and since Buster Blader's attack points are higher, Slifer would be destroyed. The Revival Jam/Jam Defender combo only works in response to attacks by the opponent during the opponent's turn.)

Next, Marik/Strings plays Card of Safe Return, a continuous magic card that allows him to draw three more cards every time Revival Jam returns to the field. (The real card lets you draw one card whenever a monster is Special Summoned from the graveyard.) Now he holds five cards, and Slifer's attack increases to 5000!

Meanwhile, Joey is sitting on a planter, ignoring a duelist who appears to be searching for a duel. Tristan asks why Joey didn't challenge that guy! He could have beat him easily, and Joey's only two locator cards away from getting into the finals. But Joey says that guy was a lightweight. He has a reputation to uphold! He can't duel every inexperienced chump he sees. He came in second at Duelist Kingdom! Grandpa agrees that Joey's gotten better, but every good duelist knows there's always more to learn. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi says he has to be careful who he duels, because he has a promise with Yugi to become a True Duelist and duel him in the finals. "To become a True Duelist, it's pointless not to fight with a stronger rival." Grandpa tells him he's a courageous child, but Honda is right—he has to move quickly.)

Just then, Kaiba and Mokuba pass by. They stop, and Kaiba makes some rude remarks to Joey, asking what an amateur like Joey is doing wearing one of his Duel Disks. (In the Japanese, Kaiba calls him "ume no hone," a nobody.) Looks like someone screwed up at registration. "I'll deal with you later," he says, and turns to go. (In the Japanese, he says, "Well, forget it, let's go, Mokuba.") But Joey thinks he's found his next duel, and challenges Kaiba, ignoring his friends' warnings. Mokuba tells Joey that dueling him would be a complete waste of his big brother's time, but Kaiba loads up his Duel Disk, saying, "This won't take long," adding a few more doggy insults while he's at it. (In the Japanese, he says, "All right, I'll show you a God card.")

They face off. But then, a sudden wind comes up—it's Kaiba's helicopter. A voice on Kaiba's lapel radio tells him a God card was just played, and a rope ladder falls from the helicopter's doorway. Joey tells Kaiba to quit stalling, but Kaiba's no longer interested. He tells Joey it's his lucky day, and he and Mokuba jump on the helicopter and take off. Joey says he would have crushed Kaiba, but as soon as the helicopter leaves, he sighs in relief. And behind the corner of a building, a Rare Hunter watches.

Aboard the helicopter, Kaiba discovers that the God card was played in a duel with Yugi Mutou! Kaiba has a plan.... (Japanese Kaiba says, "Yugi! Your rival should be me!")

Meanwhile, back at the duel, Yugi watches as the newly powered-up Slifer destroys Buster Blader, reducing his life points to 2100. Marik taunts him, saying that with each turn, Slifer will only become more powerful, while Yugi can't attack because of Revival Jam. He might as well give up now! But of course, Yugi doesn't. He draws Magic Cylinder, thinking that this trap card could do the trick, but it needs to be combined with a magician to work. (The real card doesn't.) And he has just the card! Yugi sacrifices Kuriboh to play Dark Magician Girl in defense mode. But summoning a new monster to the field activates Slifer's special ability—its second mouth! Every time a monster is summoned to the field, Slifer will automatically attack, even during the opponent's turn. Not only that, but the monster attacked will lose 2000 points from whichever mode it's in. Dark Magician Girl only has 1700 defense points, so she's completely defenseless against it. But Yugi plays Magical Hats, and Dark Magician Girl is saved, hidden in one of the hats. Then he plays two cards face down, hiding them under two of the hats.

Now Marik-controlled Strings plays the magic card, Infinite Cards, allowing him to exceed the six-card limit and hold as many cards as he wishes in his hand. Now Slifer's power is limitless! He attacks one of the Magical Hats with Slifer, and hits the hidden Dark Magician Girl. But Yugi's two trap cards are hidden there as well—Magic Cylinder and Spellbinding Circle. Magical Cylinder sends Slifer's attack back at it—but once again, Revival Jam absorbs the attack, saving Slifer, then reforming, allowing Strings to draw three more cards by Card of Safe Return's effect. Then he draws. Now Slifer's attack increases to 8300! As Yugi's turn has ended, Spellbinding Circle also expires (the real Spellbinding Circle is a permanent trap), and Slifer's attack increases to 9000. He attacks, and Dark Magician Girl is destroyed.

Marik says he holds the ultimate five-card combo (Infinite Cards, Card of Safe Return, Jam Defender, Revival Jam, and Slifer the Sky Dragon)! With these five cards, he's completely indestructible!

Discouraged, Yugi falls to his knees, saying that he can't let Marik win his Puzzle! (Japanese Yugi says he can't win.) Then he hears Kaiba's voice commanding him to "Get on your feet, Yugi. Since when do you bow to your rivals?" Never, Yugi replies. And Kaiba tells him to get up and defeat this nobody, and take his God card. "If you still have what it takes, then get up and prove it to me now!" Once Yugi finds the God card's weakness, Kaiba thinks, he'll duel Yugi and take it from him. Then he'll have the most powerful deck in Duel Monsters! (Japanese Kaiba says, "You are my only rival. I don't allow you to lose! You should see the road to our battle in the future. Do you want to stop here? Since the God stops you, you should defeat God and keep moving ahead!")

To Be Continued

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