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Episode 74: The Rescue (Bonds)

The Battle City Tournament continues. A duel taking place in the middle of the street is blocking the way of a guy trying to drive past, who honks at the kids and shakes his fist, shouting at them to get moving! But a policeman tells him he'll have to back up and take another route—this road's closed. The driver protests that he didn't see a sign, and the policeman explains that this whole section of the city is shut down for Kaiba Corporation's Battle City Tournament. (In the Japanese, the policeman says that Kaiba Corporation owns the city!) Grumbling, the guy starts to shift into reverse, when an enormous, grinning monster (it's Electric Lizard) appears in front of his car, and he screams like a little girl!

Meanwhile, Kaiba, Mokuba, and Yugi are in the Kaiba Corp helicopter, off to rescue Yugi's friends. Mokuba has pinpointed Joey's location on his laptop, and says they're eleven miles away, as Yami Yugi stares grimly out the window. (Hm, how did they get Kaiba's briefcase back? Mokuba had it when the Rare Hunters grabbed him, but didn't when he escaped. The Rare Hunters should still have it. Does Kaiba have duplicates of his Steel Briefcase o'Doom?)

Kaiba says he's concerned with more important issues—like finding the third God card. He asks Yugi to tell him about Marik, and Yugi says he's never actually seen him, but he knows that Marik has a Millennium Item, like his Puzzle. Kaiba, as usual, is derisive of the "bogus magic talk," but Yugi points out that Kaiba has already experienced the power of the Millennium Items first hand, at Duelist Kingdom, when Pegasus used his Millennium Eye to trap Kaiba's soul. (Cut from the US version is a bit of the flashback showing trapped Mokuba's Soul Card crying, and then present-day Mokuba looking on with big sad eyes as he remembers.)

Kaiba insists that was just a cheap trick, even when Mokuba protests that Pegasus did use his Millennium Eye to trap them. Yugi says Kaiba can believe what he likes, but his Puzzle is no trick.

Then, Yami Yugi says that he's actually a five-thousand-year-old spirit, living inside the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba freaks, insisting it's a lie, but Yami just goes on to say that he was once a Pharaoh in Egypt. (Japanese Yami says "I am Yugi, but also not Yugi," and explains that he was awakened when Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba says, "If you're not Yugi, who are you?" and Yami says he's the spirit of a Pharoah.) Kaiba remembers that this is what Ishizu told him. But it can't be true! He remembers Ishizu showing him the stone carvings at the museum, and telling him that the Duel Monsters were once real, and that the Pharaoh saved the world from destruction by sealing them away in stone tablets. But evil sorcerers found ways to release the monsters from the stones, and used them to wage war against the Pharaoh. Then Ishizu showed him the second stone, with its carving of the Pharaoh—who looked like Yugi—and the sorcerer Ishizu said was Kaiba himself. (This flashback is different in the Japanese. It starts out the same, but skips the recap of the ancient sealing of the monsters and goes right to Isis showing Kaiba the second stone, and continues with Isis explaining that the carving depicts a Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, whose name has been lost, and ends with a shot of the Pharaoh on his throne.)

Kaiba laughs. He tells Yugi that he talked to that crazy woman too, but he didn't buy into her story. Yugi insists that what Ishizu said was true. She told him that the events of the past would occur once again, and he knows who he must stop. (This flashback has also been changed, from a closeup of Ishizu's face as she speaks, to a different closeup, followed by a shot of Isis, Yugi, and Anzu all standing together in the museum.)

Yugi recalls his first duel with a Rare Hunter—the one who took Joey's Red-Eyes—and first heard Marik's name. (Cut from the US version is a wacky intro to this flashback, showing various cards and people flying towards the screen from a bright light. The Japanese flashback jumps right to Yugi playing Chain Destruction to win the duel with the Rare Hunter)

Marik took control of the Rare Hunter and told Yugi about the God cards, and his intention to use the God cards to take Yugi's Puzzle and gain the power of the Pharaoh. (In the Japanese, this flashback continues on, showing the end of Yugi's duel with Pandora, when Malik told him about the Gravekeepers, and Malik's desire for revenge on behalf of his people and their suffering, as they guard the Pharaoh's memory.)

(Next, in the Japanese, is a bit cut from the US version where Yami tells Kaiba and Mokuba that Malik's purpose is not just to own the three God cards, but mainly to kill him, because he is the spirit of the Pharaoh.)

Mokuba's into Yami Yugi's story, but Kaiba still insists it's ridiculous, and tells Yugi to stop corrupting his little brother's mind with his lies! Yugi says they're not lies, and reminds Kaiba that he heard Marik talk about his plans to rule the world first hand, when Kaiba witnessed the end of Yugi's duel with Marik, through Strings, the Quiet One. (This flashback is rearranged, too, but it's all stuff from the end of Yugi's duel with the Silent Puppet. Then, in the Japanese, the flashback continues with Yugi and Kaiba's duel with the Masks of Light and Darkness.)

Kaiba thinks that if Yugi believes Marik was using magic powers to control people's minds, he must believe in the Tooth Fairy as well! Yugi insists that Marik's powers are very real and very dangerous, and so are his threats against Yugi's friends. (Japanese Kaiba says that in psychology, it's possible to control people with brainwashing. Yugi says he can't make Kaiba believe him, but Malik and the Rare Hunters have Jounouchi and he has to rescue him.) Yugi remembers the conversation with Joey when he tried to give the Red-Eyes back to him, and Joey's insistance that Yugi should keep it, to help him in his battle against the Rare Hunters. (Which in the Japanese is Jounouchi's talk about his goal of becoming a True Duelist, so that he can duel with Yugi again and win his Red-Eyes back honorably.) Yugi clenches his fist, repeating that they have to find his friends and get them away from that madman before it's too late!

The helicopter is two miles from its target. Yugi's glad that they'll soon be able to find Joey and Téa, but Kaiba says he's tired of hearing about Yugi's friends, especially that hack, Joey Wheeler. Yugi says that Joey's become a skilled duelist, and he wouldn't be surprised if Joey'd already qualified for the finals. (This part isn't in the Japanese. It appears that they've spliced together scenes from previous conversations, and put new dialog over them.) Joey's duels with Roba, Weevil, and Mako are reprised in flashback. (In the Japanese, the flashback about Jounouchi asking Yugi to hold onto his Red-Eyes continues right into a bit about Yugi thinking about Jounouchi and urging him to keep fighting for his goal, thinking, "You'll become a True Duelist. Face every duel with courage and honor, and win.")

(And then on to the flashbacks about Jounouchi's previous duels. The in-between scenes with Yugi and Kaiba come before the flashback sequence. The flashbacks of Jounouchi's duels are also quite different, focusing mostly on moments where Jounouchi was down and his promise to Yugi gave him the strength to go on fighting, rather than the winning plays.)

Yugi tells his friends not to worry, he'll set them free. Kaiba orders the pilot to descend. (There's no evidence of a pilot in the Japanese. The helicopter appears to be operating on autopilot.) Yugi thinks this is it! No matter what happens, he's not leaving without his friends!

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