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Episode 95: The Tomb-Keeper's Secret (The Truth About the Ishtars Revealed)

Entering the computer room aboard the airship, Kaiba asks Mokuba if he's been able to translate the text on the Winged Dragon of Ra card yet. Mokuba says he's pretty close, but for some reason the network is still having trouble with the last few words. (Japanese Mokuba says he's connected to Industrial Illusions's network and it's analyzing itnow.) Kaiba looks at the image of the text in astonishment—he can read it! He can read that paragraph as if it were written in English, but he's never seen that language before in his life. He remembers Marik saying that the words on the card are written in an ancient text used by high-ranking officials in Egypt. (Japanese Malik said that only the chosen ones can read it.) Then he recalls Ishizu telling him that the sorcerer opposing the Pharaoh on the carved stone tablet is himself, and also the vision of himself kneeling before a carving of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that he saw during his duel with Ishizu.

Insisting to himself that he's the CEO of Kaiba Corp, not an ancient magician, Kaiba falls to his knees, unable to deal with what he's seen. (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "What's happening to me?")

Roland announces that Round One of the Battle City finals is over. The four remaining finalists are Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, and Marik. The competition will resume in tomorrow, when they land at their next dueling site. The gang stands in the hallway listening to the announcement. Yugi says he guesses they're not dueling on the blimp any more, and Joey's just as glad—he was getting airsick. But the important thing, Yugi says, is that they both made it to the next round. Kaiba and Marik, here they come. Now it's time for them to get some rest. (Japanese Yugi wonders what the next dueling site will be, and Jounouchi says anywhere is okay with him.) Téa says things have been pretty intense so far—both Bakura and Odion are knocked out, and Mai's in the Shadow Realm. Yugi says it's all because of Marik, but Joey says not to worry—they'll stop that creep. (Japanese Yugi says it's been a painful duel, and Jounouchi says they should go visit Mai.)

The gang's about to go check up on Mai, when Ishizu comes and asks if she can visit Mai with them. They all go into Mai's room, where Serenity is still watching over her. She says Mai hasn't said a word. Joey apologizes to Mai for letting her down, but promises she'll get her revenge. Serenity says that anger and revenge will only make things worse. That's how Mai got this way—Marik is so full of anger and hate that he enjoys making other people suffer. Serenity says that when she took her bandages off, this isn't what she wanted to see, and she starts to cry. (Japanese Jounouchi says he'll beat Malik and save Mai. Shizuka says she knows Jounouchi wants her to be strong, but she can't take it. Mai and Bakura are like this because of the duels. This isn't the world she wants to see.) Téa comforts her, and Joey apologizes.

Ishizu says that there is hope ahead. Where there is evil, there is also good. Marik was good once. She tells them that Marik began life as an innocent child, but that innocence disappeared, leaving him with a dark hole where his heart once was. She remembers when this evil was born. It happened the night that Marik was given the Tomb Keepers' initiation, and inherited the task of protecting the Pharaoh's tomb. Yugi listens, watching with big sad eyes. Now this evil has completely taken over her brother's body. (Japanese Ishizu says that no matter what happens, people can't stop looking. She tells Shizuka that even in a world full of sadness, there's someone stretching out his hands to see the world. From ancient times, the Tomb Keepers made many sacrifices to keep their mission to guard the Millennium Items.)

Yugi asks Ishizu, what if there's no way to save her brother? It may be too late. She told him it was his destiny to save the world. He thought that meant defeating Marik and putting an end to his plan, not saving him. The gang all agree, saying it's hard to believe Marik ever being nice. Ishizu says they must trust her—she knows there is hope. It wasn't that long ago that Marik began to lose his way. (Japanese Yugi asks Ishizu if she's Malik's sister. He asks her why Malik wants him dead. Why does his his dark character want everyone dead? Ishizu thinks that the Pharaoh's soul is living in Yugi's body. He's the chosen one. No one else says anything. Then Ishizu says she'll tell them of the Ishtars' tragedy.)

For five thousand years, Ishizu says, an Ishtar has guarded the Pharaoh's tomb, waiting for the Pharaoh's return. As the first-born son, Marik was required to bear the Pharaoh's secret on his back, and forbidden ever to leave the tomb. (Japanese Ishizu says that the tragedy happened five years ago, one year after Malik received the initiation. Naked child Malik is cut from the US version.)

In flashback, the child Marik tells his sister that he's going. Ishizu warns him to be quiet, but he says it's late, and Father must be asleep by now. She promised one day to show him the outside world. Why can't they go now? She says that if Father finds out, they'll both be in big trouble. The outside world is off limits for them. Marik says Odion will cover for them, and Odion agrees. Marik continues to plead, with Odion promising to take care of everything, and finally Ishizu agrees. (Japanese Ishizu says they'll go out in the morning.) Little Marik throws his arms around his sister, while she says he must promise they'll return after an hour and never speak of it again.

Ishizu and Marik climb the steps leading outside, while Odion uses rolled-up blankets to make it look like Marik's still in bed. Ishizu and Marik step out into the sun. Marik blinks at its brightness, then smiles and stretches out his arms to the sun, while present-day Ishizu says that even though it was forbidden, she knew Marik deserved to see the light of day at least once in his life. (Japanese Ishizu says that was the first the Malik had felt the sun on his body.)

Marik runs happily through the market place, while Ishizu calls for him to slow down and stay at her side. But he's too excited to wait. He never dreamed the outside world looked like this! He finds a book lying in the street and picks it up, staring at the picture of a dog and rabbit, saying this isn't like his scriptures at all. Then he sees a picture of a man on a motorcycle, and wonders what it is. He notices a television set in one of the vendors' stall. There's a man on a motorcycle on TV. Enthralled, he watches the man ride away on the motorcycle.

The vendor asks Marik if he's never seen a TV before, and Ishizu hurriedly pulls him away, telling him he's impossible. She explains that the glass box is a TV, and the machine is a motorcycle. Marik wants to ride one! But as long as he's a Tomb-Keeper, he'll never be able to watch a TV or ride a motorcycle.

Worried that Marik's seen too much, Ishizu tells him their time is up and they must go. He doesn't want to go yet, but reluctantly agrees, first asking if he can keep the picture of the motorcycle from the book. Ishizu says if their father finds it, they'll be in trouble, but finally allows it, insisting that he hide it when they get home.

Ishizu turns to go, but is suddenly confronted by Shadi, who tells her that the Pharaoh will soon return. She asks him who he is, but all he says is that they must prepare themselves. (Japanese Shadi says he's one of the Tomb Keepers, and says that the tragedy is the will of the Pharaoh.) But if they reject their sacred duty, it will bring nothing but tragedy. Ishizu asks him again who he is, but he leaves without answering her.

Back in the present, Ishizu tells the gang that she knew she'd made a big mistake. As keepers of the Pharaoh's tomb, they were forbidden to see the outside world, and she was beginning to see why. She exposed Marik to a world he should never have seen, and this made him reject his family, and his evil side grew. (Japanese Yugi realizes that the man Ishizu and Malik met was Shadi. Yami agrees it must be. Shadi's the one who appears to people who hold Millennium Items. Ishizu says that because she broke the rules and let Malik see the outside world, the Ishtars' destruction was destined.)

In flashback, Ishizu and Marik run through the streets, looking for the stranger. Marik asks what the stranger meant, and how did he know they were waiting for the Pharaoh? (Japanese Malik says the stranger was wearing an ankh that's similar to the MiIlennium Torque and Millennium Rod.) Ishizu takes Marik by the shoulders and warns him not to speak of the Pharaoh now. They never should have come up here! She tells Marik just to forget what he saw, and forget about the stranger. They return to the secret entryway to their underground home.

Present-day Ishizu says that now that Marik had seen the outside world, forgetting it was impossible. (Japanese Ishizu doesn't say anything here.) Marik pauses at the steps, asking why they have to go back down into the darkness. He sits on a low wall of the ruin, looking at the picture of the motorcycle and imagining that he's riding one. He pictures the road rushing past beneath him, swearing that one day he'll ride a motorcycle out of the darkness and into freedom, and no one will be able to stop him. (Japanese Malik doesn't say anything, but makes motorcycle noises.)

Ishizu calls to Marik to come, and finally he starts down the steps. But then he notices something—a reel with an unwound rope attached. Ishizu says it must be some kind of an alarm, but she didn't see it in the darkness on their way out. They're busted. Horrified, Ishizu rushes down the steps, and Marik runs after.

They run back to Marik's room, to find it empty and in disarray, the rolls of blanket uncovered, books strewn about. Marik runs through the halls, calling out for Odion. Present-day Ishizu says that their father had weakened Odion with the Millennium Rod. (In the Japanese, Malik's father is beating Rishid with a whip. Rishid collapses just as Malik reaches the doorway.)

Marik finds Odion lying on the floor, smudged and scraped. Odion apologizes to Marik, while Marik's father says Odion promised to protect Marik. He orders Odion to leave and never return. (Malik's father doesn't speak in the Japanese, but breathes heavily from the exertion of the beating.) Standing in the doorway, Ishizu and Marik gasp in shock.

Marik's father turns to them, telling them that they know they are forbidden to walk with the outsiders. While Odion lies on the floor unconscious, Marik's father tells them that Odion will pay for their disobedience by leaving them forever. (Japanese Ishtar says tells them to watch the consequences of their disobedience. Rishid's robe is torn open and his back is bloody in the Japanese. Also, the whip has been digitized out of the US version.)

Marik clutches his head and cries out, and his dark side emerges. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Malik's father holding the whip and telling Malik that he's next. He snaps the whip at Malik, but Yami Malik catches it in his hand. Malik's father tries to pull it back, asking if Malik is resisting him. Yami Malik laughs, and thanks his father for getting rid of Rishid for him. Then he releases the whip.)

Dark Marik laughs, telling his father he doesn't scare him. From now on, Dark Marik says, these Millennium Items are his, and as his father warns that he'll inherit them when the time is right and no sooner, Dark Marik picks up the Millennium Rod. He's making his own rules now. (Japanese Yami Malik says the Rod seems to accept him.) Dark Marik holds out the Millennium Rod, using its power to slam his father against the wall. Ishizu runs to Marik, trying to get him to stop, but he tells her this doesn't concern her, and uses the Rod to push her against the wall as well. Dark Marik goes to his father, saying it's time to send him to the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Yami Malik pulls the dagger out of the Millennium Rod and approaches his father, intending to kill him.)

The scene cuts away to the empty hallways of the underground tomb, as Marik's father's screams are heard. (The cutaway scenes have been changed in the US version for some reason.)

( In the Japanese, the scene then cuts back to Yami Malik laughing over his father, who's slumped against the wall, with a smear of blood on the wall behind him. He says now there's the woman left, but then hears Rishid calling out to him.)

Dark Marik turns to Odion, intending to destroy him as well. (In the Japanese, he raises the dagger, telling Rishid to go to hell.)

But Odion lifts his head, telling Marik he needs him to protect him. Dark Marik is suppressed, and normal Marik returns, dropping the Millennium Rod, and kneeling before Odion, crying out, what has he done? (Japanese Malik asks what has happened to him.) Odion struggles to his knees, then puts his bound arms around Marik, telling him it's all right now. But Marik turns and sees Shadi in spirit form appear in the room. Marik begins to struggle. (Japanese Rishid tells Malik not to look, but Malik turns and sees his father lying dead against the wall. Shadi's spirit form rises up from Malik's father's body.)

Shadi tells Marik that he's taken his first step on a dangerous path of ultimate darkness. He must turn back before it's too late. The Pharaoh will soon return. Shadi disappears, Marik still asking who he is. (Japanese Shadi says the soul of the Pharaoh gave rise to this fate. The Pharaoh is reviving. He tells Malik to go find the Pharaoh.)

Back in the present, Yugi thinks that Marik's anger and jealousy fed the evil inside him. (Japanese Yami thinks that his soul has made Malik's tragedy.) Joey asks Ishizu if he's supposed to feel sorry for that spoiled brat because he grew into an evil nutcase. Her brother trapped Mai's mind in the Shadow Realm. Now she's living out her worst nightmares, and Joey's going to make sure he pays!

Ishizu tells Yugi that it's possible to destroy the evil within her brother without destroying the good. She realizes now that destinies can be changed. As the Pharaoh's vessel, Yugi has the power to do it.

Roland's voice announces lights out in two minutes. Tristan says he'll crash in Joey's room. Joey protests, but Tristan says Joey's room is like a palace—Joey'll never know he's there. Joey says he'll know by the smell. (Japanese Honda says, of course it's Jounouchi's room. Where else? And Jounouchi says, well, it can't be helped.) Then he tells Serenity good night, and tells Yugi that they'd better get some rest. Odds are, one of them will have to duel Marik, so they'd better be ready. Serenity asks Joey how he knows he and Yugi won't be dueling each other in the finals, and Joey freaks out, telling her to watch it or she'll jinx them. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi that he hasn't forgotten the promise they made. When they duel next, he'll use all his power to beat him. Shizuka tells Jounouchi to ask Ishizu if he'll duel Yugi in the final, and he asks her how he could ask such a dumb question! Ishizu says she doesn't have the power to see the future any longer.)

Ishizu gives Yugi the Millennium Necklace, saying she no longer has any use for it. It no longer shows her the future. She's completed her mission, and now it's Yugi's turn. (Japanese Ishizu says that in order to awaken the Pharaoh's memory, Yugi will need the other five Millennium Items and the three God cards. She gives Yugi the Millennium Torque, telling him it belonged to him originally.)

Joey, Tristan, Duke, and Yugi head for their rooms. Yugi holds the Millennium Necklace and Millennium Puzzle in his hands, thinking that now he has two Millennium Items. He'll need them both to put an end to Marik's plan.

Ishizu also leaves, and Téa runs after her with a question. If Yugi defeats the dark force inside Marik, will the world be safe from danger? Is there another evil out there? Ishizu says she's not sure, but Yugi now possesses the power to discover these answers. (Japanese Anzu asks Ishizu, when the seven Millennium Items are placed in the stone, what will happen to the other Yugi? Ishizu says that everyone's soul has to go to one place.) Ishizu leaves, and Téa's eyes go blank as Marik takes control, saying that he won't be discarded that easily. That fiend might have taken over his body, but a portion of his spirit remains within Téa. (Malik doesn't speak in the Japanese.)

Mind-controlled Téa enters Bakura's room with the Millennium Ring, which she places next to his head on his pillow. The Ring glows, and Bakura's eyes open. (There's no glowing in the Japanese version.)

Yugi lies in bed wide awake, thinking that the Battle City finals end tomorrow. Yami appears sitting on the edge of the bed, telling Yugi he must sleep. Yugi says he's worried, but Yami reassures him that they can do it together. Yugi says things have gotten so out of hand—just when he thinks he has Marik all figured out, he goes and gets twenty times more evil than he was in the first place. Yami insists they'll defeat him, but Yugi's not convinced. "Let me guess," he says, "if we trust in the heart of the cards we can beat this guy." Yami says yes. But Yugi turns over onto his side, thinking that this is much more than a card game, and he doesn't want to lose any more friends. Tears drip from his eyes. (Japanese Yami asks Yugi what he's thinking. Yugi says he's thinking that one day he'll gather the seven Millennium Items, then he'll visit Egypt and set them in the stone. He thinks that's his task as the vessel of his other self's soul. When that day comes.... He interrupts himself, saying he has to sleep. Tomorrow is the final. Then he turns away and begins to cry. Yami thinks, "Aibou" ["Partner"].)

Dark Marik enters Odion's room, holding the Millennium Rod, saying it's time to do what he should have done ages ago. In order for him to survive, Odion must be sent to the Shadows. (Japanese Malik pulls the dagger out of the Rod, and says, "Rishid, the darkness of death is visiting you.")

But Dark Bakura has entered the room behind him, saying he'll have to step in now. Dark Marik turns, angry at being interrupted, saying it's the spirit of the Ring. Dark Bakura says he's half right—the real Marik is there as well. Marik says he wants his body back, and Dark Bakura says Marik promised him the Millennium Rod if he could do away with Dark Marik. (Japanese Malik says he won't let Yami Malik kill Rishid. Yami Bakura says he wants Yami Malik to keep his promise. The Millennium Rod is his.)

Dark Marik laughs, saying that Bakura's the fool who's trying to collect the Millennium Items. He uses the Rod to push Bakura against the wall, then turns to finish off Odion. But Bakura uses the Ring to stop Marik, saying he's not afraid of him.

It seems their Millennium powers are equal. Dark Marik asks if Dark Bakura wants to duel him for the Rod, and Dark Bakura gladly agrees. (Japanese Yami Malik says that they're both chosen ones. Maybe they'll have to settle it with a Dark Game.Yami Bakura says he can't wait.)

They adjourn to the dueling ring atop the airship. The winner will keep the Millennium Rod—and the loser will be banished to the Shadow Realm!

To Be Continued

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