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Episode 87: Awakening of Evil, Part 2 (The Inherited Card: Psycho Shocker Counterattack!)

Joey faces Odion's three trap monsters, the Embodiments of Apophis. He has only 1900 life points, while Odion, whom everyone thinks is Marik, still has 4000. Yugi says that Joey's life points are low, so he has to protect himself. (Japanese Yugi says it's bad—Jounouchi's Monster Box will only last for one turn. Cut from the US version is this scene of Anzu saying that if Malik attacks next turn, Jounouchi's monsters will be destroyed.)

Serenity asks what Joey can do to win, and Mai says it's not easy, but the first thing he has to do is keep his life points safe. (Japanese Mai says if Jounouchi can set a trap card before the end of his turn, he still has a chance.)

Joey studies his hand, while Odion tells him his chances of victory are gone. Joey doesn't agree. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks he kept summoning monsters and fell right into Malik's trap. Rishid doesn't say anything.) Joey plays a card face down, and switches Alligator Sword to defense mode. His face-down card is Scapegoat, which he plans to activate to defend himself when Odion attacks.

Odion orders his three Embodiments of Apophis to attack. Joey activates Scapegoat, and his four little sheep appear to protect him. (In the real game, Joey wouldn't have been able to activate Scapegoat yet. Scapegoat creates four "sheep tokens" in defense mode, and each token occupies a monster slot. If there aren't four open slots on the player's side of the field, he can't activate the card. Joey's still got Alligator Sword and Rocket Warrior on the field, occupying two of his five monster slots, so he's only got three open ones—no room for Scapegoat.)

Odion discards a card from his hand in order to activate his trap card, Magic Jammer, which destroys Joey's Scapegoat. Then he attacks and destroys Rocket Warrior and Alligator Sword, and uses the third Embodiment of Apophis to attack Joey directly. (This shot of Jounouchi reacting to the attack is cut from the US version.)

Joey falls to his knees as his life points go down to 200. One more attack and it's over! Yugi shouts encouragement (Japanese Yugi shouts, "Jounouchi-kun!"), while Marik gloats at Odion's imminent victory on his behalf, and Kaiba thinks that this duel can't end until Marik plays his Egyptian God card! (Japanese Kaiba thinks Jounouchi's worse than an experimental mouse—he's an experimental fly!) Odion tells Joey he might as well stay on his knees, because he's about to take away the few life points Joey has left! (Japanese Rishid doesn't speak. Jounouchi thinks "Malik" is too strong, even when he fights fairly. Jounouchi can't win.)

Tristan tells Joey not to give up, and Serenity asks if Joey can still win. Tristan says, sure he can, but Mai says the odds are against him. Joey still has a slim chance, but not if he's lost hope. Joey needs a confidence boost. (Japanese Mai tells Shizuka that the outcome of a duel is sometimes cruel, but you have to face it, even if the duelist is your relative. But at least we should persist, and not give up.)

Joey stares at his life point counter, while Odion urges him to surrender. Joey starts to put his hand on his deck to surrender, but Mai tells him not to think about it! Did he get here by giving up when the odds were against him? Joey thinks she has a point. He won some pretty tough duels to get into the finals. Mai tells him if he gives up now, he'll always be a runner-up instead of a champion, and his sister will always remember how he wimped out. (Japanese Mai says she has something to tell Jounouchi before he surrenders. A winner has his own duty. If Roba, Haga, or Kajiki were dueling here, what would they do? What would they think if they could see him now? The duty of a winner should be borne by a True Duelist. If Jounouchi thinks he won't put the duelists he defeated to shame, he should go ahead and give up. Bits of this conversation are rearranged and cut to fit the changed dialog, including this shot of Mai.)

Joey's hand still hovers over his deck, as Serenity tells him he can still do it. She reminds him that without him, she wouldn't have gotten her sight back—not because he paid for the surgery, but because he gave her the courage to go through with it. He's never given up before, and he shouldn't start today! (Japanese Shizuka tells Jounouchi that his courage gave her the light. Without him she would still be in darkness.)

Joey says he won't give up, and he bets Odion never had anyone who cared about him like that. Odion says that he did, a long time ago.... (Japanese Jounouchi doesn't say anything here. Rishid thinks, "Bring light to the darkness...")

Odion rembers: he was abandoned as a baby, and left near a shaft leading deep into the ground in the desert. He was found by a woman living underground, who rescued him and raised him as her own. (Japanese Rishid thinks that when he was rescued by the Ishtars, he was given the light of life. Jounouchi gave light to his sister...)

Serenity says she knows Joey can win! Odion again urges Joey to give up, but Joey knows he can't. He'd be letting down everyone who believes in him, and himself. He remembers beating Roba, Weevil, and Mako to reach the finals. He gets up, telling Odion he'll win! Odion tells him to make his move. (Japanese Rishid says he wants to ask Jounouchi a question. Why is he taking part in the Battle City Tournament? Jounouchi says he has to fight in order to keep a promise. Yami appears briefly beside Yugi, as Jounouchi says that he has met many people on his way, and kept fighting all the way. Then he gets up, saying he'll take back what he said. He hasn't lost yet. If he gives up, he'll be ashamed to meet the duelists who brought him there. He thanks Mai, Shizuka, and Yugi, and begins to draw his card. Rishid asks, shouldn't a True Duelist accept failure bravely?)

Yami appears, saying "Let's go," and Yugi nods. They exchange places, so that it's Yami now watching Joey duel. He tells Joey to win and save the world. Joey tells Odion he promised Yugi he'd help defeat Marik, and he's going to keep that promise. (Japanese Yami reminds Jounouchi, "Something you can see, but can't see." Jounouchi tells Rishid that he might have little chance to win, but he'll struggle forward to the last.) Joey draws, then plays two cards face down, and summons Swordsman of Landstar (1200 DEF) in defense.

Odion attacks with his three Embodiments of Apophis. Joey activates his face-down magic card, Foolish Burial, which allows him to put a card from his hand into his opponent's graveyard. Then he activates his trap card, Graverobber, which allows him to take a magic card from his opponent's graveyard. He takes back the card he put in Odion's graveyard—the monster Jinzo (2400 ATK)! (The real Graverobber can only be used to take a magic card from the opponent's graveyard. The magic card cannot be activated during the opponent's turn.) Since Odion's monsters are trap cards, they are destroyed by Jinzo's trap-destroying ability.

Odion says he's not through yet. But with Jinzo on Joey's side, Odion can't use any of his traps. The gang cheer, while Joey thinks that he won Jinzo by beating Espa Roba, and now his card is giving him the strength to fight Marik. Kaiba thinks Wheeler got lucky—perhaps he'll survive long enough for Kaiba to see Marik's God card after all. (Japanese Kaiba thinks it's a "dead-cat bounce." He tells the "experimental mouse" to struggle more, and let him see the third God card.)

Joey draws, and summons Battle Warrior (700 ATK) in attack mode. Then he switches Swordsman of Landstar into attack mode (500 ATK), and attacks Odion directly with Jinzo, Swordsman of Landstar, and Battle Warrior, bringing Odion's life points to 400. The gang cheer, but Odion says Joey can't win—he still has his Temple of the Kings magic card, and no one can stop its unparalleled force. Joey tells Odion to bring it on! (Japanese Rishid congratulates Jounouchi on his attack, and tells him that even a weak man will struggle for his honor. Yami wonders if this is the same Malik he's beeing fighting. Jounouchi tells Rishid not to talk nonsense—he's the one who tried to break up Jounouchi and Yugi's friendship with his brainwashing.)

Odion draws, while Marik berates him mentally for allowing Joey to come so far. He demands that Odion beat him at once, and Odion reassures him that he won't fail. Then Odion plays Swords of Revealing Light to stop Joey from attacking for three turns.Mai says this isn't good, but Yugi points out that even though Joey can't attack, he can still sacrifice monsters to summon stronger monsters, and Jinzo's effect remains in force, so Marik (Odion) still can't use any of his trap cards.

Joey sacrifices Battle Warrior to summon Legendary Fisherman, promising Mako that he'll use it well. Then he switches his other monsters to defense mode.

Now Odion draws, then stares at his card in surprise. Marik tells him he shouldn't be so shocked—if Odion is posing as Marik, he should have Marik's card in his deck. Odion protests—this card is too dangerous, and he's not meant to control its power! But Marik insists that Odion put the card within the ark in the Temple of the Kings and play it when the time is right. Odion plays a card face down, then tells Joey that the next card he plays will be Joey's undoing! But he hesitates, despite Marik's continued urgings and threats. Téa notices that he's acting strange, and Yami agrees. Yugi wonders if it had something to do with the box at the top of the temple stairs. He doesn't know why, but it seems familiar to him. He mentally warns Joey to be careful.

Odion places the card within the ark, saying that by sealing this card of the Gods, he's also sealed Joey's fate. Yami is surprised to hear him call it a card of the Gods. (Japanese Rishid doesn't call it a "card of the gods." But Yugi realizes that there's something special inside the ark.) Odion ends his turn.

Joey uses Monster Reborn to revive Alligator Sword, then sacrifices Alligator Sword and Swordsman of Landstar to summon Insect Queen in defense mode. Now, all three of the cards he won in his Battle City duels are on the field. Kaiba says sarcstically that his tournament has done wonders for Wheeler's deck (Japanese Kaiba says it's a luxurious card for an experimental mouse). Mai's impressed that Joey managed to summon all of the rare cards he won in the tournament, and Yami agrees that Joey's come a long way. In one more turn, Swords of Revealing Light will expire, and then Joey will be able to attack.

But Odion says that he's about to summon a beast that Joey can't destroy. Odion plays the magic card, Cup of Sealed Soul. Then he activates his face-down magic card, Seal of Serket. These two cards, together with Temple of the Kings, are able to summon Mystical Beast of Selket, a huge scorpion-like beast with lots of sharp nasty teeth. But, he says, this creature is minute compared to the one sealed within the ark—the Winged Dragon of Ra!

To Be Continued

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