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Episode 108: Settling the Score - Part I (Kidnaped Mokuba: Kaiba vs Psycho Shocker)

The Robot Monkey climbs up through a trap door into a storeroom filled with boxes and metal capsules and electronic equipment. The robot is Honda, wondering where he is, and why everything looks so huge. He passes a mirror, and thinks he's seeing a cute little robot monkey, then realizes he's seeing himself! He freaks out.

Outside a warehouse, Serenity worries about Tristan, but Yugi reassures her that they just have to find him before one of the Big 5 can take over his body. Joey agrees that they have to get him back now.

Kaiba and Mokuba are also walking among the warehouses. Someone runs along a rooftop, following them. He stops, calling out to them. It looks like Tristan, and Mokuba greets him, asking where Yugi and the others are. But he jumps down, swinging a wooden sword at Mokuba, who barely escapes in time. He's not Tristan, he says, and he's looking for revenge. He attacks Kaiba, who leaps out of the way and fights back by zinging a Blue-Eyes White Dragon card towards his attacker. Not-Tristan blocks it with the wooden sword. (In the Japanese, it's not the Blue-Eyes, it's just some random monster card.)

The gang run up, exclaiming that it's Tristan! They ask Not-Tristan if he's all right, but he tells the kids to be on their way. Duke realizes that this is one of the Big 5 in Tristan's body, and Not-Tristan says that's right, and once again attacks Kaiba.

Kaiba grabs a pipe to defend himself, but Not-Tristan knocks it out of Kaiba's hands, saying Kaiba has to pay for what he did to him. (Japanese Not-Honda says he's a Grade 5 Kendo master.) He raises his wooden sword for another attack, when suddenly the Robot Monkey leaps onto his head, grabbing at his face. He manages to fling the Robot Monkey off, when Joey punches him, sending him crashing through a warehouse door.

Moments later, Not-Tristan comes flying out of the warehouse on a motorcycle. He snatches up Mokuba and rides away. (Japanese Not-Honda punches Mokuba to knock him out as he grabs him.)

The gang run after him, but he disappears down a tunnel. Kaiba appears on another motorcycle and zooms off down the tunnel after his brother.

Joey says that Kaiba's after the fake Tristan, so they have to look for the real Tristan. Then they see the Robot Monkey chittering away behind them, trying to tell them who he is. Joey says he doesn't trust the robot runt, but Serenity leans down to pet him, asking how dangerous can he be? Duke warns her not to touch him, saying it could be a trap, and Joey agrees that they should take him apart. Serenity warns them not to touch him, pointing out that he saved Kaiba, and besides, he's adorable! The grateful Robot Monkey leaps into her arms.

Yugi says Tristan's mind has to be around here somewhere, and Robot Monkey Tristan points to himself, chittering away, but Joey tells him to shut up.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is still chasing Mokuba on the motorcycle. He emerges from the tunnel to find himself on a bridge, with a section missing in front of him. He grits his teeth and speeds up to jump the gap. He lands on the other side, but yells at someone to get out of his way. The motorcycle goes out of control, crashes and burns.

Kaiba is confronted by a man in a trench coat, hat, and metal mask, wearing a Duel Disk. The man tells Kaiba if he ever wants to see his brother again, he'll have to make it past him. (In the Japanese, Kaiba asks him where Mokuba is, and he says, Mokuba? He saw a man go by on a motorcycle with a kid. Cut from the US version is a shot of Not-Honda with unconscious Mokuba on the motorcycle.)

Not-Tristan is stopped farther down the bridge by Noah, who demands to know why he took Seto's brother. Not-Tristan explains that Seto took everything from him, so this is payback, but Noah says this wasn't part of the deal.

The masked man says he's been waiting to take Kaiba down for a long time, and Kaiba says bring it on. (Japanese Kaiba asks how he can use such dirty tricks as kidnaping Mokuba, and the masked man says Kaiba isn't qualified to accuse him in this way. Kaiba appears to be calling him "Daimon.")

Mokuba wakes up on a couch in cozy living room with a fire burning in the fireplace. Noah greets him. Mokuba warns him to stay away, and just wait till his brother finds out! Noah says Seto won't be rescuing him any time soon, and Mokuba says his brother would never let anything happen to him. Noah says Seto has his hands tied, and shows Mokuba a viewscreen on which the duel on the bridge can be seen. (Japanese Noah says it was he who saved Mokuba, and Mokuba says if that's so, Noah should send his brother to him right away. Noah says don't be in such a hurry, then shows him the viewscreen.)

The masked man asks Kaiba if he knows who he's dealing with, and Kaiba says he recognizes the voice—it's Lector. (Japanese masked man says if Kaiba wants his brother back, he'll have to defeat him first. Kaiiba says it's ridiculous—a man like that could never beat him.) He activates his Duel Disk, saying let's get this duel over with. They choose their decks (Japanese masked man tells Kaiba he won't find any God cards—they're forbidden), and Kaiba selects Lord of Dragons as his Deck Master. (The face of the Big 5 is shown in the US version.)

He says he doesn't know which monster Lector has chosen for his Deck Master and he doesn't care—he'll crush him in any case. (Japanese masked man says he'd like to tell Kaiba who is Deck Master is, but Kaiba wouldn't be able to take it. Kaiba says, "If you're not afraid of the blue flame burning inside my body, just try me.")

The duel begins. Lector opens by playing a monster face down in defense, and setting two cards face down. Kaiba summons Spear Dragon and attacks. Lector isn't worried, since his monster is in defense. (Japanese masked man knows Spear Dragon's effect.) The monster is Hiro's Shadow Scout, which causes Kaiba to draw three cards and discard the two magic cards he's drawn, but Kaiba says it doesn't matter—Lector still loses life points. Spear Dragon inflicts battle damage even when the monster it destroys is in defense. Then Kaiba plays one card face down, thinking that soon he'll activate his Crush Card (Deck Destruction Virus of Death), and the duel will be over.

Lector activates his trap card, Solemn Wishes, then draws. Solemn Wishes increases his life points by 500 each time he draws a card. Kaiba thinks he'd better enjoy it while he can, because his next turn will be his last! Lector plays another monster in defense, and sets another card face down, ending his turn.

Kaiba thinks it's strange. Spear Dragon goes into defense after it attacks, and has zero defense points. Why didn't he attack it? Kaiba summons Giant Germ (Giant Virus), then switches Spear Dragon into attack mode, and orders it to attack Lector's face-down monster. But Lector activates his trap card, Mask of Perplexity, which covers Kaiba's face so that he can't see which monster he's attacking. (Randomly, the mask is made all glowy in the US version.)

Kaiba orders Spear Dragon to attack a card, then the mask disappears so he can see that he's attacking his own monster, Giant Germ. But Kaiba says that's what he was aiming for. (Japanese Kaiba didn't know what he was attacking. But he says he'll use the Giant Virus to activate his trap card.) He had to destroy Giant Germ so he could activate his Crush Card trap!

Lector laughs, lifting his goggles to beam a destructive blast at the Crush Card. Now Kaiba realizes what monster Lector is, and Lector pulls off his disguise to reveal himelf as Jinzo (Psycho Shocker)!

Lector tells Kaiba he's been waiting for this moment for a long time! As Gozaburo's right-hand man, he says, he not only helped run Kaiba Corp, he helped raise Seto. But Seto took away everything Lector worked so hard to gain. Lector was next in line to run the company, until Seto forced his way to the top. (Japanese Daimon says that he sold many Kaiba Corp weapons to other countries. But the most popular weapon was Seto's Virtual System. Seto's invention is still in use around the world as a tool of war. That's why Seto forced Gozaburo to his death. All these mistakes began from the moment Gozaburo gave Seto a birthday gift...)

In flashback, Gozaburo sits at one end of the long dining room table, while young Seto and Mokuba sit together at the other end. Lector stands at Gozaburo's side. Gozaburo tells Seto that his formal education is over—it's time to start learning lessons in the real world. He has Hobson bring in a cart laden with a gift for Seto—ten million dollars! (In the Japanese, it's Seto's birthday, and the gift is two percent shares in Kaiba Corporation for Seto and Mokuba.) Gozaburo tells Seto that nothing comes without a price—he's lending the money to Seto as a test. Seto has one year to repay the money, but he must repay ten times the amount. (In the Japanese, Seto must use the shares to earn 100 times the money.) He presents Seto with a contract (an IOU in the Japanese), saying that if he passes the test, he earns the last name Kaiba. But if he fails, he and Mokuba will go back to the orphanage. (The writing on the IOU is obscured in the US version, even though it's not readable in the Japanese.)

Seto accepts the test, and signs the contract. Gozaburo tells Seto that Lector is the only one who is allowed to help him.

In his room, Seto has laid out one hundred Duel Monsters cards, half face up and half face down. Mokuba asks Seto what he is going to do—turning ten million dollars into a hundred million in only one year seems impossible. Seto tells Mokuba not to worry—business is just another game. Suppose that each of these one hundred cards represents a piece of a company. The trick is to own more cards than anyone else. He turns over one card, saying that no one can ever own more than you if you own fifty-one out of a hundred.

Seto tells Lector to spend all ten million dollars to buy fifty-one percent of a company—any kind of company, as long as they value their workers. (Japanese Seto says it must be a rated and traditional company.) Lector does so, and Seto explains to Mokuba that the company doesn't make very much money, but it might give him all the money he needs. He'll force the president to run it his way.

Next we see Seto, Mokuba and Lector facing the president of the company in his office. Seto has offered to sell the company back to him at ten times the price he paid for it, threatening to close the company and put all the employees out of work if he doesn't. (In the Japanese, Seto makes him pay five times the original price, threatening to fire him and all his employees if he doesn't.) In order to save his employees, the outraged president agrees, and Seto has made his ten million dollars.

Present-day Lector says that Seto got all the credit for earning the money, and Kaiba says of course he did—it was his idea, all Lector did was follow orders. Lector could never run Kaiba Corp. Lector says he will run Kaiba Corp, when he has Seto's body. (Japanese Daimon says that Seto's money-earning abilities were beyond Gozaburo's imagination. Kaiba says that Gozaburo used his Virtual System for military weapons, trampling his dream. He'd decided to use whatever he had to surpass that man. Daimon says it's over now—Seto's life will end here.)

Because of Giant Germ's special effect, Kaiba is able to summon another Giant Germ. Lector says he's just delaying the inevitable. With Jinzo's special ability, all of Kaiba's trap cards are useless, and no one wins a duel with monsters alone. Kaiba says he'll never lose. (Japanese Daimon says that because of the year he spent with Seto, he knows him very well. Without his traps, Seto can only use the strength of his monsters to fight. Kaiba says he believes in his deck.)

Lector draws, gaining 500 life points due to Solemn Wishes' effect, then plays two cards face down. Kaiba attacks Lector's face-down monster with Spear Dragon, but it turns out to be Cyber Jar (Cyber Pot), which destroys all monsters on the field. Spear Dragon, Giant Germ, and Cyber Jar are all destroyed. Lector loses 900 life points due to Spear Dragon's effect (it should be 1000—Cyber Jar's defense is 900 while Spear Dragon's attack is 1900), and now both players must pick up five cards and summon any level 4 or lower monsters they draw to the field. Kaiba summons Vorse Raider (Blood Vorse) and Twin-Headed Behemoth, while Lector summons Injection Fairy Lily (Injection Angel Lily, whose giant hypodermic needle is changed into a rocket in the US version).

Watching the duel from Noah's retreat, Mokuba cheers his brother on.

Lector draws, and his life points increase to 2200. Then he activates Watch Tranquilizer, a magic card that lowers the attack strength of Kaiba's monsters one hundred points for each of its level stars. (Japanese Daimon says that these tools were invented when Gozaburo was running Kaiba Corp to be military weapons. The dart hitting Vorse Raider's neck is obscured in the US version.)

Vorse Raider is a level 4 monster, so it loses 400 attack points, lowering its attack to 1500. Kaiba thinks Lector's Injection Fairy Lily is still weaker. But Lector can raise Injection Fairy Lily's attack 3000 points, by paying 2000 life points. He attacks Vorse Raider with Lily, destroying it and taking 1900 life points from Kaiba. (Japanese Daimon says, "Time to check the disease that is Kaiba Seto," and Injection Angel Lily says "Time to get an injection" as she attacks.) Then Lector activates his face-down magic card, Sebek's Blessing, which increases his life points by the amount that Kaiba just lost. He plays a monster in defense and ends his turn.

Kaiba draws, thinking that he's conquered every challenge life has given him, and this duel will be no different. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that Lily's back to 400 attack points. His Worm Beast has an attack of 1400, and can destroy Lily. But if Daimon uses Lily's effect to boost her attack, Kaiba will lose. He'll have to wait for a better opportunity. He's a person who's overcome all the difficulties in his life. A closeup of Kaiba and a shot of Injection Angel Lily are cut from the US version, while Kaiba's thinking out his strategy.)

He plays a monster in defense. Lector activates Life Absorbing Machine, a trap card that increases his life points by half the amount he paid in his last turn. Then he sacrifices his face-down monster to summon his ultimate weapon! (Japanese Daimon says this is the most powerful weapon that Gozaburo created.)

Meanwhile, the gang is speeding down the bridge in a virtual three-wheeled pickup truck they found. Yugi is just saying what a lucky thing that was, when the truck screeches to a halt, tossing Téa onto Yugi and Serenity into Duke. Robot Monkey Tristan leaps at Duke, jealous of Duke touching Serenity. Yugi asks Joey why he stopped, and Joey points out a rocket speeding into the sky from the bridge.

The rocket goes into orbit, its targeting mechanism locking onto Kaiba.

To Be Continued

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