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Episode 73: Double Duel - Part IV (Obelisk The Great War God)

Lumis is about to attack with Des Guardius. But whom should he attack first? Yugi's down to 1500 life points, and only has weak monsters defending him. If Lumis attacks him, he'll lose all his life points. On the other hand, if he attacks Kaiba, he'll be able to get rid of Kaiba's powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Lumis chooses Yugi, but Umbra says they're supposed to be dueling as a team! He thinks leaving Kaiba's Blue-Eyes on the field would be a mistake. Lumis is determined to attack Yugi, but then Kaiba starts to taunt him, telling him he's a coward, afraid of his Blue-Eyes. Yugi realizes Kaiba's trying to save him, goading Lumis into attacking him instead of Yugi. Lumis takes the bait, sending Des Guardius to attack the Blue-Eyes. Kaiba's dragon is destroyed, but he only loses 300 life points. Kaiba's pretty upset about losing his Blue-Eyes, and thinks Yugi'd better not make him regret saving him! He tells Yugi to destroy them. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Forgive me, Blue-Eyes," and tells Yugi it's his turn.)

Yugi loses another 1000 life points due to the mask cards' effects, but says it doesn't matter—this duel is almost over, anyway. (Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that the soul of the Blue-Eyes will be inherited by the card he draws.) He summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior, then uses the three magnet warriors' special ability to combine them into the mighty Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior, with an attack of 3500. Kaiba wants Yugi to attack right away in revenge for the destruction of his Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Japanese Kaiba says the power of teamwork is strong, but it won't ease his anger). But Yugi suspects Lumis and Umbra have some kind of trick up their sleeves. He wonders if Des Guardius has a special ability that would block his attack. Meanwhile, Kaiba's still telling Yugi to attack right now or he'll be sorry!

Yugi sets a card face down, then tries to get Kaiba to settle down, telling him he has to duel intelligently and trust his deck. (Japanese Yugi says, when you are controlled by emotion, you expose your weakness and bite the enemy's bait. Kaiba says anger is the key to fighting, but Yugi tells him to calm down and then he'll see the chance to win the duel.) Kaiba looks at his deck, thinking that the only way to win is to summon Obelisk, but they're still prevented from making sacrifices by the Mask of Restrict trap card. Then he notices his Soul Exchange (Cross Sacrifice) card, and realizes that there is a way to summon Obelisk. But it depends on Yugi being willing to give up his own monster, the way Kaiba gave up his Blue-Eyes. He doesn't like depending on anyone else, but he'll do what he has to in order to save his brother.

Kaiba tells Yugi that they can win. Yugi smiles in agreement, and attacks Des Guardius with Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior.

Des Guardius is destroyed, but it does have a special effect when it's sent to the graveyard. It leaves behind the Mask of Remnant, which takes control of Yugi's Valkyrion. Umbra congratulates Lumis, who tells him to finish off Yugi so he can then take care of Kaiba. Umbra plays the magic card, Masquerade, which allows him to control Lumis's Valkyrion, and he uses it to attack Yugi. But Yugi activates his face-down card, De-Fusion, which breaks down Valkyrion into the three separate Magnet Warriors, stopping its attack.

Now it's Kaiba's turn, and he's about to summon his God card, Obelisk the Tormentor. Since the Mask of Restrict only stops him from sacrificing his own monsters, he plays Soul Exchange, which allows him to sacrifice his opponent's monsters instead of his own. Kaiba sacrifices the three Magnet Warriors to summon Obelisk, with much fanfare and power-hungry delight. (Wacky subtitle time: Obelisk has become "Giant of the Square-Tip Tower!")

(And, hmm, Obelisk's attack of 4000 points is apparently not good enough for the US version, where it runs up to 4850 before fading to black.)

(Cut from the US version is a short bit showing Malik feeling Obelisk's summoning, and wondering that Kaiba can control the God card.)

Kaiba attacks Umbra directly with Obelisk, and he loses all his life points. The floor under him explodes and he falls—but he's got a parachute hidden under his clothes, and saves himself, coming to rest hanging from a flagpole inside the building's light shaft, while Lumis calls to him to come back. (Cut from the US version are short bits showing the glass surface breaking under Mask of Darkness's feet, and him plunging through the air.)

(Also, the building is made to glow yellow in the US version to make it look Shadow Realm-y, while it's just plain glass and steel in the Japanese.)

Yugi urges Lumis to surrender, and Lumis knows he's beaten, but Kaiba doesn't want to let him off the hook. He won't be satisfied until he's attacked Lumis, too. But before he can attack, Marik mind-controls Lumis (also glowing all yellowy in the US version, but not in the Japanese),

and greets them, saying his Rare Hunters have done their job. (In the Japanese, Malik says he's seen Obelisk, and the power of the God is amazing.) Kaiba thinks Lumis has gone mad, but Yugi tells him that Lumis is under the control of Marik, who is the one holding Mokuba captive. (Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that Malik holds the God card, Ra.) Marik tells them that just because they won, it doesn't mean they'll be rescuing their friends and family any time soon. He's been studying their decks, and Obelisk pales in comparison to his God card, Ra. He'll win it from Kaiba soon, and he'll have Yugi's God card and Millennium Puzzle, too. (Japanese Malik says that Yugi must die to appease the Gravekeepers' anger.) He has the perfect plan to defeat Yugi once and for all, using Yugi's friends against him. They're safe and sound, he says, but they're not on Yugi's side any more.

Yugi calls Marik a coward for refusing to face him himself. But Marik thinks controlling people is much more fun. With Yugi's friends as mind-slaves, Yugi will surrender everything to him.

Kaiba grabs Lumis, threatening him, demanding that he release Mokuba. Yugi tries to stop Kaiba, saying that he's wasting his energy—Marik has no intention of keeping his promise. Marik releases his mind-control of Lumis, and the Rare Hunter collapses.

Kaiba takes the locator cards from Lumis—one each for him and Yugi. Now they're both qualified for the finals. Yugi doesn't know how Kaiba can think about the tournament at a time like this. They have to find his friends and Kaiba's brother right now! Then Mokuba shows up in a Kaiba Corp helicopter, telling them that Téa helped him escape from the Rare Hunters. Always one to repay his debts, Kaiba is ready to go and save Yugi's friends.

Meanwhile, Tristan jumps off the train at one of its stops to pick up some lunch for him and Serenity. After their lunch, Serenity continues to worry about taking off her bandages, and Tristan tells her she'll be fine. He says everyone gets scared sometime, and she says she'll be fine once she finds her brother. He'll give her the courage she needs. Tristan says Joey needs her, too—she'll give him courage to win the tournament!

Aboard the helicopter, Mokuba locates Joey's Duel Disk signal, and they're off to the rescue!

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