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Episode 91: Mind Game, Part 2 (Capturing the God Card)

Marik has 2350 life points, and Mai still has 4000. But she's looking a bit stunned, as Marik has just wiped out her memory of Téa. Tristan points out that Mai looks like she's in a daze, and Téa calls out encouragement, but Mai can't see her, and can barely hear her voice. Mai wonders whose voice that is, and where it's coming from. Téa doesn't understand why Mai isn't answering her, and Yugi thinks it's true—Téa's been erased from Mai's mind. Marik tells Mai to cherish her memories while she can, because soon she'll forget everyone she's ever known.

Marik plays one card face down, then summons Makyura the Destructor (1600 ATK) (Executioner Makyura), which he equips with Black Pendant to raise its attack by 500 points, to 2100. He attacks the Unfriendly Amazon with Makyura, but Mai activates her trap card, Amazon Archers (Amazoness Archers), to reduce Makyura's ATK by 500, back to 1600. Makyura's destroyed. (Cut from the US version is this scene of Makyura being hit by Amazoness Archers' arrows, while Mai tells Marik what the trap card does.)

(And the arrows sticking out of Makyura's legs are made all shiny in the US version.)

Marik loses another 400 life points, along with his memory of Strings, the Silent One. (Strings gets the shiny treatment, too.)

But Marik thanks Mai, telling her there's no one in his mind worth remembering. (This long shot of the dueling platform is cut, while Malik wonders who that was who he is.)

He prefers to be all alone. (Japanese Malik says, "I love darkness and loneliness.") In addition, when Black Pendant is sent to the graveyard, it hits Mai for 500 points of damage, reducing her score to 3500. And when Makyura is sent to the graveyard, its effect is activated, allowing Marik to play a trap card from his hand. He plays Rope of Life, which brings a monster back from his graveyard and increases its attack by 800 points. He brings back Makyura the Destructor, now with 2400 ATK, and uses it to destroy the Unfriendly Amazon.

Mai loses the memory of another friend, and this time it's Joey. The image of him in her mind turns and winks at her, then begins to fade, as she calls out to him not to go. But soon he's gone from her mind, and she's left alone. She remembers her childhood—moving all the time so she couldn't make friends, her parents too busy to spend any time with her. She had nobody. (Japanese Mai remembers, "Because my parents died early, I lived alone.") Even after she got her first job, playing Duel Monsters on a cruise ship, she was still just a lonely kid. (Parts of the cruise ship flashback are cut from the US version, showing a Bunny-style waitress, and a roulette wheel.)

Her Harpie Lady cards were the closest thing she had to friends. (Japanese Mai thinks that Harpie Lady needs armor and weapons to make her stronger. That was the way she lived, and cried in her heart. But she hid it and lived alone.) She decided she was meant to be alone—until that day on the boat to Duelist Kingdom, when she met Joey and Yugi and the others. She felt something she'd never felt before—friendship. (Japanese Mai thnks she met Jounouchi and started to trust people.) They were a little weird, but they were nice weirdos, and soon her loneliness was gone.

But now she's losing the only real friends she's ever had, leaving her a lonely kid again. Joey's image is erased from her mind, and Mai falls to her knees. Joey runs to the side of the dueling platform, calling out to her, but she doesn't answer. First she ignores Téa, Joey tells Yugi, and now Mai's ignoring him! But Yugi says Mai isn't ignoring him—the Shadow Game has made her forget who Joey is. Joey won't accept that she could forget him, and he continues to call out to her.

Then Yugi decides that if Marik is going to use Millennium powers to hurt Mai, he'll use them to help her. The Millennium Eye glows in his forehead and on the Millennium Puzzle, and he appears in Mai's mind to tell her she's not alone, and to warn her not to let Marik's illusions distract her. She must win the match and return to the life she knows. Mai doesn't know if she can, but Yugi urges her to fight. She faintly hears Joey's voice, and Yugi tells her it's the voice of her friends, who will always be there no matter how dark it seems.

Yugi returns to the sidelines, while Joey continues to shout encouragement. Mai thinks maybe she's not as alone as she feels. Marik's angry at Yugi's interference, and thinks he'll make Yugi pay. But Mai stands up, telling Marik his mind games don't scare her. He tells her to prepare to lose her mind.

It's Mai's turn, and she summons Amazon Chainmaster (1500 ATK) (These Amazon cards are called "Amazoness" in the Japanese, which is what the real cards are called, except for Unfriendly Amazon and Amazon Archers.) Then she sets a card face down and ends her turn, thinking her trap card will protect her monster. (Amazoness Chainmaster's rather impressive six-pack abs are covered up in the US version.)

Marik summons Holding Arms (500 ATK), whose effect stops Amazon Chainmaster from attacking for three turns. (In the Japanese, Malik attacks with Holding Arms, which the subtitles render as "Power Devil Wrist," while everyone wonders how such a weak monster can overcome Amazoness Chainmaster. Cut from the US version is this shot of Holding Arms' chains pulling Amazoness Chainmaster up.)

( Then, this scene of Mokuba asking Kaiba why Holding Arms wasn't destroyed and Kaiba answering that Holding Arms must have some sort of effect is cut from the US version.)

(And this scene of Malik explaining that Holding Arms' attack is very vicious, while Amazoness Chainmaster is tortured by the monster, as Mai looks on.)

Yugi tells Marik to forget the mind games and just duel, but Marik says the games are how he duels. Duel Monsters and the Shadow Realm are intertwined, so he's just playing the game as it was originally intended. Fate has selected Mai to be the victim of today's game. Yugi says Marik's insane, but Marik says that Yugi uses Millennium magic when he duels, too. Yugi agrees that he does, but not to spread evil. (Japanese Yugi tells Malik to stop this meaningless duel, but Malik says it's too late. Soon Mai will fall into the long sleep. Besides, how can torturing Yugi's friends be meaningless? Yugi growls "Kisama!" at Malik, which means "You," but it's a very rude way of saying "You." And Malik says it's fun! and tells Yugi to get angrier and angrier. Their Millennium duel will come, and he'll show Yugi how frightening a thousand years of anger is. Yugi tells Malik he'll never forgive him.)

Mai tells Yugi she appreciates him trying to help, but she's the one dueling, and she can defend herself. Joey runs to Yugi and puts his hands on his shoulders, saying he's not going to let Mai keep dueling, is he? But Yugi says it's Mai's choice. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yugi what Malik meant when he said Mai would fall into the long sleep, and Yugi says it's a Dark Game.)

Mai activates her face-down magic card, Grave Arm, which can destroy one monster on the field. Marik says it won't work on Holding Arms, but Mai wasn't planning to use it on Marik's monster. Instead, she uses it to destroy Amazon Chainmaster. Since she's destroying her own monster, her memory is unaffected. Marik thinks she's desperate to keep the memory of her friends. But Mai says that's not the only reason she's destroying Amazon Chainmaster. When it goes to the graveyard, its effect allows her to take one card from Marik's deck (in the Japanese, Mai says that it costs 1000 life points for her to activate this effect), and the card she chooses is his Egyptian God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Joey cheers, while Mai gloats. Marik says she might have the card for now, but the only way she'll keep it is by defeating him, and she says she plans to. She's just taking the God card for a little test drive first. (Cut from the US version is this little scene of Jounouchi celebrating Mai's capture of the God card.)

Yugi thinks taking Marik's God card was an awesome move—now all Mai has to do is summon it. But Marik thinks Mai's foolish—she holds the most powerful card in Duel Monsters, but can she use it? Kaiba thinks this is an interesting turn of events. He, too, wonders if she's a good enough duelist to wield such power.

It's Mai's turn. She knows that in order to summon Ra, she has to sacrifice three monsters, but she has none on the field. Marik has two. Joey and Yugi encourage her, while Kaiba mentally tells her to show him what she can do. Mai plays two cards face-down, then summons Amazon Fighter (1500 ATK) (Amazon Warrior).

Marik thinks he'll destroy her weak Amazon with ease, and attacks it with Makyura. Mai activates her face-down magic card, Amazon Magician. (The real card is called Amazoness Spellcaster, and it's a normal magic card, not a quick-play, meaning she wouldn't be able to activate it during her opponent's turn.) This card switches the attack points of Mai's monster with Marik's, and Makyura is destroyed, along with Marik's memory of Arkana. Marik laughs, saying he never cared much for that fool, anyway. Marik's life points go down to 1050.

Then Marik activates his trap card, Card of Last Will, which allows Marik to draw five new cards when one of his monster's attack points are decreased. (Card of Last Will's cross has been changed to a round headstone in the US version.)

In addition, Makyura's destruction has activated its effect again, allowing Marik to play a trap card from his hand. He plays Nightmare Wheel (Torture Wheel), trapping Mai's Amazon Fighter so that it can't attack, and taking 500 life points per turn from Mai's score. (Torture Wheel's spiked cuffs are shined out of the US version.)

Mai activates her own trap card, Rescue Operation (real name: Dramatic Rescue), which allows her to rescue her Amazon Fighter, and summon a new monster to the field. (Rescue Operation has been redesigned in the US.)

Marik asks if she's going to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra, but she says she knows better. If she summons Ra without sacrificing any monsters, it will have zero attack points. But she says she'll play it by the end of her next turn. Joey wonders how she's going to pul that off.

Amazon Fighter returns to Mai's hand, and instead she summons Cyber Harpie (1800 ATK). Joey cheers Mai's favorite card. She draws, hoping for the one card that will let her summon the Winged Dragon of Ra. She doesn't get it, but she does draw Graceful Charity, a magic card that allows her to draw three cards and then discard two. Her hand now consists of Ra, Gravity Bind, and the card she was hoping for—Elegant Egotist.

Mai announces that Marik asked for it, and now she's going to give it to him. Kaiba perks up eagerly awaiting the Winged Dragon, and Yugi wonders how she's going to summon it with only one monster on the field. Mai plays Elegant Egotist, which turns her one Cyber Harpie into three—the Harpie Lady Sisters. She sacrifices them to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra.

A bright light shines above the airship. The gang all look on in awe. But Marik thinks she's a fool. She can't control an Egyptian God—it will control her! The light forms into a huge golden sphere, and Mai stares at it in surprise, wondering what that thing is! (Heh. Mai's skirt has been lengthened a bit in the US version.)

Marik says the Winged Dragon of Ra is locked within the sphere. Mai asks how she can use it and Marik laughs, saying she can't! She'll never unlock its ancient powers! (There's no dialog in the Japanese. Malik laughs, and Mai just stands staring at the sphere.)

To Be Continued

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