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Episode 85: Rage of the Egyptian Gods (Hidden Power: The Purpose of the God Cards)

Aboard the airship, the duelists hear an announcement that there will be a half-hour intermission before the next duel. (In the Japanese, it's twenty minutes.) Mai is in her room, working on her strategies, while Marik stirs the ice cubes in his drink, and Odion sits in silence. In the hallway, Yugi tells the gang that they have to help Bakura. Joey agrees, and says they should go find Kaiba—he has to be in one of these rooms. (In the Japanese, Yugi says, "Twenty minutes?" and Jounouchi says, "Let's go!") Then Mokuba enters from the elevator, telling them they're in a restricted area. (Japanese Mokuba asks them what they're doing.) Yugi asks where Kaiba is, and Mokuba points to Room Number 1, saying that's his room, but you don't want to disturb him. Joey, of course, pays no attention, and begins pounding on the door, demanding that Kaiba come out. Mokuba freaks out, telling Joey to stop, but Joey goes right on banging on the door.

Kaiba comes to the door and looms over Joey. He says Joey's lucky to even be in his tournament, yet he insists on making a nuisance of himself, over and over.(Japanese Kaiba calls Jounouchi a "bonkotsu" duelist, naturally, who doesn't know the importance of preparing for a duel.) Joey's about to blow his top when Tristan jumps in front of him and tells him to calm down. Then Yugi tells Kaiba that he has to help them—Bakura's hurt, and they have to land so they can get him to a doctor. (Japanese Yugi just asks for help.)

Inside Kaiba's room, Kaiba tells them that it's impossible. They can't make an unscheduled stop. Everyone tries to convince him, including Serenity, who pleads for Kaiba to show some compassion. Both Tristan and Duke feel that Kaiba must listen to her! But Kaiba says it's Bakura's own fault. He shouldn't have left the hospital in the first place. Serenity continues to plead, while Joey threatens. Finally, Kaiba orders a medical team sent to Bakura's room, while Mokuba explains that the onboard medical staff has better training than most hospitals. He tells the gang that Bakura's in good hands, and they leave Kaiba's room, Tristan and Duke competing to tell Serenity how impressed they were with her speech. (Cut from the US version is a short bit where Otogi tells Shizuka he was moved, too, and embarrassed Shizuka says she's not so great.)

Joey wonders if Bakura's going to be okay, and Yugi hopes so. Tristan reminds them that they still have to find Bakura's Millennium Ring, and says to leave it to him and Duke—Yugi and Joey have to focus on the finals. Tristan drags a reluctant Duke away from Serenity to help him search.

Tristan and Duke go up to the dueling arena to search. Duke insists there's nothing up there but hot air—all of it coming from Tristan. Tristan tells Duke to lay off Serenity. Duke thinks Tristan's just afraid that Serenity likes Duke better. Tristan's not even a duelist, and girls like men of action. (Japanese Honda says he thinks Otogi is getting too close to Shizuka. Otogi asks Honda if he's related to Shizuka, or her lover. Otogi says Jounouchi has the right to question him, but Honda doesn't. His intentions towards Shizuka are none of Honda's business. He thinks Honda should just tell Shizuka he likes her—though he knows what her answer would be.) Tristan puts up his fists, saying he'll show Duke some action! Duke's ready to mix it up. (Cut from the US version is most of Honda and Otogi's "fight." Honda runs at Otogi, throwing a couple of punches that Otogi evades. Otogi elbows Honda in the stomach, throwing him back against the dueling platform railing.)

Tristan runs at Duke, but trips over something and crashes into Duke, carrying them both over the side of the dueling platform. Tristan manages to grab the side of the platform with one hand and Duke with the other, and the two are saved for the moment. Tristan says he has a plan—and starts calling for help! Someone had better hear them, because it's a long way down! (Japanese Otogi yells at Honda, asking if he wants to get him killed, and Honda says he's sorry, then starts yelling for help, and Otogi joins in, saying "Tasukete kure." "Help" is kind of long in Japanese....)

Tristan's fingers start to slip. Just as he lets go, a hand grabs him—it's Shadi, who pulls them up onto the ship. They collapse on the deck in relief. But when Tristan looks up to thank their rescuer, Shadi's gone.

Back on the ship, Yugi has his deck spread out on the table in his room. Let's see how many of Yugi's cards we can recognize. Starting in the top row, left to right: Magic Jammer, Kuriboh, Cyber Jar (in the US, Cyber Jar is given the green background of a magic card, when it's really an effect monster. Interestingly, I don't think we've ever seen Yugi use Cyber Jar, and in a later episode, he'll have reason to call it Kaiba's card). Second row: monster card, Spellbinding Circle, Berfomet, Monster Reborn, Card Destruction. Third row: Beta the Magnet Warrior, Giant Soldier of Stone, Silver Fang, Slifer the Sky Dragon (Osiris in the Japanese), Dark Magician, another Giant Soldier of Stone (I've never seen him actually play more than one copy of a card in a duel, so it's interesting that he has two Giant Solders). Fourth row: Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, Mirror Force, Dark Magician Girl, Premature Burial, Magic Cylinder, Polymerization. Fifth row: Change of Heart, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, Lady of Faith (in the US, Graceful Charity in the Japanese), Buster Blader. Whew!

He picks up his God card, saying that he won the first duel of the Battle City finals, thanks to Slifer the Sky Dragon. But he still has to be careful with it. (Japanese Yugi doesn't speak.) He looks out the window, and sees the reflection of Shadi, who's standing in Yugi's room. Yugi turns to him, telling him he remembers him, and Shadi says that Yugi has learned much about his fate since they first met, how it's intertwined with the fate of the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi says he knows a little—the spirit was an ancient Pharaoh, and together they must save the Earth from an ancient evil. He asks if Shadi is there to explain how. (Japanese Yugi starts to ask Shadi how he got there, but then says, no, Shadi always appears in an incredible way.) Shadi says he's the guardian of the seven Millennium Items, and he's there because he's sensed a disturbance in the force, er, mystical alignment.

All seven Millennium Items are on board this vessel, Shadi says, as well as the three God cards. All of the objects capable of saving—or destroying—the Earth are present. The Earth's safety rests with Yugi. If the wrong individuals gained control of the Millennium Items or the God cards, the results could be catastrophic! It almost happened once before, when Pegasus first created Duel Monsters.... (Japanese Shadi says all the conditions for opening the gate of the Pharaoh's memory are gathered there on the Battle Ship. But only those elected by the Millennium Items can use their power. It will bring the fury of the Gods if the user is not one of the chosen.)

When Pegasus first arrived in Eqypt, his quest to be reunited with his lost love brought him to Shadi, who gave him the Millennium Eye, for he was destined to have it. Soon after, Pegasus discovered the origins of the Shadow Games, and dedicated his life to recreating them. But Pegasus didn't know his limits, and unleashed a power beyond his control. Pegasus learned of the Egyptian God monsters, and determined to find the stones depicting them, but he had no luck until Shadi agreed to take him to where they were hidden, within the Pharaoh's tomb. Shadi led Pegasus to a chamber hidden deep beneath the desert sand, opening out onto an entire underground city. Pegasus thought it seemed too easy, but he didn't realize that the Pharaoh's tomb had been carefully guarded for thousands of years. Shadi used the power of the Millennium Key to hide them from the guards.

Finally, they reached the chamber where the carvings of the God monsters were hidden. The stone door of the chamber lifted, and Pegasus entered, followed by his team. When he saw the ancient tablet, he ran to it, exclaiming that at last he could unlock the powers of the three Egyptian God monsters!

Triumphant, Pegasus returned to America to design the God cards based on the tablet. Shadi knew that Pegasus was destined to awaken the God monsters, but he didn't know whether Pegasus would be able to control them.

In his office, Pegasus received the news from Croquet that everyone involved in the God card project had met with disaster. (In the Japanese, they're dead.) The photographer was confronted by Obelisk the Tormentor while developing his photographs. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the photographer crashing through the window of his hotel room.)

The man who'd videotaped the chamber was attacked by Slifer the Sky Dragon while trying to decipher the heiroglyphics on the tablet. (The computer screen icons are changed in the US. I've zoomed in to show only the top right quarter of the image, where the icons are.)

Croquet told Pegasus that each of the men had disappeared completely, and warned Pegasus to stop production of the God cards, but Pegasus refused.

Pegasus retreated to his studio to paint the God cards. With the paintings almost complete, he fell asleep in his chair, dreaming of an burning city being attacked by the three God monsters. Shadi appeared to Pegasus in his dream, warning him that he'd unleashed a dangerous force far beyond his comprehension that was putting the world at risk. But Pegasus insisted that he'd contain these great powers. Shadi told Pegasus that his only hope was to return the God monsters to their resting place.

Pegasus woke, dreaming of the God monsters attacking him. Frightened, Pegasus determined to lock the cards away. He took the prototypes of the three God cards to Egypt, where he was met by Ishizu Ishtar, who took the cards to seal them in the tomb with the tablet.

Yugi says that Marik then tried to steal the God cards, and Shadi agrees, saying that if Marik were to get his hands on all three, the results would be devastating. (Japanese Shadi asks Yugi, "the man with the soul of the Pharaoh," to deliver a message to the Pharaoh.)

The Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yami takes over, assuring Shadi that Marik will never possess all three God cards. (Japanese Yami says it's not necessary, and Shadi should just tell him directly.) Shadi falls to his knees, telling his Pharaoh that it's an honor to be in his presence once again. He knows that the Pharaoh will restore order to the world, just as he did five thousand years ago. (Japanese Shadi tells Yami that the seven Millennium Items are all aboard the airship, and urges him to win his duels and open the gate of his memory.)

Yami hears the announcement that the remaining finalists must now report to the main concourse, and when he looks back, Shadi is gone. Little Yugi appears in spirit form to say, let's go! Yami agrees—the future of mankind is depending on them. (Japanese Yami says he'll win the three God cards.)

Yami leaves his room to find the gang in the hallway, Tristan telling Joey about being saved by a freaky guy in a robe. Duke didn't actually see the guy, but says that someone had to pull them up. Joey thinks they're having fun with him, but Serenity wonders if there really was some kind of ghost. Joey gets all spooked, insisting that ghosts don't exist, but jumping when Yami puts a hand on his shoulder.

In her room, Ishizu vows to save her brother, Marik, insisting that there's still good in him. She remembers the child Marik giving her a wreath of flowers as a gift. Then, suddenly, she sees Shadi sitting across from her. He tells her that evil once again walks the Earth, and she agrees, but says she never thought her own brother would be the medium. The world must be saved, but at what cost? She doesn't want to lose her brother. When she next looks towards him, Shadi is gone. (Japanese Shadi doesn't speak. Isis tells him that a horroble fate awaits her brother, and she's participating in the tournament to save him from that fate.)

In Bakura's room, mind-controlled Téa holds the Millennium Ring, as Marik thinks he'll keep the Ring for now, along with occasional control over Téa's mind. Shadi appears beside her, thinking that his Key shields him from her sight. Then he realizes that the mystic disturbance that brought him here is strongest in this room. The destinies of certain Millennium Items are being manipulated, and until harmony is restored, the world will be in grave peril! (In the Japanese, there's no dialog at all in this scene.)

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