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Episode 78: Friends 'Til the End - Part IV (Attack Me! The Fatal Last Turn)

Joey says that the card in his hand is the key to his victory, but Yugi says not if he can free Joey from Marik's control first! (There's no dialog in the Japanese.) Marik says Joey won't be free as long as he holds the Millennium Rod in his hand, and he orders Joey to play the Meteor of Destruction and wipe out the rest of Yugi's life points. (Japanese Malik tells Jounouchi that now that Jounouchi wants to kill Yugi, he should let Yugi die with this card. They're running out of time, so Joey can either destroy Yugi, or they can both die.) Joey tells Yugi it's all over, while on the sidelines Duke says there's got to be a way to put a stop to this duel! Mokuba asks his brother if there isn't a way to stop the duel without putting Téa in danger, and Kaiba looks grim but doesn't answer.

Téa calls out to them to stop the duel now! Forget about her, just save Yugi and Joey. (Japanese Kaiba thinks they can't sacrifice the hostage.) The Rare Hunter steps out of the cab of his crane, holding up the remote control menacingly. Mokuba urges Kaiba not to let Téa get hurt—she saved his life! Kaiba thinks there might be a way, and speaks into his lapel radio. (You know, the US version makes it look like Kaiba's only saving Téa as a favor to Mokuba, but the Japanese Kaiba doesn't need Mokuba's urging to want to prevent her from being crushed. He's hard, but he's not unfeeling.)

Yugi tells Joey it's his last chance to break free, while Marik rails at him to play the card and destroy Yugi. (Japanese Malik explains that the card costs 500 life points to play, while giving 1500 life points of damage to the opponent. This will be important later, if you're actually following the scores. Then he tells Jounouchi that since he won't throw his duelist's heart away and insists on disobeying commands, he'll let him kill Yugi and suffer the memory in his heart forever.) Joey struggles, remembering going to Duelist Kingdom with his friends, and dueling with Mai and Rex Raptor, the Paradox brothers, and losing to Kaiba, who told him he couldn't do a thing without Yugi helping him. Then he remembers Mai giving him her tournament entry card so he could duel in the finals against Bandit Keith, and then the duel against Bandit Keith, leading to the final against Yugi, who gave him the prize money to use for Serenity's operation. And he remembers the Battle City duels he's fought, against Roba and Weevil and Mako. Finally, he remembers his promise to Yugi to help him fight against the Rare Hunters.

Joey thinks that his past is real, but Marik tells him he has no past. (In the Japanese, Malik says, "Kill! Kill! Kill Yugi!") Joey grabs his head and screams, as Marik orders him to destroy Yugi! Joey falls to his knees, shouting that he can't destroy Yugi, he's his best friend! (Japanese Jounouchi yells at Malik, telling him he doesn't want the memory of killing Yugi.) Yugi watches as Joey fights Marik's control, urging him to be strong. Marik brandishes his Millennium Rod, threatening Joey. Less than two minutes remain in the countdown, as Yugi mentally urges Joey to break free. (Japanese Yugi thinks that Jounouchi is fighting with Malik to break free, but they're running out of time. But he won't let Jounouchi die.)

Yugi calls out to Marik that he's hiding like a coward, but Yugi's got news for him. There will be a loser in this duel, but it won't be Yugi or Joey—it will be Marik. Joey is free, and even if the timer runs out, Marik won't win, because he's not dueling any more!

Marik seethes, and Kaiba wonders what Yugi thinks he's doing. Yugi tells Marik to come out and get him, because that's the only way he'll win. Marik makes one last effort, using the full power of the Millennium Rod, and takes control of Joey again. He tells Yugi it's over, and activates Meteor of Destruction. While the real Joey cowers inside, the meteor's flame blasts towards Yugi. Joey says Yugi's name, then jumps up, breaking free of Marik once and for all. Marik, shouting in anger, dissolves from Joey's mind, leaving Joey standing alone on the dock.

With tears in his eyes, Yugi smiles at his friend. Then he activates his trap card, Mystical Rift Panel (Spirit Mirror, a naked fairy given a dress to wear in the US version).

Mystical Rift Panel can redirect Meteor of Destruction's attack wherever Yugi wants. He tells Joey he won't put him in danger. Kaiba thinks Yugi has a tough decision to make. He can either destroy Joey—or he can choose to destroy himself. And if either of them tries to escape, Téa's done for—unless Kaiba's plan works soon. But time is running out.

Joey is surprised to find himself wearing the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi tells him that he gave it to him, when he was trying to help Joey remember their friendship. Yugi explains that Marik tried to turn Joey against him, but their friendship was too strong. Now it's time to put an end to this duel. Yugi tells Joey to remember that they defeated Marik together. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yugi why they're fighting. Yugi says, "It's okay now. Our fight is over. I always believed it wasn't we who were fighting. You were fighting with Malik in your heart. I wanted to guard our friendship with my own strength. I was fighting with myself. We both won.")

Thirty seconds remain on the countdown. Kaiba thinks it's too late—but then the Kaiba Corp helicopter rises over the pier. Tristan asks who's flying that machine, and Mokuba says it's remote controlled. The helicopter flies towards the crate hanging over Téa, as Kaiba reaches for his deck. He draws, and flings his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card towards the Rare Hunter, knocking the remote out of his hand. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't know that he's drawn the Blue-Eyes. He asks the Queen of Dueling to give him luck and let him draw a good card. As he throws it, he asks it to forgive him. Cut from the US version is a shot of the card cutting into the Rare Hunter's hand.)

The Rare Hunter dives for it. (The card still stuck in his hand is removed from the US version.)

But Kaiba leaps on him and pushes him aside. The helicopter snags the cable holding the crate over Téa and pulls it away from her, into the sea. The bomb explodes harmlessly under water. (They've removed the sticks of dynamite from the US version, and yet it still explodes.)

The gang rushes to Téa, Mokuba releasing the restraints holding her in the chair. (Cut from the US version is the very cool scene where Kaiba retrieves his card from the Rare Hunter's hand, sees that it's the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and thinks to himself, "I'm such a good drawer.")

Yugi tells Joey there's not much time. There's no point in both of them losing, so he's decided to save Joey. Joey says he can't let Yugi do it, but, with tears streaming down his face, Yugi says it's his decision. Joey starts to cry, too, protesting, but Yugi orders Mystical Rift Panel to attack him. (Japanese Yugi says he used the trap card to gain a little more time to finish their last conversation. He tells Jounouchi that because of him, he's not alone any more. "You give me courage. You're my most important friend. Jounouchi, I love you." Then he tells the Spirit Mirror to attack him.) Yugi is hit by the blast. Everyone cries out and runs towards him as Yugi falls through the smoke to the ground, his life points going to zero.

Joey's box opens, presenting him with the key to unlock his shackle, but he thinks there's no time—he has to save Yugi. The timer reaches zero and begins to tick off the second countdown. Yugi lifts his head to tell Joey he has thirty seconds to free himself before the anchor falls. Joey tells Yugi not to give up—he'll think of something. (Japanese Jounouchi screams, "You idiot! How can I leave you here?" Then, "What should I do?") Yugi pulls off his Duel Disk and sets it aside. Then Joey realizes that Meteor of Destruction has another effect—since Yugi still has a monster on the field, he can force it to attack him. This duel isn't over yet, he says, and orders the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to attack him. Now Joey's life points are reduced to zero, too, and Yugi's key is revealed. (In case you were wondering how the Red-Eyes, with 900 attack points, could wipe out Jounouchi's life points, which were 1100 last we saw in the US version, recall that in the Japanese, Malik explained that Death Meteor cost 500 points to use, which would have brought Jounouchi's life points down to 600. Japanese Jounouchi says thank you to the Red-Eyes.)

Serenity takes her bandages off, and throws them into the sky. Slowly her eyes open, and the sight she sees is her brother taking off his Duel Disk and Yugi's Puzzle, then using the chain of his shackle to leap across the dock to Yugi.

The countdown reaches zero and the anchor falls just as Joey is reaching for Yugi's key. He manages to grab it as the anchor drags him down. Yugi also slides into the sea. Tristan runs for Joey, their fingers almost touching before Joey is dragged under the water. Téa and the others gather on the side of the dock.

Joey swims over to Yugi and unlocks his shackle, and watches him float to the surface, mentally telling Yugi he's the best friend he ever had, and thanking him. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, "I'm sorry, Yugi. Thank you.") Yugi breaks the surface, and Tristan dives in to grab him and bring him over to the dock. As Téa pulls Yugi out of the water, Mokuba says that Joey never took his key. Tristan tells Mokuba to go get it, and Mokuba turns to run to the other side of the dock.

But Serenity's already got it, and is diving into the ocean.

Joey's on his last breath, trying to unlock his shackle with Yugi's key, but it won't work. (Cut from the US version is a short sequence of Jounouchi losing the last of his air, and wondering if he's going to die.)

As his lungs give out, he sees a shadowy form swimming towards him, and wonders if it's Yugi. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, "It's Yugi. So foolish. He's back again.") Then Serenity unlocks his shackle, and the two of them swim back to the surface.

Joey asks Serenity how she got there, and she explains that Tristan and Mai brought her. Joey greets Yugi happily, and Kaiba thinks, "How cute. The geeks are back together again." Now that he's set things straight by saving Mokuba's little friend, he can get back to Battle City and prepare for his victory in the finals. (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "He takes off his Duel Disk but can't take the key for himself. He's stupid enough to be admirable. A common duelist would never do it.")

On the dock, Joey apologizes to Yugi. Yugi says it's okay, it wasn't Joey's fault. In the end, he not only saved their friendship, he saved Yugi. Joey says he had no choice—once he realized what he was doing, he had to save Yugi or die trying! Yugi tells him again it's okay, but Joey says that Marik made a total fool of him! How can he show his face at the finals now? (Japanese Jounouchi says he's sorry. How could he do this to Yugi? Yugi says they've guarded their most important thing, and that's enough. Jounouchi says that he doesn't remember the beginning of the duel, but gradually he came to himself and knew what he was doing, but he couldn't stop himself. He can't forgive himself for that. He's not qualified to be a duelist.)

Mai steps up to give Joey a good talking-to. (In the Japanese, she slaps him. The slap was cut from the US version, but you can still see Joey with his hand on his face afterwards.)

Mai tells Joey he showed real courage, just like he did at Duelist Kingdom when he dueled for his sister. He's Serenity's idol. Joey says what kind of idol gets turned into a zombie and almost destroys his best friend! (Japanese Jounouchi says he let Shizuka see his "embarrassing looks." He's ashamed to be her brother.) Tristan tells Joey to stop feeling sorry for himself. Serenity gets her strength from her brother—that's why she waited until now to take her bandages off.

Joey finally notices that Serenity can see now. She tells him that the first thing she saw was Joey saving Yugi—he showed her what real courage is. She made it through her operation because of him. They hug, and everyone watches happily.

As the gang stands looking out over the ocean, Joey gives Yugi back his Puzzle, thanking him for everything. Joey thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world to have friends like these! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he's such a jerk for trying to throw this treasure called friendship into the ocean.) Yugi holds his Puzzle, thanking Yami for trusting him enough to let him handle it on his own. He says they make a good team, but it's nice to know he has the strength to stand on his own, and Yami helped him find that strength. (Japanese Yugi simply thanks Yami for trusting him, and Yami says, "Aibou, you've shown me strength hiding behind tenderness. One day, you'll surpass me by far.")

Off to the side, Kaiba stands watching the gang, with Mokuba beside him. He says let's go and turns to walk away. Yugi calls to him, thanking him for his help. Kaiba says he did what he had to do, and he'll see them at the Battle City finals. (Japanese Yugi calls out, "Kaiba-kun!" And Kaiba says, "Tell the other Yugi I saw his answer." He walks away saying, "I'll wait for you at the finals.")

Yugi thinks that in all this excitement, he forgot about the finals! That may be where Marik comes after him next. Yami thinks that whenever Marik comes back he'll be ready for him. (Japanese Yugi thinks that the fight for the God cards is beginning, and Yami thinks he'll beat Malik.)

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