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Episode 89: Awakening of Evil, Part 4 (Ra's Rage: Stand Up! Jounouchi)

Odion tells Marik again that it's too dangerous for him to play the Winged Dragon of Ra, but Marik insists, saying it's Odion's chance to join the Tombkeeper's clan and become a part of his family.

Odion remembers asking Marik's father to initiate him into the clan, and being refused. He knows the dangers are great, but he must serve his master.

Téa doesn't get why "Marik" isn't attacking Joey. Yugi isn't sure, but he has a bad feeling.

Odion raises the fake Millennium Rod, saying that he will now play his God card to prove it. In order to release Ra from the ark, he must sacrifice the Mystical Beast Selket. Yugi calls out to Joey to be careful, as Odion turns to the ark, offering the Mystical Beast and half of his life points to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra in the name of the next great Pharaoh, King Marik! Marik thinks, "Excellent!" and Kaiba's eyes get big as he eagerly awaits the appearance of the God monster.

The lid of the ark rises, and a bright shaft of light shines out, reaching into the clouds and soon engulfing the entire dueling platform. In her room, Ishizu sits up, realizing that the Winged Dragon of Ra has awakened. Huge claws emerge from the clouds, and soon the golden dragon appears, looming over the playing field. Odion reminds everyone that his Mystical Beast had absorbed the attack strengths of Joey's Jinzo, Insect Queen, and Legendary Fisherman, raising its attack to 5825. This power is now transferred to the Winged Dragon of Ra. Joey can only stand and wait for its attack. (Japanese Rishid explains that the God card requires three sacrifices to summon, but since Selket absorbed Joey's three monsters, it can serve as the sacrifice.)

Mai and Serenity ask Yugi what happens now, as Téa remembers the way Yugi's Slifer injured Bakura. Joey just tells "Marik" to come and get him, while the real Marik tells Odion he's made their family proud. (This closeup of Ra is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba thanks Joey for being his guinea pig—now he'll get to see what Marik's God card can do. (Japanese Kaiba thinks Jounouchi did his job. "Now, die in the hands of God. You must be very honored.")

Odion orders the fake God to attack. But as he does so, the Millennium Items activate. Marik thinks, "What's this?" and Ishizu senses a great disturbance. Odion has angered the gods. Marik's own deck emits a powerful aura of rage. The real Ra is angry that Odion has played a counterfeit card.

The fake Ra hovers over the field. Odion orders it again to obey him and attack, but stil nothing happens. The gang all watch, wondering why it isn't attacking. Marik remembers the accidents that happened when his Rare Hunters tested the card copies, but he thought Odion could control the card. Joey asks what's going on—and what's up with this storm? Lightning is striking all around him on the dueling platform. Yugi and Serenity urge Joey to get down from there, and Ishizu wonders what Marik has done!

Odion stands with his head bowed, telling Marik he's not worthy to control the card, or to be part of his family. He asks Marik's forgiveness as the lightning strikes him, shattering the fake Millennium Rod. Yugi realizes it's a fake—so this isn't the real Marik! Odion falls.

Joey starts to go to Odion, but he's stopped by the lightning flashing all around him. Then Joey is hit by lightning and falls to the ground. Tristan starts to run to him, but Roland warns him to stay off the playing field. Both duelists have 200 life points remaining, so the duel is still in progress. Tristan doesn't care about the duel, he just wants to help Joey.

Kaiba says the lightning has nothing to do with the Kaiba Corp dueling system—it's a freak act of nature. (Japanese Kaiba says the Duel Disk system isn't set to do fatal damage. They must have received some mental injury.) Mai says who cares! She just wants the duel ended. Roland asks Kaiba what to do, and Kaiba says that since the duel is tied, let the first duelist who gets to his feet be declared the winner. They'll have five minutes.

Yugi thinks it's pretty ridiculous, but he and the others begin urging Joey to get up. Odion and Marik both suffer from angering the gods. Ishizu's Necklace tells her that the evil inside Marik will grow stronger. She remembers the Tombkeeper's Initiation, and the evil that awoke within Marik at that time. Now that Odion can no longer protect him, the evil presence will increase in power. Odion dedicated his life to protecting Marik, and contained the evil within him. Ishizu knows that there is good still inside her little brother, and she must find a way to bring it out. But without Odion, things will only get worse. (Parts of the flashbacks are cut, as they were in the previous episode.)

Odion begins to struggle to his knees. (Japanese Rishid thinks he must stop Malik's other self.) The gang call out to Joey, but he's still unconscious. Kaiba thinks it looks like they have their winner, but just as Roland is about to declare Odion the victor, Odion collapses again to the ground.

Two minutes are left before both duelists will be disqualified.

Joey is dreaming. He's in class, sleeping at his desk, when a die hits him in the head to awaken him. Tristan, Duke, and Téa all stand around him, telling him to wake up. Yugi and Bakura are there, too. Yawning, Joey apologizes, saying he feels a little lazy. Tristan grabs Joey's head, and Téa leans on the desk, telling him to snap out of it. Yugi reminds Joey that today is the most important duel of his life! (In the Japanese, it's time for the City Duel Monsters tournament—the first tournament Jounouchi participated in.)

Dream Joey picks up his bag with all his cards in it, but promptly knocks over his desk, falling over it, while his cards scatter on the floor. Yugi starts to pick up the cards, saying they should put together the best deck they can from this mess and then head out.

At the side of the classroom, Kaiba passes by, telling Joey to just give it up. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Bonkotsu duelist," his classic insult to Jounouchi.) Joey's ready to go after him, but Tristan tells him not to waste his energy. (Japanese Honda tells Jounouchi to avenge the insult on the playing field.) Joey says he has a list of his best cards, which he hands to Yugi, then he notices Serenity and Mai helping to pick up his cards. What are they doing there? Mai reminds Joey that he's dreaming. Dreams don't have to make sense.

Tristan grabs Joey and takes him aside to show him that his list of cards is blank. Joey thinks this dream just gets weirder and weirder. Thank goodness he's not in this thing by himself! Without his friends, he'd be clueless. They're the best buds a guy could have! He's done some dumb things before, but they've always stood by him. (In the Japanese, Honda shows Jounouchi a paper with the name "Hatashi Jou," asking, "Who is this guy?" Jounouchi explains it's one of the bad seniors. Last time one of them bugged him, Jounouchi says, he kicked his butt. Now the guy wants to get revenge. Honda asks when, and Jounouchi says today after school, behind the gym. But he's not going to go. He looks around at Yugi, and says he's decided that he's not going to let the people who care about him worry about him.)

Yugi's finished putting Joey's deck together, saying that with these cards, he'll be hard to beat. He hands the deck to Joey, who says that with their support, there's no way he'll lose this duel! (Japanese Jounouchi says "Sankyuu!")

The gang start to head out. But Joey's still sitting in the floor. He doesn't have the strength to stand up. He asks for a hand—and suddenly, the whole gang is standing around him, holding out their hands to him.

Joey—and now it's present-day Joey—holds out his hand, and seven hands take his and begin to lift him up into the light.

Joey finds himself standing on the dueling platform. Yugi and the others congratulate him, telling him that he's won the duel. He doesn't quite get what's happening (Japanese Jounouchi still thinks it's the City tournament), and Téa has to remind him that he's dueling in the finals, while Mai yells at him for scaring them. Then he notices Odion lying on the other side of the field. Now he remembers—Odion's card went nuts. Roland declares Joey the winner, and Tristan runs onto the platform to throw an arm around Joey's shoulders and congratulate him. But Joey sees that Odion's still hurt, and starts to go to him.

Kaiba thinks Joey's dumb luck saved him again. (Japanese Kaiba is a little offended that Jounouchi won—he thinks this isn't a cheap endurance contest.) But what happened to Marik's Egyptian God card? Why didn't it attack? He knows there was no glitch in his Duel Disk. The card should have worked—unless it was a fake!

Joey holds up Odion, who's barely conscious, as Yugi comes onto the platform. Odion apologizes to Joey, and says it was an honor to duel him. Joey agrees, and asks Odion who he really is. Odion says he's a servant of the real Marik, and points to him. Marik, meanwhile, is still clutching his head, the real Millennium Rod in his hand, struggling with his evil side. Yugi calls out to him to admit his real identity, and Marik turns on them, calling them fools, and agreeing that he is the real Marik. Kaiba thinks this is who has the real Winged Dragon of Ra!

Marik says that at last he can finish the job his pathetic servants couldn't! Soon he'll have Yugi's Puzzle and power! His face contorts as his dark side emerges, and Odion says he was afraid of this. Beware the great evil hidden within Marik! Odion says he's no longer able to contain it, and passes out. (Japanese Rishid begs them to stop the dark side of Malik. If he lies down, he says, that man will wake up.) The others watch as Marik continues to struggle with his dark side. The Millennium Eye glows on Marik's forehead as Dark Marik takes control. Now he's free, and he'll do things his way! Dark Marik claims to be the true Marik, and says he'll finish the job his weaker self couldn't. Soon he'll have Yugi's Puzzle, and Yugi and his friends will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever! (Japanese Yami Malik says, "At last I come out! That shadow is useless—if he's in my body, I can't come out. Compared to me, the other Malik is better. But he isn't cruel enough. That character only causes trouble. The other Malik is afraid of the dark. But me—I love Darkness very much.")

Dark Marik says Odion's failure proved that only a chosen few can control the Egyptian God cards (Japanese Yami Malik says those with a connection to the Millennium Items)—Kaiba is one. Kaiba says that's nonsense—he controls Obelisk because he's a master duelist. But Dark Marik tells Kaiba he can't escape his five-thousand-year-old memories. (Japanese Yami looks at Kaiba and wonders if he can be the figure carved on the stone tablet.)

Ishizu laments the evil that has been awakened within her brother. Dark Marik tells Yugi that the battle for the Pharaoh's power begins now!

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