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Episode 90: Mind Game, Part 1 (Mai vs Malik: Duel of Darkness)

(Cut from the US version is a bird's-eye view of the Battle Ship flying along, as the announcer's voice says that the duelists for round three will be chosen in fifteen minutes.)

The gang is gathered around Odion's bedside. Joey asks the doctor how Odion is, and the doctor explains that Odion's tests are fine, but the mental stress he's been through has left him unconscious. Téa tells Joey he's lucky to be all right, and he agrees. (Japanese Anzu says that Bakura fell, too. So many people have been hurt in this tournament.) Joey says they were both standing right there when the Egyptian God monster went kerblooey, but he's perfectly fine. (Scenes of Odion and Joey being struck by Ra's lightning are added over Joey's scene in the US version.)

Duke says they won't find out who this guy is until he wakes up, and Yugi says that whoever he was, he was determined to protect Marik as long as he could. (Japanese Yugi wonders if he's one of the Ghouls.) And for what! Joey says. Now Odion's lying in a hospital bed, and Marik couldn't care less. (Japanese Jounouchi is pretty angry with Malik on Rishid's behalf. This shot of Jounouchi clenching his fist is cut from the US version.)

Mai feels sorry for Odion—it's times when you're down you need friends around the most. Joey realizes that was why he won the duel, and excitedly tells the gang he figured it out. He was able to get up because they helped him. He tells them about the dream he had that reminded him that they were all with him. Tristan makes a rude remark about a dream of Joey's involving vanilla pudding and a monkey. (Japanese Honda tells Jounouchi not to worry about thanking him, just give him the money he owes him.) Joey jumps on Tristan, while Mai thinks about friends.

Tristan reminds them that it's time for Kaiba to pick the next two duelists, and they head off to the main concourse. As they reach the door, Mai stops Joey and asks him about the dream he had where everyone helped him up. Was she in it?

Joey gets all flustered. He remembers the dream of sitting in the classroom unable to stand when his friends held out their hands to him, and Mai was indeed one of them. But he's too embarrassed to say so, and tells her she wasn't there. Most of his dreams are about manly stuff, anyway, he says, and walks off, while Téa thinks Joey's a typical guy! (Japanese Jounouchi says his dream was in a classroom. Mai wasn't there—she's not a student! Next time, he says, she'll be a lady zombie, a dark and serious character! Anzu thinks, "Baka!" which means "stupid.")

Joey walks down the hall, thinking that was a close one! Last thing he wants is for Mai to think he's thinking about her. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, Mai in the classroom! It's too weird.) Téa follows him and grabs him by the ear and asks him why he's so mean. Mai wanted to feel like his friend, but he was too immature to let her. Telling him to grow up, she walks away.

Meanwhile, Mai is still in Odion's room, thinking that he's not the only forgotten one. She tries to shrug it off, telling herself she's used to it. She's a loner. Who needs friends? There's only one person you can count on in the heat of battle, and that's yourself.

The gang gathers in the concourse to watch the selection of the next duelists. Mai notices that Marik's not there, and they've still seen no sign of the mysterious eighth duelist. Joey tells Kaiba that since Marik entered under a fake name, he should be disqualified, but Kaiba says that's wishful thinking. The contest is about skills, not names. He tells Joey he should be man enough to get rid of the competition with his deck, not some trivial technicality. Besides, he thinks to himself, if he wants Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra, he has to beat him, not disqualify him.

Mokuba orders Roland to start the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Bingo Machine. (Okay, this time it's Suit #1, Japanese name Isono, that Mokuba's calling Roland. But in Episode 81, it was Suit #2 he called Roland. Maybe they're both Roland!) Kaiba hopes he'll duel Marik.

The first duelist selected is Number 4—Mai Valentine. Joey cheers for her, but she pointedly ignores him. As the balls bounce around for the next selection, Mai turns to go. Joey asks her if she doesn't want to see who she's going to be dueling, but she says it doesn't matter. She'll win no matter who it is. She tells the gang she'll see them at the finals. Joey says they'll be there rooting for her, but she says don't bother. She doesn't need them to win. Besides, a certain blond-haired knucklehead is beginning to get on her nerves. She tells Joey they're not friends, and walks away, while Joey thinks disgustedly, "Girls!"

Dark Marik comes to Odion's room just as the doctor is leaving, and uses the Millennium Rod to take the room key from him. Dark Marik goes in and stands by Odion's bed, saying that it's time for Odion to take a trip to the Shadow Realm. He can't have Odion waking up and trying to contain him again. (Japanese Malik intends to kill Rishid, not send him to the Shadow Realm. This scene of Malik pulling a dagger out of the Millennium Rod and holding the point of the Rod's dagger over Rishid's face is cut from the US version.)

(The Millennium Rod dagger is digitized out of this scene in the US version.)

But just as he's raising the Millennium Rod, he hears Roland announcing that duelist Number 5, Marik Ishtar, has been selected for the next round, and must report to the dueling arena immediately. Dark Marik leaves, telling Odion he'll be back. (What I want to know is, where'd Dark Marik get the black muscle tee shirt and robe? He was wearing that cute little belly-baring pink hoodie when he got on the airship. Does he carry around spare clothes in the side pockets of his pants, just in case he goes evil? Anyway, this shot of him sheathing the dagger is also cut from the US version.)

Mai waits for Marik on the dueling platform, while Kaiba fusses. Dark Marik arrives, saying this won't take long. Mai thinks she'll take his Egyptian God card and use it to win the Battle City finals. The playing field rises into position. (This shot of Kaiba thinking he'll watch the power of Ra is cut from the US version.)

The players activate their Duel Disks.

Mai goes first, and plays Dunames Dark Witch (1800 ATK) (Dunamis Valkyria) in attack mode. Dark Marik draws, and plays Revival Jam (500 DEF) (Revival Slime) in defense mode, along with the magic card Jam Breeding Machine, which will create one Slime Token each turn. He tells Mai she'd better attack before his Slime creatures outnumber her. Kaiba just wants to see the God card. (Japanese Kaiba thinks it's showtime!)

Joey and the gang finally arrive, Joey complaining that they shouldn't have waited for Tristan to get out of the bathroom. They call out encouragement to Mai, but she asks them what they're doing there. She made it clear she doesn't need their help to win. Joey says they know that, but can't friends still come and watch, just to show they care? Mai tells him to suit himself. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Mai that what she thinks is her business. They all think she's their friend. Cheering for her is their business. She says they can do what they like.)

Téa asks Yugi about the Jam Breeding Machine, and Yugi says Marik used the same plasma monsters against him. He thinks he must warn Mai, and just as she's about to begin her turn, he calls out to her to wait. But she tells him to stay out of it, and insists she doesn't need his help. (Japanese Mai also reminds him that it's against the rules to give advice during a game.) Marik laughs, saying those are brave words for someone who has no idea what she's up against. She tells him to clamp it. She knows exactly what she's going to do to beat him. Marik asks why there's such fear in her eyes. (In the Japanese, Marik doesn't speak. Instead, Jounouchi says, "Mai!" This shot of Marik and Mai facing each other replaces the shot of Jounouchi in the US version.)

Mai attacks Revival Jam with Dunames Dark Witch, but it reforms on the field. Marik explains that it revives every time it's attacked. Mai had no idea!

Next Marik plays Pot of Greed, which allows him to draw two more cards from his deck. (In the Japanese, the life point counter on Marik's Duel Disk changes to read "Draw Two." This is changed to remain "4000" in the US version.)

His Jam Breeding Machine creates a Slime Token (500 ATK), and he plays a card face down, saying this card will render her attacks useless. Mokuba asks Kaiba what Marik means, and Kaiba says Marik must have set a trap card that will block Mai's attacks. (Japanese Mokuba says, "That card..." and Kaiba says it's a trap card to increase the attack of the Revival Slime.) Yugi thinks this is just what Marik did to him. Marik must be planning to use his Jam Breeding Machine to create enough monster tokens to sacrifice to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Mai plays Harpie's Feather Duster to destroy all of Marik's magic and trap cards. Joey cheers, and Yugi thinks Mai handled that situation well. But she's in for much worse if Marik manages to summon his God card! Then Mai attacks the Slime Token with Dunames Dark Witch, destroying it and reducing Marik's life points to 2700. Joey cheers Mai's early lead, but Marik's not worried. Mai sets a card face down and ends her turn.

Marik summons Melchid the Four-Faced Beast, then sacrifices Melchid and Revival Jam to summon the Masked Beast Des Guardius (3300 ATK). (Masked Beast Des Guardius's effect is that it can only be Special Summoned by tributing two monsters, one of which must be either Melchid the Four-Faced Beast or Grand Tiki Elder, which is how Marik was able to summon it in the same turn he summoned Melchid.) (This close-up of Kaiba is cut from the US version. Kaiba and Yugi both remember the Masked Beast—it's one of the monsters the Mask brothers used against them in the skyscraper duel.)

Marik attacks Dunames Dark Witch with Masked Beast.

Mai activates her trap card, Mirror Wall, which cuts Masked Beast's attack in half, to 1650, allowing Dunames Dark Witch to destroy it. Marik loses another 150 life points, but the Masked Beast leaves behind the Mask of Remnant when it's destroyed, which covers Dunames Dark Witch's face and brings her under Marik's control, and allows Marik to reshuffle his deck. Then Marik plays the magic card Remove Trap to destroy Mirror Wall.

Tristan thinks Mai's in trouble. She'd better do something fast, before Marik can play his God card. Joey says Mai's doing just fine. Just look at the score. Mai thinks Joey's trying to be nice, but Tristan's right. If Marik pulls out that Winged Dragon of Ra, she's a goner!

Mai draws, telling Marik that things are about to change. He says she's right. Joey thinks Marik's up to something and calls out a warning to Mai, but she repeats that she doesn't need his help. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Mai to be careful, and Mai tells him to shut up, he's distracting her.) Marik pulls out his Millennium Rod, telling Mai that practice time is over. It's time to take this match to the Shadow Realm! Shadows engulf the playing field. (Cut from the US version is a short scene of Honda saying this is like Yugi and Pegasus's duel.)

Yugi says it's just as he feared. Marik has summoned the evil powers of the Shadow Realm! Duke says it just looks like the flew into a fog, but Téa remembers this place. (Japanese Otogi says this isn't a normal fog.) Yugi calls out to Marik to end this now! But Marik says the Shadows are hungry and they will be fed. If Mai wants to continue this duel, she'll have to do it in his world. Yugi tells Mai to end the duel now—there's more at stake than she knows. (Japanese Yugi warns her that she'll die if she loses.) But she thinks he's lost it. She's determined to stay in the duel. Joey says that's that. Once Mai makes up her mind, there's no way to unmake it. But this time it might cost her big!

Mai continues with her turn. She plays a card face down, and summons the Unfriendly Amazon (2000 ATK). But why is her monster glowing? Marik explains that the glow around Mai's monster represents her mind. If the glow goes out, so will part of Mai's mind. Dark Marik laughs to himself and his face distorts as he revels in watching someone experience the Shadow Realm for the first time. Mai thinks there's something seriously wrong with this guy, but she can't let herself be distracted. She destroys Dunames Dark Witch with the Unfriendly Amazon, reducing Marik's life points to 2350. But Dark Witch was originally Mai's monster, so part of Mai's memory will also be wiped away. Each monster they play on the field carries the memory of a person in the player's mind, and when the monster is destroyed, the memory of that person is destroyed with it.

Joey thinks Marik's out of his mind. Meanwhile, a card representing Mai's memories spins, and when it stops, it shows Téa. Mai doesn't believe Marik can do it, but Marik says nothing is impossible in the Shadow Realm, and by the time he's through, she'll be all alone in a world of strangers. (Japanese Malik thinks he can see into Mai's mind with the Millennium Rod, and find out what she fears the most, which is losing her friends and being alone.) The gang appear to Mai, but they're receding away from her. She tries to run to them, calling out to them, but they disappear. Then Marik tells her not to worry—she's only losing Téa, for now. (Japanese Malik tells Mai to try to think of Anzu's face. This shot of a shadowy Anzu is cut from the US version.)

As Mai looks over at the gang, Téa blinks out. Mai stands helplessly on the playing field, and Joey asks her if she's okay.

Marik says she's far from okay. And this is only the beginning!

To Be Continued

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