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Episode 70: Double Duel - Part I (Spell of the Mask: The Skyscraper Duel)

Joey's talking on the phone with his sister Serenity, telling her that he now has enough locator cards to enter the Battle City finals. She says she knew all along he'd be a finalist! He says he couldn't have done it without her support—he just wishes she could have seen him in action! She tells him that she wants to come and watch him play. The doctors have given her permission to remove the bandages from her eyes that night, and she wants the first thing she sees to be her brother dueling in the Battle City finals. Joey says he has to prep for the finals, but he'll send someone over to pick her up right away. Proud and happy, Joey throws Téa's cell phone into the air in excitement, much to her displeasure. She makes a great one-handed catch.

Now Joey has to find someone to go pick her up. But where will he find someone on such short notice? (In the Japanese, he wants to pick up Serenity himself, but he has to head to the finals.) Tristan eagerly volunteers himself to go and get her. Joey's not too thrilled with the idea, but Tristan half-strangles Joey in his excitement, then rushes off before Joey can stop him. Joey thinks it's just as well, Tristan's almost like family. (In the Japanese, he's thinking that now he can fulfull his promise to Yugi, and asks Yugi to wait for him.)

Téa turns and exclaims, oh no! They see Marik holding an injured Bakura, who has a bandage on his arm. (In the Japanese, there's blood on the bandage, which has been digitized out in the US version.)

Téa, Joey, and Grandpa rush over to them. Marik says he just found Bakura lying on the ground, and tried to take care of his injuries. He asks if Joey and the others know him, and Joey says they're buddies. Weakly, Bakura says he can't remember what happened. Grandpa loads Bakura into a taxi (which, in the Japanese, says "TAXI" on the door) and takes him to the hospital.

Yugi and Kaiba, who are still searching for Joey and the others, walk past on the other side of the street, just as the taxi pulls out, but they don't see them. Yugi says he hopes Kaiba's led him to the right place, and Kaiba tells him to relax, his friends are here. Yugi rushes off through the entrance, as Kaiba says he can't figure out why Yugi cares about that third-rate duelist. (Japanese Kaiba laughs to himself, "I pay so much attention to that nobody. I really can't figure it out.")

Marik introduces himself to Joey and Téa as "Namu," and they thank him for helping Bakura. Joey notices Marik's Duel Disk, and asks if he's a duelist. Marik pretends to be a low-level duelist, hoping Joey isn't challenging him to a duel. Joey brags that he doesn't have to duel—he's already qualified for the finals, and Marik plays up to Joey by telling him he'd like to get some dueling tips from him. Then he says he feels as though he's met them before, and Joey agrees that he seems familiar. (In the Japanese, Malik says they're like buddies ["nakama"], and Jounouchi agrees.)

Joey and Téa head off to the finals, while Marik gloats that they have no idea who he is! He goes all glowy red to communicate with his Rare Hunters, telling them that they must not fail him this time! He orders them to bring him the two remaining God cards and the Millennium Puzzle, and make sure little Yugi stays out of his way, permanently! He says he has an alternate plan to make sure he gets what he wants. (In the Japanese, the Rare Hunters tell Malik that they've confirmed that Kaiba has Obelisk, and Malik wonders how Kaiba can successfully use a God card. A God card chooses its master. They tell him he won't have to worry about that when they get it back. He asks if they're sure they can, and they say that with their specially prepared decks, they can't lose. Malik says he'll leave it up to them but be careful not to kill Yugi and Kaiba. Malik wants to show the Pharaoh how his people have suffered, and then he'll let him die. And, just in case his Rare Hunters fail, he has a plan to use Yugi's friends.) Marik runs after Joey to distract him by pretending to ask for dueling advice while three of his Rare Hunters sneak up on them.

Yugi rushes into the aquarium arena where Joey and Mako were dueling, but they've already left.

The Rare Hunters grab Marik, just as he warns Joey to look out behind. Joey punches one attacker, but one of the others has grabbed Téa. Before Joey can come to her rescue, the other two Rare Hunters knock him down. (Most of this fight is cut from the US version. First, one of the Rare Hunters hits Jounouchi and knocks him down. Then, Malik gets hit in the stomach and face, and all three Rare Hunters gather around Malik, kicking him. Huddled on the ground, Malik tells Anzu and Jounouchi to run, but of course they won't abandon him. Jounouchi gets mad, yelling "Our nakama! How dare you!" and jumping into the fight. He punches out two of the Rare Hunters before one of them grabs Anzu. While he's threatening that one, the other two punch him in the face and stomach, and he falls on his face.)

Téa's cell phone rings, and one of the Rare Hunters takes it out of her bag. He answer the call, to hear Yugi's voice asking for Téa. She calls out to him, just as the Rare Hunter drops her phone on the ground and stomps on it.

Yugi remembers Marik's threat to his friends, and tells Kaiba they're too late—the Rare Hunters have already gotten to them. Kaiba tells him not to worry, he'll track them down by satellite. Again, he insists that he and Yugi will duel as soon as Yugi's friends are found, and again, Yugi says he'll duel Kaiba as soon as he knows they're safe. (Kaiba doesn't go on and on about Yugi dueling him in the Japanese. He says, it's funny, here he is walking side-by-side with his worst enemy. All he can think about is how he can defeat Yugi. And Yugi says all he can think about is how to save Jounouchi.) Mokuba radios that he can't find Joey's Duel Disk on their tracking system, and he'll return to headquarters to check further.

Mokuba closes up his brother's briefcase and starts to head back, when he's attacked by more Rare Hunters. Clutching the briefcase with both hands, he struggles to run as fast as he can under its weight, but they catch him easily and knock him down. Odion (Rishid) looms over him, telling him that he's their prey! (In the Japanese, he's silent. But still pretty scary.)

Serenity's nurse checks her blood pressure, saying that the doctor's said she can take her bandages off tonight. Serenity says she already knows the first thing she's going to see—her brother dueling in the Battle City finals. The nurse says Joey's lucky to have a sister like her, but Serenity says she's the lucky one. She has the best brother in the world! (In the Japanese, the nurse asks if Shizuka's made up her mind to take off the bandage, and Shizuka says that for her brother, she'll be strong and do it.)

Kaiba and Yugi are walking down the street, observed by two Rare Hunters from a rooftop. The shorter one does some pretty impressive running and jumping across the rooftops and twirling around flagpoles to jump down to the street in front of Yugi and Kaiba. Yugi demands to know what they've done with his friends, but he just points out a helicopter that appears behind them. Mokuba is dangling from the helicopter, bound in coils of rope, calling out to his brother to help him. (In the Japanese, you can't hear Mokuba's voice over the roar of the helicopter, you can only see his mouth move. It's kind of a neat effect.) Now they've made Kaiba mad! If they hurt Mokuba, he'll crush them with the entire weight of Kaiba Corporation!

The Rare Hunter says there's only one way to get Mokuba back. Kaiba must meet him and his partner on top of a nearby skyscraper. As the helicopter flies away, the Rare Hunter tells Yugi that he must come, too, in order to save his friends. Yugi also makes a few empty threats, and the Rare Hunter laughs and takes off, jumping up the sides of buildings just as acrobatically as he came down. Kaiba tells Yugi that their enemies are the same now. But he's only in this to save Mokuba.

Yugi and Kaiba meet the two Rare Hunters as instructed on the glass roof of the skyscraper. Kaiba demands that they hand over the hostages, but they tell him they'll have to duel them first. The Rare Hunters introduce themselves as Lumis (Mask of Light) and Umbra (Mask of Darkness). They're the same two Rare Hunters that previously dueled Yugi and Kaiba in the alley, but now they're wearing masks that cover half their faces. They explain the rules of the game.

It will be a double duel, Lumis and Umbra against Yugi and Kaiba. Each player will begin with 4000 life points, and both members of a team must be defeated for the other team to win. The glass roof they're standing on is above a fifty-story light shaft that reaches all the way to the ground. But it's actually a thin dividing line between their world and the dreaded Shadow Realm! If a player's Life Points reach zero, an explosive will shatter the glass beneath him, opening a vortex that will suck him into the Shadow Realm. (In the Japanese, there's none of this Shadow Realm nonsense. The losers will fall to their deaths.)

And according to Battle City rules, if Yugi and Kaiba lose, Lumis and Umbra will take their God cards!

Kaiba wants to know if his brother's all right. They say he is, but don't count on seeing him again. There are no visitors in the Shadow Realm! Kaiba says that's their second mistake—the first was messing with his little brother, and the second is challenging him to a duel.

After a bit more posturing on both sides, the duel begins. Lumis begins by setting two cards face down and ending his turn. Yugi summons Beta the Magnet Warrior in defense, thinking that no one can attack until each duelist has taken his first turn, hoping that he can pick up on their strategy by then. Umbra plays Shining Abyss in defense, and Lumis says now it's time to see how they duel together! He activates a magic card, Mask of Brutality, equipping it to Umbra's monster and raising its attack by 1000 points, to 2600. Kaiba's shocked that their opponents already have a monster on the field with 2600 attack points! But Lumis and Umbra have to pay 1000 life points each turn to keep Mask of Brutality on the field. Then Umbra plays a magic card, Masked Doll, that negates Mask of Brutality's cost. Their tag team strategy will destroy Yugi and Kaiba!

Yugi says he and Kaiba can play off the strengths of each other's cards and work as a team as well as Lumis and Umbra! But Kaiba says, no thanks. Teamwork is for Boy Scouts. He can win this duel and save his brother by himself!

Kaiba sets two cards face down, then summons Vorse Raider (Blood Vorse) in attack mode. Yugi doesn't know what Kaiba's doing—his monster is weaker than theirs. (In the Japanese, Yugi thinks that Kaiba's seducing them to attack so he can use his trap cards.) Yugi thinks if they don't have a team strategy they'll never win! But Kaiba has his own plans. Next turn, he'll sacrifice Vorse Raider to summon an even stronger monster. (In the Japanese, the top card in Kaiba's hand is Saggi the Dark Clown—not a Level 6 monster. In the US version, they've changed this to a more powerful monster.)

Now they've each had one turn. Kaiba says it's time to see whose strategy is superior.

Lumis reminds him that their decks were specifically designed to work together and win Yugi and Kaiba's God cards. He's certain they'll win. (In the Japanese, Mask of Light knows that Kaiba's planning to sacrifice Vorse Raider. But he'll have a surprise in store for him!) Yugi thinks that unless Kaiba agrees to work together as a team, they're doomed. But they have to win. The fate of his friends—and the world—depends on it!

To Be Continued

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