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Episode 102: Freeze Play - Part I (Iceberg Duel: Anzu Targeted)

After escaping from the cyclops, Téa climbs the broken suspension bridge to the top of the chasm.

Yugi runs down a dark hallway, finally stopping to gasp for breath, wondering if this passageway ever ends. Yami says it might, but only when Noah wants it to. Yugi insists that they'll find their friends, no matter what. But Noah, watching from his control center, says he has another destination in mind for Yugi. (Japanese Noah says, "Yugi... the one who defeated Kaiba and Pegasus. It will be troublesome if you exhaust yourself. Let me prepare a maze for you.") He operates some controls from the keyboard in the arm of his chair, and Yugi is suddenly sucked into a vortex of light.

Noah's contacted by Crump (his Japanese name sounds like Moutoki), who volunteers to duel the next victim, and make up for Gansley's defeat. Noah agrees, saying he's already chosen Crump's opponent—Téa. It shouldn't be too difficult to defeat her. (Japanese Crump chooses Anzu for his oppenent himself. Noah says, "It's up to you.")

Téa finally climbs out of the chasm, and collapses on the ground to rest. Exhausted, she falls asleep, and dreams that she's in school, telling Yugi about her dream of being trapped in a virtual world and forced to duel five old guys. Yugi tells her, no, this is the dream, and when she wakes up, she'll need this card! He gives her Dark Magician Girl, and says that there was a Broadway play about Dark Magician Girl, and they saw it a few years ago. Téa's a bit surprised, but Yugi says it's her dream, so just go with it! (In the Japanese, dream Anzu asks Yugi if he's ever heard of the rare card, Black Magician Girl. He says yes, he has the card, and shows it to her. He remembers that there was a Broadway musical about Black Magician Girl, "Jewel of the Sage," and Anzu remembers attending the show. The writing on the show's sign is removed from the US version. It says "Best Musical" and "The Black Magician Girl in the Moonlight.")

Téa dreams of sitting in the audience, watching the Dark Magician girl on stage. (Dark Magician Girl is given some panties to cover her butt in the US, and the pentagram on he costome is changed to a jewel.)

( Also, shots of Black Magician Girl flying across the stage, and of Anzu sitting in the audience are cut from the US version.)

The announcer says Dark Magician Girl will choose a volunteer from the audience to join her, and Téa is magically given a Dark Magician Girl costume and flown up onto the stage. Yugi and Yami sit in the audience, watching her. (In the Japanese, Anzu thinks that if she has a chance to go abroad to study dancing, she'd like to star in this show.)

Téa is awakened from her dream by a penguin, which motions for her to follow it. The penguin leads her away from the chasm, along a ledge, (through a jungle past a big snake in the Japanese),

to a log raft tied to a dock at the edge of a harbor. Her guide leads her onto it with several other penguins. Other penguins wave goodbye.

The raft drifts along. Suddenly, her penguin companions dive off the raft, leaving her alone. But on the cliffs at the water's edge, she sees hundreds of penguins lined up watching her. The raft comes aground on the shore before a castle on a hillside, with a long switchbacked stairway leading up to it. Penguins and statues of penguins are everywhere.

She climbs the stairway to the castle's entry hall, where, surrounded by penguins, she calls out, is anyone there? She's greeted by a gruff male voice that begins rattling off details about her—Téa Gardner, five foot five, size six sneaker. He says he knows all about her, and he's about to put the freeze on her! (In the Japanese, the voice greets her as "Mazaki Anzu, juurokusai," which means sixteen years old. He says the auditions are about to begin, and asks if she wants to star in the show, "Black Magician Girl, Jewel of the Sage," and says that Kaiba Corporation has sponsored musicals on Broadway.)

The sea of penguins parts, to reveal a large penguin dressed in a coat, tie and top hat, sitting on a table. He says he's Crump, one of the Big 5, former accountant at Kaiba Corp. (In the Japanese, he was head of personnel. As before, a shot of the Big 5's face is added to the US version.)

According to his calculations, there's a one hundred percent chance that they're going to duel! Reading from his notes, he says that she's dueled five times in her life, which gives her a one percent chance of actually winning the duel. (This really annoys me. In Episode 2, Téa is shown dueling Joey, and kicking his butt, which she was said to do on a regular basis. She may not be in Yugi's league, but she's actually a decent duelist. In the Japanese, he says that due to her father's job, her family moved around a lot, and that she attended the Broadway show about Black Magician Girl in New York.) He goes on to list a few more random facts about her, saying that facts and figures are his job. (In the Japanese, he says that she's good at sports, but refuses to join any clubs and instead works secretly at a fast-food restaurant to save money to study overseas.)

He needs to know everything about her, so that when he takes over her body, he'll be ready to live as her! (In the Japanese, he also notes that she's interested in one of the "stupid young men" she's here with, but tells her she has no future with him. Then he tells her that in her life she's littered 12 times, forgotten to turn off the faucet 35 times, and left the lights on 62 times. Squandering of resources is one of the causes of global warming, which will cause suffering to the penguins! He says he'll use her body to be a high school girl who thinks of the earth.)

Téa's had enough of this, so she turns and runs away, but soon the virtual world changes around her, and she's stuck on an iceberg that rises up out of the ocean, with Crump across from her on another iceberg. A Duel Disk appears on her arm, and virtual cards scroll in front of her. She wonders how she's supposed to choose a deck when she's never even seen most of these cards! It's a lucky thing she's spent so many hours watching Yugi and Joey duel. (Again, grr. In the Japanese, she recognizes one of the cards as the Jewel of the Sage, and thinks maybe it will work. She chooses it, but in the US version, the card is changed to Mirror Force.)

Next, he tells her to choose her Deck Master, and she picks Dark Magician Girl. (Japanese Penguin Nightmare says, two girls! Double the excitement! He's a dirty old man.) He has taken the form of Nightmare Penguin (In the Japanese, it's Penguin Nightmare), and will act as his own Deck Master. Téa activates her Duel Disk with a flourish, telling the penguin it's time to duel!

Yugi and Yami have found themselves in a small room with four doors. Yugi heads toward one of them, but Yami warns him to stop—they have to test the doors for traps first. Yugi tosses a coin at one of the doors, and a monster forms in the doorway, bouncing the coin back at him. Testing doors is definitely smart, he says. Yami says they may have won their duel, but a whole new game has begun.

Téa begins her duel by drawing Mirror Force, which she sets face down, and summons Ancient Elf. Penguin Nightmare summons Giant Red Seasnake. His Deck Master ability gives all water monsters on his side of the field a power boost, so the Seasnake's attack is raised to 2000 points. Téa thinks she's ready for him, but he's not about to ignore her trap card. He plays the magic card Cold Wave, freezing all magic and trap cards on the field for one turn, allowing his Giant Red Seasnake to destroy Téa's Ancient Elf. As her life points take a hit, ice forms around her feet. Nightmare Penguin tells her that as they lose life points, they'll become encased in ice, so that when she loses, she'll be trapped in a solid block of ice.

Téa rubs her arms, exclaiming about the cold, and Yugi hears her distress. Panicked, he runs toward one of the doors, desperate to find her, but he's bounced back by the door monster. Yami helps him up, telling him not to panic, and points out the star above the door. Yugi realizes that the star represents the level of the monster hiding behind the door, and summons Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress to attack it. The Level One monster is easily destroyed, and Yugi and Yami can now enter.

Shivering, Téa draws her next card, and sets a monster face down. Nightmare Penguin taunts her, saying she's not really dressed for the weather. (Japanese Penguin Nightmare asks her if she wants him to give her his underwear. Ew!) Then he draws, taking his time to weigh his options, telling her that her Deck Master isn't much of a threat on her own, but if Téa added other cards to her, she could become dangerous.Téa's surprised by that idea, and Nightmare Penguin laughs at her, calling her an amateur for not choosing a strategy when she picked her cards. (Japanese Penguin Nightmare says he's not afraid of Black Magician Girl, but if Black Magician is played alongside her, he'll be in trouble. He taunts Anzu for not choosing a Black Magician for her deck. Black Magician Girl without Black Magician is like curry without pickles!) He sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

Téa wonders why he didn't attack. He must be up to something! She plays Mystical Space Typhoon (Cyclone) and destroys one of his trap cards (it looks like Mirror Wall). But he only laughs—she fell right into his trap! He activates his other trap card, Driving Snow, which destroys her Mirror Force. Now she's unprotected, and he's free to attack on his next turn. She reaches for one of her cards, and Dark Magician Girl puts her hand over Téa's, telling her that her Deck Master ability allows them to communicate mentally. (In the Japanese, Anzu's hand is shaking so much, Black Magician Girl says she'll be Anzu's hand.) Téa plays Offerings to the Doomed, destroying Giant Red Seasnake. Then she flip summons her defense monster, Fire Sorcerer, and warms herself with the monster's flames. Then, she discards two cards to activate Fire Sorcerer's effect, doing direct damage of 800 points to Nightmare Penguin, who leaps around his iceberg as his flippers burn. Finally, she uses Fire Sorcerer to attack Nightmare Penguin, for another 1000 points of damage.

Now Nightmare Penguin's the one whose feet are trapped in ice. But he doesn't mind—he's a penguin! Téa asks him why he's so obsessed with penguins, and he explains—he was an only child, and his parents were never around, always working late. So he would sit for hours and count things. (Japanese Penguin Nightmare says his parents were always quarreling, and didn't care about him. The shadows of his arguing parents are removed from the US shot of him sitting alone as a child.)

One day, when he was counting books, he found a book about penguins, and learned that penguin parents took turns sitting on their eggs, and were devoted parents. From then on, his life revolved around his two loves—counting, and penguins. He dreamed of a job that would combine his two passions, and one day his dream almost came true. As Kaiba Corp's chief accountant, he proposed an all-penguin theme park to Seto Kaiba. But Kaiba rejected his idea, telling him to stick to his calculator. (Japanese Kaiba says, if it's about black and white, why not a panda?) That punk shot down his dream! But once he's free, Crump will have his revenge.

Nightmare Penguin summons Flying Penguin, whose attack rises to 1400 points due to the Deck Master's power bonus. Then he plays Penguin Sword, raising its attack another 800 points, to 2200. He attacks Téa's Fire Sorcerer, destroying it, and the ice rises to Téa's knees.

Yugi and Yami run into a room just like the one they just left. They hear Téa's voice, saying that she's freezing. Yugi says they have to find her right now, but Yami points out the coin on the floor—the same one he threw at the door before. They've been running in circles, and are back where they started.

Nightmare Penguin laughs.

To Be Continued

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