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Episode 76: Friends 'Til the End - Part II (Report! Friendship's Red Eyes Black Dragon)

Joey laughs at the sight of Yugi reeling from the effects of Joey's Hinotama magic card. (A shot of Yugi standing in the smoke is cut rom the US version.)

As soon as he wipes out the rest of Yugi's life points, Joey says, the anchor will drop and take Yugi with it. Yugi tells Marik he'll never get away with his plan. He knows the real Joey is in there, and he'll set him free no matter what it takes! (Japanese Jounouchi says his deck has been powered up with rare magic cards so that he doesn't need monsters. Yugi asks, doesn't his duelist's heart feel a little pain? Jounouchi shrugs derisively, saying, "A duelist's heart? What's that?" Yugi tells him that the pain in his body isn't from Jounouchi's card, and Jounouchi's evil smile fades.)

From his ship, Marik says Joey belongs to him now! He tells his mind-puppet, Joey, to strip his former best friend of all he has, so that Marik can rule the world as Pharaoh. Joey tells Yugi that his friend is gone, and neither of his monsters is powerful enough to destroy Joey's Alligator Sword. (Japanese Jounouchi says he'll kill Yugi.)

Téa calls out to Joey to snap out of it, reminding him that they're his friends. (Japanese Anzu tells Jounouchi to wake up.) Little Yugi comes out to tell Yami that Téa's right—and he has an idea. He thinks Yami should let him duel. Yami asks why, and Yugi explains that he and Joey have always shared a really strong bond, and he thinks that bond might be able to break through to him now. They've been through so much together, he says, remembering Joey's smile. He reminds Yami of the time that Joey and Tristan risked their lives to save them from the fire, and says now it's his turn. Yami says it's a very dangerous match, and Yugi says he knows it is, but he can't let that stop him. He feels in his heart that if anyone in the world can get through to Joey, he can. Joey's his best friend, and he knows Joey would do the same thing for him.

(The conversation between Yugi and Yami is different in the Japanese. Yugi tells Yami that for the first time, he can feel Yami's heartache. He asks Yami to let him share half his pain, and let him duel. Then he says that as the "coward me," Jounouchi still wanted to be his friend. Jounouchi saved him from the fire, and always helped him. So this should be his duel. Yami says that the duel is dangerous, and Yugi says he knows. But Yami is always telling him that he was able to get good friends, not because of the Millennium Puzzle, but on his own. He wants to prove it in this duel. "If I can win Jounouchi's heart back, I can prove I really made my own wish come true." Yami understands.)

Yami finally agrees, telling Yugi that he'll be right there if he needs him. The two exchange places, and now it's little Yugi dueling. (Japanese Yugi says, "Jounouchi, I'll be your opponent.") Marik is angry—he wanted to defeat the ancient Pharaoh, not this little runt! But then he thinks this might be just what he needs. He can win this duel easily, now that he's up against little Yugi, instead of the Pharaoh. It doesn't matter which one he defeats—he'll still win the Puzzle and Slifer the Sky Dragon. (Japanese Malik says that if he beats "the container" nearly to death, the Pharaoh will appear immediately. Malik tells Jounouchi to kill Yugi and make the Pharaoh come out. The Millennium Puzzle and Slifer card aren't shown in the Japanese version, but have been added in the US version.)

It's Yugi's turn. Yami reminds him that Joey and Téa are counting on him, and as long as he believes in the heart of the cards, he knows Yugi will come through for them. (Japanese Yami says that there's only one card in their deck that might awaken Jounouchi's heart.)

Yugi draws Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. This card is his only hope!

Meanwhile, Tristan is still running from the Rare Hunters, carrying Serenity on his back. They run down an enclosed alley, but one of the Rare Hunters has gone around and cut them off. They're trapped. The Rare Hunters suggest they come quietly, but Tristan's not about to give up without a fight. He sets Serenity down and gets ready to face them. (Japanese Honda thinks he could take these guys on his own, but with Shizuka there....) The Rare Hunters close in. (And a big bunch of fight scene is cut from the US version. Honda takes off his coat and flings it at two of the Rare Hunters, then punches one of them. He turns as the other is about to hit him, grabs his arm and twists it around his back. Then he hears Shizuka scream, and turns to see that the third Rare Hunter has grabbed her. He's about to rush to her rescue, when the Rare Hunger he just subdued breaks free and punches him, knocking him down.)

One of the Rare Hunters grabs Serenity by the arm. Suddenly, a die comes flying through the air and hits him in the forehead. He lets go of Serenity and grabs his head. (Cut is a shot of the die landing on the ground by Honda's face.)

And there's more where that came from, Tough Guy, says a voice from the end of the alley. It's Duke Devlin, tossing a handul of dice. (Another cut shot of Honda getting to his feet as the Rare Hunters ask Otogi who he is.)

Duke throws more dice at the Rare Hunters, and Tristan grabs Serenity and runs, telling Duke they'll talk later—run now! The kids take off, Rare Hunters right behind them.

Yugi holds the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, thinking that he drew the card Joey gave him, but how should he use it? Yami tells him that he might be able to use the card to save Joey, but he must play it wisely. (Japanese Yami says that Jounouchi's duelist's heart should be in this card.) Yugi remembers that Joey gave him the card so that he'd always have a piece of him in his deck. Once Joey sees this card, the real Joey will break through. He tells Joey he's about to jog his memory, and Joey reminds him that the clock is ticking—he'd better hurry up and make his move. (In the Japanese, Yugi thinks that Jounouchi has fought side by side with this card. Everything depends on it. Malik continues to urge Jounouchi to "Kill him, kill him, kill him.")

Yugi is about to sacrifice Big Shield Gardna and Kuriboh to summon the Red-Eyes, when Yami stops him. If he summons the Red-Eyes Black Dragon now, Marik might have something that can destroy it. With only 1500 life points left, they have to be careful. (Japanese Yami says that Yugi must take every step with caution. This is a death duel. Then he says to himself that before time runs out, he has to rescue his "aibou" and Jounouchi.) Yugi decides summoning the Red-Eyes is too risky. Then he realizes there's a way to show the card to Joey without summoning it to the field. But it might be an even riskier move. He's not sure what to do. (Japanese Yugi thinks that before he summons the Red-Eyes, he has to make sure of one thing.)

Watching on the sidelines, Kaiba thinks that it's time for Yugi to sink or swim—literally. And Téa thinks there has to be a way to get through to Joey. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi to show him how he'll get through this difficulty, and Anzu thinks that Yugi's different now—he must have become the "normal" Yugi.) Téa thinks that Joey always says that whenever he's down, his friends give him the strength to get back up again. (In the Japanese, Anzu mentally urges Yugi to make Jounouchi come back to normal. The shot of spirit Yami standing beside Yugi is replaced in the US by a shot of Tristan, Yugi, and Téa supporting Joey.)

She knows their friendship can save him now. She calls out to Joey to wake up and remember their bond! She reminds him of the Happy Face o'Friendship she drew on their hands. Nothing can break the bond of their friendship!

Yugi thinks that Téa's right. No matter what the risk, he has to do what it takes to save Joey! They made a pact to always be there for each other, and he'd never break a promise to a friend. It's time to show Marik what friendship is all about! Yami looks on in surprise as Yugi plays the magic card Exchange. Joey says it's a foolish move, and Kaiba wonders what Yugi's thinking—the Exchange card allows Wheeler to take any card from Yugi's deck (actually, from his hand, not his deck). Joey says Yugi must be desperate to play a card like that, but he'll take a card from Yugi's hand.

Joey goes over to Yugi, who looks up at him with big sad eyes, and tells Yugi to show him his hand. Unable to look at him, Yugi turns his head and closes his eyes as he holds up his cards to show Joey.

Joey stares in shock at his Red-Eyes Black Dragon, momentarily sounding like the old Joey. Marik orders Joey to be silent, telling Joey that he has no mind of his own. Marik owns him! (There's no Malik voiceover in the Japanese, and a close-up of Jounouchi is cut from the US version.)

Back in control of Joey, Marik tells Yugi that playing Exchange was a foolish move. Still with his eyes closed, Yugi tells Joey to take any card he wants, even the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Joey struggles, and Marik reasserts his control. Yami tells Yugi that it may be working. (Japanese Yami says, "Aibou.") Joey thinks, Yugi needs that card—that's why he gave it to him. Marik orders him to do as he says and take the Red-Eyes! He makes Joey say that he has no mind of his own, then repeats his order to take Yugi's Red-Eyes. (Japanese Malik says he knew Yugi was a bad duelist, but he never thought he was such a stupid one. He even gives up his Rare Card on purpose! So, he tells Jounouchi, take the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.) Joey reaches for the card, while Yugi waits anxiously. Mind-controlled Joey says that Yugi's friend is long gone, and he'll be taking the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Yugi thinks it's not working, but then Yami tells him to look again.

Yugi opens his eyes to see that Joey's hand is trembling on the card. Joey can't make himself take the Red-Eyes. Joey thinks, it's Yugi's card now. He made a promise. Marik continues to order him to take the card, but Joey continues to struggle. Finally, Joey pulls a card from Yugi's hand and holds it high—it's the magic card, Card Destruction. Yugi's face lights up, and he exclaims, Joey!

But Marik's back in control now. He tells Yugi that Joey's gone, and he's going to defeat Yugi with his arsenal of rare magic cards, so he doesn't need the Red-Eyes. But Yugi knows Joey came through for a moment. Now he gets to pick one of Joey's cards, and he takes the trap card, Magic Arm Shield. As Joey returns to his side of the field, Yugi tells him he can deny it all he wants, but he knows his best friend is in there, and he's going to set him free! Yugi knows that as soon as Joey saw the Red-Eyes, the real Joey came out. Marik won't be in control of Joey for much longer. (Japanese Yugi says that now he's sure—Jounouchi hasn't lost the heart of a True Duelist. "You promised me to duel with me in Battle City to win back your pride, and swore never to touch the Red-Eyes Black Dragon until that day." Jounouchi tells him to shut up, but Yugi says he knows he'll be able to use the Red-Eyes to awaken Jounouchi's duelist's heart.)

It's still Yugi's turn. Now, he sacrifices his two monsters to summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. At the sight of the dragon, Joey again struggles to break free. Marik says this can't be happening! He's losing control of his mind-slave. Odion comes to tell Marik that Joey's sister got away, and Marik orders him to go and make sure she's captured, now! (Cut from the US version is a shot of Malik hitting Rishid with the Millennium Rod.)

Yugi urges Joey to remember his Red-Eyes, and Joey tries. Kaiba comments that the Red-Eyes Black Dragon seems to be affecting Wheeler's mind, and Mokuba reminds him that Yugi said it used to be Joey's card. He says it must be hard to have a card you care about played against you, and Kaiba says it's about to get harder. (Japanese Kaiba remembers the face-off between his Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Jounouchi's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Mokuba says that's Jounouchi's Rare Card—Yugi must be planning to use it to win Jounouchi back, and Kaiba wonders if it will work.)

Yugi says he's going to use the Red-Eyes to blast Joey back to his senses! And if it doesn't work, Joey, Yugi, and the whole world will be in danger! (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi that the dragon's red eyes are filled with sorrow.) With tears in his eyes, Yugi attacks Alligator Sword with the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Alligator Sword is destroyed, and Joey's down to 2400 life points. Yugi calls out to his friend, and Marik seethes, ordering Joey to get up and fight back! Mind-controlled Joey says Yugi's trick didn't work. Soon he'll destroy Yugi and take what's his! (Japanese Malik says, "Kill him, kill him, kill him."

Yami tells Yugi it's getting too dangerous, and he's taking over. Yugi says he can't let him, and takes the Millennium Puzzle from around his neck. He has to do this himself, and he has one last idea. Yugi tells Yami he has to trust him—he knows he can save Joey. Yugi and Yami face each other in spirit form, and Yugi says that since the day he put together the Millennium Puzzle, Yami has given him hope, courage, and confidence. Yami even helped him make new friends. But Yugi can't go through life depending on Yami. He has to know that even without the Millennium Puzzle, he can be brave and help his friends. He has to prove to himself that even without Yami, he can be like Yami. Yami understands. He says that if Yugi believes in himself, he believes in him too. He wishes Yugi good luck and goes back into the Puzzle.

(Japanese Yugi says he wants to fight to the end. He tells Yami that he made a wish on the Millennium Puzzle for a good friend. Then, when he met Yami in his heart, he gained courage, and good friends. But, somewhere in his heart, he's been thinking that if he hadn't met Yami, he'd still be a coward, just like before. So he wants to use his own power to win back Jounouchi's heart. He asks Yami to wait for him on the side. Yami protests that this is a dangerous game that might kill him, and Yugi says he knows, but he believes in Jounouchi. Yami says that if Yugi's determination is so strong, he won't stop him. But he tells Yugi that he can't die! He calls Yugi his other self, saying "Mou hitori no ore," using the "tough guy" word for "I," rather than Yugi's "Mou hitori no boku." Yugi thanks Yami, then thinks that if he takes away the Millennium Puzzle, Yami won't be able to change his mind.)

Joey asks if Yugi's given up, and Yugi thinks that he doesn't have much time. His only hope is to free Joey's mind. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he's always protected by "the other me." If he doesn't become strong, he won't be able to win back Jounouchi's heart. He has to depend on his own abilities.) Joey says it's time to finish Yugi off, and plays another Hinotama magic card to burn up another 500 of Yugi's life points. (Again, the shot of Yugi being hit by the fire ball is cut from the US version.)

Meanwhile, the Rare Hunters are still trying to find Joey's sister. They split up to search, running past the truck bed in which Tristan, Duke, and Serenity are hiding. Tristan asks Duke what he's doing there, and Duke says he heard about this Battle City thing and wanted to check it out. He was hoping to run into Yugi, but these guys will do. (Japanese Honda asks, didn't Otogi go to America to promote Dungeon Dice Monsters? Otogi says he did, but he had to come back to Japan to take care of something. Then he heard about Battle City, and came to see if he could meet Yugi.) Turning away to the back of the truck so Serenity can't hear, Duke asks who Serenity is, and Tristan says that to Duke, she's off limits! Then he says she's Joey Wheeler's sister. Duke remembers Joey—he's the guy Duke made wear a dog suit! Tristan tells him not to mention that, or he'll upset Serenity. (Japanese Otogi asks how Jounouchi can have such a lovely sister. The dog suit isn't brought up.)

Then Duke asks about the guys who were chasing them. Tristan has no idea, but he didn't like the looks of them! (Japanese Honda knows that these are Rare Hunters, and even Otogi's heard of them. Honda knows they're watching Yugi, but doesn't know why they'd want him and Shizuka. He doesn't have any rare cards.) Serenity feels her way along the side of the truck bed to ask, if those guys were chasing them, does that mean they're after the others too? Joey, Téa, and Yugi might be in even more trouble than they are!

Back on the dock, Yugi is still down, suffering from the Hinotama's damage. Joey taunts him, asking if his attack left Yugi speechless, and Téa calls out to Kaiba and Mokuba, asking if they can't do something to stop this! Mokuba points out the crate hanging over Téa, but says to his brother that they have to stop this before it's too late. Kaiba says he knows.

Little Yugi shakily gets to his feet, saying he won't stop until his best friend is safe from harm. (Japanese Yugi says he can't zero Jounouchi's life points. So he hopes Jounouchi will promise him one thing.) He begins to walk slowly around the dock towards Joey. But Joey's not finished with his turn. He summons Rocket Warrior, explaining that any monster it attacks will lose 500 attack points until the end of the turn. Yugi tells Joey to wait, but Joey goes on to play the magic card, Attrition. Yugi, holding up the Puzzle, says he knows Joey can hear him, but Joey says it's too late, and switches Rocket Warrior to its invincible mode, so it can attack the Red-Eyes and weaken it while remaining unharmed. (A shot of Rocket Warrior blasting one of the Red-Eyes' wings is cut from the US version.)

Yugi continues to walk weakly along the dock, begging Joey to hold on so he can give him something. (Japanese Yugi says he doesn't want the Millennium Puzzle to sink into the sea.) Attrition causes the Red-Eyes to lose attack points equal to Rocket Warrior's, another 1500 points, reducing its attack to 400.

The sight of the weakened Red-Eyes lying on the dock shakes Joey up, and Marik feels his control weakening again. Yugi says that Joey is his best friend, and just as Joey gave him his Red-Eyes, Yugi wants to give Joey something that's meaningful to him. Joey clutches his head, and sinks to his knees, wondering what's happening to him. (In the Japanese, Yugi says, "And so, to you...." Jounouchi says, "It hurts! What's going on? This pain....")

Yugi finally comes up to Joey, holding out the Millennium Puzzle. It's his most precious possession, he says, as he puts it around Joey's neck. Now a piece of him will always be with Joey. Joey stares at Yugi in shock as Yugi tells him to take care of the Puzzle—it's his now. (Japanese Yugi says he hopes Jounouchi will take the Millennium Puzzle for him.) Yugi smiles at his friend.

To Be Continued

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