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Episode 94: A Duel with Destiny: Kaiba vs Ishizu, Part 2 (One Attack Changes the Future)

Kaiba taunts Ishizu, asking her if she still thinks destiny is on her side. But Ishizu thinks she has seen this duel quite clearly, and Kaiba will lose at the hands of his own Egyptian God card. (Japanese Kaiba tells Ishizu to remember this: he didn't choose the God, the God chose him. Ishizu thinks, no, he's not the chosen one. His future will be failure because of Obelisk,) Joey says he's got to hand it to Ishizu—she's about to get stomped, but she's keeping her cool. Tristan's starting to think maybe she really does know something they don't. But Duke thinks it's just an act. They all agree that Ishizu's in big trouble. Yugi is suddenly worried—what if Ishizu does lose? Will the evil inside Marik grow even stronger? She has to win! (Japanese Jounouchi mentions that all of Ishizu's cards are in the grave, and Yugi is reminded of the Tomb Keepers. If Ishizu and Malik are brother and sister, then Ishizu is also one of the Tomb Keepers. Then he thinks, if this key card is hidden in Ishizu's deck....)

Kaiba tells Ishizu her most powerful cards are in the graveyard, and soon the rest of her cards will join them. She says she's well aware of his plan. Marik thinks Kaiba is naive to believe that mere skill will bring him victory. He must accept his ancient past in order to win. (Japanese Malik thinks Kaiba is digging is own grave.)

Kaiba, with 2950 life points, thinks Ishizu has no idea what she's in for. Ishizu, with 2400, thinks that now he'll come after her magic cards. Kaiba activates his trap card, Virus Cannon, which will wipe out ten magic cards in her deck. (The Japanese card is a magic card, not a trap card.)

Kaiba laughs, telling Ishizu that he's destroying her deck. First, his Crush card destroyed all her high-powered monsters, and now his Virus Cannon will do the same to her magic cards. Does she still think he's going to lose?

Ishizu discards ten of her magic cards, telling Kaiba that she does. He's played right into her hands, and now he's sealed his fate. (Japanese Ishizu says she's seen him lose.) Kaiba says that's nonsense. He's heard enough of her false predictions.

Her predictions are quite real, she says, and she still has her trap cards. She activates Exchange of the Spirit, at a cost of 1000 life points, causing each of them to replace the cards in their decks with the cards in their graveyards. Kaiba is horrified—he's left with a deck of only six cards!

Meanwhile, Mokuba's still in the computer room, working on translating the text on the Winged Dragon of Ra. He notices the status of Kaiba and Ishizu's duel on a monitor. Exclaiming that Seto's in trouble, he jumps up to run to him.

Kaiba's still in shock, wondering how he could have let this happen. Yugi thinks that by playing Exchange of the Spirit, Ishizu brought all of her powerful cards back from the graveyard—and destroyed Kaiba's deck at the same time. Marik thinks Ishizu hasn't lost her touch. She strung Kaiba along just as she used to string him along when they were children. Yugi points out that once Kaiba's used up the six cards he has left, he'll lose.

It's Ishizu's turn, and she summons Kelbek (1500 ATK). Joey thinks Kaiba's toast, but Téa says that Kaiba's still got his God card in his hand. (Japanese Anzu thinks Ishizu really did see the future.)

Ishizu plays a card face down and ends her turn. Kaiba's still not over the shock of losing all his cards, thinking that this is his tournament! If he loses, he'll be humiliated! (Japanese Kaiba wonders how he can believe in a future where he fails. These two shots have been switched around in the US version. The bit showing Kaiba looking shocked comes before the scene of Ishizu playing her face-down card in the Japanese.)

Joey's enjoying seeing Kaiba squirm. (He doesn't say anything in the Japanese.) Mokuba rushes to the dueling arena, asking Kaiba what happened! He says never mind, and asks if Mokuba's finished translating the card. Mokuba says there's one line left. (Japanese Mokuba says he's almost finished, but he's worried about his brother.)

Hand trembling, Kaiba draws his next card. Ishizu tells him he'll draw Virus Cannon, which he does. She tells him he can't escape his fate, and to go ahead and play his trap card. (Japanese Ishizu tells him she isn't guessing. She sees it as part of the future. But how he uses the card is up to him.) Insisting he won't listen to any more of her nonsense, he activates Virus Cannon. (In the real game, he can't do that. Trap cards have to be set on the field for one turn before they're activated. In the Japanese, it's a magic card, so he can play it.) But Ishizu says her trap will send it straight to the graveyard. She activates Muko, which destroys his Virus Cannon. (As usual, points are added to the five-pointed star on the card in the US version.)

Ishizu asks if Kaiba has accepted the power of her Millennium Necklace yet. (Japanese Ishizu tells Kaiba that next he'll draw Deck Destruction Virus of Death [the Crush card], but she won't let him add it to his hand.) He just growls at her to make her move. (Japanese Kaiba mutters, "Koitsu," which literally means "This person," then says, "Turn end" in English.) Joey points out that Kaiba's Dark Gremlin is more powerful than Ishizu's monster. Why doesn't he attack? Yugi says maybe Kaiba doesn't want to attack yet. He wants to summon his Egyptian God card, but he doesn't have enough monsters to sacrifice. Maybe he's planning to sacrifice Ishizu's monsters instead. Kaiba studies his hand, thinking there's only one way to win this—he must summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Ishizu will cower in fear before the very Egyptian God card she gave him! (Japanese Kaiba doesn't say anything here. Ishizu is thinking that she knows that Kaiba is planning to use Cross Sacrifice [Soul Exchange] to summon Obelisk, waiting for her to gather three monsters. The God will guide him on the road to destruction.)

Ishizu summons Zorga (1700 ATK) (the real card is Zolga), thinking that soon Kaiba will sacrifice her monsters to summon Obelisk, continuing his path to defeat.

Kaiba thinks he may have only a few cards left, but he has everything he needs to win this duel. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that Ishizu is seeing the future, and seeing his defeat.) Yugi calls out to Kaiba to listen to him, and tells Kaiba he's in over his head. This tournament is more than a game—he's seen the damage Marik has done, and he might be next. There's an ancient magic at work here that can't be denied! If he continues to ignore it, he's a fool. (Yeah, that's helpful. Japanese Yugi tells Kaiba that he can see the road of their battle stretching to the end. A duelist uses his cards to explore the future. Their duel is yet to come. Kaiba says then he'll wait for Yugi.) Of course, Kaiba laughs it off, telling Ishizu to make her move.

Ishizu attacks Dark Gremlin with Zorga, destroying it. Then she attacks his life points directly with Kelbek. Kaiba's down to 1350 life points. Kaiba asks if she's done, but she says no. She plays a card face down, then ends her turn. Kaiba thinks it must be a trap, and wonders what it is. He knows he has to protect his life points long enough to let him summon Obelisk—then this duel will be over! (Japanese Kaiba knows she's set a trap to destroy his Deck Destruction Virus of Death, but he has no choice but to step in it. He'll use Obelisk to crush her and eliminate his humiliation.)

Kaiba draws, but Ishizu activates her trap card, another Muko, sending his card directly to the graveyard. Duke says Kaiba's running low on cards, and Joey agrees—if Kaiba wants to summon Obelisk, he'd better do it fast. Tristan wonders if that's even possible. Joey says it's possible, but it's a long shot. (Japanese Yugi urges Kaiba to believe in their future.) Mokuba, with tears in his eyes, encourages his brother, saying he knows he can do it, and encouraging him to use his secret weapon now!

Kaiba thinks Mokuba's right—he must summon Obelisk, but he must sacrifice three monsters first. As soon as Ishizu summons another monster, he'll play Soul Exchange, allowing him to sacrifice her monsters to summon Obelisk. (The real Soul Exchange only allows you to tribute one of your opponent's monsters in place of your own.) In the meantime, he sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Joey says that one more direct attack and Kaiba's history, so whatever face-down card he played, it better be strong. Yugi thinks that if what Ishizu said is true, there's no way Kaiba can win. It's his destiny to lose. (Japanese Yugi thinks Kaiba's set card must be Cross Sacrifice. But Ishizu must know this....)

Ishizu knows that Kaiba's planning to use Soul Exchange to sacrifice her monsters. He'll summon the Egyptian God card she placed in his deck, and victory will be hers. She sets a card face down. Kaiba mentally urges her to summon a monster—she must have three monsters on the field for his plan to work. Ishizu thinks that the card she just played is the key to her victory. It will hide a biotic blaster within the body of one of her monsters. When Kaiba sacrifices the monster, the weapon will be transferred into Obelisk. She then summons Agido (1500 ATK).

Kaiba thinks that now the stage is set for his sacrifice. But then he worries—what if Ishizu is expecting him to use Soul Exchange? He could be walking right into a trap. But this is his only chance to summon Obelisk.

Kaiba activates his face-down card, Soul Exchange. (The real Soul Exchange is a normal magic card, not a quick-play, and can't be activated during the opponent's turn.) He sacrifices Ishizu's three monsters, Kelbek, Zorga, and Agido, to summon Obelisk the Tormentor (4000 ATK). A column of light rises from the field, and Kaiba laughs triumphantly as the mighty god monster forms behind him.

Kaiba tells Ishizu that counting on a piece of jewelry to win a duel is pathetic! To win a duel takes skill and an extremely powerful deck. (Japanese Kaiba tells Ishizu that when his turn comes, Obelisk will crush her. Ishizu ends her turn.) But Ishizu just thinks Kaiba is sadly mistaken. When she secretly played her trap card, Sacrifice's Blast, she infused her own monster with a self-destructing trap. When he played Soul Exchange to sacrifice her monsters to summon Obelisk, the trap was transferred to Obelisk. When he uses Obelisk to attack, it will self-destruct, taking the rest of Kaiba's life points with it. (Okay, in the real game, you can't "secretly" play a trap card. Face-down cards have no effect on game play until they're activated and flipped face up. The real card is called Blast Held by a Tribute, and its effect reads: "You can only activate this card when an opponent declares an attack with a monster on his/her side of the field that has been Tribute Summoned or Set. Destroy all face-up monsters on your opponent’s side of the field and inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent’s life points.")

The gang all wonder how Ishizu can possibly win. Ishizu wants Kaiba to attack her. She sees the future clearly: the moment Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack, her trap will destroy it, and Kaiba will be defeated. Marik thinks this duel won't last much longer, and turns to go. But as he leaves, his Millennium Rod begins to glow.

Kaiba starts to order the attack. But suddenly the Millennium Rod activates, sending out beams of light. Kaiba stops, overcome by a strange feeling. Visions of the carved stone tablet appear before him. Then he sees a tablet with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon carved on it, and before it an Egyptian priest kneeling, holding a woman with long blonde hair in his arms. Kaiba stares, wondering what it means.

Marik glares at the Millennium Rod. Someone else is controlling it! Kaiba thinks this feeling is too strong to ignore, and Yugi realizes that the Millennium Rod is affecting Kaiba. Kaiba feels that his Blue-Eyes White Dragon is calling to him. Maybe he should attack Ishizu with the Blue-Eyes instead of Obelisk. This goes against his entire strategy—but now he knows that to win this duel, he must summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Kaiba plays the magic card, Silent Doom, which allows him to summon a monster from his graveyard, Gadget Soldier, in defense. Ishizu is stunned—this isn't what her Necklace predicted. Declaring that he won't be controlled—"I decide my future!"—he sacrifices Obelisk and Gadget Soldier to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! (Japanese Kaiba says he'll show Ishizu the honest servant who has his pride and his soul—the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!)

Marik wonders what Kaiba saw, and Ishizu realizes that something from Kaiba's past must have awakened inside him, for he was the ancient keeper of the Blue-Eyes. Kaiba attacks with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Ishizu loses. Roland declares Kaiba the winner, and Mokuba cheers his brother.

Yugi thinks Marik's Millennium Rod must have shown Kaiba how to win the duel. He thinks it had something to do with the images on the stone tablet. Kaiba's destiny is connected to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and that's why he had to play it. Ishizu congratulates Kaiba on overcoming the fate her Millennium Necklace showed her, and tells him that his past is the key to his power. Kaiba, of course, still thinks his skill and intelligence were what won the duel. (Japanese Ishizu says that Kaiba is the true owner of the God card. But why...? Kaiba says that there's something he has to trust more than the God, and he'll keep this faith.) She says that he's taught her a valuable lesson about the nature of destiny, and thanks him. He's given her hope for changing her brother's future. She knows Kaiba will help her save her brother.

Kaiba tells her to believe whatever she needs to, but he's only in it for himself. (Japanese Kaiba says that one who succumbs to the future can't see the light of hope.) The dueling ring lowers, and Kaiba steps off, Mokuba running after him. As he passes the gang, he tells Yugi to start preparing for their duel now. Yugi says he will.

Ishizu thinks that when the time is right, Kaiba will accept destiny's role for him, and her brother and the world will be saved. (Japanese Ishizu thinks, "The unseen future... I want to trust this.")

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