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Episode 92: Mind Game, Part 3 (The Riddle of the Hieratic Text)

The Winged Dragon of Ra hovers above the dueling platform, in the form of a golden sphere. Marik taunts Mai, saying now that she's stolen his Egyptian God card, why doesn't she try using it against him? (Malik doesn't speak in the Japanese.) Mai can only stare at it, asking, is this the Winged Dragon of Ra? The gang watch from the sidelines, wondering what that thing is. Yugi says that Ra is locked inside the sphere, and Joey says Mai has free it, fast! Marik says that only he knows how to control Ra, but Kaiba thinks soon he'll learn how to control its unstoppable force. (Japanese Yugi asks if this can be Ra, and Jounouchi says he knows that Ra is round, but the sphere is all the same. How could the Winged Dragon be just a round ball? Kaiba thinks he could feel the power when the God shook the sky. He knows this is the real God. Mai thinks she used three Harpie Ladies to summon the God, so she should be able to use it. What's wrong?)

Marik reminds Mai that this is a Shadow Duel. Once he wins, Mai's mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever. Joey says they can't let Marik win, but Kaiba just smiles, eager to see the God card in action. (Japanese Malik tells Mai not to worry, that is the real Winged God Dragon. Yugi and Jounouchi say, that's the real Ra? Kaiba thinks he knew it! He was right.) Mark says that only someone with knowledge of the ancient scriptures can wield the power of Ra. Mai says he's just jealous because she's going to use his God card to beat him. (Japanese Malik says that only someone chosen by the God can use the card, and Mai says that's nonsense. A card belongs to whoever has it.) So he tells her to try reading the text written on the bottom of the card—the ancient chant used to call upon the hidden powers of Ra. If she can't recite it, he will, and then he'll control the dragon. (Japanese Malik only tells her to look at the card.) Mai sees that there are now mysterious characters on the bottom of the card. She doesn't remember seeing them when she first played it—is this another of Marik's mind tricks? Mai realizes she's in trouble. (Japanese Malik says that this is the way to awaken Ra's real power.)

Yugi knows that if Marik recites the chant, the dragon will obey him. (Japanese Yugi thinks, "The special power hidden within the card!") Mokuba asks Kaiba what he thinks the card says, and Kaiba tells him to photograph the card using their satellite network and use the onboard network to translate it. Mokuba's on it.

Marik tells Mai to stare at the card all she wants, she'll never be able to read it. It's written in a special form of heiroglyphics used by high-ranking individuals in Egypt. His family guards the Pharaoh's tomb, so they can read it. He says he bets Kaiba could read it, but Kaiba doesn't know what Marik's talking about. (Japanese Malik says it's written in hieratic text. He says "hieratic text" in English. Kaiba exclaims, "Hieratic text!") Marik says that several people on this vessel can trace their history back to ancient Egypt. Back then, the power of the Shadows was everywhere. Pegasus didn't know how to decipher the ancient text, but he knew that the dragon would only obey those who chanted the words, so he printed them on the card in an ink that can only be seen when the monster is summoned. (Japanese Malik says that only under Ra's light can the text be seen.) Mai realizes that Marik knew all along that she wouldn't be able to use the card. He asks her again if she's going to read the chant, or should he? (Japanese Malik says that if Mai wants to use the card, she'll have to solve the riddle of the hieratic text. He taunts her, telling her to show him, and laughs.)

Joey points out that if Marik takes control of Ra, Mai has no other monsters on the field to protect her. (Japanese Jounouchi says that Malik was never worried about Mai taking his card.) Yugi thinks Marik planned this all along! He wanted Mai to take the card. Kaiba thinks this is getting interesting—if Mai can't read the text, she can't use the card, and Marik will have the chance to recite the words and take control of it on his turn. Then he'll finally get to see how the Winged Dragon of Ra works. (Japanese Kaiba recalls that Mai used three Harpie Ladies to summon Ra. Its attack and defense are the sum of that of the monsters used to summon it, so its attack is 5400 and its defense is 4200. But nothing is happening now. The condition for starting Ra is written in the text.)

(Japanese Malik points out that Mai has no other monsters on the field, and if he attacks next turn, Ra won't protect her.) Mai plays a card face down and ends her turn. She thinks her trap card, Gravity Bind, will protect her. Once activated, it prevents any powerful monsters from attacking. (The real card stops any monsters of Level 4 or higher from attacking.)

Marik draws, then summons Holding Legs (800 ATK). When it's summoned, it sends all magic and trap cards on the field back to the owner's hand, so Mai's Gravity Bind leaves the field. Then, Marik explains, when Holding Legs and Holding Arms are on the field together, they call forth the Sacred Stone of Ota, a huge stone tablet that rises up behind Mai. Marik sends Holding Arms and Holding Legs to attack Mai directly. Their cuffs seize her wrists and ankles and bind her to the stone. (The cuffs are obscured when they grab Mai's arms and legs in the US version. Also, Mai's skirt is made longer.)

(Also, this shot of Holding Legs merging into the stone is cut from the US version.)

Mai protests that she can't move! What kind of hologram is this? But Marik says it's no hologram—they're playing a Shadow Game, so everything is real. The Holding Arms and Legs attack Mai's life points directly, and her score goes down to 800. (This shot of Mai being attacked is cut from the US version.)

Joey aks Mai if she's all right, and she thinks that voice sounds so familiar.

Marik tells Mai that she's all alone. Yugi says that's not true, and the Millennium Puzzle and the eye in his forehead begin to glow again. Marik doesn't want Yugi interfering. He says it's time to awaken the Winged Dragon of Ra. (Japanese Malik tells Yugi that the ceremony of Dark Offerings is about to begin. He says that Ra has three special abilities, but he can only tell Yugi one.)

Marik begins to recite the chant. (This shot of Malik crossing his arms as he begins the chant is cut from the US version.)

The sphere glows, then begins to open up. He continues to chant, and the great dragon appears behind him. Yugi and Kaiba both gasp in awe as the beast, with an attack of 5400 points, towers over the dueling platform.

If Marik attacks with the Winged Dragon of Ra, Yugi thinks, Mai will lose, and her mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever! (Japanese Yugi thinks Mai will die. Malik tells Mai that since she's handcuffed and can't move, she can't surrender.) He demands that Marik stop the duel, reminding Marik that his grudge is against himself, not Mai. Marik agrees, but says he's just having a little fun. He tells Yugi not to worry, they'll face each other soon. (Japanese Malik tells Yugi he'll use this woman as a Dark Offering, and increase Yugi's hatred.) It's something he's been waiting for, ever since his family insisted that he bear the ancient scriptures on his back, leaving him cursed to carry the secret of the Pharaoh's power until his return. This burden has brought him nothing but suffering and despair. For generations, his family has waited hopelessly for the Pharaoh's return—except for him! Why should he serve the ancient Pharaoh, when he holds the key to the Pharaoh's power? He'll become the Pharaoh himself! (Japanese Yami Malik says that the hatred in his host's mind created him, and Yugi realizes that this is "the other Malik." Cut from the US version is this scene in whichYami Malik says that his birth was at the ceremony on the day that Malik was ten. The pain and suffering his father gave him made him want to destroy himself. He created another personality to live and protect himself.)

(Yami Malik says that he wanted to dominate Malik, but something interfered with his plan. Only when Malik is extremely angry can he take over. And Rishid carved the cure on his face and sealed Malik's anger. Now Rishid has fallen, and Yami Malik rules the body.)

Yugi thinks that he must figure out the secret written on Marik's back. He tells Marik that this madness has to stop right now! But Marik says this madness has just begun. (Japanese Yugi asks Malik what he wants. Is it the God cards, or something else? Malik says he wants to destroy everyone. Destruction is the source of his happiness. He wants to make the Dark world the real world.)

Marik raises the Millennium Rod, saying that it's time to trap Mai's mind in the Shadow Realm forever. Joey runs to Roland, demanding that he stop the duel. Roland refuses, so Joey jumps up onto the platform, determined to save Mai. Marik orders the Winged Dragon of Ra to attack. Joey runs to Mai, trying to release her from her bonds. Mai can't see him, and she wonders who's there. He sounds familiar, she thinks, like an old friend. He takes her face in his hands, pleading with her to remember him. She speaks his name, and he says he won't let anything happen to her, because they're friends. He'll always be there for her no matter what. He has something to tell her, he says, and reminds her of when he was knocked unconscious during the lightning storm. He had a dream that he was back at school and he couldn't stand up, but all his friends helped him—including her. He knows he told her she wasn't there, but she was. She's his friend.

Suddenly, his face becomes clear to her, and she remembers. Marik is angry that Joey managed to break Mai's mind control, but it doesn't matter—the Winged Dragon of Ra will destroy them both. Joey continues to try to pull Mai free of the Holding Arms and Legs, while Marik orders Ra to attack. Mai tells Joey to run, but he won't leave without her.

Yugi jumps up onto the field and stands in front of Joey and Mai, absorbing Ra's attack. Marik says all three of them are finished, and Yugi collapses. Marik demands that Roland announce him the winner, then walks over to check the damage. Joey kneels at Yugi's side, telling him to wake up, as the stone disappears and Mai sinks to the platform. Marik says he should send Yugi to the Shadow Realm right now. (Japanese Malik pulls the dagger out of the Millennium Rod, saying he'll take care of Yugi.)

Joey jumps up to defend him. But Marik tells him to relax—he still needs Yugi. But Joey needs to be taught a lesson. (Japanese Malik says he's just kidding. He'll finish Yugi in a duel.) He freezes Joey with the Millennium Rod, then goes over to Mai, telling her he wants his God card back.

Marik uses the Millennium Rod to trap Mai's mind. She finds herself inside an hourglass, while her friends play on the beach below. She calls out to them, but they can't hear her. Marik tells her she'll be alone here for the rest of eternity, while her friends disappear one by one. (Japanese Malik tells Mai that when the sand covers her, she'll die.) One last thing—he's taking back his card. He pulls the Egyptian God card from the narrow part of the hourglass, where it's been trapping the sands in the upper half, and the sand begins to trickle down onto her. The image of Joey in Mai's mind dissolves into sand.

On the dueling platform, Mai collapses. Marik taunts Joey, telling him that as the sands fall, Mai is forgetting everything she knows. (In the US version, the shot of Mai lying on the ground has been changed so that her eyes are closed.)

Joey wants to fight, but Marik threatens to do the same to him, and the others run up onto the dueling platform, telling Joey to let it go. (Japanese Malik tells Jounouchi that maybe he can get Mai back if he beats him. Jounouchi swears that he will defeat him. Malik says he'll send Jounouchi into darkness.) Marik walks away, laughing, thinking that he can feel his power increasing with each mind he sends to the Shadow Realm.

The gang surround Yugi and Mai. Joey apologizes to Mai, and promises to save her. Yugi wakes up, saying he's fine, and asking how Joey and Mai are.

Kaiba gets a call from Mokuba, who's got an image of the Ra card pulled up on a computer screen. There's more than just the chant written on the card, he says, and he'll decode it now. Kaiba tells him good work, he needs to know all the secrets of the card, then orders the gang to clear the dueling platform for the next duel. (Japanese Kaiba says to open the gate and let the losers out.) Yugi starts to protest, but Kaiba won't hear it.

It's Kaiba's turn to duel.

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