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Episode 103: Freeze Play - Part II (Shine! The Jewel of the Sage)

Kaiba and Mokuba are walking along a woodland path, Mokuba saying that he wonders if these virtual berries have any taste—he feels like he hasn't eaten in months. (In the Japanese, Mokuba doesn't say anything.)

They see a log shack ahead. Mokuba wonders if anyone's serving food in there, but Kaiba doubts it—this seems a little too convenient. (In the Japanese, Mokuba asks if they can take a rest, and Kaiba says it's a good idea. As they approach the shack, he wonders if it's another boring trap.) He opens the door, telling Mokuba to stay right next to him.The dark interior suddenly lights up, revealing a huge entrance hall, with grand staircases and chandeliers. Kaiba says it's their stepfather's old house. They see their past selves walking past, frightened little Mokuba clinging to his brother's shirt, being led by a small, toad-like man. It's a virtual projection of their first day in this house, Mokuba says. (In the Japanese, it's Kaiba who says this is the day he and Mokuba were adopted by Gozaburo.)

A pendulum clock reads 3:30. They see young Seto sitting at a desk, barely able to keep his eyes open, while a schoolmaster drills him. (In the Japanese, the lesson Seto's getting is on the composition of the atom.) As Seto nods off, the toad-like butler orders him to wake up. (In the Japanese, he wakes Seto up by rapping a switch across the books in front of him.)

Seto jumps up, startled, while the butler apologizes to the professor for interrupting the lesson. The butler says he has strict orders—his boss has no patience for slackers. Young Seto protests that he's not a slacker. (In the Japanese, the butler continues to hold the switch rather threateningly in front of Seto, as he tells Seto that until he catches up with Gozaburo, there will be no time for him to sleep—unless he wants to leave this house with Mokuba. Seto says he understands.)

The scene changes to mealtime. (A shot of the long table laden with food, and young Seto and Mokuba sitting quietly across from each other, is cut from the US version.)

Gozaburo Kaiba sits at the head of the table. He says he hears that Seto is falling behind in his studies, so he'll no longer have the weekends off. Seto insists that he's been working hard, but Gozaburo says not hard enough. Discipline is the only way to crush your enemies. Seto stands up, protesting that he doesn't have enemies, but Gozaburo says of course you do! Seto has to learn that he can't trust anyone, including Gozaburo. He orders Hobson, the butler, to confiscate Seto's toys immediately, saying that now maybe Seto will concentrate on his studies, instead of wasting his brain away. (This conversation goes differently in the Japanese. Gozaburo begins by asking Seto what his vision for Kaiba Corporation is. How will he manage the corporation when he inherits Gozaburo's position? Seto says that he wants to build Kaiba Land, and Mokuba explains that his brother wants to build a kind of Disneyland of games for underprivileged children like themselves. Mokuba's bit is cut out of the US version.)

(Gozaburo says that's boring. Seto stands up to protest that games aren't boring. Games purify the soul, he says. But Gozaburo says, so what? Can games make the world turn? He stands up, telling Seto that he wants him to take over the company so he can be a ruler. Then he tells the butler to confiscate all the boys' toys, telling Seto he won't let him touch toys until he learns how to rule.)

Hobson takes away a box of Seto's toys. There's a chessboard, backgammon board, and a go set. Young Seto stands by with his fists clenched as Hobson tells him it's for his own good. (The Japanese butler says he can't believe the boys had all this in their luggage—there's hardly any room for anything else. As he leaves, he says class will begin soon.)

From his room in another wing of the house, Mokuba looks out the window at the lights in his brother's room, thinking that the way they treat Seto stinks. But he knows how to make his brother smile. (Japanese Mokuba thinks that his brother is right.) As the butler is walking down the hall, Mokuba steps out to give him a textbook he claims Seto forgot.

Meanwhile, young Seto collapses on the couch, thinking that if he sees one more textbook, he'll barf! (No voiceover in the Japanese.) But then Hobson tosses the book in front of him, telling him that he has one more lesson tonight before he can sleep. After Hobson leaves, Seto angrily tosses the book aside, but as it falls open, he sees it's been hollowed out, and a message placed inside. As Mokuba sleeps peacefully in his room, Seto reads the note from his brother: "Dear Seto, I guess you found my hiding place. Remember, Big Bro, they can't take away everything from us. So enjoy my gift, but don't let them find it. Love, Mokie." (In the Japanese, Mokuba's voiceover says, "Please don't let them steal the most important treasure. Use these and relax.")

Inside the book, Seto finds his Duel Monsters cards. He goes through them, thinking that they're not the greatest cards in the world, but they're his. Then he finds an extra card—a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Mokuba has drawn for him. (The Japanese card has "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" hand-written on it in childish hiragana, the first characters Japanese children learn. Ordinarily, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon is written in katakana, the characters used for foreign words, but five-year-old Mokuba wouldn't have learned his katakana yet.)

Seto steps out onto the balcony, holding the card, vowing to have a real Blue-Eyes White Dragon some day, as present-day Kaiba and Mokuba watch from inside the room. Then the room dissolves, leaving them in darkness, standing in a spotlight. Another spotlight appears, with Noah standing in it, applauding the show of their past, saying it really pulls on the heartstrings. Kaiba says they've had enough of Noah's games, but Noah says the games have just begun. They'll relive every painful moment of their entire lives. Kaiba asks what Noah expects to gain by this, and Noah says everything that should have been his from the beginning. (In the Japanese, Noah applauds the splendid friendship between the brothers. Then he tells Seto he's had a hard time in half of his life. Kaiba asks what Noah wants, to make them watch this stuff. Noah says he just wants to refresh Seto's memory of how he forced Gozaburo to a dead end. One day, he says, Seto will be punished. Kaiba asks Noah who he is, but Noah just tells Seto to wait for his punishment with an easy heart.)

Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami are still in the room with four doors. (Cut from the US version is a brief shot of Yugi's hand with the coin in it, then Yami telling Yugi that they're forgetting one important thing—this is a game they're playing.)

Yugi says the game looks pretty easy—the stars above each door represent the level of the monster hiding behind it. Beat the monster and go through the door. Yami thinks they're missing something, and Yugi thinks maybe they're supposed to go through the doors in order—first the one-star door, then two, and so on. The reason they haven't been getting anywhere is that they always choose the one-star door.

So Yugi summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (it appears to be the ordinary Elf Swordsman—or Celtic Guardian—in the Japanese) and challenges the monster behind the two-star door, destroying it. Yugi and Yami run through to look for Téa.

Téa is shivering atop her iceberg, her life points down to 2250, saying she can't feel her toes. (In the Japanese, she asks Yugi to save her, but the penguin tells her they're the only people in this world.) As she holds her card, Dark Magician Girl takes her trembling hands and tells her to be strong. (Japanese Anzu thinks that since she played Offerings for the Doomed last turn, she can't draw this time. Black Magician Girl asks Anzu to let her go onto the field, but Anzu says she can't beat Flying Penguin, and if Black Magician Girl is defeated, Anzu will lose the game. Penguin Nightmare agrees, insulting Black Magician Girl by saying that without Black Magician, she's just like a little doll that can't help anything. A shot of Black Magician Girl getting all annoyed with the penguin is cut from the US version, while Anzu reassures her that someday they'll need her power.)

Téa plays a monster in defense and ends her turn.

Nightmare Penguin draws another penguin-type card, then uses Flying Penguin to destroy Téa's face-down monster, Skelengel. He says she's back where she started, but Skelengel's flip effect allows her to draw another card, and she draws Magic Formula (Magician's Spell Book), which she thinks might come in handy.

Nightmare Penguin says she can draw whatever pathetic cards she'd like, because it's only a matter of time before she's frozen there forever—or his name isn't Adrian Randolph Crump III, a master in the art of number-crunching, and bestest penguin in the world! (Japanese Penguin Nightmare says, "Let me help you use this body." Anzu is appropriately creeped out.)

Téa says he's a weird little bird. She draws Maha Vailo, disappointed that his attack is only 1550—he can't beat Flying Penguin. But Dark Magician Girl tells Téa not to give up—Maha Vailo has a secret skill that can help her. (Japanese Black Magician Girl tells Anzu that Maha Vailo is a magician.)

Téa remembers a conversation she once had wtih Yugi. She'd asked him which card he thought was most like him, thinking that he'd choose "that purple guy with the big hat." But Yugi said no, even though Dark Magician was a great card, it wasn't the one most like him. He showed her Maha Vailo, explaining that Maha Vailo has hidden power. (I'm pretty sure Maha Vailo is actually supposed to be a female monster. I guess they didn't want Yugi saying he was most like a girl card. In the Japanese, Anzu asked Yugi which card most "suits him." He said he'd like to say Black Magician, but Black Magician was better for "the other me." For himself, he thought Maha Vailo. It wasn't the strongest card, but it had hidden power.)

Téa summons Maha Vailo, equipping it with Magic Formula, raising its attack by 500 points. Nightmare Penguin says that still isn't enough, but Téa reveals Maha Vailo's hidden power—it gains an extra 500-point power boost for every magic card she plays, raising its attack to 2550, enough to destroy Flying Penguin and reduce Nightmare Penguin's life points to 1850. Téa's safe, at least for now.

Yugi is still running through the virtual hallway. He stops when he hears Téa's voice, saying that she's freezing. He and Yami agree that they're getting closer—her voice is louder. (Japanese Yami asks Yugi what it is when Yugi stops, and Yugi says it's nothing.) Then he runs on, thinking he has to defeat more of Noah's monsters and get through this maze and find Téa before it's too late. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he knows that when Anzu calls his name, she's really calling the other Yugi.)

They reach the room with four doors again, and Yugi looks for the three-star door, summoning Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight and ordering it to attack. (Again, this appears to be the ordinary Dark Knight Gaia Yugi's summoning, not the effect version.) Yami warns him to wait, but it's too late. Gaia's attack is reflected back, and it's destroyed. Yami points out three face-down cards on the door under the stars—trap cards, one of which disappears now that it's been used. Yugi says it must have been Mirror Force. This time, Yugi summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts. A monster comes out of the doorway, and Yami recognizes it as Dark King of the Abyss, which has an attack of 1200. Gazelle's attack is higher, but then another of the face-down cards is activated, and Dark King is powered up. So Yugi summons Berfomet, and uses Polymerization to fuse it with Gazelle to form Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast, which destroys the Dark King. They've opened another doorway, and Yugi runs into it.

Quickly, the maze leads him back to the room, and he looks for the four-star door. Yami tells him to be patient—there are five face-down cards on this door, and Yugi's running low on cards, so he'd better choose wisely. (In the Japanese, Yugi has only five cards left.) Yugi draws Dark Magician, thinking this ought to do it, but Yami warns him not to play it yet. Then Yugi plays the magic card Heavy Storm, which destroys all magic and trap cards. The face-down cards over the door are blown away, and the Level 4 monster stands alone. Its attack is 2000, but Yugi plays Four-Starred Ladybug of Doom. Its attack is only 800, but its effect destroys all Level 4 monsters. The last door is open.

Yugi runs through, and finds himself in a room of ice. He can see Téa through the ice, but can't reach her. He pounds on the ice, calling out to her to be strong, but she can't hear him.

Nightmare Penguin plays Volt Penguin in defense, and plays another card face-down. Téa attacks Volt Penguin with Maha Vailo, destroying it, but Nightmare Penguin just laughs and activates his face-down card, Revenge Sacrifice, which destroys Maha Vailo. (Revenge Sacrifice has been redesigned for the US to remove the red tentacles binding the woman.)

Then he plays Defender Iceberg, a huge ice monster with a defense of 2450. But he's not done yet! He plays a card face down, then summons Penguin Torpedo. Its attack is only 750, but it can attack Téa's life points directly. (How is he summoning all these monsters at once? In the Japanese, he explains that Revenge Sacrifice allows him to sacrifice the monster that just destroyed one of his in order to summon a new monsters—Defender Iceberg. That was still during Téa's turn. Then on his own turn he summoned the Penguin Torpedo.) Yugi pounds on the ice, calling out to Téa, as her life points go down to 1500, and the ice climbs up to her waist.

She draws a trap card (it looks like Michizure), and only holds one other magic card. She thinks these cards won't help! She's out of moves! (Actually, the magic card is Graceful Charity, which would allow her to draw three more cards and discard two, which seems like a pretty good move, if you ask me.) Dark Magician Girl asks Téa to move her out onto the field, and Téa agrees, since there is nothing she can do. (In the Japanese, Black Magician Girl moves herself onto the field.)

Nightmare Penguin reminds her that if her Deck Master is destroyed, she'll lose. Then he plays the magic card, Ocean of Regeneration, to bring back Penguin Torpedo from the graveyard (but doesn't explain how Penguin Torpedo got into the graveyard in the first place—is it automatically destroyed when it attacks?) and attacks Téa's life points directly with it again. Yugi screams "No!" as Téa's encased in ice up to her armpits, and Nightmare Penguin makes cracks about Iced Téa.

Yugi leans on the ice, tears in his eyes, crying that it isn't fair—Téa's not experienced enough, and she's losing! But Yami tells him that Téa can still win if she believes in herself and the heart of the cards. (Japanese Yami says he believes in the power of Black Magician Girl.)

Dark Magician Girl (with the drawn-on panties again) tells Téa that there is one card in her deck that can save them—it was the first card she picked! Téa remembers the Sage's Stone magic card. But it could be at the bottom of her deck! Dark Magician Girl says she'll help Téa draw the card. First, she invokes her Deck Master ability to form a Soul Circle with the four monsters in Téa's graveyard, allowing her to draw four more cards. (The second of the cards is changed from Gemini Elf to De-Spell in the US version.)

And one of them is the Sage's Stone! (which has been given a slight redesign for the US.)

She plays it.

Suddenly, Yugi's Duel Disk begins to glow, and the Dark Magician emerges from his deck in a ball of pink light. Dark Magician blasts through the ice and goes to Téa, his card forming on her Duel Disk tray as he appears on her field. Téa says she has no idea where he came from, but she's not complaining!

Nightmare Penguin freaks out, saying that his calculations assured him he would win this duel! This doesn't add up! Dark Magician Girl explains that the Sage's Stone allows her to call forth a Dark Magician from any nearby player's deck. (In the Japanese, she says that it allows her to summon Black Magician for one turn, but she doesn't say where he comes from.) She and Dark Magician attack together, destroying the Defender Iceberg and wiping out the Nightmare Penguin's life points. Téa wins, collapsing to the ground as the ice around her disappears.

She wakes up to find Yugi kneeling beside her. She greets him joyfully, throwing her arms around his waist, to his surprise. He assures her he's glad to see her, too, and now that they're together, they'll stay that way! (Japanese Anzu says, "Yugi! You came to save me! I knew you would!" and Yugi says it's all right now.)

Noah watches, thinking that he's just getting warmed up. They'll never escape his virtual universe! (Japanese Noah says this is unexpected, but it's another kind of pleasure.)

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