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Episode 82: The Dark Spirit Revealed - Yugi vs Bakura, Part 1 (The First Sky Duel: Yugi vs Dark Bakura)

Aboard the airship, Mai tells Yugi that the blimp is a nice touch, and Kaiba spared no expense, but she's ready to stop schmoozing and start dueling! Yugi wishes her luck in the finals. (Japanese Mai says this time she'll win. Yugi says, let's fight honorably, and she says, of course!)

Meanwhile, Joey's loading up his plate, saying that Kaiba's going to be sorry he made it all-you-can-eat by the time he's through! He stops as he passes Odion, who he still thinks is Marik. (Cut from the US version is a short sequence overlaying Jounouchi's memories of being possessed by Malik and forced to duel Yugi.)

Busy giving Odion fierce looks, he accidentally runs into Bakura. After apologizing, he asks how Bakura managed to qualify for the finals so quickly. Bakura explains that he won all six locator cards at once. Joey can't believe it, so Bakura explains that he dueled Bonz and his gang in the cemetary, making them give up all their locator cards when he won. Joey backs away warily, creeped out by Bakura's casual explanation of the cemetary duel. Oblivious, Bakura wishes Joey good luck in his duel. Joey hopes he doesn't have to duel Bakura! (In the Japanese, Jounouchi asks Bakura what kind of deck he uses. Bakura says that he uses Occult Deck, and Jounouchi gets creeped out, asking if it's like Ghost Kotsuzuka's Ghost Deck. Jounouchi remembers his duel with Kotsuzuka. In the US, this flashback is replaced by one of Bakura's duel with Kotsuzuka.)

(Bakura says he dueled Kotsuzuka, too, and won easily. Jounouchi's pretty freaked, wondering what this Occult deck is that can easily beat Kotsuzuka. As he leaves, Bakura asks Jounouchi to take it easy on him when they duel, while Jounouchi thinks he doesn't want to duel him at all.)

Joey joins Téa, Tristan and Shizuka at one of the food tables. He asks Kaiba, who's standing by with Mokuba, when they're going to find out who they're going to duel. Kaiba thinks Joey's in quite a rush to lose, but he uses his lapel radio to order the proceedings to begin. (Japanese Kaiba asks Jounouchi why he can't just wait quietly.) But only seven of the finalists have arrived in the main room. Kaiba orders the eighth duelist to be brought, then snaps his fingers and the lights go down as a big high-tech bingo machine, designed to look like a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, rises from a dais at the end of the room.

Suit #1 announces that the first two duelists will be chosen by lottery. The second pair of duelists won't be selected until the first duel has ended, so the duelists won't know who they're dueling until just before the match. He asks if everyone remembers his or her number. Kaiba is 1, Joey 2, Yugi 3, Mai 4, Malik 5, Bakura 6, Odion 7, and number 8....

Suit #2 arrives at the door of the eighth duelist's room, to tell her that her presence is requested for the selection of the players for the first duel. She says her presence won't be required, because she won't be selected for the first duel. But she knows who will, and the fate of the world depends on his victory! (Japanese Isis says that she'll duel in the fourth round, and that a man with a dark mind will duel in the first.)

Suit #1 activates the machine, and the numbered balls spin around. One of them is swallowed up by one of the Blue-Eyes heads and rolls out into a trough. The first duelist is number 6—Bakura, who laughs nervously while the others ask him if he's sure he's all right. They think he should still be in bed resting, and Joey thinks something fishy's going on—no way Bakura healed that fast. (Japanese Jounouchi mentally urges Bakura to go back to bed—so he won't have to duel him!) But Bakura insists he's fine, just surprised to be chosen so quickly.

The second duelist is chosen: it's number 3, Yugi. The duelists are instructed to proceed immediately to the Stratos Dueling Arena. Kaiba wonders how Bakura will fare against Yugi's God card, while Joey's relieved it's not him dueling Bakura. Suit #1 reminds them that the duel will be held according to Battle City rules—the winner will receive the loser's rarest card. Malik thinks that soon Bakura will win Yugi's God card, and then it will be his! In her room, Ishizu reflects that her Necklace tells her that the Pharaoh will struggle in this duel. Meanwhile, Dark Bakura thinks that this duel will bring him one step closer to gaining all seven Millennium Items.

Suit #1 takes Yugi and Bakura up the elevator to the dueling arena. Yugi knows he's going to be dueling the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring. The arena is outside, on top of the airship. The rest of the gang arrive on the observation level to watch the duel, shivering in the cold.

Kaiba announces that Kaiba Craft 3 is now cruising at an altitude of four thousand feet. The strong winds and cold air will test their strength and stamina. If you can't take it, he says, you don't belong here. (Japanese Kaiba says the current of the wind is as a sword slicing the body. The pain will add harsh conditions to the duels.) Tristan and Duke think it's pretty neat. (Of course, they're not dueling.)

Yugi tells Bakura to admit who he really is. Bakura laughs, and two wings of his hair rise up, and the Millennium Ring appears around his neck. It is Dark Bakura, the spirit of the Ring. The others notice the Ring, too, and Tristan says it can't be! He tossed the Ring deep into the woods at Duelist Kingdom. How can it have returned to Bakura? Malik, pretending to be Namu, asks what the big deal is, and Joey tries to explain about the Millennium Items and the spirits that live inside both Yugi and Bakura. Yugi's is good, he says, but Bakura's is bad. He hopes Dark Bakura doesn't drag Yugi to the Shadow Realm again! (Japanese Jounouchi explains that ever since Bakura put on the Millennium Ring his father brought to him from Egypt, he's been controlled by a dark spirit. Malik thinks Jounouchi's not quite right—Bakura is controlled not by just one person, but two.)

Yugi asks Dark Bakura what he hopes to gain by joining the Battle City finals. Is it about the Millennium Items? Dark Bakura thinks that Yugi knows he wants the Millennium Items, but he has no idea how Dark Bakura intends to obtain them. He plans to win Yugi's God card and give it to Marik in exchange for the Millennium Rod. Then seizing Yugi's Puzzle will be a simple task. Dark Bakura taunts Yugi with some cryptic remarks about his friends not being who they seem, and Marik shows up in Dark Bakura's mind to warn him to behave, or he'll take over Bakura's body and duel Yugi himself. Dark Bakura says if Marik could have defeated Yugi, he would have done it already.

The duel begins. Dark Bakura goes first, summoning the Portrait's Secret (1200 ATK) in attack mode. Yugi wonders why he'd play such a weak monster in attack mode, then summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (1500 ATK) and destroys Dark Bakura's monster. Yugi sets a card face down and tells Dark Bakura to try again.

Dark Bakura summons the Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams (1300 ATK) in attack mode and tells Yugi to attack him if he dares! With no magic or trap cards to protect him, his monster is a sitting duck. Yugi knows Dark Bakura must have some plan in mind, but all he can do is try to destroy Bakura's life points before he can implement his strategy. Yugi summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500 ATK) and uses it to destroy the Gross Ghost, then direct attacks with Gazelle. Dark Bakura's down to 2000 life points.

The gang urge Yugi on, while wondering what Dark Bakura's up to. He's lost half his life points already, and the duel's barely started! Marik grumbles that he wants that God card!

Dark Bakura thinks it's time to stop making it easy for Yugi. First, he summons the Headless Knight (1450 ATK) in attack mode. Kaiba thinks that if Yugi attacks, Bakura's plan might succeed—but Yugi has no other choice. Yugi attacks the Headless Knight with Gamma the Magnet Warrior, then direct attacks with Gazelle, reducing Bakura's life points to 450. Yugi can win with one more attack—unless Dark Bakura's strategy kicks in now!

Téa thinks something strange is going on, and the others agree that it seems too easy. But Dark Bakura laughs, his eyes glowing evilly. Now, he says, your destruction begins! The gang thinks it must be a bluff, but Kaiba knows Bakura must have something up his sleeve.

Dark Bakura says he holds a card in his hand with dark powers beyond imagination! But before he could play it, he needed three of his monsters to be destroyed. Now he can summon the all-powerful Dark Necrofear (2200 ATK)! (Cut from the US version is a short sequence showing Necrofear swooping past Jounouchi and Shizuka before she materializes on the field.)

(Her baby! They took away her baby!)

(In the Japanese, Jounouchi wonders, if Bakura needed three monsters to be sent to the graveyard in order to summon Dark Necrofear, why didn't he put them in defense, instead of losing all those life points by summoning them in attack mode? Kaiba calls him a "bonkotsu"—ordinary—duelist, and says if Bakura had played his monsters in defense, Yugi would have thought they were effect monsters and been reluctant to attack them. Cut from the US version is Jounouchi's reaction shot, replaced by a repeat shot of Yugi grimacing.)

Dark Bakura says Dark Necrofear is one of the most destructive cards in his deck, but Kaiba says Yugi has one card that's more powerful—his God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon. Does Yugi have the courage to use it? (Japanese Kaiba just wonders what Yugi will do.)

Dark Bakura sets two cards face down and ends his turn. Yugi wonders why Bakura didn't attack—Dark Necrofear could have easily destroyed either of his monsters. Is Dark Bakura worried about Yugi's face down card? Or is it something else?

Yugi draws. Thinking that he has the card that can defeat Dark Necrofear, he sacrifices Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts to summon Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK). Then he activates his face-down card, Magic Formula, which raises Dark Magician Girl's attack by 500 points. He attacks and destroys Dark Necrofear. (Cut from the US version is a sequence showing Dark Necrofear going up in flames, with a closeup of the baby's eyes melting, followed by Dark Magician Girl taking up her position in front of Yugi, and Jounouchi and the gang cheering.)

But Dark Bakura laughs. Yugi's done exactly what he wanted. Now that Dark Necrofear is in the graveyard, Bakura can activate a magic card, Dark Sanctuary, which engulfs the arena in misty shadows, filled with eyes and fang-filled mouths. Joey cringes, cuddling close to his sister. (Cut from the US version is a shot of the mist with eyes inside the mouths.)

Dark Bakura says Yugi has no idea what he's unleashed! Prepare to experience an evil like you've never seen before!

To Be Continued

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