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Episode 86: Awakening of Evil, Part 1 (Jounouchi vs The Trap Deck)

The finalists and their supporters are gathered in the main concourse, where Roland welcomes tham, and Mokuba announces that the bingo machine will now randomly select the next two duelists.. Everyone looks on as the numbered balls bounce around in the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Bingo Machine. The first duelist chosen is Number 2, Joey Wheeler, and his opponent is Number 7, Marik Ishtar. But it's actually Odion, pretending to be Marik. Yugi's sure that Marik is planning to use his Millennium Rod to win, so Joey had better be prepared for anything. (Japanese Yugi thinks Malik is the one who owns the third God card, and also the one who brainwashed Jounouchi.) Joey makes threatening noises at Odion, who just stares back at him grimly.

Joey and Odion face off on the dueling platform, where they shuffle each other's decks. Tristan cheers Joey on, and Yugi says Joey looks really fired up. But Tristan points out that when Joey gets really fired up, he tends to shoot his mouth off, and he'd better watch that with Marik. (Japanese Honda says that's Jounouchi's fighting face—whenever he shows it, he wins.) Mai thinks Tristan's right—Joey's got to stay focused. Meanwhile, Joey keeps shuffling, growling fiercely at Odion. Serenity hopes Joey will be all right, and Téa remembers this is Serenity's first time watching Joey duel. Yugi tells Serenity that with her here to cheer him on, Joey won't lose. (Japanese Anzu just tells Shizuka to cheer for her brother.)

Roland finally tells Joey he's shuffled enough, and the duelists take back their decks and go to their positions. Joey thinks he'll make Marik wish he'd never tried to mind-control him!

Joey turns and issues his challenge to Odion: he'll win in nine turns. (In the Japanese, it's eleven turns.) Duke wonders where Joey came up with nine, and Tristan says, with Joey, you don't ask. Serenity thinks Joey's pretty wonderful to have figured out the whole duel in advance!

Then Odion holds up what looks like the Millennium Rod, and Joey cringes. Yugi thinks he knew Marik would use the Rod. Joey tells Odion to point that thing somewhere else! and Odion puts the Rod away. (Japanese Jounouchi doesn't say anything.) Yugi thinks Marik has realized that Joey's mind is too strong to be controlled (Japanese Yugi thinks Malik decided to have an honorable duel, and Yami thinks this guy is definitely Malik), but the real Marik knows that Odion's Rod is merely a replica of his. (Japanese Malik thinks that Rishid's use of the fake Millennium Rod worked just as he planned. Everyone here was deceived by it.)

But Marik is concerned about Kaiba. Little Yugi isn't the only one standing between him and the power of the Pharaoh—the ancient tablets also depict a sorcerer who bears a striking resemblance to Kaiba, and who holds the Millennium Rod. But before the finals are over, Marik thinks, Kaiba's God card, Obelisk the Tormentor, will belong to him! He'll show Kaiba what true power is all about. (Japanese Malik thinks that he wants to kill the Pharaoh, but before that, he has another puzzle to solve. The Pharaoh's opponent, the priest depicted on the stone tablet, has the Blue-Eyes White Dragon carved above him, and holds the Millennium Rod. Malik wants to know the secret of Kaiba's possession of Obelisk. The God cards are allowed only to those who have Millennium Items, but Kaiba is different. If Rishid can win all his duels, eventually he'll face Kaiba. Then, Malik wants Rishid to use the Millennium Rod to find out the truth about Kaiba.)

Mokuba says that if Marik is the leader of the Rare Hunters, he must have a ton of rare cards in his deck. But Kaiba says there's only one card in Marik's deck he cares about—his God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra. He hopes that hack, Joey Wheeler, will last long enough in the duel so that Kaiba can see how Ra works, so he can win it for himself. (Japanese Mokuba asks if Malik is the one who holds the third God card. Kaiba says he only knows that Malik is the leader of the Ghouls. He hasn't seen Malik's deck himself, so he's not sure whether he owns the God card. Then he mentally urges Jounouchi to do his best. "At least, you have the power to force him to use the God card.")

Marik mentally warns Odion that if he can't beat this pathetic fool, he won't stand a chance against the Pharaoh, and threatens to send him to the Shadow Realm if he fails. Odion receives this warning stoicly, assuring Marik that he'll win. (Japanese Malik doesn't threaten Rishid. He just thinks that Jounouchi's not a very high-level duelist, and Rishid should win easily. Rishid thinks that he will bury those who dare to obstruct Lord Malik.)

The duel begins, and Joey draws first, as the gang cheers him on. Duke asks Yugi if Joey ever took back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Yugi shakes his head. Tristan says Joey will be all right. Duke says Joey's never faced an opponent as unpredictable as this guy, and Yugi agrees worriedly that Marik is not to be trusted. Tristan thinks Joey just has to keep his cool. (Japanese Honda says, "What? The guy dares to duel without his trump card?" and Otogi says that without that card, Jounouchi's deck isn't very powerful. Yugi explains that Jounouchi insists he'll win back his card when he's a True Duelist, and Honda says Jounouchi's a hard-headed guy.)

Joey gives himself a little mental pep talk, enjoying the thought that if he beats Marik and knocks him out of the finals, he'll have saved the world! He'll be famous! (Japanese Jounouchi reflects that he doesn't have his Red-Eyes, but he'll win anyway. Then he realizes that if he wins, he'll have one of the God cards!) Then a sudden wind blows the cards out of Joey's hand. The gang watch in horror as Joey scrambles for his cards, just managing to snag them in his hands and one in his teeth, before they're blown off the dueling platform. The gang sigh in relief, as Serenity calls out, "Nice catch!" (Heh. She says that in the Japanese version, too—in English.)

Joey returns to his position, while Yugi mentally urges him to stay focused. Joey summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800 ATK), then ends his turn.

Odion begins by playing a field magic card, Temple of the Kings (Royal Temple), which causes a huge temple to rise behind him. This card limits the number of magic and trap cards that can be played in one turn. Then he sets two cards face down, and ends his turn, daring Joey to attack him.

Tristan urges Joey to attack, but Duke says it's too risky, because of the trap cards. Yugi is more worried about the Temple than Marik/Odion's trap cards, wondering what's hiding in it. Joey thinks he can't let Marik smell his fear, just as Serenity and Tristan ask if he's all right—he looks pretty scared. Red-faced, Joey hides behind his cards.

Joey studies his hand. (He's got Giant Trunade, Swordsman of Landstar, Scapegoat, Graverobber, and Hayabusa Knight.) Then Joey thinks he's got nothing to worry about. First, he'll summon a few more monsters and build up his attack force—but he won't attack. Marik/Odion will probably play a few more trap cards. Then, Joey plans to play Giant Trunade (Hurricane) to send all of Marik's magic and trap cards back to his hand, so Joey can attack with all of his monsters and wipe out Marik's life points. Joey summons Tiny Guardian (1400 ATK) (Little-Winguard, which is what the US card was called when it was released) and ends his turn.

Odion plays two more face-down cards and ends his turn. Then Joey summons Hayabusa Knight (1000 ATK). Now, he thinks, he has enough monsters to wipe out all of Marik's life points, so he plays Giant Trunade. As the magic card's swirling winds approach Odion's trap cards, Yugi and Mai cheer, thinking Joey's won the duel. But the magic winds die down, leaving Odion's cards untouched. Joey doesn't get it. What happened to his magic card?

Odion explains that Joey's magic card triggered one of his trap cards. (In the US version, Giant Trunade is shown traveling across the screen in front of Odion's face as he explains what happened.)

The trap is Judgment of Anubis, which not only destroys Giant Trunade, but destroys all of Joey's monsters and deducts half of their attack points from his life points. (The real card only destroys one of the opponent's face-up monsters, but it inflicts damage equal to that monster's entire attack. It's a nasty one!) Joey's three monsters are destroyed, and he's hit with 2100 points of damage, taking him down to 1900 life points. The gang realize that Joey fell right into Joey's trap! (In the Japanese, Yugi and Mai say that the biggest danger of facing all of those trap cards is psychological—the player is afraid to play his usual game, and he loses. Right after Mai's close-up, this shot of Odion looking fierce in the US version replaces a shot of Yugi, Mai and Anzu's backs. Note that the shot of Odion is reversed—his tattoo's on the wrong side of his face.)

Serenity wonders if Joey can still win, and Tristan says of course he can! Yugi says all Joey needs is a little encouragement, and Serenity gives him some.

Odion asks if Joey's realized that he can't win. (Japanese Rishid reminds Jounouchi that his turn isn't over yet.) Joey smiles and claims that he fell into Odion's trap on purpose to test him. Now, he'll crank his game up a notch! Nobody buys it except for Serenity. Mokuba says you have to give Joey credit for staying strong and not giving up, but Kaiba says the only thing he gives Wheeler credit for is being all talk. (Japanese Mokuba says Jounouchi is a good duelist because he doesn't get frustrated, but Kaiba says he's too stupid to feel the pressure.)

Odion plays two more cards face down and ends his turn. Joey's getting pretty frustrated, reminding him that the game is called Duel Monsters—you're supposed to attack with monster cards, not just hide behind traps! Odion says if Joey can find the rule that forbids him from playing trap cards, he'll stop.

Joey draws, and summons Alligator Sword (1500 ATK). But he knows that if he attacks, Odion will probably stop his attack with one of his trap cards. What should he do? Joey plays a card face down and ends his turn without attacking. Yugi thinks that was a good move for now, but eventually he'll have to attack if he wants to win. Odion ends his turn without making any moves, then Joey draws and passes his turn as well. Odion passes again. Joey seethes, while Mokuba says this is getting out of hand. If neither one of them plays a card, this duel could be a long and boring one! Kaiba says Joey will crack long before Marik does, and he's right—Joey can't stand it. (This shot of Jounouchi getting all wound up is cut from the US version.)

Despite Mai's warning, he summons Rocket Warrior (1500 ATK) and attacks.

Odion activates the trap card, Eye of Wdjat, which takes over Joey's Rocket Warrior and sends the attack back at Alligator Sword. But Joey activates his own trap card, Fairy Box (Monster Box), which hides Alligator Sword so that Rocket Warrior can't find it, and its attack misses. Joey gloats, saying he's figured out the weakness of Marik/Odion's trap strategy. He thinks Odion doesn't have any monster cards at all, just trap cards. Once he clears the field of traps, Odion will be wide open for attack. (This shot of the gang reacting to Jounouchi's boasts is cut from the US version.)

But Odion says Joey's already fallen into another one of his traps!

Odion says he has a rare and powerful card called a trap monster, and it was activated when Joey attacked. Mai and the others have never heard of a trap monster, but Odion activates Embodiment of Apophis, which is activated like a trap, but can attack like a monster. In fact, he has three Embodiment of Apophis's on the field, and they're all activated, with 1600 ATK each. Is it all over for Joey?

To Be Continued

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