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Episode 101: Isolated in Cyber Space: Yugi vs Big 1 - Part III (Counterattacking Rainbow Arch)

It's Gansley's turn, and after asking Yami if he's ready to surrender (guess what—he's not!), he draws Rainbow Snake Eingana. He thinks this monster could wipe Yugi out in one move, but what fun would that be? He wants to drag the duel out a little bit longer. So he summons Melchid the Four-Faced Beast, and uses it to destroy Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. (In the Japanese, he says that he doesn't think he has to attack, but that Fooling Elf Swordsman is an eyesore. It can't be destroyed by monsters with an attack of 1900 or more, so it's tough to get by. But a less powerful monster can destroy it.) Yami loses another 100 life points, and collapses on the ground in pain, Kuriboh peeping anxiously at his side.

Meanwhile, Téa wakes with drops of water falling on her face, and finds herself on a rock shelf at the bottom of a huge pit, with her cyclops captors below. She remembers the flower she tried to touch, only to have her hand pass right through it, and wonders why her face hurts. This world is supposed to be all an illusion, but now it feels a little too real.

Gansley taunts Yami, who's still lying face-down on the ground. (In the Japanese, Deep Sea Warrior says "Is it over?")

Téa forces herself to her hands and knees, urging her friends to hang on, wherever they are.

Yami struggles to his feet, insisting he'll never give up. Gansley says it doesn't matter, he'll soon win anyway—as soon as he launches his next attack. Yami is afraid Gansley's right. He only has 400 life points left, and as long as Gansley has two monsters on the field, he can activate Reflector Hole to bounce all of Yami's attacks back against him. (Japanese Yami thinks he can't take another attack. His whole body is suffering in pain. And Deep Sea Warrior give Yami a "present"—the saying of a Prussian general, who says, "The crown of honor belongs to the winner. The end justifies the means.")

Yami draws the Rainbow Blessing magic card, thinking that isn't going to help him. Gansley tells him stalling won't help—success comes to men of action. (Japanese Deep Sea Warrior has another saying, "In good times you can improve your morale, but in bad times your power will be gone." He asks Yami how his power is, and tells him it's not good to think so much.) Kuriboh peeps excitedly at Yami, who tells him not now, he's trying to concentrate. (Okay, in this episode, Kuriboh has become "Furry guy," according to the subtitles. Yami asks Kuriboh what's he's trying to say.)

Then little Yugi appears to say that he thinks Kuriboh's trying to tell them something. Maybe Rainbow Blessing can help them after all. (Japanese Yugi says he thinks Kuriboh wants them to play it as a set card.) Yami says it's time to have faith in his Deck Master, so he sets Rainbow Blessing face down. He and Kuriboh nod to each other, then turn to Gansley with fierce faces.

Joey is still wandering around the castle, shouting at the Big 5 to come out and show their faces.

The cyclops are boiling a big cauldron of water. Téa thinks she'd better get out of there, before she becomes Téa soup! But how can she get out of the pit? Just then, someone throws a thick vine down to her. A shadow looms at the top of the pit, then she sees a penguin waving down at her.

Kaiba, meanwhile, is still holding up a dangling Mokuba by one arm. The door Mokuba stepped through leads to a sharp cliff face, with crashing waters far below. Kaiba pulls him up, and they find themselves perched on top of a cliff above the sea. Kaiba says this place is more dangerous than he thought—somehow, Noah's accessed virtual software that can replicate the sensation of touch. He shouts out to Noah that he won't get away with this! But Noah, watching from his control center, says Seto has a lot to learn. Mokuba says he thought they had the latest virtual software, but this place feels way more real—if his brother hadn't caught him, he doesn't know what would have happened! Tearfully, he thanks his brother. (Japanese Mokuba says that his brother's virtual reality system had safeguards that prevented harm to people. But this place doesn't seem to have any safeguards.)

Kaiba says Noah doesn't know who he's up against, and calls out another challenge. (Japanese Kaiba says there's a dangerous atmosphere about this place. He wonders what Noah wants, and shouts out that if Noah wants to tell him something, he should come out and say it.) Noah just smiles. Then Kaiba tells Mokuba that no matter what they see, Mokuba must realize that the past is over. Kaiba says he may not not proud of every decision he's made, but everything he did, he did for Mokuba and himself, so they'd have a better life. Now, they must move forward and not look back. (Japanese Kaiba says they must continue on their road and not look back. Even in this kind of reality, the most important things don't change.) He and Mokuba walk away from the cliff.

Back at the duel, the Deep Sea Warrior draws the magic card Offerings to the Doomed (Offerings to the Dead, which has ben redesigned for the US to remove the cross and religious imagery).

He uses it to destroy Yami's Chimera. Now Yami has no monsters to defend himself—but Yami uses Chimera's special ability to bring back one of the monsters used to form it, reviving Berfomet. Deep Sea Warrior says it doesn't matter. He sacrifices Melchid the Four-Faced Beast and Wall of Illusion to summon Rainbow Snake Eingana, a powerful monster with an attack of 2200. He uses it to destroy Berfomet, leaving Yami defenseless once again. (Cut from the US version is a sequence showing Eingana swallowing Berfomet.)

Téa climbs up the vine, wondering who it is that's saving her. Then the cyclops see her, and begin shaking their clubs at her. She climbs faster.

Deep Sea Warrior thinks he has the duel won. He direct attacks with Ruclomba, thinking he'll finish Yami off. But Kuriboh leaps to Yami's defense, using his Deck Master ability to multiply himself into an impenetrable defensive wall. When the smoke clears, little Yugi is on the field, congratulating Kuriboh, his life points intact. (Japanese Deep Sea Warrior says it's the Type A Yugi! and asks why his life points aren't reduced.) Yami, in spirit form, asks Yugi why he took over, and Yugi says he figured Yami could use a rest, after all those direct attacks. One more attack might have destroyed him. Yami thanks Yugi. (In the Japanese, he says "Sumanai," which is translated as "I'm sorry" by the subtitles. Literally, "sumanai" means "it's not over." It can be used to mean "I'm sorry," but it can also mean "Thank you" or "Excuse me.") But Yugi says he should thank Kuriboh! And Yami agrees that some things are more powerful than they look. Kuriboh is terribly pleased with himself. Yugi and Yami agree that it was the heart of the cards that guided Kuriboh to be their Deck Master.

Suddenly, little Yugi collapses, and Yami, back in control, catches Yugi's spirit form in his arms. The duel has affected him, too, Yami says, so he'll finish. (In the Japanese, Yami says to leave it to him and Kuriboh.) Yugi fades back into Yami's mind, and Yami tells Gansley the duel's not done.

But Deep Sea Warrior says that now that Kuriboh's on the field, he's open for attack—and if Kuriboh's destroyed, Yami will automatically lose.

Téa manages to climb out of the pit. But the cyclops are climbing after her. She runs, but soon comes to a cliff, with only a rickety-looking rope and log bridge spanning the chasm below. She doesn't like the looks of it, but there's no other way to escape. She sure could use her friends right about now! Then she remembers the Happy Face o' Friendship she drew on their hands, and realizes that her friends are with her. They formed a bond of friendship that can never be broken, and she can feel them cheering her on. (Japanese Anzu thinks that everyone is working hard out there somewhere. She must be courageous.) She steps onto the bridge. But she's only half way across when the cyclops reach the bridge, and when they step onto it, their heavy weight begins to tear the ropes. She goes on as quickly as she can, but soon the bridge gives under their weight. Fortunately, she's able to cling to one end as the cyclops plunge into the chasm below. Then she starts to climb what's left of the bridge to the other side of the chasm.

Deep Sea Warrior tells Yami it's time for his final pathetic move. The only monster he has is puny Kuriboh, and what can he do? Wait and see, Yami says, and smiles reassuringly at his little furball. Yami tells Gansley that misjudging the power of the small can be a big mistake. (Japanese Yami says that even if Deep Sea Warrior knows a lot of old sayings, the sayings don't belong to you until you grow up and do something on your own. Then you can claim them. Now he wil take the saying, "The crown of honor belongs to the final winner" as his own.) Then he shows him the card he just drew—Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight. Gansley laughs, saying it's useless. Whatever monster Yami uses, Deep Sea Warrior will just reflect the attack back at Yami.

Yami activates Rainbow Blessing, combining it with Kuriboh, who turns all rainbow-colored. Then the little rainbow Kuriboh forms the Rainbow Arch—a path directly to the Deep Sea Warrior. Then he summons Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (what they don't tell you is that Swift Gaia's effect is that if it's the only card in the player's hand, it can be summoned with out a tribute, which is how Yami got a Level 7 monster on the field without tributing any monsters). Yami sends Swift Gaia across the Rainbow Arch to attack Deep Sea Warrior directly. Deep Sea Warrior's Deck Master ability doesn't work against direct attacks, and he loses the rest of his life points, and the duel.

Yami sinks to one knee in relief, thinking that now it's time to find his friends. He thanks Kuriboh, who smiles happily as he fades away, now that the duel is over.

Noah sits in his control center, saying that Yugi is stronger than he thought. Or perhaps the Big 5 don't have the dueling skills they claimed to have. He'll just have to see how the others fare in the coming duels.

A door appears near Yami and Yugi. Hoping it's a passageway that might lead to their friends, they enter. The door closes behind them.

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