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Episode 107: Mechanical Mayhem - Part II (St. Jannu: The Trinity's Attack)

Yugi, Téa, and Joey hear Serenity call out in anguish. Yugi reassures Joey that they'll make sure she's okay, and Joey runs toward the voice. (In the Japanese, Yugi says he has a bad feeling.)

The floor closes up over fires where Tristan has fallen. Serenity cries, saying that it's all her fault. Duke tries to encourage her, telling her to stay strong, but she says Tristan lost trying to protect her. When Duke starts to go to her, Robotic Knight tells him to stop—the duel isn't over, and it's Serenity's turn. (Japanese Machine Sergeant tells Shizuka it's her turn, calling her "O-jou-chan," which means "Little girl.") But she's too distraught to continue, and Machine King doesn't help, taunting her about not being able to duel without Tristan standing beside her. Duke tells her not to listen, but she's crouched on her knees with her hands over her ears. (In the Japanese, Machine Sergeant's just telling her to hurry up. Otogi seems far away to Shizuka, and his voice is muffled, as if behind glass. Machine Sergeant suggests that they pass her turn.) Duke thinks he needs her help to crush the Robotic Knight. He tells her that they might be able to bring Tristan back, if she will get up and duel, but gets no reaction.

Finally, Duke says they'll skip her turn, and he draws a magic card with a dice field on it, thinking this could pay off big time. First, he plays Dimensionhole (Worm Hole), using it to remove Dark Assailant from the field for one turn. Without Dark Assailant's power boost, Machine King loses 100 attack points. Saying that he knows a thing or two about dice, Duke activates Dice Dungeon and Dimension Dice, transforming the playing field into a dice board. (In the Japanese, Machine Sergeant at this point realizes that this is Otogi Ryuji, who invented Dungeon Dice Monsters. Otogi says he was surprised when he saw that card, and Machine Sergeant says Pegasus must have hacked the Dungeon Dice game data into the Kaiba Corp computers.)

Next, Duke sacrifices Yaranzo and the 13th Grave to summon Orgoth the Relentless (God Orgoth), with an attack of 2500. Machine King loses another 200 attack points with Yaranzo and the 13th Grave off the field, lowering its attack to 3100. Now, they each choose one monster to go on the dice board. Robotic Knight chooses Machine King, while Duke places Orgoth on the board. Then, they each roll the die.

Duke rolls first, getting a six, which doubles Orgoth's attack, to 5000. (In the Japanese, there's a graphic over the die that says what the roll does—in this case, it's "offensive strength x 2"—which is removed from the US version.)

Robotic Knight rolls a one, and Machine King loses 1000 attack points.

Robotic Knight thinks Duke's making up the rules as he goes along! But Duke tells him to check the rule book. Orgoth attacks Machine King, destroying it.

Robotic Knight draws, then places himself on the field. Then he plays Recycling Plant, allowing him to revive one of his monsters and fuse it with himself. He chooses Machine King, fusing with it to form Perfect Machine King, with an attack is 2700. Duke tells Serenity not to worry—it's just a bigger scrap heap. But Perfect Machine King gains 500 attack points for every machine on the field, raising its attack to 4700. (In the Japanese, Otogi doesn't speak to Shizuka. He looks around to count the number of machine monsters on the field, and sees that there are three. Shots of the three monsters are cut from the US version. Then Perfect Machine King points out that he's a machine monster as well, for a total powerup of 2000 points.)

Then his magic card, Clockwork Knight, powers it up by another 500 points, for a total of 5200! Duke says it's unstoppable, and Perfect Machine King agrees. Serenity can only cower further, as Perfect Machine King says that all of their bodies will belong to us!

Perfect Machine King rolls a five. He thinks that must be pretty good, but Duke tells him it means his attack will be cut in half. There is no logic in this! he protests, but he still has an attack of 3850. (Japanese Perfect Machine King explains that he still gets the power boost from the machine monsters and Clockwork Knight.) Duke rolls a one, reducing Orgoth's attack points by 1000. Perfect Machine King destroys Orgoth, and Duke's life points take a hit. (Cut is a shot of Otogi in the attack.)

Serenity thinks she can't let Duke lose, too! But if she tries to help, she'll probably just mess up again. Duke's life points are down to 150, and his dice field is destroyed along with Orgoth.

As Noah watches on the screen, Perfect Machine King says he knew that mere mortals couldn't stand up to a high-tech machine like him! Noah says Nesbitt is a fool—he knows he's not really a robot. Deep down inside he's just a scared little man. (Japanese Perfect Machine King says Otogi has nowhere to go, and ends his turn. Noah thinks that taking amatuers as his opponents is pretty good thinking, and hopes Ota can beat the other two.)

Perfect Machine King says that soon the Big 5 will return to the life they once knew—but this time, they won't have to work for Seto Kaiba! (Japanese Perfect Machine King says he'll beat these amateurs, but the one he really wants revenge on is Kaiba.)

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba are still looking at the ruins of Nesbitt's research lab. Kaiba thinks that destroying Nesbitt's research labotory was the smartest decision he ever made. In flashback, Nesbitt tells Kaiba that destroying the lab was a big mistake, but Kaiba doesn't think so. Kaiba says that Kaiba Corp makes games now, not vehicles for battle, and unless Nesbitt can tell him what he can do for the new Kaiba Corp, he'll be out of a job. (In the Japanese flashback, Ota has just destroyed Alcatraz. Kaiba says that today he'll shut down the Military Department of Kaiba Corporation, and will proceed with the plans for the Duel Tower. Ota asks what about him, and Kaiba tells him he can dispatch the materials for building the Duel Tower, but he should not be underfoot and listen to the on-site engineer.)

Nesbitt says he spent months designing gaming software for Seto Kaiba, and he hated every second of it. He joined Kaiba Corp to build tanks, submarines, and missiles. (Japanese Ota thinks he'll never forget the humiliation Kaiba put him through. After he defeats Otogi and the others, he'll have his chance for revenge.)

Duke urges Serenity to get back in the game and help him defeat this mechanical menace. They have to beat him to save Tristan! If she doesn't take her turn, she'll lose. Perfect Machine King agrees—if she doesn't play, he'll consider her a forfeit. Then Duke gets an idea—he tells Serenity that he and Tristan need her, just like Joey needs her when he duels. (Japanese Otogi tells her to remember how her brother duels. Jounouchi never gives up, no matter what.)

Serenity remembers watching Joey's duel with Odion. Joey was in trouble, and she started to leave the arena, thinking that she couldn't watch, but Joey called her back, telling her he needed her. (Japanese Jounouchi told her to watch him fight, even if he lost.) She thinks that she and her brother never give up on each other, so why should she give up on herself? Serenity says it's her move.

Joey, Yugi, and Téa are still running through the caverns. Téa wonders if Joey has the slightest idea where he's going, and Yugi says he doubts it, but at this point, Joey's guess is as good as his! They see a light up ahead, and finally break through to the upper level of the hanger where Serenity and Duke's duel is going on. They call out to each other, but Perfect Machine King tells them he has a duel to win. (Japanese Perfect Machine King tells them it's good that they're there—they can watch their friends be defeated.)

Téa asks where Tristan is. Wasn't he with Duke? Duke tells them that Tristan lost the duel. Téa sinks to the floor, while Yugi looks sad and Joey pounds the railing. (Japanese Jounouchi sounds like he's about to cry.) Serenity admits that Tristan lost trying to protect her. Yugi says they need help, and suggests that Joey take Tristan's place in the duel. Joey's all for it, but Perfect Machine King won't allow it. (Japanese Yugi says the duel isn't over. If they win, Honda can still be saved. Jounouchi agrees, and tries to take over for Shizuka.) Joey tells Serenity not to give up, and with her brother's encouragement, Serenity stands up. (Japanese Jounouchi says that as long as she's on the field, she's a Duelist, and if she's his little sister, she'll never give up. He says he'll be there to watch her.)

She draws, thinking that she has to trust her cards. Duke tells her she knows everything she needs to beat this guy, and she remembers Tristan teaching her how to play Duel Monsters in the train on the way to Battle City. He explained about sacrificing monsters to summon higher-level monsters, and fusing two monsters together with Polymerization.

Serenity sacrifices Lady Panther to summon Marie the Fallen One, while Duke hopes Serenity doesn't mess this up, or Nesbitt will win next turn. Now Serenity has the monsters she wants, and all she needs is the Polymerization card. Then her Deck Master, Goddess with the Third Eye tells her that her Deck Master ability allows her to perform fusions without Polymerization. Serenity discards a magic card to activate her Deck Master's special ability, and fuses Forgiving Maiden with Marie the Fallen One to form St. Joan.

St. Joan's attack is 2800—not enough to destroy Perfect Machine King. But St. Joan is powered up by Command Angel, the monster Tristan left on the field, by 500 points. St. Joan's now at 3200—still not enough. How can they power her up even more? Yugi notices the face-down card Tristan left on the field, and calls out to them that they can do it with Tristan's help. (Japanese Yugi says they have to combine the power of all three of them.) Then Duke uses his own Deck Master's special ability, discarding two cards so that Strike Ninja can activate Tristan's face-down card. Strike Ninja does some neat hand motions, with kanji symbols. (In the Japanese, he chants the names of the kanji: "Rin Hyou Tou Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen." They mean, respectively: Assistant Soldier Fighting Person All Ranks Split Be Before.) The card turns face-up—it's Rare Metal Soul, which raises St. Joan's attack by 1000 points. Now her attack is equal to Perfect Machine King's.

Serenity attacks Perfect Machine King with St. Joan. Since their attacks are equal, both monsters are destroyed, and since Perfect Machine King is Nesbitt's Deck Master, he loses the duel. As he disappears, Nesbitt says he's still going to keep Tristan's body. (Japanese Ota says it was a mistake to use his Deck Master on the field. Then he says that although he lost, he still got a body.)

Duke and Serenity fall to their knees. They've won, but Tristan is still gone. Joey runs down to Serenity to hold her, while Yugi and Téa support Duke. They're all back together, but now they need Tristan.

A robot monkey's face lights up as he comes online, and Tristan says, "Where am I?"

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