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Episode 83: The Dark Spirit Revealed - Yugi vs Bakura, Part 2 (Ouija Board's Death Call)

Dark Bakura has activated the magic card, Dark Sanctuary. He tells Yugi that this terrifying magic will keep him in a constant state of fear until it destroys him! But Yugi says Dark Bakura is the one who should be afraid—he has no monsters on the field, and only 150 life points. But the Evil Ghost of Dark Sanctuary is protecting Dark Bakura. He's confident that Yugi's attack can't hurt him. (In the Japanese, there's no dialog here. Dark Bakura thinks that the "onryou"—revengeful ghost—of Dark Sanctuary will parasitize one of Yugi's monsters, and he won't know which one until he attacks. Yugi worries about what Bakura's up to, but thinks attacking with Gamma the Magnet Warrior is the only way.)

Yugi orders Gamma the Magnet Warrior to attack Dark Bakura directly. But the Evil Ghost emerges from Gamma and attacks Yugi instead. Gamma has been possessed by the Evil Ghost. Yugi wonders if all of his monsters have been possessed, but Dark Bakura says Yugi will just have to attack him and find out.

Half of Gamma's attack strength is taken from Yugi's life points, bringing him down to 3250, and added to Dark Bakura's, bringing him up to 900. Dark Bakura laughs.

It's Dark Bakura's turn. He plays Destiny Board (Ouija Board), a trap card with the letter "F" on it. (In the Japanese, it's the letter "D.")

A Ouija Board appears in the sky above Dark Bakura's head, while Yugi asks what this card does. Duke says he saw a game like this at a haunted house, and Joey freaks out at the thought of more ghosts! (Japanese Otogi says it's a board used in Western spiritualism.) Serenity asks if it isn't just a game, and Téa says they hope so!

Dark Bakura explains that the Destiny Board allows him to receive messages from lost souls in the Shadow Realm and spell out a message for Yugi—and the first letter of his message is "F." (Inexplicably, the Ouija Board has been turned from brown to blue in the US version.)

Each turn, the Destiny Board will spell out another letter, and after five turns, the duel will end and Yugi will lose! (Cut from the US version is a bit where Yami Bakura explains that the five letters will spell out "DEATH.")

Yugi claims he's not afraid—he'll win before the next four turns pass. The gang shout out encouragement to him. (In the Japanese, they're saying this looks bad.) Mokuba tells Kaiba that this looks bad, and Kaiba silently agrees. If Yugi has any hope of winning the duel, he'd better summon his God card.

Dark Bakura plays the magic card, Dark Door, which only allows each player to attack once per turn. Then he plays Earthbound Spirit. Okay, that's confusing. The card he holds up is a trap card, which he sets face down. Then he plays the monster card, Earthbound Spirit. In order to keep Dark Sanctuary in play, Dark Bakura must sacrifice a monster every turn, so he promptly sacrifices Earthbound Spirit.

Yugi draws Kuriboh, thinking that with Dark Door in play, he has to make every attack count. He can't use his Magnet Warrior, since it's possessed by the Evil Ghost, but if he attacks with Dark Magician Girl he can win the game—unless Dark Bakura can stop his attack with his face-down card. (Japanese Yugi thinks Yami Bakura is seducing him to attack, and plans to stop his attack with his trap card. He wonders what he should do.) Dark Bakura taunts him a bit, telling him to surrender now, but of course Yugi doesn't. He summons Kuriboh in defense, and orders Dark Magician Girl to attack Dark Bakura's life points.

But Dark Magician Girl is now possessed by the Evil Ghost, which attacks Yugi instead. Dark Bakura explains that each turn he can choose a different monster for the Evil Ghost to possess. Yugi loses 1250 life points, half of Dark Magician Girl's attack, and Dark Bakura's life points increase by the same amount.

Dark Bakura plays another magic card on the Destiny Board—the letter "I." (In the Japanese, "E.") Only three more letters to go! But Yugi points out that each player can only have five magic and trap cards on the field at one time—with Dark Door in play, there's no room for all five letters. But Dark Bakura laughs—as long as Dark Sanctuary is in play, he can play more than five magic cards. (Japanese Yami Bakura explains that Dark Sanctuary allows him to play magic and trap cards in the monster zone.)

Duke says Yugi'd better think of something quick, and Mai says if Yugi could figure out which of his monsters is possessed, he could launch an attack. Duke says maybe Yugi's overthinking it. Maybe he shouldn't think at all, like Tristan. Tristan is not amused. (Japanese Otogi says if Yugi doesn't do something, he'll lose in three turns, and Honda gives him dirty looks for being so negative.) Serenity asks if Yugi's going to win, and Joey reassures her that he will.

Dark Bakura summons Sangan, then sacrifices it to maintain Dark Sanctuary. Sangan's effect allows Dark Bakura to draw one more card (the real card allows the player to add a monster with an attack of 1500 or less to his hand from his deck).

Yugi draws. The Evil Ghost comes out and wanders the field, while Dark Bakura decides which of Yugi's monsters to possess. He chooses Dark Magician Girl again, thinking that Yugi wouldn't suspect that he'd possess the same monster twice in a row.

Yugi tries to figure out which monster the Evil Ghost has possessed. He doesn't think it would be Kuriboh, since it's so weak. Is it Gamma the Magnet Warrior or Dark Magician Girl? He knows the monster he's just drawn, Big Shield Gardna, isn't possessed, but it's too weak to attack with, so he summons it in defense. Then he attacks with his weaker monster, Gamma, since he'll lose fewer life points if the attack fails.

He's chosen the right monster, but Dark Bakura still has a plan. He activates his trap card, Dark Spirit of the Silent, which stops the Magnet Warrior from attacking, and forces Dark Magician Girl to attack instead. Yugi loses 1250 life points again, and Dark Bakura gains them.

Duke says Yugi is a goner, and Serenity asks if Yugi's going to lose. Tristan grabs Duke to warn him that he'd better think positive or he's going overboard! Duke promptly begins to cheer for Yugi, and Serenity tells Joey she knows Yugi will get through it, just like he always does. Joey just watches. (Japanese Honda warns Otogi that he's worrying Shizuka with all this talk of losing. Otogi starts to protest that he's just saying what's happening, and Shizuka worriedly turns to her brother, saying, "O-nii-chan". Jounouchi watches, thinking, "Yugi, show me the power of a True Duelist.")

Even Mokuba's a little freaked out about all the ghosts and spirits on the field. Kaiba thinks it's nonsense—spirits don't exist. The only think Yugi has to be afraid of is losing the duel! But it doesn't matter, since Kaiba will win everything in the end! (Japanese Mokuba is worried about Yugi, saying if the situation doesn't change, Yugi will lose. Kaiba thinks that Yugi's attacks are blocked. "Can Yugi just wait for the announcement of his death?" No, he thinks, Yugi will turn it around. His fighting spirit won't allow him to lose.)

Yugi knows if he makes one more attack with a possessed monster, he'll lose. He has to figure out a way to get rid of the Evil Ghost, but how can he destroy something he can't see? Yugi plays two cards face down and ends his turn.

The third letter is placed on the Destiny Board: "N." (Japanese: "A.") Then Dark Bakura plays Souls of the Forgotten, which he sacrifices to maintain Dark Sanctuary.

It's Yugi's turn again, and he has a plan to get rid of Dark Bakura's Evil Ghost. He activates his trap card, Collected Power, which forces all equip cards to focus on one monster on the field—Kuriboh. Magic Formula moves from Dark Magician Girl to the befuddled Kuriboh. Kaiba wonders what Yugi's up to. That won't save Yugi from Dark Sanctuary—unless Kuriboh also absorbed the Evil Ghost!

Which is exactly what happened. Then Yugi plays Exile of the Wicked, which destroys Kuriboh along with the Evil Ghost of Dark Sanctuary. (Japanese Exile of the Wicked's bible is removed from the US version.)

The gang cheers, while Marik thinks it's time to have a little chat with Dark Bakura. He pops into Dark Bakura's mind to tell him that he's lost control of the duel. Dark Bakura tells him to go away, but Marik says if Dark Bakura's still interested in the Millennium Items, he'd better listen! Bakura had better win this duel or it's no deal. (Japanese Malik tells Yami Bakura that he knows what Yugi's face-down card is. Then he says that there's a weakness to Yami Bakura's Occult Deck—it depends too heavily on Dark Sanctuary. But Dark Sanctuary only stays on the field as long as Dark Necrofear is in the graveyard. So, Yugi's face-down card is... ? Yami Bakura understands: it's Raise Dead—Monster Reborn.) Then Marik leaves Dark Bakura's mind. (Bits of this conversation are cut from the US version to make it fit the changed dialog.)

It's still Yugi's turn. He plays Monster Reborn and revives Dark Necrofear, which de-activates Dark Sanctuary. (This shot of Dark Necrofear was cut from the US version.)

Now Dark Bakura can't have more than five magic cards in play at once, and he has four slots filled already. Finally, Yugi direct attacks with Dark Necrofear, bringing Dark Bakura's life points down to 1250. One more attack, and Yugi will be able to finish him off.

Dark Bakura plays one more letter—"A." (Japanese "T.") Yugi realizes that the Destiny Board is spelling out "FINAL" ("DEATH"), but with all his magic and trap slots full, Dark Bakura won't be able to play the fifth letter. He'll have to discard his Dark Door magic card, and then Yugi will be able to attack with all of his monsters at once.

The gang cheers, but Kaiba thinks Bakura has something else planned for Yugi. (Japanese Kaiba tells Bakura he's good—he's qualified to be Yugi's opponent.) Marik asks if he should take over, but Dark Bakura tells him to buzz off. Then Dark Bakura draws a card that he says is the key to annihilating Yugi! Yugi worries that the fate of the world depends on his victory. (Japanese Yugi wonders what card Bakura has drawn.)

To Be Continued

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