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Episode 75: Friends 'Til the End - Part I (The Coldhearted Duel: Yugi vs Jounouchi)

Marik leads mind-controlled Joey and Téa along the docks, telling them that soon Yugi and Kaiba will arrive to try to rescue them. But with Joey and Téa as his mind slaves, they'll have no choice but to play by his rules.

Odion comes to tell Marik that he's secured twelve locator cards for the Battle City finals as ordered. Marik says that now they'll both be able to participate in the finals, if necessary—but if all goes well, it won't be. (Japanese Malik tells Rishid that it's his nature to use his trap deck to duel openly. Malik doesn't need to brainwash Rishid, who would never betray him.) Then he tells Odion to give Joey the deck they've prepared for him. Odion says that replacing Joey's pathetic deck with a deck full of extremely rare magic cards was an excellent idea, and Marik laughs, saying that he's taken the things that mean the most to Yugi—his friends. (Japanese Malik says the time has come for his tribe's revenge. "Let your most important friend send you to another world, Yugi.")

Marik calls out a challenge to Yugi to come and find him—for the last duel he'll ever fight! (In the Japanese, Malik doesn't say anything, only laughs.)

The helicopter approaches. Yugi says that as soon as they land, Mokuba will lead him to where his friends are being held, and they'll break in and get them out. But Kaiba says not so fast—he's in charge, and the first thing he wants to do is track down the third God card. After that, they'll find Yugi's friends. Yugi angrily tells Kaiba that Joey and Téa are in great danger, and they have to rescue them right away. Kaiba says once they land they can split up and fend for themselves. He always works better on his own—hasn't Yugi figured out by now that teamwork's not his thing? He says he was the one who defeated Lumis and Umbra, and without much help. He brought Yugi to the place where his friends are being held, and now Yugi can take care of the rest by himself. Yugi turns away angrily, thinking that he'll save his friends without Kaiba's help. (Okay, this conversation is completely different in the Japanese. First, Yugi says, "Jounouchi-kun, please be all right." Kaiba tells Yugi he's too naive. If Malik has the ability to brainwash people, he must have brainwashed Jounouchi "to become a mean dog to bite you to death." If he were Malik, that's what he would do. Yugi tells Kaiba that no matter what happens, he'll save Jounouchi, even if he has to risk his life. Kaiba says Yugi can't find the answer because he's contradicting himself. "You let me see the power of cooperation in our duel with the Rare Hunters. But it turns out you have to fight to the bitter end with Jounouchi. Will you have the power of cooperation between you then? Answer me, Yugi." Yugi grimaces, but says nothing.)

Mokuba spots Joey standing on the pier. (in the Japanese, we hear Malik exhorting Jounouchi, "Tsubuse... tsubuse... tsubuse," which means "Crush" or "Kill.") Yugi warns Kaiba that they might be heading into a trap, but Kaiba says he's heard enough from Yugi. (Japanese Yugi says, "Kaiba, the answer you want is here." And Kaiba says, "Omoshiroi," which means "Interesting.") The helicopter lands on the pier, as Marik laughs, thinking that when Yugi finds out Marik's turned his best friend against him, he'll be completely devastated. (Japanese Malik is still saying, "Tsubuse.")

Yugi, Kaiba, and Mokuba get out of the helicopter, Yugi calling out to his friend. But mind-controlled Joey says Joey isn't here, and Yugi realizes it's Marik in charge. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "I've been waiting for you.") Mokuba says that doesn't sound like Joey, and Kaiba thinks it must be one of Marik's tricks.

Yugi tries to reach Joey, but Marik/Joey says it's pointless. He'll release Yugi's friends when he has what he wants—Yugi's God card and Puzzle. Yugi must duel him. (Japanese Yugi begs Jounouchi to wake up, and mind-controlled Jounouchi says he is awake—awake enough to beat Yugi down. Yugi realizes that Jounouchi is totally in Maliks' control, and Jounouchi says Yugi can't escape fighting with him in a duel to the death.)

Mokuba still doesn't understand what's going on, so Kaiba explains that it seems that Marik has turned Joey against Yugi and now Joey wants to duel Yugi. He thinks that if Joey's on Marik's side now, he might be holding the third God card, and if the God card is played, he wants to be there. (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba that it's a duelist's destiny to fight whoever stands in front of him, whether it's a friend or someone else. Otherwise, he can't keep going. Kaiba thinks that friendship and cooperation won't work for Yugi this time. This duel wll be his biggest test. "What will you do, Yugi? Let me see your answer.")

Marik thinks it's time to sieze the power that should have been his all along! (There's no Malik voiceover in the Japanese.)

Yugi again exhorts Joey to break free of Marik's control, and reminds him of the promise he made when he gave Yugi his Red-Eyes. Yugi vows to set Joey free, insisting that Marik's power is feeble compared to the strength of their friendship. (Japanese Yugi says, "Jounouchi-kun, please listen to me. I really hope we can duel in Battle City. But the promise is that you will fight hard to become a True Duelist, and then we'll duel." He tells Jounouchi that he believes that the reason they can win is the promise they made. But this duel is a trap of Malik's, not the True Duel they promised each other.)

Mind-controlled Joey just turns away, telling Yugi he'll never set Joey free unless he follows him. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Follow me. The final duel is over here.") Yugi knows if he follows Joey, he may be walking into another of Marik's traps, but how can he save Joey and Téa unless he does? (In the Japanese, instead of Yugi's thoughts, we hear Malik telling Yugi it's no use, he'll hever avoid the duel with Jounouchi.)

Mind-controlled Téa walks down the gangway steps from a nearby ocean liner, telling Yugi he'd better do exactly what Marik says. (Japanese mind-controlled Anzu says Jounouchi is Maliks' puppet.) Yugi demands that Marik leave Téa alone! But Marik/Téa laughs, saying that Yugi is at his mercy.

Yugi follows her to a dock where Joey is waiting. Metal beams support an anchor suspended over the square of water in the middle of the four-sided dock. Joey stands on one side, and Yugi stands across from him, while Marik/Téa explains how the duel will work. Joey and Yugi must each cuff themselves by the ankle to a chain attached to the anchor. When a player's life points reach zero, thirty seconds later, the anchor will drop to the bottom of the ocean. Marik/Joey goes on to explain that the boxes at their feet contain the keys to their ankle cuffs. When one players's life points reach zero, the other player's box will open, and he will have thirty seconds to free himself, while the loser will be dragged down with the anchor to the bottom of the sea.

Yugi asks Marik if he'll free his friends if he wins. Marik agrees—but Yugi will have to fish Joey out of the sea first. (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi he won't have such a dangerous duel with him. But Malik says he has no way out.) Meanwhile, Téa's seated in a chair with restraints trapping her wrists and ankles. Marik warns Yugi not to consider refusing to duel—there's a timer set to blow the anchor after sixty minutes if there's no winner, dragging them both into the sea.

But Marik/Téa says that Yugi will lose. (Japanese Malik says it's easy—if Yugi wants to save Jounouchi, all he has to do is lose the duel.) Then he tells Kaiba that as soon as he's taken care of Yugi and his friends, he's setting his sights on Kaiba's God card. (Malik doens't say anything to Kaiba in the Japanese. Kaiba is horrified at what Malik's doing, realizing that Malik intends to kill Yugi.)

Mokuba's heard enough! He tells his brother that this duel is getting way out of hand. He's got to put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. Besides, Marik might try something like this on them next! (Japanese Mokuba merely tells Kaiba to stop the duel. And Kaiba thinks this is no duel.) Kaiba announces that as head of the Battle City Tournament, he demands that the duel be stopped!

But Marik/Téa says the duel will continue as planned. As a crane moves a crate into place over Téa's head, he explains the final piece of the plan—if Kaiba or anyone else attempts to interfere, the crate will fall onto Téa's head. (Cut from the US version is an overhead shot of the crate moving over Anzu.)

(And in the Japanese, the hook holding the crate is wired with explosives, which have been removed from the US version.)

The Rare Hunter operating the crane shows them a remote control, saying one false move and he'll push the button to drop the crate. (In the Japanese, to explode the bomb to release the crate.)

Marik/Téa says that everything's in place to start the duel. (Japanese mind-controlled Anzu invites Kaiba to watch the "splendid show" from the sideline, then says, "And let this woman watch, too.") He releases Téa from his control, and she suddenly finds herself trapped in a chair on the dock across from Yugi and Joey. (Cut from the US version is a sequence right after Anzu comes to herself. First, she sees Yugi and Jounouchi on the dock and calls their names. And, yes, the names are totally screwed up in the subtitles of these episodes. Yugi is called "Mutou" while Jounouchi is "Serenity." Yugi turns to shout at Malik to let Anzu go. Then Malik says that the pain his tribe suffers is not little, and says, "Keep suffering, Pharaoh. Then die!")

Marik/Joey says there's one last matter to be taken care of. He tells Yugi that his God card is off limits, and demands that Yugi remove the card from his deck. Yugi agrees, taking off the belt with the deck box where he keeps his special cards, thinking that he wasn't going to use Slifer anyway, because it's too dangerous. But behind Slifer in the box is Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. He remembers winning it back for Joey, and Joey insisting that Yugi keep it, saying that a part of him will be in Yugi's deck. Yugi knows how much the Red-Eyes means to Joey, and that Joey gave it to him as a symbol of their friendship. He puts the card in his deck, determined to use it to save Joey from Marik. (In the Japanese, he thinks that the Red-Eyes will awaken Jounouchi's heart.) Then he tosses the deck box with Slifer aside onto the dock.

Marik laughs. Soon he'll possess Slifer and Yugi's Puzzle. His plan won't fail! (In the Japanese, he tells Jounouchi to kill Yugi.)

It's time to duel. Téa, still confused, watches along with Kaiba and Mokuba, as the duel begins.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Serenity have arrived in Domino. Serenity grew up here, Tristan says, but it's been a long time since she's been back. Serenity agrees, remembering hanging out here with Joey when they were little. (The "5" on little Jounouchi's shirt has been removed in the US version. But mostly I'm including this because baby Joey is so cute.)

Now it's time to go find Joey—if only Tristan knew where he was! He tells Serenity to wait while he goes to a phone booth to call Téa, not knowing that Téa's cell phone lies crushed where the Rare Hunters grabbed her and Joey. He doesn't know why she's not answering. As he returns to Serenity, unknown to him, several Rare Hunters are watching.

Marik/Joey tells Yugi to start. Yugi draws, thinking that he has to figure out a way to stop the duel before the anchor falls, taking one or both of them with it! Marik/Joey asks if he's too frightened to play a card, and Yugi plays Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (which the subtitles call "cornwind evilman") in defense mode, and ends his turn.

Joey plays the magic card Raigeki (Thunderbolt), destroying Gazelle, then summons Alligator Sword, using it to attack Yugi directly for 1500 life points. He laughs, asking Yugi if he's had enough, and warning Yugi not to go easy on him because they're old friends. (Japanese mind-controlled Jounouchi doesn't have a weird electronic voice. He just sounds like Jounouchi, only speaking more harshly than usual. Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi he's no big deal.)

Yugi tells Marik they're not friends! He plays Big Shield Gardna in defense mode.

Marik/Joey says Yugi's naive to think that will protect his life points! He plays the magic card Hinotama (Fire Ball), which hits Yugi for 500 points of direct damage. (Cut from the US version is a shot of the fire ball streaming down at Yugi, and Yugi enveloped in flames, screaming, as his life points go down.)

Téa calls out to Yugi, who's now down to 2000 life points.

Kaiba says that third-rate duelist Wheeler never had cards this powerful in his deck! He is being helped. (Japanese Kaiba protests that in this game, it's forbidden to use direct damage magic cards.) And Marik laughs from the safety of his ship, saying that Yugi's starting to panic already, after getting a taste of his powerful deck, filled with rare cards gathered by his Rare Hunters. (Japanese Malik says Jounouchi's deck contains fake cards made by the Ghouls. A player with normal cards can never win against it. Then he says it's Yugi's wish to be killed by his friend. "Die, hateful Pharaoh!")

Odion comes to tell Marik that he's just learned that Joey's sister has arrived in Battle City. Marik thinks Joey's sister might be a useful pawn, and orders Odion to bring her to him immediately.

(Cut from the US version is a sequence showing Yugi with smoke rising from his body after the attack, with Jounouchi asking him how it feels to be attacked by the forbidden Fire Ball.)

Then Marik tells Joey he's doing an excellent job at wiping out Yugi's life points. (Japanese Maliks says, you guessed it, "Kill him.")

Yugi's getting a little desperate to figure out a way out of this. If he loses, the whole world will be in danger, but if he wins, his best friend will be dragged to the bottom of the ocean! There must be a solution. (Japanese Yugi thinks he didn't want to have this kind of duel, but he has to fight. But he knows that deep in Jounouchi's heart, the fire has not gone out.) Marik/Joey tells him that time is running out, and Yugi asks the heart of the cards to guide him. (Japanese Yugi insists that he will awaken Jounouchi's duelist's heart.)

It's Yugi's move.

As Tristan and Serenity walk down the street, Tristan apologizes for not agreeing on a meeting place with Joey and the others before he left to pick up Serenity. She tells him it's fine, she's sure they'll find everyone. They have to be in Battle City somewhere!

Suddenly, they're surrounded by three of the Rare Hunters. Tristan warns them off, but they're looking for trouble. (Japanese Honda thinks that he could beat these guys, but he has to protect Shizuka.) Tristan tells Serenity to climb on his back, and runs off with her down an alley, the Rare Hunters following.

Téa, still confused, asks what's going on, and Mokuba exlpains that Marik has brainwashed Joey and forced him into a duel, in order to get his hands on Yugi's God card. (Japanese Mokuba says that Malik says he wants revenge for his tribe, but he doesn't understand it.) Téa realizes that Marik must be the one Ishizu warned them about. Everything's making sense to her now! The Rare Hunter controlling the crane tells her to stop making a fuss, and she notices the crate hanging over her head. But she says the Rare Hunter doesn't have the guts to drop it, and demands that Kaiba stop the duel, or the whole world may be in danger! (Japanese Anzu doesn't say anything about saving the world. She tells Kaiba and Mokuba not to worry about her, but to stop the duel.) Mokuba says they can't, it's too risky, while Kaiba grinds his teeth in frustration. (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "Yugi, you have to hang on, in this stupid duel that has no self-respect." Another shot of Anzu with the crate hanging over her head is cut from the US version.)

Marik/Joey tells Yugi to stop stalling, and Yugi tries to decide what to do. His Big Shield Gardna can protect his life points from Joey's Alligator Sword, but he has to figure out a way to win without hurting Joey. He sets his trap card, Spellbinding Circle, face down, then summons Kuriboh in attack mode and ends his turn.

Marik/Joey doesn't know why Yugi would play such a weak monster in attack mode, unless he's trying to lose the duel to save his friend. If that's what Yugi wants, he'll be happy to help him. Yugi says he won't lose, and he will save Joey!

Marik/Joey attacks Kuriboh with Alligator Sword, and Yugi activates Spellbinding Circle, stopping the attack and reducing Alligator Sword's attack to 800, and saving Kuriboh, who sighs with relief. Kaiba says that Yugi weakend Joey's monster, but he still has nothing strong enough to defeat it, and Téa calls out to Joey not to attack! (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi it's no use, his tricks can't deal with Jounouchi's cards. And Anzu says, "Please don't fight any more.")

But Marik/Joey plays another Hinotama, hitting Yugi for another 500 points of direct damage. (Again, they've cut a shots of Yugi burning in the fire.)

Joey laughs, and Marik says farewell forever, Yugi!

To Be Continued

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