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Episode 93: A Duel with Destiny: Kaiba vs Ishizu, Part 1 (Kaiba vs the Eighth Duelist)

The gang is gathered around Mai's bed. Worriedly, Serenity tells Joey that she's not waking up. Joey says Mai's name, but Téa tells him Mai can't hear him. Marik trapped her mind in the Shadow Realm. Joey thinks this tournament has gotten way out of hand. Duke says it's because there's mind-warping psycho on board. The gang isn't too pleased, but he says he's just being honest! (In the Japanese, there is much less dialog. Jounouchi says "Mai." Everyone just stands there. Shizuka says, "Mai-san." Jounouchi says he'll never forgive Malik. This shot of him clenching his fist is cut from the US version.)

(Otogi says the fourth duel is about to begin, and Shizuka says Jounouchi's name.)

Serenity tells the rest of the gang to go on to the next duel. She'll stay with Mai. Serenity makes a little speech about how much she's learned from everyone about being brave and how they all support each other, and now it's her turn to do something for them by watching over Mai. (Japanese Shizuka says Jounouchi encouraged her when she had her eye operation. Now Mai is fighting alone. Maybe she can't do anything, but she wants to stay by Mai's side. She asks Jounouchi to let her take care of Mai, so he can watch the duel and move forward in the tournament. She knows Mai would agree. She's gotten courage and support from everyone. She doesn't know anything about dueling, but as one of the group, she wants to do something.) The gang agree, and head up to the dueling arena, where Kaiba is already waiting for the mysterious eighth duelist. Tristan wonders who this eighth duelist is, and Yugi says let's just hope whoever it is isn't working for Marik. Tristan agrees—they've got enough people on bedrest already. Kaiba thinks his God card will crush this duelist, whoever it is. (Japanese Kaiba is wondering what kind of secrets Malik has. He must translate the text on the Ra card.)

Mokuba contacts Kaiba on his lapel radio to tell him that the Winged Dragon of Ra card has been successfully scanned into the mainframe, and the network is translating the Egyptian text on the card. (Japanese Mokuba says he's sorry, but he's having trouble translating the card. He's used the Internet, but it's taking a long time. He'll try to connect to Industrial Illusions. The writing on the authorization window is removed from the US version.)

Roland announces that if the eighth duelist doesn't arrive in the next five minutes, Seto Kaiba will be awarded an automatic victory. Yugi tells Kaiba he must speak to him right away, but Kaiba tells him to save it. Yugi insists, but Kaiba says he knows what Yugi wants—to land the blimp to get Mai to a hospital. He tells him to forget it—the tournament stops for no one. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi to watch this duel. He's betting the God card on a fight for the title of Duel King. He'll win this duel in order to fight to the finish with Yugi.)

Kaiba steps up to the duel ring, thinking that soon Marik's God card will be in his deck. He waits, thinking his opponent came to his senses and decided to back out. (Japanese Kaiba thinks he hasn't seen his opponent yet. It's a duel surrounded by mysteries. But whoever comes before him, he'll crush them.)

But then the elevator arrives, and the eighth duelist steps onto the ring. Roland tries to announce the duelists, but still doesn't know the eighth duelist's name! Kaiba says she's got a lot of nerve to show up late for her duel. Was she scared?

The eighth duelist just walks calmly to her side of the ring, and pulls down her veil. (Cut from the US version is a short sequence of Anzu recognizing Isis, then a closeup of a determined Isis, then Kaiba recognizing her.)

She tells Roland to call her Ishizu Ishtar. Normal Marik tries to break free, calling out to his sister to help him, but Dark Marik suppresses him. Téa tells Yugi that this is the woman they met at the Egyptian exhibit, and Yugi agrees. He remembers her telling him about the stone tablets and her Millennium Necklace.

Kaiba says it's quite a surprise, and Ishizu says yes, they meet again. He wants to know if she came to win Obelisk back, but she says she's come to save her brother. For the past five thousand years, an Ishtar has stood guard over the Pharaoh's tomb, but Marik turned against them, and the evil is even stronger in him now. Marik is her brother. (Japanese Kaiba asks Isis why she's there, and she says she was guided by her own destiny. He tells her to use language he can understand. She looks at Malik, saying that one is her brother. But no—he's now controlled by another personality. She wants to win to save her brother.)

Joey thinks one Ishtar was bad enough! But Tristan says she can't be any worse than Marik and for once, Duke agrees. Ishizu thinks that she knows there is good inside her brother, and once again, the normal Marik tries to reach out to her for help. This time, Dark Marik seals his other self away into a glass pyramid in the Shadow Realm. Ishizu reminds Kaiba that her Millennium Necklace gives her the power to see the future, and now she sees that he is about to lose this duel to her. Kaiba, of course, thinks that's nonsense. And he doesn't appreciate her using his tournament to solve her family issues. He planned it with one goal in mind—to reclaim his place as the number one duelist in the world! (Japanese Kaiba reminds Isis that she gave him Obelisk and asked him to destroy the Ghouls. He never thought she'd join the tournament. This shot of Jounouchi upset to learn that Kaiba and Isis planned the tournament together is cut from the US version.)

(Kaiba continues, now she says she'll beat him! What an impressive prediction.)

Ishizu reminds him that it was her idea to organize the tournament, in order to lure duelists like her brother. And her plan worked—her brother is here. But the hardest task is yet to come. To save her brother, she needs the help of the Pharaoh, which is why Yugi needed to join the tournament as well. Kaiba thinks it's all pretty lame. But Ishizu says she's shown him that he can trace his origins back to ancient Egypt as well. (Japanese Isis says that her brother is the leader of the Ghouls. But not the Malik standing over there. As the leader of the Ghouls, stealing rare cards is unforgivable. But compared with this, there's an even worse threat from Malik.)

Kaiba's heard enough. He's a duelist, and he plans to win this tournament, no matter what Ishizu and her demented brother believe. (Kaiba says he understands now. She was using him as bait to draw out the Ghouls. But he's not happy about it. He doesn't care what Malik means to her. He'll crush her for sure.) He tells her she made two mistakes—the first was handing Obelisk to him, and the second was expecting it back. That card is his, and soon he'll possess the other two Egyptian God cards. Then he'll have the world's most powerful deck, and she can take her hocus-pocus to some other tournament. He orders Roland to begin the duel at once. (A short sequence showing the Duel Ring rising is cut from the US version.)

Ishizu thinks that her Millennium Necklace predicts that Kaiba's lack of faith will be his downfall, as Kaiba announces that he'll go first. (Japanese Isis thinks Kaiba will summon Blood Vorse in attack mode.) He summons Vorse Raider (1900 ATK). Ishizu thinks that now he'll place a card face down, which he does. Ishizu tells him that her Millennium Necklace will predict his every move, and he will lose. (Cut from the US version is a scene where Anzu says if Isis can really predict the future, there's no way Kaiba can win. Jounouchi says as much as he wants to see Kaiba beaten, if he loses now, it will ruin Jounouchi's own plan to beat Kaiba!)

(Otogi thinks Jounouchi doesn't need that kind of trouble, but Honda says don't worry, Kaiba won't lose that easily.)

(Anzu agrees—if his opponent is Jounouchi!)

Yugi thinks Kaiba's no match for the power of a Millennium Item. There's no way he can win. (Japanese Yugi thinks the power of a Millennium Item is no joke, and warns Kaiba to be careful.)

Meanwhile, Mokuba continues to work on translating the text on the Winged Dragon of Ra, but the computer can't decipher the last line. This isn't good! (Japanese Mokuba has hacked into Industrial Illusions' network and thinks things are working better now.)

Eyes closed, Ishizu summons Keldo (1600 DEF) (in defense, although she doesn't say so in the US version). Joey's surprised—she didn't even look at the card. Yugi says her Millennium Necklace shows her events before they occur. Joey says it sounds like that trick Espa Roba played on him, but Yugi says Ishizu's power is very real. (Japanese Jounouchi says it's like the trick Mai used in thier first duel. Yugi says it can't be like Mai's fragrance strategy. The wind is strong, and the scent of perfume would be blown away.) Dark Marik thinks that what they don't realize is that his sister's power has limits. (Japanese Yami Malik thinks Isis's power isn't a trick.)

Next, Ishizu plays a magic card, Michizure of Doom, which allows her to select two cards from his hand and discard them. But then he can do the same to her hand. She chooses Polymerization and Kaiser Glider. Kaiba wonders how she could possibly have known those cards were in his hand! He thinks she must be cheating. He discards the two cards, demanding that she show him her hand, then tells her to discard Revival Magic and Monster Reborn. She does, then ends her turn.

Dark Malik thinks he remembers Ishizu's dueling tactics all too well. She may have defeated him when he was a child, but now she wouldn't stand a chance against him. She'll never transform him back into the pathetic fool he once was! Ishizu thinks that he's wrong. She knows her brother's kind and gentle spirit is in there somewhere, and she will set him free!

But Dark Marik says her brother has been getting in his way, and it's time to get rid of him forever. Marik calls for help as the glass pyramid recedes.

Kaiba says let's see which is stronger—her tricks or his skills. He attacks Keldo with Vorse Raider and destroys it. Ishizu isn't bothered. She still says she knows every move he's going to make before he makes it, and she knows he's going to lose. Kaiba tells her her mind games won't work on him. He thinks he's got the magic card Shrink in his hand, and his Crush card face down on the field. (Cut from the US version is a short bit where Anzu thinks that no matter how good Kaiba's cards are, Isis's power will defeat him.)

Kaiba thinks he'll completely devastate her. He plays another card face down and ends his turn.

Ishizu draws a trap card, which she thinks she'll need later. Then she summons Mudora (1500 ATK). She thinks that her Millennium Necklace shows her that Kaiba will try to win by using the God card she gave to him, but she'll destroy Obelisk and defeat him.Kaiba tells her to hurry up and play already. He's heard enough about her insane brother. She doesn't like him insulting her family, but Dark Malik thinks he doesn't blame Kaiba for being frustrated. He's getting tired of Ishizu's speeches, too. (Japanese Isis mentally asks Kaiba to forgive her, thinking that it's not allowed to use the power of seeing the future. But it's for her brother. Afterwards, she'll devote her life to the gods to pay for her guilt. Neither Kaiba nor Dark Malik speak.)

Ishizu plays the magic card, Sword of Dogra, which increases Mudora's attack by 500 points, to 2000. Then she attacks Kaiba's Vorse Raider.

Kaiba thanks her, activating his face-down card, Shrink, which cuts Vorse Raider's attack points in half so that he can activate his Crush card, which destroys every powerful monster in Ishizu's deck, including Mudora. (The real card, Deck Destruction Virus of Death, destroys every monster of 1500 or more on the opponent's field, in their hand, and any that they draw for the next three turns. Not quite as bad as destroying every monster in the opponent's deck, but still a nasty little card. It requires a tribute of a Dark monster with an attack of 1000 or less to activate. This card hasn't been released in the US.)

Joey says Kaiba's move was brutal! If he were Ishizu, he'd trade in that necklace for a crystal ball! Yugi thinks Joey's right—if she can see the future, why didn't she see that coming? But Ishizu calmly sends her monster cards to the graveyard, saying her Millennium Necklace has told her she doesn't need powerful monsters to defeat him. She plays Swords of Revealing Light to stop him from attacking for three turns. He asks if his future's bleak, why's she stalling? She says she's not stalling. Their moves are dictated by fate, and it's his destiny to lose. He has a prediction of his own—as soon as her Swords of Revealing Light are gone, he'll crush her with his Egyptian God. Ishizu plays a card face down and ends her turn.

Kaiba draws Virus Cannon, thinking this is perfect. She may have prevented his monsters from attacking, but he can still play this magic card. (He says it's a magic card, but it's got the red background of a trap card. The Japanese card is a magic card.)

Dark Marik thinks it's quite amusing to watch Ishizu toy with Kaiba.

Kaiba summons Dark Gremlin (1600 ATK/1800 DEF) in defense. (Actually, it's in attack position. The Japanese name of this card is Death Gremlin.) Then sets his Virus Cannon face down. Ishizu draws one card, but she says she doesn't need it yet, and passes. Kaiba says, how sad. She stopped him from attacking, but she still hasn't destroyed him. Ishizu says Kaiba will draw the card that will lead to his defeat in two turns. Kaiba just laughs. All this talk is pointless. He draws, and says he'll save his card, too.

Meanwhile, Mokuba's got the translator working, and soon they'll know all the secrets of the Winged Dragon of Ra. And then no one will be able to stop him.

Ishizu draws, and passes again. Kaiba says for all her talk, she's done nothing to win the duel. Next turn, her Swords of Revealing Light will be gone, allowing him to defeat her. She says he'll pass this turn, and she's right. Then she draws a trap card, Sacrifice's Blast, which she thinks will allow her to seal his fate in the next turn. She tells Kaiba it's time for him to make his final move.

Swords of Revealing Light's three turns are up, and Kaiba's free to attack. He can hear the pulse from his deck as he's about to draw, thinking it's time to destroy Ishizu with the very card she gave him. He remembers standing with her in front of the stone tablet while she told him about the God cards, Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra. She gave him Obelisk to use for the tournament, saying she expected it back, but Kaiba thinks she'll regret the day she handed him an Egyptian God card! Now it's time to finish her off.

He draws Obelisk the Tormentor. Then he attacks her directly with Dark Gremlin, reducing her life points to 2400. He tells her that now he'll use Obelisk to destroy her, but she says if he uses Obelisk, he'll be destroyed. Kaiba says she can't win. Nothing can save her from Obelisk! (Japanese Kaiba says he won't be controlled by the future. The only road he walks is his own future!)

To Be Continued

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