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Episode 88: Awakening of Evil, Part 3 (Summon Ra the Winged God Dragon)

Joey says he's not afraid of Odion's Mystical Beast Selket (2500 ATK). He'll find a way to crush it. Odion points out that his beast is more powerful than all three of Joey's monsters, and there's not a card in Joey's deck that can stop it! Despite his bravado, Joey's looking pretty worried. (Japanese Jounouchi isn't at all sure that he's going to win. He has only 200 life points left, and he can't fight his opponent's monster. He wonders what he can do.)

Serenity asks Yugi if her brother can still win, and Yugi says yes, he can. Even though Marik (Odion) has the upper hand, Joey can still beat him. He just has to find out the Mystical Beast's weakness and exploit it before it destroys all his monsters. (Japanese Yugi says that Jounouchi's monsters can't fight against Selket. If he can't figure out a way to defeat it, he'll be defeated.) Mai asks about the card sealed within the ark—Marik's God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra. Yugi thinks Joey'd better win before Marik can summon it, or Joey won't stand a chance. (Japanese Yugi contemplates the God card in the ark, and thinks that surely this must be Malik. But why doesn't he consider him the real Malik?)

Odion mentally asks Marik why he placed the God card in his deck, and Marik says that if they're going to convince everyone that Odion is Marik, he has to duel as Marik would. Of course, the Ra in Odion's deck is just a copy of the real card. Marik couldn't risk losing the most powerful God card in existence, so he had the Rare Hunters make exact duplicates of the original card. The Rare Hunters tested these cards to make sure they were just as powerful as the original card. In flashback, one of the Rare Hunters nervously summons one of the counterfeit Ra's, only to be struck down by lightning. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the Rare Hunter falling after being struck by lightning, and a column of rock falling on his opponent.)

Not everyone can control the incredible power of an Egyptian God card. (The Japanese
Ra card says "The Sun of God Dragon" on it in English. But they call it "Ra no Yoku Shin Ryuu," which means Winged God Dragon of Ra.)

Marik says he realized that only someone who has a connection with the ancient scriptures can successfully use the God cards. But he has no doubt that Odion will be able to do it.

Odion thanks Marik for his confidence, but says he's sure he can win the duel without taking that chance. Then he tells Joey it's time for him to take his final move before his Mystical Beast attacks. But with Swords of Revealing Light still on the field, Joey can't attack. (Japanese Rishid says that because Selket was special summoned by a magic ritual, it can't attack in the turn it was summoned.)

Joey draws, telling Odion he's going down! But he's drawn Polymerization, which doesn't help him now. He keeps his monsters in defense mode and ends his turn. Téa asks Mai what Joey's strategy is, and Mai says all he can do now is buy himself a little time.

Swords of Revealing Light disappears, but it's now Odion's turn. He attacks Jinzo with the Mystical Beast. (The shot of Selket eating Psycho Shocker is replaced in the US version by a shot of Jinzo getting all glowy in the Beast's grasp.)

(Cut from the US version is this shot of the gang reacting to Psycho Shocker getting eaten.)

Not only is Jinzo destroyed, but the Mystical Beast absorbs its power, becoming even stronger. Now its attack is 3700! (Actually, it takes on half the attack power of the destroyed monster, adding 1200 points to its original 2500.)

Joey draws, but still doesn't get anything he can use. He passes, telling Odion to just go! Which Odion does, using the Mystical Beast to attack and chew up Insect Queen. (Again, the actual eating is cut from the US version.)

(Also cut is Honda's reaction shot.)

Mystical Beast's attack rises to 4900! Joey's friends call out encouragement, but Serenity can't take any more, and starts to run away, crying. Joey calls out to her to stop, telling her that he needs her. He can't get through the duel without her. He gets his courage from her—she's his family. Odion is struck by Joey's words, as Joey continues to insist that Serenity has to stay and cheer him on, and she finally agrees. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Shizuka that she must stay and watch. If the duel goes on like this, he might lose, but he hopes she can watch to the end. Even though it was difficult for her, she found her light in the darkness. No matter what happens, she has to face it.)

Odion thinks that he's known comfort like that. (Japanese Rishid thinks, "Light in the darkness...") Family can chase away the shadows of fear, like a light from above. He remembers being rescued as an abandoned infant, and raised as if he were the woman's own child, in her home deep beneath the sands. But eventually he discovered the Ishtar family's secret.

The child Odion overheard Ishtar saying that for generations their clan had guarded the Pharaoh's tomb, but now their destiny is in jeopardy. Who will watch over the Millennium Rod and Necklace if they have no children? Odion's foster mother said that they had Odion to carry on their legacy. Why not give him the Tombkeeper's initiation? But Ishtar insisted that Odion was not their flesh and blood. The woman insisted that fate had brought Odion to them, and again asked her husband to initiate him by his twelfth birthday. Odion was very happy to hear this. (In the Japanese, the ritual takes place on the child's tenth birthday.)

Then, his foster parents finally had a child of their own—a girl, Ishizu. But the father still waited for a male child.

Odion's foster mother told young Odion that she'd always thought of him as her own son. But he couldn't assume the family's legacy until he'd received the Tombkeeper's Initiation on his twelfth birthday. Odion wanted to know how this would change him, and she told him that he would bear the ancient scriptures. Then he would truly be their son. Odion's eyes filled with tears. (In the Japanese, she tells him that the Tombkeeper's ritual is a cruel challenge, and asks him if he wants it even so. He does, saying that only in this way can he be their real son.)

But before Odion could receive the Initiation, his foster parents had another child—at last, a boy! A true heir, called Marik. As Marik's father took his child away, Odion asked his mother if she was all right. She said she was just tired, and asked Odion to promise to always watch out for his brother and sister. Marik's father held the baby up to the light of the moon shining down through the shaft—the only outside light that ever entered their underground world—and promised that some day Marik would receive the Tombkeeper's Initiation.

Odion remembers that from that time, Marik was the Chosen One, while he was the protector. Once, when he and the child Marik were playing, Marik was bitten by a cobra. (The blood on Malik's leg is digitized out of the US version, as well as the shot of Rishid's knife skewering the cobra.)

Malik became very ill. Marik's father was angry with Odion. (In the Japanese, you can hear the sound of blows, as Marik's father beats Rishid, and this shot of Ishtar throwing Rishid against the wall is cut from the US version.)

Marik's father holds Odion up by the front of his robe and pushes him against the wall, accusing Odion of disappointing him again. (Japanese Ishtar says if anything happens to Malik, he'll dig out Rishid's heart and tear it up.) Marik's father commanded Odion not to leave Marik's side until his fever had passed. Angry, Odion approached Marik's bed. (In the Japanese, Rishid has a knife, and intends to do away with little Malik. This was cut from the US version.)

But then little Marik apologized, calling Odion "Big Brother," and saying it was all his fault. (Japanese Rishid said, "Did you call me brother?" Little Malik said he'd always thought of Rishid as his Nii-sama—brother.) He reached out to Odion, and Odion took his hand (dropping the knife in the Japanese version), then knelt next to the bed, weeping, and promised never to let Marik down again.

Marik devoted his life to the ancient scriptures, and Odion devoted his life to Marik. One day, as Marik approached his twelfth birthday, Odion brought him his dinner, but Marik refused it, knocking it out of Odion's hands. He was worried about the Tombkeeper's Initiation. Once he'd received it, it would be his job to wait for the Pharaoh's return. He'd be stuck down there for the rest of his life. Why did he have to be born the son of a Tombkeeper? Little Marik wept, not wanting to have to give up so much for this Pharaoh. (Japanese Malik asked if Rishid had ever seen his father's back. It was etched with the ritual of the Tombkeepers. Cut from the US version is this shot of Ishtar's back.)

(Malik said that he'd heard that the ritual was painful, and the pain lasted for months. He was afraid, and didn't think he could stand it. He thought he'd die.)

Odion offered to take the Initiation in Marik's place, saying he'd be honored to do this for the family that rescued him.

But when Odion went to Marik's father to ask him to give him the Initiation, Marik's father refused. His family's sacred duty could only be passed to a true heir. Odion tried to explain that Marik was too frightened, and promised to uphold the family duties, but Marik's father insisted that Marik would receive the Initiation, and ordered Odion to speak no more of it. (Cut from the US version is this scene of Ishtar throwing a candle at Rishid for daring to ask to be treated as a son, calling him an idiot and saying that he's only a servant. Ishtar ordered Rishid never to speak of it again, or he'd cut out his tongue.)

Odion could only stand by and watch as little Marik was taken away by several clansmen, crying and begging for Odion's help.

(The entire ritual is cut from the US version. First, Isis prayed for her brother.)

( A knife blade was heated in a candle flame, and Ishtar raised the red-hot knife with a cruel grin on his face.)

(Behind flames, the shadows on the wall showed Malik's father carving the ritual symbols into Malik's back, and Malik screaming through the gag in his mouth.)

(Waiting outside, Rishid raised his knife, planning his own ritual. And the candle burned down.)

Marik lay in his bed, his torso wrapped in bandages, complaining bitterly that his life had changed forever. Odion went to comfort him, but Marik told him to go, wincing in pain. Why should he have to pledge his life to some Pharaoh? Marik's face twisted as he spoke, his dark side appearing in his anger. (Japanese Rishid came to change Malik's bandages. Malik asked him, "Who should I hate?")

Odion lowered the cowl of his robe, showing the bandages on his own face. He was forbidden to join the clan, he told Marik, so he performed his own ritual to prove his loyalty to his family. He unwound the bandages to display the markings on his face, telling Marik that he wasn't alone.

Ever since that day, Odion remembers, Marik was different. It was as if the Initiation infused him with an evil force, and over the years, his evil side grew stronger.

Back in the present, Marik continues to insist that Odion finish off Joey Wheeler, so they can move on to their real opponents. They must defeat Yugi and Kaiba so Marik can get their God cards and obtain the power of the Pharaoh!

Tristan urges Joey not to quit now, but Odion tells him again to surrender. Joey says he's still in this, and draws another magic card. How can he beat that thing with three useless magic cards? (He's got Polymerization, Lightning Blade, and Shield & Sword in his hand.) He's got no choice but to pass again. Odion thinks it would have been smarter to forfeit the duel, but Joey still insists he'll win. (Japanese Jounouchi says it might be a hopeless struggle, but he has his duty. He'll keep fighting until his life points are zero. Rishid thinks he has wonderful fighting spirit.) Mai thinks Joey's streak is about to end, but Yugi tells her to look at Joey's eyes. She says he's right—Joey's eyes are burning with fire, like he knows he's going to win. But how?

Yugi says that what matters is what Joey feels in his heart. His determination is strong, and he believes he's going to win. If he trusts himself and the heart of the cards, he'll find a way to win. (Japanese Yugi says that Jounouchi's eyes show his fighting spirit. The tension on the battlefield shows the duelist's pride. They feel honored for meeting each other. No matter what happens in this duel, they both won't stop fighting until the last moment.)

Odion's Mystical Beast eats Joey's Legendary Fisherman. (Again, the attacked monster gets all shiny in the US version, although the Japanese version doesn't show him getting eaten this time.) Joey's left with no monsters to defend himself, and the Mystical Beast's attack goes all the way up to 5825! Joey mentally apologizes to Mako for turning his card into a fish stick dinner.

It's Joey's last draw, and he's still without any cards that can help him. He passes again, telling Marik (Odion) to make his move. The gang brace themselves for the end, and Kaiba grumbles that it looks like he won't get to see Marik's God card after all. (Japanese Kaiba thinks he should praise Jounouchi for fighting as an experimental mouse.) Marik gloats that after this attack, Yugi's little friend will be finished.

But Joey still says he's not going to lose. He doesn't know how, but he has a feeling he's going to win this duel. He tells Odion to take his best shot. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Seen but not seen." It's amazing, he says. Just as he admits failure and realizes the outcome of the duel, he finds he can see something he couldn't see before.)

But before Odion attacks, Joey has something to say. He'll never forget when Marik controlled his mind and forced him to hurt his best friend in that crazy duel. Marik didn't have the courage to face Yugi himself, so he made Joey do his dirty work for him.

Odion says he's facing Joey now, and is about to beat him. Joey says it's funny he should bring that up—ever since they started the duel, Joey's had a weird feeling about him. He doesn't seem like the same guy who controlled Joey's mind. Marik's a regular slimeball, but he played a fair duel. The same little voice that's telling Joey he's not going to lose is telling him that his present opponent isn't Marik. (Japanese Jounouchi says that at the beginning of the duel, his anger was fierce, but it has vanished now. "I only have a little impression of the man who controlled my mind, but you didn't fight with foul means. Maybe I'll lose at last, but this duel will be almost the best duel I've had so far. You're a True Duelist. I don't know why you pretend to be Malik, but my instinct can tell you weren't that bastard. You're not Malik.")

Kaiba thinks Joey's insane. Of course that's Marik! (Japanese Kaiba says, "He's not Malik? He doesn't have the God card?") But Yugi agrees with Joey—he doesn't sense the same evil from Joey's opponent that he does with the man who's been trying to steal his Puzzle. But if that's not Marik, who can he be? And Mai wonders who the real Marik is. Yugi glances behind himself at the real Marik, who angrily thinks that if he's exposed, his plan will be ruined. In addition to Yugi's Puzzle and God card, he needs Kaiba's card, Obelisk the Tormentor, and he needs to find out Kaiba's role in the ancient struggle before his identity is known. (Obelisk is added to the shot of Kaiba in the US version.)

Odion pulls out the fake Millennium Rod, waving it at Joey and telling him that only the real Marik wields the Rod. He orders the Mystical Beast to attack, and its nasty claws reach for Joey, who stands calmly waiting. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, "I'm sorry, Yugi. I'm finished.") But then Marik orders Odion to stop his attack, and the Beast's claws hold inches from Joey's face. Marik wants Odion to play the Winged Dragon of Ra, saying it's the only way to convince everyone that he's really Marik. Odion begs Marik not to make him use the card, but Marik continues to insist that he must. What will Odion do?

To Be Continued

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