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Episode 100: Isolated in Cyber Space: Yugi vs Big 1 - Part II (The Terrifying Revival Combo)

Deep Sea Warrior tells Yami he knew a rookie couldn't keep up with the new Deck Master system. Yami says he's a fast learner, and Deep Sea Warrior hasn't won yet. Deep Sea Warrior says Yami's weakening—he can see it in his eyes. Why doesn't he just give up now? Yami says Deep Sea Warrior talks a big game, but he's got no monsters on the field to protect him, leaving himself wide open for an attack. (Japanese Deep Sea Warrior again quotes his Italian Renaissance thinker as saying, "We'd rather use an enemy than a companion." And Yami says, "Another proverb? But because of the effect you used just now, you don't have even one monster. My battle phase isn't over. I can use direct attacks, too.")

Yami direct attacks with Celtic Guardian (I'm sorry, I'm not calling him "Obnoxious Celtic Guardian"), and Deep Sea Warrior's life points go down to 2600. But Deep Sea Warrior says this is exactly what he wanted Yami to do! He summons Ruclomba the Spirit King. But how can he summon a monster while it's still Yami's turn? Every time he loses 1000 life points or more, he can instantly summon Ruclomba to the field.

Yami says it's not how many monsters you have, it's how you use them. But Deep Sea Warrior says he's been in business a long time, and he's always had a large workforce, which gave him the freedom to fire anyone he wanted, because there was always someone else to take his place. Yami says that's just sad. (Japanese Yami thinks that no matter how he attacks, Deep Sea Warrior always has a revival combo of substitute monsters. He'd better not waste time. Deep Sea Warrior tells him if he doesn't want to attack, he should just end his turn. Yami says he knows Deep Sea Warrior has a strong defense, but you can't win if you do nothing but defend. Deep Sea Warrior says that defense is an easier and stronger way to fight than attacking. Frustrated, Yami ends his turn.)

Noah looks on from his command station, saying he's glad he hired Gansley to do his dirty work. (Japanese Noah tells Deep Sea Warrior not to waste the chance he's given him.) Then he checks on the others. Serenity and Joey are still wandering alone in their parts of the virtual world, while Téa's being carried off by the Hitotsume Giants. Duke and Tristan are both trying to break through the wall of the endless hallway with axes.

And the Kaiba brothers have had a little run-in with their past.

Mokuba stares at the orphanage, saying he'd hoped he'd never have to see this place again. Kaiba repeats that it's just a virtual illusion. But for Mokuba, it still brings back bad memories. (In the Japanese, there's no dialog here.) He thinks of the two of them as small children, clinging to each other in a spotlight, surrounded by shadowy adult figures, then sees himself and his brother standing at the entrance to the orphanage, and he asks why they got sent there in the first place. As Mokuba's memory of himself and Seto arriving at the orphanage continues, Kaiba explains that after their parents disappeared, there was no one left to take care of them. Mokuba says he'll never forget the day they arrived there—it was the worst day of his life. (In the Japanese, Mokuba recalls that his mother was already dead, and then his father died in an accident, too. Their relatives came just for the bequest from his father, and sent the brothers to the orphanage.) They hear a voice saying "Welcome, boys," and turn around to see themselves, as children, at the gate, with two of the orphanage officials. Somehow, Kaiba says, Noah was able to tap into their memories and replay images from their past. (Again, there's no dialog here, just Kaiba and Mokuba staring in shock at the images from thier past.)

Very perceptive, they hear Noah's voice say. He tells them to enjoy the trip down memory lane. (This isn't in the Japanese.)

Next, they see young Mokuba sitting on a swing, in a playground all alone. (Cut from the US version are images of other happy children in the playground with their parents.)

Mokuba remembers that on their first day at the orphanage, he sat in the swing all day long. But how could Noah have known that? Mokuba was alone. The only one who knew—the only one who cared—was Seto. (In the Japanese, Mokuba remembers that he had been thinking of the happy times they'd spent with their mother and father.) The scene changes to sunset, and young Mokuba is still in the swing. (Here, they've cut an image of the empty playground, and another view of Mokuba alone on the swing.)

Young Seto goes up to him, calling him "Mokie," asking how he is. Young Seto tells his brother to cheer up—they have to make the most of this place. (Japanese Seto calls his brother "Mokuba." He never uses nicknames. He says to Mokuba, "Let's go back.") The two brothers go for a walk, and young Mokuba says he misses their mom and dad. It's not fair that they left them there all alone! Young Seto tells his brother not to cry. There's only one way they're going to get through this, he says. They have to get tough. Emotions will only get in the way of their survival. They can't expect anyone to help them ever again. They're on their own now. (In the Japanese, young Mokuba says, "I'm sorry, Nii-sama. I thought I could turn back time to when Dad was alive if I went to the park where we used to play." Young Seto says, "Mokuba, don't cry any more. I know how you feel. We're not stray dogs or rubbish. Don't worry about those people who made us like this. I'll make sure you can live happily. From now on, I'll be your father. I'll protect you no matter what. So stop crying." Then he says, "Listen—always be on your guard. You'll be finished if you show any weakness.")

Present-day Mokuba says he guesses that was Kaiba's idea of a pep talk—thanks a lot! (In the Japanese, Mokuba sadly says, "That's brother's cliché.") Present-day Kaiba just stares grimly ahead.

Noah smiles, thinking that this is just the beginning of his torture! (In the Japanese, the shot of Noah is shorter, and is followed by a brief closeup of Kaiba's eyes, first pressed shut, then opening.)

Next, the brothers see themselves in a classroom playing chess. Young Seto says checkmate, and young Mokuba exclaims that his brother won again! And in just five moves this time. Young Seto crosses his arms, looking terribly pleased with himself. Young Mokuba says Seto's the best chess player in the world! Young Seto says Mokuba would be the best, if he'd just concentrate. They start another game, while Noah watches, saying to himself that these visions must be painful to watch. It's just what he needs to destroy Seto Kaiba once and for all. Kaiba's empire will be his! (The conversation between young Seto and Mokuba in the Japanese is "Checkmate!" and "I lost again! You're really great." The rest of this scene is Noah's voiceover saying, "Seto, the borderline between reality and dreams is imprecise. Even so, people still struggle to use their memories as a springboard to raise themselves higher. At best, it depends on the signals of blurry memories. You, who are moved by such emotions, are not qualified to be the successor of Kaiba Corporation. It should be me, who is more outstanding than you. I'll make you understand this.")

Young Seto and Mokuba are distracted from their game by a news item on the classroom's television. (In the Japanese, Mokuba thinks that his brother often used to play with him. But since that day, the smile on his brother's face was gone. Since that man came....) The TV announcer says that once again Gozaburo Kaiba has retained his title as the world's greatest chess champion. But the business tycoon has a heart of gold—he's shown donating a portion of his winnings to a local orphanage. Kaiba looks on, frowning, thinking that that was the day that changed his life forever—the day he met his stepfather for the first time. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that from that moment, he's kept proceeding according to plan, and has never stopped.)

Now, the brothers see a limousine pull up in front of the orphanage, and Gozaburo Kaiba gets out, greeted by a row of obsequious orphanage officials. Mokuba exclaims that it's him! And Kaiba reminds him that it's just a cheap virtual projection—because he's long gone. Japanese Kaiba says, "Kaiba... Gozaburo" in a very chilling voice.) They watch Gozaburo and one of the officials walk by, Gozaburo saying that he doesn't want any of these brats touching him! (Okay, how did Noah's interactive program know Gozaburo said that? It's supposedly using Kaiba and Mokuba's memories, and neither of the young brothers heard it. There's no dialog between Gozaburo and the official in the Japanese version.) The door to the classroom opens, and young Seto and Mokuba come out. Young Seto tells his brother that that guy is their ticket out of there. (Japanese Seto says "Today is the day I'll keep my promise." Then he says, "That guy is the president of Kaiba Corporation. We should become his adopted children. He'll adopt us for sure. I'll make him.")

As Gozaburo returns from handing out presents to some of the children, young Seto steps out and greets him, challenging Gozaburo to a game of chess. If he wins, Gozaburo must adopt Seto and Mokuba. Gozaburo laughs—no one beats him at chess! What makes Seto think he can win? Young Seto says he never loses, either. Gozaburo says Seto's got confidence, but he's a busy man. Then Seto threatens to tell the newspapers that Gozaburo's scared of a kid, and Gozaburo gives in. One match, one chance only. (In the Japanese, young Seto begins by saying, "Please adopt my little brother and me," repeating it when Gozaburo asks "What?" "Of course, there should be conditions," young Seto says. First, he'll beat Gozaburo at chess. Gozaburo laughs, saying Seto's an interesting child, but it would be too difficult for him to be adopted that way—Gozaburo's a six-time world champion, and it's impossible to beat him. Seto says there's no such thing as impossible. Gozaburo says you can't win chess by luck, and Seto says it doesn't matter. Will he take the challenge? Gozaburo says Seto looks brave, and accepts the challenge. But he warns Seto he won't go easy on him. "That's my wish," says Seto.)

Present-day Kaiba says it was pretty impressive for a twelve-year-old. (Kaiba doesn't say this in the Japanese. And, in fact, we'll find out later that Japanese Seto was ten years old, not twelve, when he played his chess game with Gozaburo.) Mokuba asks what made him so sure he could beat Gozaburo, and Kaiba says it's simple—his desire to win was far greater than Gozaburo's. He had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, while it was just a game to Gozaburo. (Japanese Mokuba says that on that day Kaiba had already decided what he was going to do. And Kaiba says, of course, he'd studied all of the books about Gozaburo, including what would be in his mind as he took the challenge. It was under his control.)

Young Seto begins the game with pawn to E3—Gozaburo's usual opening move. Seto explains that he's studied all of Gozaburo's games. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that he used the same game as Gozaburo, but of course he set traps at the same time.) The two play intently, young Mokuba looking on worriedly, until Seto says "Checkmate." Gozaburo is stunned that Seto could have beaten him. Seto tells Gozaburo he must keep his promise to adopt them.

Present-day Kaiba says that was the day he took control of his future. Mokuba says it was also the day Kaiba stopped calling him "Mokie." Mokuba glares through the window at the scene in the classroom, as Kaiba says if it wasn't for him, they never would have escaped that rathole. He turned their lives around that day! (Kaiba doesn't say anything in the Japanese. Mokuba thinks, "That moment... if Brother hadn't beaten Gozaburo... the smile on Brother's face wouldn't have disappeared.")

Mokuba runs for the door of the classroom. Kaiba orders him to come back, but Mokuba says he liked the way it was before. At least back then, Kaiba actually smiled once in a while! (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba to wait. Mokuba says, "If the past can still be changed, I want Brother to be the one who always wore a smile.")

Kaiba urges Mokuba to get a grip—Noah's using these illusions to turn them against each other. (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba to calm down—they're not in the past. It's an illusion made by Noah.) But Mokuba opens the door and steps in—and falls. Beyond the door, there's nothing but a huge chasm. Kaiba catchs his brother's arm just in time to keep him from plunging into the chasm.

Back at the duel, Deep Sea Warrior draws, and summons Youi in attack mode. Its effect prevents Yami from drawing a card on his next turn. Then he plays Premature Burial, which allows him to bring back Ipiria from the graveyard—for an investment of 800 life points. Now he has three monsters to Yami's two. (Premature Burial's been given a redesign for the US to smudge out the cross and the face of the buried guy.)

Yami knows he can't attack with Chimera again. Deep Sea Warrior will just sacrifice two of his monsters to reflect the attack back at Yami, and his life points will be wiped out. Even if he could get rid of all of Deep Sea Warrior's monsters, a direct attack would allow his opponent to summon another Ruclomba. Deep Sea Warrior asks what the hold-up is, and Yami says a good strategy takes time, but Deep Sea Warrior says he's just stalling, and insults Kuriboh, who peeps sadly. Yami tells Kuriboh not to worry—he believes in him! But Kuriboh's still sad.

Meanwhile, Duke and Tristan are still chopping away at the wall of the hallway, when they finally break through onto a high deck outside the castle walls. Duke says they're still trapped, a hundred feet in the air outside some virtual castle in the middle of nowhere. Tristan says at least they're outside, so quit complaining and let's go find—

They hear a scream. Serenity is running from a dinosaur on the grounds below. Tristan leaps from the parapet and lands on the dinosaur's back, covering its eyes. As Duke comes to lead Serenity to safety, the dinosaur runs wild, charging into a lake with Tristan still on its back. Tristan emerges to find Serenity thanking Duke for being so brave, much to his frustration.

Yami is about to draw, when he remembers that, due to Youi's effect, he can't draw a card this turn. Deep Sea Warrior tells Yami he's dealing with a master strategist, and goes on to tell Yami that his business career began with one lemonade stand, stolen from his neighbor, that he turned into the largest distributor of frozen lemonade in the country. Even when you start small, he says, your investments can grow into an unstoppable force. (Japanese Deep Sea Warrior quotes a couple more proverbs instead of the lemonade story. From Ancient China, he says,"You can't do harm to a battalion," and from France, "Victory lies in keeping a battalion." But on the other hand, a militarist of Prussia once said, "The quantity of troops is just one of the factors in winning." Yami tells him it's tedious, and he should shut up.)

Yami thinks if he attacks with Celtic Guardian, Deep Sea Warrior will activate his Reflector Hole to bounce the attack back at Yami. But he'll have to sacrifice two monsters to do it, and his defense will be weakened. Yami has no choice. He attacks.

Deep Sea Warrior sacrifices Ipiria and Youi to activate Reflector Hole, and Celtic Guardian's attack is reflected back at Yami, who cries out in pain as the attack hits. (In the Japanese, the scene shifts to the sky as Yami continues to scream.)

Téa's cyclops captors drop her on the ground in a cave, their single red eyes glowing.

Yami's clutching his shoulder, still moaning in pain, while Deep Sea Warrior taunts him, telling him that's two direct hits—three strikes and he's out. He asks Yami if he's surprised by how real this duel feels, telling him this virtual duel will take more of a toll than the duels he's used to. Yami says at least Deep Sea Warrior's down to one monster—but then he sees that there are two monsters on his opponent's side of the field! Deep Sea Warrior has sacrificed Ruclomba to summon Wall of Illusion and another Ruclomba. Any monster that attacks Wall of Illusion is sent back to its owner's hand.

Noah watches, saying that it looks like Gansley's about to give him his first victory of the day.

Now Yami knows he can't attack. With two monsters on the field, Deep Sea Warrior can activate his Reflector Hole to reflect any attack back at Yami, and Yami's down to 500 life points. Deep Sea Warrior says Yami gave it his best shot, but in the end, big business always wins. Yami says it's not over yet. He'll never give up hope! (Japanese Yami ends his turn at this point.)

But it doesn't look good.

To Be Continued

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