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Episode 69: Legendary Fisherman - Part II (Legendary Fisherman)

The scene opens at the aquarium (the sign reading "Domino Aquarium" is replaced by a sign with some fish on it.).

As the whale leaps around them in the tank where Mako Tsunami and Joey are facing off, Mako says it won't be long before he has Joey's two locator cards. Joey says those are pretty big words for someone with no monsters on the field. (In the Japanese, Kajiki is silent, just staring at Jounouchi. Anzu calls out to Jounouchi that Kajiki has no monsters on the field, so now is his chance! Jounouchi agrees, but he's still wary of Kajiki's ocean.) Joey draws Polymerization, thinking this is just what he needs. He summons Baby Dragon in attack mode, then uses Polymerization to fuse Baby Dragon and Alligator Sword into Alligator Sword Dragon (Dragon-Riding Wyvern I think Jounouchi calls it), a goofy-looking monster with 1700 attack points. But according to Battle City rules, fusion monsters can't attack in the turn they're formed, so Joey ends his turn.

Mako draws, then plays a monster which he hides under water. Joey's in trouble if he can't find out what it is! He doesn't even know if it's in attack or defense mode.

But as long as the monster is hiding under water, Joey sends Alligator Sword Dragon to fly overhead and attack Mako's life points directly. Mako's down to 1600 life points, and now he's the one in trouble.

Mako remembers fishing with his father as a child. (Cut from the US version is a bit showing Kajiki's father harpooning a marlin.)

A huge storm came up and threatened their small boat. Mako warns Joey not to underestimate the strength of the sea! He plays another card face down under the water, and Joey sends Alligator Sword Dragon in for another direct attack!

But Mako's ready for him. He activates his trap card, Tornado Wall, which blocks Joey's attack with towering waterspouts. Then, Mako sacrifices his hidden monster to summon an even stronger monster—still hidden from view under the water. How can Joey fight a monster he can't see? But Mako says he'll reveal his monster now, and up rises Sea Stealth II, the Legendary Fisherman, with 1850 attack points!

Joey responds with his magic card, Energy Drain, which should drain Legendary Fisherman's attack to zero, allowing Alligator Sword Dragon to destroy it. (Energy Drain has been inexplicably redesigned.)

But as long as the sea covers the playing field, Legendary Fisherman is unaffected by magic cards, and it destroys Joey's monster. Now Joey's down to 3050 life points. (And the shot of Legendary Fisherman's harpoon impaling Joey's monster has been obscured.)

Joey plays a monster face down in defense, but his Tiny Guardian is easily destroyed by Mako's hidden monster, who sends a harpoon up from under the sea. Joey taunts Mako that his monster is afraid to show himself, so Mako brings the Legendary Fisherman up to the surface. The muscular, tattooed fisherman rides his dolphin past Joey, staring at him with fierce eyes. Joey thinks the monster looks a little like Mako, only older and creepier. Mako says this card represents his father, a courageous fisherman who loves the sea.

Mako recalls the storm that took his father from him. As the waves crashed around them, his father tied little Mako to the mast to keep him from being swept away. When the storm passed, Mako's father was gone, but so was the lifeboat. He was sure his father had escaped, and he waited for him on the shore. Mako built a monument on the sea cliff, and waited for years for his father's return. Then one day, he received an overseas delivery containing the Duel Monsters card, Sea Stealth II: Legendary Fisherman, and an anonymous note telling him not to give up. Mako vowed to keep searching, and now he plays every duel in honor of his father, gaining strength and determination from his father's bravery. (Japanese Kajiki doesn't mention the lifeboat, but he says his father's body was never found. The "monument" is actually a memorial. A tiny bit of this part was snipped, showing the memorial in winter time.)

(Kajiki received a letter from his father, with a note in his father's handwriting that read, "This is a man's card. With it, you will never be defeated." Kajiki assumed his father was alive—but later, he learned that his father had given the letter to a friend to be sent to his son in the event of his disappearance.)

Joey says he respects Mako, but he's the one going to the finals. He plays a card face down, then a monster in defense.

Mako plays the ritual magic card, Fortress Whale's Oath, sacrificing two monsters to summon Fortress Whale, a mghty monster with 2350 attack.

Meanwhile, back in the alley, Bakura asks what Marik wants him to do in return for the Millennium Items. Marik asks Bakura how strong his dueling skills are, and Bakura says he's very strong. He's dueled in several Shadow Games throughout history. Marik wants Bakura to duel on his behalf, to win certain cards for him, and Bakura agrees. (In the Japanese, Bakura and Malik are still facing off in their Dark Duel, but Bakura calls it off, saying he doesn't think he'd lose, but after all they have the same goal. Bakura says that in order to defeat Yugi, the best way is to defeat his friend first. Malik agrees, and says he plans to use the power of the Millennium Rod. Bakura says their friendship is strong, and it will be hard to set them against each other. He says his own host is easy. Malik and Bakura each think they'll use the other.)

Back at the duel, Mako says that the ocean powers up his Fortress Whale by another 200 points, raising its attack to 2550. He destroys Joey's face-down monster, Rocket Warrior, with Legendary Fisherman, then orders Fortress Whale to direct attack. Joey's down to 500 life points. Téa calls out encouragement, but it doesn't look good. If he's going to turn this duel around, Joey has to get some monsters out and attack. But how? He can't even find Mako's Legendary Fisherman to attack him!

The real whale swimming in the tank breaches and splashes Joey. Then Joey realizes—if the real whale is over there, the other shadow under the water must be the Legendary Fisherman. Now Joey knows where it is—all he has to do is figure out how to attack it.

Joey draws. He's got two magic cards (Lightning Blade and Scapegoat), one monster (Panther Warrior), and one trap card (Kunai with Chain). And he has one face-down card on the field. He play two more cards face down, then summons Panther Warrior in attack mode and ends his turn.

Mako attacks Panther Warrior with Fortress Whale, but Joey activates his trap card, Magic Arm Shield. With it, he siezes the Legendary Fisherman, using it as a shield to protect against Fortress Whale's attack. Mako looks on in horror, remembering facing the storm with his father, as his own monster destroys his Legendary Fisherman. Mako's life points are down to 900, and the loss of his most prized card demoralizes him. He needs his Legendary Fisherman card to be brave! Joey gives him a pep talk, telling him he doesn't need a card to remember his father. He knows, because he duels for his sister, Serenity, just as Mako duels for his dad. She inspires him even when she's not right beside him. Mako shouldn't be so hard on himself—his father is in his heart, not his card. (Japanese Jounouchi doesn't talk about his sister. He tells Kajiki if his father could see him now, he'd laugh at him. "We're duelists. We fight for the faith we have inside, in our own hearts. Your father gave you the Fisherman so you could fight. But now you only want to find your father in the card. You don't become independent." Kajiki remembers his father telling him, "Ryouta, you have to be better than me.")

Mako sucks it up, dries his eyes and gets back to dueling, attacking Panther Warrior with Fortress Whale. Then Joey activates Kunai with Chain, stopping Fortress Whale's attack and increasing Panther Warrior's attack by 500, to 2500. But Fortress Whale's attack is 2550—still 50 points more than Panther Warrior's. Joey attacks, activating his other face-down card, Lightning Blade, which powers up Panther Warrior by 800 points. The Fortress Whale is destroyed, and Mako's down to 150 life points.

Any last words? Joey asks Mako. Mako says yes, six: "This duel is not over yet." Mako plays Return of the Doomed, which brings back one of his monsters and hides it under water.

Joey draws Giant Trunade (Hurricane), which sends all magic and trap cards on the field back to the hands of the owner. Joey could use it to dry up Mako's ocean and expose his hidden monster—but what if Panther Warrior can't defeat it?(Japanese Jounouchi knows that if Kajiki revived the Base Whale, his Panther Warrior can't defeat it.) Kajiki urges him to attack, and Joey realizes that Umi also gives Mako's monsters a power boost, which they'd lose if it wasn't on the field. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi thinks that he can't lose here. He has a big ocean to conquer, and he can't give up. Jounouchi's "ocean" is Yugi, and the image of the red ocean with Yugi standing on it, then looking over his shoulder at Jounouchi, is cut from the US version, and replaced with previous images of the duel showing the Tornado Wall card raising waterspouts.)

So Joey plays Giant Trunade and the field dries up, exposing Mako's Legendary Fisherman. Tearfully, Mako tells Joey to finish him off. (Japanese Kajiki says he can't put this card into the graveyard.)

Joey plays Scapegoat, sacrificing one of the goats so that Panther Warrior can attack, and Panther Warrior destroys Legendary Fisherman, taking out the last of Mako's life points.

Joey asks if Mako's all right, and Mako wipes away his tears, telling Joey it was an excellent duel. Mako hands over two locator cards, along with his Fortress Whale and Legendary Fisherman cards. Joey is hesitant to take Mako's Legendary Fisherman, but Mako says he doesn't need a card to remember his dad. (Japanese Kajiki says if he kept the card, he would continue to depend on it. If Jounouchi will take it, Kajiki can grow and become independent.) Mako wishes Joey good luck in the finals, and they shake hands, as the sun beams down on them, and the whale leaps behind them. (Also cut is a snip of the Rare Hunters watching.)

Back in the city, Kaiba's minions notify him that they've located Joey Wheeler. Kaiba tells Yugi he knows where Joey is, but he won't tell him until Yugi's promised to duel him as soon as they've found them. Yugi's understandably getting a little tired of Kaiba's "Duel me, duel me, duel me," and tells him this isn't a game, his friends are in danger! And anyway, he's already accepted Kaiba's challenge and will duel him as soon as he knows his friends are safe. So Kaiba tells Yugi to come with him, and they head off to find Joey. (Japanese Kaiba says he's found Yugi's friends. "But don't misunderstand me. I'm not interested in the nobody. I just want your God card." Yugi says Jounouchi is now an excellent player, and he won't allow Kaiba to insult him. He's promised to duel with Jounouchi in Battle City, and it's very serious to them. Kaiba just says, "Come on, let's go save your friends." And he walks away laughing.)

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