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Episode 84: The Dark Spirit Revealed - Yugi vs Bakura, Part 3 (God Smashes the Darkness)

Dark Bakura tells Yugi it's all over—the card he has just drawn will destroy him! He summons Jowgen the Spiritualist (200 ATK).

Joey wonders what that does, and Tristan asks doesn't he know? Joey says he's never heard of it. (Japanese Jounouchi says, do you know what it is? And Honda says, of course not! I'm not a duelist!) Dark Bakura explains that by discarding a card from his hand, Jowgen will destroy all Specially Summoned monsters on the field—including Dark Necrofear, which was summoned using Monster Reborn. With Dark Necrofear back in the graveyard, Dark Sanctuary covers the field again. (Cut from the US version is a closeup shot of Dark Necrofear and her baby going to the graveyard.)

Now Dark Bakura can play the final card on the Destiny Board and win the game on his next turn.

Joey is freaked out by all the dark magic! Mai tells him to snap out of it and cheer for his friend, and Joey does, telling Serenity that no matter how tough it gets, Yugi always finds a way to pull through.

Dark Bakura, of course, thinks Yugi ought to surrender now. He sacrifices Jowgen to maintain Dark Sanctuary, sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Now the Evil Ghost is back to possess one of Yugi's monsters. Yugi says he defeated the Ghost before, and he'll do it again. All he has to do is figure out which monster is possessed. Dark Bakura says that won't help him—his face down card is another Dark Spirit of the Silent, which he can use to switch the monster Yugi uses to attack.

Yugi's in a fix. If he attacks, the Evil Ghost will drain the rest of his life points; but if he doesn't attack, Dark Bakura will play the final letter on the Destiny Board and he'll lose anyway! He doesn't have anything in his hand that can stop Bakura, either. But he can't lose!

Duke thinks Yugi's out of options. Tristan starts to yell at him again, but this time Mai thinks Duke might be right. Yugi has to attack, but when he does, the Ghost will attack him. Marik stands behind the gang, smiling, while Serenity asks Joey if Mai's right. Joey still insists that Yugi will win. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "I believe in Yugi. A True Duelist won't give up before the end of the duel.") He calls out encouragement to Yugi. Mai thinks Joey's right, and she and the others shout encouragment, too.

Dark Bakura tells Yugi to get on with it. Yugi thinks that there's one card in his deck that can save him—but even if he's lucky enough to draw it, it might be too risky to play. But what choice does he have? Little Yugi appears in spirit form beside Yami to tell him they have to use the God card, or they'll lose the duel. They have to draw it now. Yami agrees. The heart of the cards will guide them. Even Kaiba mentally urges Yugi to use his God card.

Yami draws, and the heavens erupt in lightning. Yugi holds up the card, sacrificing Dark Magician Girl, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, and Big Shield Gardna to summon the almighty Slifer the Sky Dragon! Dark Sanctuary is blasted to nothingness as the huge dragon forms, its body coiling around the airship. It looms over the arena, roaring at Dark Bakura, who begins to sweat, wondering how he can possibly defeat such a monster.

Serenity asks what is that thing! And Joey says it's the hugest Duel Monster he's ever seen! (Cut from the US version is a shot of Mai goggling at Osiris.)

Kaiba thinks it's about time Yugi played his God card, and he'd better enjoy it now, because before the finals are over it will be in Kaiba's deck! (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "On your last turn, you draw the God card. Yugi, you are really the most powerful duelist I've ever seen.") In her room, Ishizu watches the coils of the dragon through her window, thinking that the Pharaoh has played Slifer, just as she has foreseen. All three God cards are present on the airship, and her brother Marik must not obtain them. (The three God cards are added to the closeup of Ishizu in the US version.)

The only one capable of preventing it is the Pharaoh himself! (Japanese Isis thinks that whoever owns the three God cards will be called the Pharaoh. When he passes the test, the memory of the Pharaoh will awaken.)

Dark Bakura tells Yugi that his God card is powerful, but it doesn't guarantee his victory. But Yugi says it's over.

Marik enters Dark Bakura's mind to tell him that in order to defeat the God, he'll need Marik's help. Marik explains that the number of cards in Yugi's hand determines Slifer's attack points. Since Yugi has three cards, Slifer's attack is 3000. Dark Bakura only has 1200 life points remaining. A direct attack will wipe him out. Dark Bakura says his Evil Ghost is still wandering the field, and orders it to possess Slifer the Sky Dragon, but the Evil Ghost has no effect on the God card. Marik tells Bakura that he has a lot to learn about the power of Egyptian God cards.

Dark Bakura realizes that he's helpless. There's nothing he can do. Joey cheers Yugi's imminent win. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi making rude gestures with his arm.)

Marik tells Bakura he has a plan. As Yugi begins to order the attack, his Puzzle gives him a jolt, and he stops, thinking that he senses something. He turns to see Odion—who he still thinks is Marik—approaching the arena.

Odion tells Yugi that he'd better wait before attacking with Slifer. Joey starts to go after Odion, but Duke and Tristan hold him off, while Marik looks on, smiling. Mokuba asks Odion who he thinks he is, interrupting the duel.

Odion says that Bakura is now under control of the Millennium Rod, and he plans to use it to release Bakura from the control of the spirit of the Millennium Ring. Marik tells Dark Bakura that the only way for him to win is to free the mind of the boy—Yugi won't destroy his friend. Dark Bakura agrees, and suddenly it's the injured Bakura falling to his knees on the arena, clutching his arm and wondering what he's doing there.

Now Odion warns Yugi to reconsider his attack. Without the spirit of the Ring, Bakura is weak, and Slifer's attack could do him real damage. Angrily, Yugi says only a coward would do something like this to win a duel! And Joey agrees, saying it's a cheap trick! Then Odion leaves, as Marik tells him he's done well.

Confused and ill, Bakura tells Yugi he doesn't feel well. Yugi starts to go to him, but Roland stops him, saying he'll forfeit the duel if he touches his opponent. Téa and the others shout for Roland to stop the duel, and get Bakura medical help, while Marik thinks that it's the perfect plan—with Bakura hurt, Yami won't attack and he'll lose the duel. Roland tells Yugi to continue the duel or forfeit the match.

Yugi doesn't know what to do. He can't lose the duel, but he can't risk hurting Bakura. Kaiba tells Yugi to finish him off, and Roland repeats that Yugi must make his move or be disqualified. Joey starts to climb up onto the dueling platform to insist that Roland stop the duel, with Tristan and Duke right behind him. Now Roland warns Joey to get down, or he'll be disqualified, too. Once again, Tristan and Duke have to restrain Joey. Roland and Kaiba continue to tell Yugi to keep dueling.

Dark Bakura, in spirit form beside Marik, thinks they're about to win—Yugi would never attack his friend. Unless he wants to win the final, Marik adds, and Dark Bakura is suddenly worried—what if Yugi does attack, and Dark Bakura's host is damaged? He needs this body, and must protect him. Dark Bakura takes over again, and stands strong on the dueling platform, telling Yugi that he's back. (Japanese Yami Bakura tells Malik he's good—his mean trick is better than Bakura's Occult deck. Malik laughs. Yami Bakura says, "But I have my own way of winning a duel. I don't like your trick." Then he goes back into Bakura's body.)

Dark Bakura tells Yugi to go for it, and Yugi does, attacking with Slifer the Sky Dragon. (Japanese Yami Bakura says, "I admit I lost this time. Go ahead and attack. Don't worry, I won't let your friend Bakura die. Attack me! This body is very important to me. I won't let it die.") Dark Bakura takes the attack, laughing, and the dragon's blast floods the arena with light.

The duel is over. Bakura lies on the field as Roland announces Yugi the winner. Yugi and the others run to Bakura, who's weak, but conscious. With Tristan carrying him, they take him to his room. Yugi is relieved that Bakura's okay. If the spirit hadn't come back, he doesn't know what he would have done. The Ring is like his Puzzle, he thinks, in that it holds an ancient spirit that needs someone else in order to exist. Even though the spirit of the Ring is evil, it needs Bakura to survive. The big difference, Yugi thinks, is that he and his spirit are friends who support each other. Together, they'll figure out the secrets of Yami's ancient past and stop Marik from taking Yami's power. Yami's destiny is Yugi's destiny, too, and they'll win together! (Japanese Yugi says that since he solved the Millennium Puzzle and met the spirit, he always tries to be stronger. He does this for himself, and for his other self. He wants to help the spirit, but now he can only offer him rest. The duel with Bakura must have made him very tired, so he should sleep. Yami agrees, thanking him.)

Yugi and Yami high five, then Yugi, back in control, starts to run after Bakura and the others. Roland stops him, telling him that according to Battle City rules, he's entitled to Bakura's rarest card. But Yugi says Bakura's been through enough, and runs off without taking his prize.

Mokuba says he knew Yugi would win, and Kaiba agrees it was no surprise. With a card as powerful as Slifer the Sky Dragon in his deck, Yugi will be difficult to defeat—unless his opponent also has a God card.

The gang crowds around Bakura's bed. He needs rest, Duke says, but they need to land the blimp and get him to a hospital. Joey says some crazy stuff went on in that duel, and asks Yugi what happened. Yugi explains. (In the Japanese, Yugi says that if the spirit of the Ring hadn't come back, he wouldn't have been able to attack, and he would have lost the duel. This scene of Yugi explaining is cut from the US version, and replaced with more flashbacks of the duel.)

(Jounouchi says, "He let you win the duel?" Yugi says yes, to protect the body of his other self. Jounouchi wonders why he let Bakura come out in the first place, and Yugi says it wasn't the spirit of the Ring, it was Malik's Millennium Rod that freed Bakura.) Téa says it sounds like Marik and the evil spirit of the Ring are working together, and Yugi agrees. Joey jumps up, ready to go after Marik again! But Tristan thinks it's time to talk to Kaiba about landing the airship to get help for Bakura.

As they're on their way out, Yugi suddenly realizes that the Millennium Ring is gone! Bakura had it around his neck during the duel, but it's no longer there. Tristan says that thing seems to come and go as it pleases, and Joey suggests that the God card blasted it. (Japanese Jounouchi says to worry about it later.)

Téa stays behind to watch over Bakura, and the rest of the gang leaves. After they're gone, Téa's eyes go blank, and Marik's laughter is heard as she holds the Millennium Ring in her hand.

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