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Episode 79: Shadow of a Duel (Ghost Deck vs Occult Deck)

At the pier, Joey celebrates their defeat of Marik. Yugi knows that Marik will be back, but he hopes that next time Marik will show his face, now that he knows Yugi's friends can't be controlled. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi doesn't say anything. Yugi thinks that now the Battle City finals begin—for the God cards, and his other self's memory.) Joey tells Serenity he won't forget how she saved his life. And now that she can see, she can watch him duel in the Battle City finals. But Mai takes Serenity aside to tell her that Joey won't last much longer in the tournament, once he has to face her! Joey reminds her who beat who last time, but she says Duelist Kingdom is ancient history. This time she plans to wipe out both of the boys—Joey and Yugi. Yugi agrees that she'll be tough to beat. (Japanese Mai tells Yugi not to look down on her Amazoness deck, and he says, Amazoness deck?)

But Joey's too happy about surviving their last duel to worry about it. It's time to use their locator cards to find the finals. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi he won't forget their promise to duel each other in the finals. As True Duelists, they'll challenge each other fairly. Yugi nods his agreement.) Joey puts his six locator cards on his Duel Disk, and a holographic projector is activated, displaying the city with a stadium in the middle. A computer voice tells them to stand by for the directions to Kaiba Corp Stadium. (There's no computer voice in the Japanese, but Anzu says it looks like a new construction of Kaiba Corp's.)

In the hospital, Bakura tosses and turns in his sleep. (Cut from the US version is a series of Bakura's dream visions, beginning with the city, then rising above into space to a scene of space shuttles and flying saucers, then to a collection of toys, and finally to the open sky over a cloud layer where Malik appears.)

In Bakura's dream, Marik appears, standing on a cloud, saying that everything is going according to plan. Dark Bakura, wearing the Millennium Ring, joins him. He says he's taken care of Bakura so that Marik could rescue him and gain the trust of "those fools"—Yugi and the others. Now it's Marik's turn. But Marik says Dark Bakura will get the Millennium Rod when he's completed his end of the bargain. He instructs Dark Bakura to get a Duel Disk and enter the Battle City tournament to win the God cards for him. Dark Bakura laughs, saying Marik must not be a good enough duelist to win the cards himself. Marik just tells him if he wants the Millennium Items, he'll have to do as Marik says. he dissolves away, laughing. (This conversation is quite different in the Japanese, and various bits are cut from the US version to make it fit the new dialog. First, Malik appears, saying, aha, he's found it. Yami Bakura asks what Malik's doing inside his host. (Yami Bakura refers to himself as "Ore-sama," giving himself a very high-status honorific.)

(Then Yami Bakura thinks of when he injured his arm. It was then, wasn't it? he asks Malik.Malik agrees, saying that he inserted himself into Bakura's mind. Yami Bakura's angry, reminding Malik of their agreement. He helped Malik kill Yugi, so now Malik should give him the Millennium Rod.

(But Malik says the plan has changed. He and Yugi will both be in the finals. If Bakura wants the Millennium Rod so badly, he'll have to get into the finals. Yami Bakura laughs, saying that Malik lost, didn't he? He turns his back, telling Malik he makes so much noise he can't hear him any more. Huffily, Malik tells him to say whatever he wants, but the final is about to begin, so Bakura had better get himself some puzzle cards. As he disappears, he says he'll have to stay in the body for a while.)

Dark Bakura sees Grandpa urging Bakura to wake up, and opens his eyes,saying he was having a nightmare. Grandpa tells him Joey and Yugi called to say that they've made it to the finals. Bakura says he's not surprised, and asks where the finals are being held, but Grandpa forgot to ask. (Japanese Grandpa says he's not surprised that Yugi made it, but Jounouchi too! It must have been his training.) Dark Bakura isn't pleased. He starts to get up, saying he has work to do. When Grandpa tries to stop him, Bakura activates the Millennium Ring to knock him out, saying that ought to hold him for a while. (A shot of Yami Bakura ripping the IV from his arm is cut from the US version. He thinks a bloody Millennium battle is about to begin, and he doesn't want to be left out.)

In an alley, a boy crouches in fear. (In the Japanese, the boy has a bloody nose. Okay, it's really hard to see in these tiny pictures, but trust me.)

Dark Bakura has just taken the boy's Duel Disk and locator card. The boy begs for their return, but Dark Bakura tells him to stop groveling, and throws the boy's cards to the ground, telling him they're pathetic. (In the Japanese, the boy hasn't dueled at all. He says he got the Duel Disk as a memento.) As the boy scrabbles to retrieve his cards, Dark Bakura walks away laughing.

Dark Bakura passes a group of kids saying that six duelists have already qualified for the finals. Time is running out. He approaches the group, demanding that they tell him where he can find a Battle city duelist. They tell him to get lost, but he gets tough, grabbing one of them by the shirt, and the kid says he's heard a rumor that some duels are going on in the cemetary.

Meanwhile, in the cemetary, a duelist creeps along warily in search of duels. He flips out when he sees a hand sticking up out of the dirt, and a freaky-looking guy crawls up out of the ground. He tries to run away, but a guy in a Frankenstein mask pops up behind him, and another in a zombie mask leaps out from behind a gravestone. The hapless duelist is surrounded and scared into dropping his Duel Disk. After he takes off, the three pull off their masks—it's Bonz (Ghost Kotsuzuka) and his pals, Sid and Zygor, last seen working for Bandit Keith in Duelist Kingdom. They've collected five locator cards this way.

Dark Bakura enters the cemetary. With their masks back on, the three try to scare him into giving up his Duel Disk, but Bakura's not intimidated. He quickly gets the jump on Zygor (Dark Bakura has some pretty good moves) and tells them if they want his locator card, they'll have to duel him for it. Bonz agrees, saying they have five locator cards. Zygor thinks Bakura looks familiar, but doesn't know from where—he can't even remember what he had for breakfast that morning! Bonz takes off his mask, saying that he can duel fair and square. (In the Japanese, Ghost recognizes Bakura as a friend of Yugi's at Duelist Kingdom, and Zygor agrees that's him. But Sid says they've never seen him duel. He must be a beginner. And Ghost challenges Bakura to duel. Yami Bakura agrees, thinking it will be a good warm-up for his new Occult deck. A short bit is cut from the US versoin, showing a close-up of Bakura and then his Duel Disk.)

Dark Bakura suggests that they raise the stakes—winner take all. Zygor doesn't know why they should put up all five of their cards against one of Bakura's, but Dark Bakura points out that they're running out of time. The finals will begin soon. So Bonz agrees, thinking that with only one locator card, Bakura can't be much of a duelist. They face off. (Japanese Yami Bakura says, let the Dark Game begin!)

Dark Bakura draws, telling Bonz that the cemetary is haunted by the ghost of a knight who lost his head in battle. (In the Japanese, Yami Bakura says the cemetary is full of headless spirits wandering around looking for their heads. A brief shot of Ghost looking around in fear is cut from the US version.)

Dark Bakura summons Headless Knight. Bonz freaks, but Zygor reminds him it's just a duel monster. Bakura plays a card face down and ends his turn.

Bonz summons Snake Hair (Medusa's Ghost) and attacks Headless Knight, destroying it, and reducing Bakura's life points by 50. Dark Bakura activates his face-down magic card, Shallow Grave, which allows him to bring back Headless Knight from the graveyard in defense mode. Then he sacrifices Headless Knight to summon Earl of Demise, with an attack of 2000. He attacks, destroying Bonz's Snake Hair. (As usual, the attack on Medusa is obscured in the US version.)

Bonz summons Dragon Zombie, and plays Magic Burial (the real card's English name is Premature Burial), paying 800 life points to resurrect Snake Hair. Then he plays Polymerization to fuse Dragon Zombie and Snake Hair into the Great Mammoth of Goldfire (or Goldsomething, I can't quite hear what he's saying), with an attack of 2200. Since fusion monsters can't attack in the turn they're summoned, he sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Dark Bakura draws, and Bonz activates his trap card, Skull Invitation. Every time a card is sent to the graveyard, its owner will lose 300 life points. Bakura just laughs, and discards his entire hand of four cards to the graveyard. Bakura's life points go from 3950 to 2750, but he still laughs, saying he's about to win the duel. Bonz was so distracted by the thought of winning Bakura's locator card that he failed to notice Bakura has activated his face-down magic card, Spiritualistic Medium! It gives Earl of Demise an extra 500 attack points for every card destroyed during his turn, and since he destroyed four of his own cards, the Earl of Demise's attack is raised by 2000 points. (In the real game, you can't just discard cards whenever you want to. There has to be some kind of card effect that lets you do it.)

Bakura destroys Bonz's Mammoth with the pumped up Earl of Demise, for a hit of 1800 life points. Then Bonz loses another 300 life points to Skull Invitation's effect, and he's down to 600 life points. Dark Bakura says that when he wins, Bonz and the others will be trapped here forever—they've been dueling in the Shadow Realm. Spooky black figures appear around them, which Bakura says are lost souls trapped in the darkness. Sid freaks out and tries to run away, but he just ends up back where he started. Dark Bakura says they can't run from the Shadow Realm—they can only escape by winning the duel, and Sid grabs Bonz by the shirt, telling him he can't lose!

Bonz draws, and plays Nightmare Steel Cage, which prevents Bakura from attacking for two turns. Then he plays a monster face down.

Bakura draws, frowning at his card. Sid taunts him, asking if he's disappointed because he can't move, but Dark Bakura says he's disappointed that the duel will be over so quickly. He plays Ectoplasmer, which extracts the soul of his monster and attacks Bonz with it directly, through the bars of the steel cage. Bonz loses.

Dark Bakura stands over Bonz and the others, telling them they're doomed to wander the Shadow Realm until he chooses to set them free. (Japanese Yami Bakura tells them to linger in hell forever. A shot of shadowy hands rising up to grab Ghost's knees as he crouches on the ground is cut from the US version.)

A ghostly fog rises to envelop them, sucking down into the earth, leaving Bonz's Duel Disk and its five locator cards behind. Dark Bakura takes them, laughing. Now it's on to the Battle City finals! (Japanese Yami Bakura says, "Wait for me Yugi, Malik.")

(There's an additional scene at the end of the Japanese version. The gang is driving along the docks in Mai's convertible, Jounouchi worrying that someone might beat them to the finals. A helicopter flies overhead, and Yugi says it's Kaiba's. In the helicopter, Kaiba, whom the subtitles call "Seahorse," watches them as he passes, thinking weaker duelists are following his road to battle. Jounouchi complains that Kaiba's going to get there ahead of them, and Mai calls him an idiot, saying a car can't go faster than a helicopter! And Yugi thinks they're finally going to arrive at the Battle City finals.)

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