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Episode 72: Double Duel - Part III (Cooperate!)

Kaiba's got his Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field, and Yugi tells Lumis and Umbra they're no match for the combined strength of his and Kaiba's decks! But Kaiba says this teamwork thing of Yugi's is getting a little old. He'll do whatever it takes to win this duel and save Mokuba himself. Yugi says this isn't only about Kaiba—his friends are in danger, too. Kaiba says that's his problem, but Yugi says he and Kaiba need each other's help. (In the Japanese, Yugi doesn't say anything, but thinks that Kaiba has finally learned the power of cooperation. Kaiba, however, says he figured Yugi would save his Card Destruction to give Kaiba a chance to get the Blue-Eyes on the field. It's just what he expected. "You think I'm going to work with you, right? Well, at least it worked out well. I don't owe you now, and I won't help you again.")

Lumis and Umbra still have the upper hand. Masked Beast ("Masquete Hyorureisa" this time in the subtitles) has an attack of 3200—200 more than Kaiba's Blue-Eyes.

Yugi urges Kaiba to attack Masked Beast with the Blue-Eyes, telling Kaiba to trust him. Kaiba's reluctant, but, realizing that it's not in Yugi's best interest to give him bad advice, he sends his Blue-Eyes to attack the Masked Beast. (Japanese Yugi says "Show me your courage, Kaiba!" and Kaiba thinks "I never thought I'd have to listen to you.") The Masked Beast is destroyed. Yugi explains that when he discarded his monster, Beast of Gilfor, he activated its ability to decrease an opponent's monster's attack by 500 points. Yugi tells Kaiba that he needs his help more than he thinks.

But Kaiba thinks Yugi's just trying to take all the glory for defeating Lumis and Umbra's monster. It was his Blue-Eyes that made the attack! They'll win the duel because of him. (Japanese Kaiba's pretty impressed that Yugi set this whole thing up, thinking that Yugi is really a strategic duelist. Yugi tells him that's the power of cooperation, but Kaiba still thinks cooperation means he has to follow Yugi's orders.)

Lumis sets a monster in defense, then plays two cards face down, thinking that he has a plan to destroy Kaiba's Blue-Eyes. Yugi loses another 1000 life points due to Mask of the Accursed and Mask of Dispel.

Yugi draws, thinking he'll take a chance and attack Lumis's defense monster. If he can't destroy it, at least he'll make Lumis use up a trap card. He summons Alpha the Magnet Warrior and attacks. Lumis doesn't want to waste his trap card, thinking he has to save it for Kaiba's Blue-Eyes, so he allows the Four-Faced Beast to be destroyed. Umbra is worried—he and Lumis have no monsters left. If the Blue-Eyes attacks, they're finished! But Lumis reassures him he has a plan.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Mokuba tells Téa that the Rare Hunters won't get away with kidnaping them. He wishes there were a way to get in touch with his brother, but the Rare Hunters took his laptop. Téa looks up at the high window, and thinks maybe there's a way.

Joey is unconscious, tied to a chair in another part of the warehouse. He comes to when Odion enters the room, and starts talking tough (Japanese Jounouchi says he knows they're using him to get Yugi's rare card, but Yugi won't submit to them). Through Odion, Marik uses the Millennium Rod to turn Joey into a mind-slave.

Mokuba and Téa have stacked up the boxes again and are climbing them, trying to escape. When they reach the window, Téa tells Mokuba to go ahead and find his brother and Yugi. The Rare Hunters come in and climb up after them. Mokuba reaches the window just as the boxes collapse, sending Téa and the Rare Hunters tumbling down. Mokuba promises to send help for Téa. The Rare Hunters rush outside to search for him, but he manages to sneak away.

Umbra summons Rogue Doll, a weak monster with only 1600 attack points. Kaiba makes fun of it, and Yugi wonders what they're up to. Then Umbra sends it to attack the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Lumis plays a trap card, Mask of Weakness, which reduces the Blue-Eyes' attack by 700. Then he plays Mask of Brutality, increasing Rogue Doll's attack by 1000. Now Rogue Doll's attack is greater than the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's! But once again, Kaiba's saved by Yugi, who uses the trap card, Mystical Rift Panel (another naked fairy who has a dress drawn on in the US), to transfer the Mask of Brutality to the Blue-Eyes.

Kaiba growls in frustration that Yugi helped him again! His Blue-Eyes would have been destroyed. As much as he hates depending on anyone else, it looks like he might need Yugi's help to defeat these guys. But in the end it will be his superior dueling skills that prevail! (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "What is power? Power is the thing that I live on. On the field, you don't have partners. Other players are your enemies. Power is used to defeat the enemy and for protecting your reign. Power is to use for yourself. The power of cooperation... can this power overtake what I believe in?")

Umbra, though, is mad at Lumis for letting his life points get hit! But Lumis says it was Umbra's monster. Yugi watches them argue, thinking that this could cause them to lose the duel. Umbra thinks if Lumis's mistakes cause him to get attacked by the Blue-Eyes again, he could lose! From now on, he's on his own. He plays a card face down and ends his turn.

Tristan and Serenity rush to catch the train for Domino. Serenity says she's still a little nervous about taking off her bandages, and he reassures her that it will be fine. (In the Japanese, Honda asks Shizuka if she's all right, and she says she's too happy—she's going to see her brother duel!)

It's Kaiba's turn, and he's mad. (In the Japanese, he's chanting "Chikara! Chikara! Chikara!" under his breath, which means "Power! Power! Power!") He direct attacks Umbra with the Blue-Eyes, but Yugi thinks Kaiba's making a hasty move—and he is. Umbra activates his face-down magic card, Mask of Impregnability, which protects him from direct attacks for one turn.

Kaiba decides to stir up a little trouble, and asks Lumis what would have happened if he'd attacked him instead. Would Umbra have protected him with his magic card? That's the danger of depending on anyone else to protect you, Kaiba says. There's only one person you can trust—yourself. Umbra insists he would have used his magic card to save Lumis, but Lumis isn't so sure. Yugi sees what Kaiba's up to, and smiles, while Lumis thinks that Marik always liked Umbra best! He decides he'd better fight on his own.

On the train, Serenity thanks Tristan for his help, both in telling her about Joey's duels, and taking her to Battle City. She tells him she's lucky to have a friend as awesome as he is, and he gets a little upset about being stuck in the friend zone! (In the Japanese, Shizuka says she's still nervous about taking off the bandages. But she knows she's being foolish. She can't disappoint her brother. Honda says, if he takes her to see her brother duel, she'll take off the bandage, won't she? and she agrees. Honda says Jounouchi's a good brother, and she says that he is the most important person to her. Honda's envious, wishing someone would say that about him, and calls out, "Jounouchi, you are a very lucky guy.")

Joey, meanwhile, is standing in front of Téa, who's imprisoned in a chair with metal bands restraining her wrists and ankles. She's happy to see him, thinking he's come to rescue her, but then she gets worried when he just stands there, saying nothing. When he finally lifts his head, his eyes are blank, and he says he's not Joey. Odion comes up behind him, and Téa asks, "What did you do to him?"

Lumis draws, and plays Pot of Greed, drawing two more cards, thinking that his hand isn't very promising. He sets one card face down, then plays Card Exchange, allowing him to switch hands with any other player. And he chooses—Umbra! If Umbra's not going to help him, he'll just take Umbra's cards for himself! Umbra's furious, but makes the exchange. Then Lumis activates his face-down magic card, Chosen One. He places three cards face down on the field, with the Chooser in the middle. If it chooses a magic card, all three of the cards will go to the graveyard, but if it chooses the monster card, it will be summoned to the field without needing a sacrifice.

And it chooses the monster. Lumis summons Des Guardius (which the subtitles render as "Tise Katise"), a powerful monster with an attack of 3300 points, more powerful than the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! The only question is, which one of them should he attack first? With only weak monsters to protect him, he could wipe out the rest of Yugi's life points with one attack. On the other hand, there's that Blue-Eyes. Umbra says it doesn't matter who he attacks, they'll both be destroyed soon!

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