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Episode 71: Double Duel - Part II (Sealed God Cards)

Lumis plays a magic card, Mask of the Accursed, which he equips to Yugi's Beta the Magnet Warrior. Not only does it prevent the Magnet Warrior from attacking, but it causes Yugi to lose 500 life points every one of his turns it's on the field. Then he sets one card face down and ends his turn. Yugi thinks it's probably a trap card, and he notices that Lumis hasn't played a monster yet. He thinks this must be their strategy—Umbra holds all the monster cards, while Lumis's deck is full of magic and trap cards.

Yugi loses 500 life points from Mask of the Accursed, then draws a Level 6 monster, the Beast of Gilford. This is perfect, he thinks. He can sacrifice Beta the Magnet Warrior to summon it, thereby getting rid of the Mask of the Accursed. Kaiba thinks Yugi had better not make a foolish move and take Kaiba down with him. He defeated these two Rare Hunters on his own before, and he can do it again. (In the Japanese, Yugi just looks at his card, and it's Kaiba who thinks that if it were him, he'd sacrifice the Magnet Warrior to summon a stronger monster. But Yugi has a bad feeling.) Yugi begins to sacrifice his monster, but Lumis activates his trap card, Mask of Restrict, which prevents Yugi and Kaiba from sacrificing any monsters. (The real card prevents both sides from sacrificing any monsters.) Now they can't summon any higher level monsters, including their God cards. Yugi plays one card face down and sets Kuriboh in defense. He tells Kaiba there's only one way to win—they have to duel as a team. But Kaiba's having none of it. He won't let Yugi tell him how to duel.

Umbra draws. He says he could attack Yugi's Beta the Magnet Warrior, but then he'd lose the effect of the Mask taking 500 life points from Yugi each turn. Or, he could attack Kaiba's Vorse Raider, but then there's Kaiba's trap card. Through transmitters hidden in their masks, Lumis tells Umbra not to worry, go ahead and attack. Umbra sets one card face down, then attacks the Vorse Raider with Shining Abyss. Kaiba activates his trap card, Ring of Destruction, which will destroy Shining Abyss, and inflict direct damage equal to Shining Abyss's attack to both Kaiba and Umbra. But Lumis activates Cursed Transfer, transferring Ring of Destruction onto Kaiba's Vorse Raider. Now it's Kaiba's monster that will be destroyed, and they'll each lose 1900 life points.

Yugi warns Kaiba that Lumis and Umbra might be up to something! (Well, duh.) Kaiba tells Yugi to keep out of it, and activates a magic card, Ring of Defense, to protect his life points from damage. But Umbra plays Spell Transfer, transferring Kaiba's Ring of Defense to him. Kaiba loses 1900 life points and his monster. Then Umbra uses Shining Abyss to attack Kaiba directly. If this attack succeeds, Kaiba will lose!

Meanwhile, Tristan arrives at the hospital to pick up Serenity to take her to Battle City.

She tells him she's a little nervous about the whole thing. What if the operation didn't work, and she still can't see? Tristan reassures her that the doctor said the operation was a success. And besides, they'll all be there with her. She'll take the bandages off, and the first thing she'll see is her brother. She thanks him for the encouragement, and they get ready to hit the road. (In the Japanese, Shizuka says she can take the bandage of any time. Honda tells her to go ahead and take it off, and he'll take her to Battle City. She says that her brother was with her when she had the operation, and she wants him to be with her when she takes the bandage off. He realizes that she feels insecure when her brother's not with her, so he suggests that he should take her to find Jounouchi.)

Grandpa is also at the hospital, watching over the injured Bakura, who appears to be asleep. But when Grandpa goes to the sink to freshen the wet cloth from Bakura's forehead, Dark Bakura opens his eyes, and smiles an evil smile.

The Rare Hunters lock Téa into a room full of cardboard boxes in a warehouse at the docks. She pounds on the door, demanding that they let her out, then looks around for a way out. She wonders what they want with her, and remembers talking to Ishizu with Yami about the coming threat from ancient evil forces, and thinks these must be the guys who are after Yugi!

Back at the duel, Umbra tells Kaiba he's finished, as Shining Abyss's attack speeds towards the defenseless Kaiba. But Yugi activates his magic card, Multiply, to send zillions of Kuribohs to block the attack. Kaiba is not thrilled to be saved by Yugi's little furballs, and gets pissy with Yugi, telling him that next time he'll do it himself! Yugi tells Kaiba if he ever wants to see Mokuba again, they have to help each other. If one of them falls, the other won't stand a chance against Lumis and Umbra's tag team assault. Kaiba wants to know if Yugi's questioning his skills as a duelist, but Yugi just repeats that they have to combine their forces to defeat these Rare Hunters. Yugi says he protected Kaiba, and if Kaiba doesn't do the same for him, he might not be around to save Kaiba again! Good riddance, says Kaiba.

Lumis and Umbra are happy to see Yugi and Kaiba arguing. They agree that they have to clear out Yugi's Kuribohs before they can wipe out the rest of Kaiba's life points. Lumis says he can handle it.

Téa tries to climb a pile of boxes to reach the high windows at the top of the warehouse wall, but the boxes topple and she falls. Just then, the Rare Hunters toss Mokuba into the warehouse with her. He explains that he was grabbed just as he was trying to find her and Joey and the others, and he thinks they're being used as bait so the Rare Hunters can grab Yugi and Kaiba's rare cards. He tells Téa that both Yugi and his brother have God cards, the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters. Téa thinks there's more to it than Duel Monsters, but she doesn't say anything about it to Mokuba.

Kaiba draws his Blue Eyes White Dragon, but he can't summon it with the Mask of Restrict on the field. But he's determined to find a way to summon it and win back his brother himself! He sets one card face down and plays Battle Ox in defense. Lumis and Umbra make some more threats, then Lumis plays a magic card, Mask of Dispel, to mask Yugi's Multiply and stop its effect, leaving one poor little Kuriboh all by himself, and take another 500 points from Yugi's life points each turn. Then he summons Grand Tiki Elder and destroys the remaining Kuriboh. Yugi's left open to a direct attack.

Yugi's down to 2500 life points. He draws a trap card, Chain Destruction, which can destroy one card in his opponent's hand, but he doesn't think that will help. He also has Card Destruction in his hand, which would force all the players to discard their hands and draw new ones. He'd like to use it, but he doesn't know what Kaiba's holding, and he doesn't want to make Kaiba discard something that could be useful to them. But what choice does he have? Kaiba doesn't want to duel as a team, and he has no idea what Kaiba's strategy is.

Kaiba asks Yugi what he's waiting for—he couldn't make things worse than he already has. Kaiba smiles, and says that the cards they're holding are absolutely useless. He has a card in his hand that could win the duel for them, but he can't summon it. It's better off in the graveyard. (Kaiba's not as insulting in the Japanese. He says Yugi must be holding only high-level monsters, so there are no monsters he can summon. It's a pain holding all these useless high-level monsters. They might as well abandon them.) Yugi gets the message and sets Card Destruction face down.

Umbra plays the ritual magic card, Curse of the Masked Beast, sacrificing both his and Lumis's monsters to summon the Masked Beast (Masked Hellraiser; or, as the subtitles would have it, Marxt Herurasa), a monster with an attack of 3200. He uses it to direct attack Yugi, which would wipe out all of Yugi's life points, but Kaiba sends in Battle Ox to take the attack. Kaiba says this is a double duel, after all, so he used his monster to protect his partner's life points. Yugi thanks Kaiba, all thrilled that Kaiba's finally cooperating, but Kaiba says he only helped Yugi so that he could win. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Don't misunderstand. It's only to return the favor of the Kuriboh.")

Lumis and Umbra tell Kaiba he's a fool—saving Yugi caused him to lose his only defense monster. Soon they'll move in for the kill. Kaiba says, not if Yugi returns the favor, and Yugi plays Card Destruction, and all the players must discard their hands.

Now, Kaiba uses his covered card, Monster Reborn, to summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the graveyard, without having to make a sacrifice. "This is the price you pay," he says, "for using my little brother to get to me! Go, my Blue-Eyes!"

To Be Continued

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