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Episode 109: Settling the Score - Part II (Attack from Space: Satellite Cannon)

The gang is stopped on the bridge in their pickup truck, wondering what that thing was they just saw. They agree it must have been some kind of satellite, launched by the Big 5.

Robot Monkey Tristan is scratching the back of his head, thinking that one good thing about being a robot monkey is being able to hang out in Serenity's arms all day. (Japanese Honda is wondering how he can tell the gang it's him.) Serenity reminds them that they're supposed to be looking for Tristan, and he thinks she's cute when she acts tough, especially when all she can think about is trying to find him! (Japanese Honda thinks Shizuka's breasts are as soft as candy floss.)

Tristan unintentionally flips a switch on the back of his head, and suddenly everyone can hear his thoughts—just as he thinks how much better he is than that Romeo wannabe, Duke Devlin. (In the Japanese, they hear him say, "So soft!") Everyone wonders what's going on as he flips the switch off, then on again. Then they hear him say that if he's stuck in this robot monkey body long enough, he might start eating bananas. (Japanese Honda says if this can go on, he doesn't mind being stuck in the body of a monkey.) Yugi and Téa stare at him, saying, "Tristan?"

Joey jumps out of the truck cab and grabs the robot monkey away from Serenity, asking who he is and saying he doesn't trust him one bit. Tristan says it's him, but Joey thinks he's a robot spy sent by Noah. (Japanese Jounouchi yells at Honda for disguising himself as a monkey, and tells him to stop it! Heh.)

As the truck drives on, the robot monkey is tied up in a corner of the truck bed. Tristan continues to protest that it's him, but Duke says they're not taking any chances. (Cut from the US version is a short bit where Shizuka feels sorry for the robot monkey, and Honda reaches out for her, but Otogi grabs him and tells him to stop that.)

Back at the duel, Lector points out that he has three times as many life points as Kaiba—3600 to Kaiba's 1200—and he's about to finish Kaiba off. He activates Lily's special effect, giving up 2000 life points to boost her attack by 3000. Then he attacks Kaiba's Twin-Headed Behemoth. It's destroyed, but its speciall effect allows it to come back to the field with an attack and defense of 1000. (That wouldn't have helped Kaiba in the real game—damage calculations would still apply, and Kaiba would have lost 1900 life points, and the duel.) Lector plays one card face down, then activates the magic card, Emergency Provisions, which allows him to tribute the face-down card he just played to increase his life points by 1000.

Now Lector reminds Kaiba of the rocket he launched earlier, telling Kaiba to keep an eye on its energy guage. The gang arrives on the other side of the gap in the bridge, and jump out of the truck, calling out to Kaiba.

Watching on his viewscreen, Noah says the gang's all here. Now Kaiba will have an audience to witness his destruction. Mokuba insists that his brother will stop that creep, and then come and rescue him. Noah says Mokuba seems quite confident that his brother cares about him—but he's wrong.

Joey and Yugi recognize the Big 5's Deck Master as Jinzo, and they realize that means Kaiba can't use any of his trap cards. Téa says it's like dueling with half a deck. But Kaiba thinks Lector's in for quite a surprise. (Japanese Anzu says this duel is super unfair, and Kaiba thinks that yes, this duel is obviously unfair, but he'll open a way with his own power.) He draws, and plays Heavy Storm, a magic card that destroys all magic and trap cards on the field. But Lector activates Imperial Order, a trap card that negates all of Kaiba's magic cards, and as long as he pays 700 points per turn, it will stay on the field. Now Kaiba can't use any magic or trap cards.

Mokuba watches and worries from Noah's sanctuary.

It's Lector's turn, and he gains 500 life points from Solemn Wishes and another 1000 from Life-Absorbing Machine, then he pays 700 to keep Imperial Order on the field, leaving him with 3400. Then he activates his Satellite Cannon, using its attack to destroy Kaiba's face-down monster, Wicked Worm Beast. The blast leaves a burned smudge on the bridge where Kaiba's monster was, and sends waves of water up onto the bridge.

Kaiba wonders how he can stop a weapon that's up in the sky. Lector says he can't—his Satellite Cannon is so far up, it's shielded from the attack of almost every monster. (In the Japanese, only a Level 7 or above monster can reach it.) And each turn, the Satellite Cannon gains 1000 attack points. Kaiba is about to lose everything he has, Lector says, and it serves him right, for destroying his own stepfather and betraying the Big 5. Now Kaiba will pay the price for using others to get what he wants—even his own brother!

Yugi and the others wonder what Lector's talking about, and Mokuba protests that it's a lie. Noah says it's about time Mokuba learned the harsh truth about his brother, and tells Mokuba to listen to what Lector has to say.

Lector says that Kaiba's treachery began when Gozaburo gave him ten million dollars to test his business skills. When Seto increased the money by threatening a smaller company, Gozaburo was impressed by Seto's abilities, and his cruelty. But that wasn't good enough for Seto.

Young Seto called together the Big 5, telling them that if they helped him take over Kaiba Corporation, they'd rule together as a team. They all began to buy up stock in Kaiba Corp, but they began to have difficulties. Tthey realized that someone was leaking their plans to Gozaburo, and Seto told them it was Mokuba. Accusing Mokuba of betraying him, Seto threw his brother out.

Present-day Mokuba's fists clench on his knees as he remembers that day—the most horrible day of his life. Noah watches Mokuba, smiling.

Lector goes on to say that after his rejection, Mokuba was forced to turn to Gozaburo. (Cut from the US version is a short bit showing sad Mokuba beside Gozaburo, as Daimon explains that "sad, homeless" Mokuba was forced to go to Gozaburo, who only wanted Mokuba's shares in the company. With Mokuba's two percent, he believed he held fifty-one, so he stopped buying stocks.)

Gozaburo assumed that Mokuba, who owned two percent of Kaiba Corp shares, would be on his side, and he would be safe as long as he owned forty-nine percent of the company. When Seto made his takeover attempt with his own forty-nine percent, Gozaburo thought Seto's plan had failed. He intended to fire the Big 5 and send Seto back to the orphanage. (Japanese Gozaburo said that he would declare bankruptcy and transfer Kaiba Corp's assets to a subsidiary, so that Seto's stocks would be worthless. "You will mortgage your life to me.") But then Mokuba threw in with his brother, using his two percent to back Seto. No matter what, Mokuba insisted that he and Seto were a team, and he'd never turn his back on his brother.

Gozaburo was so ashamed that he ran away, Lector says, and no one's heard from him since. (In the Japanese, Daimon says that on that day, Gozaburo was broken. He committed suicide, and it was Seto's fault.) Lector accuses Kaiba of playing them all like fools—it was really Seto who leaked their plans to Gozaburo. Mokuba protests that he doesn't believe it, but Lector goes on to explain that Seto deliberately leaked the information, making Gozaburo think it was Mokuba, so that Gozaburo would let Seto buy up forty-nine percent of the company, confident that he would have Mokuba's two percent on his side. But Seto knew that his brother would remain loyal to him, no matter how badly he treated him.

Kaiba says that Mokuba was the only one he trusted—he knew that together, they could take their stepfather down. But Lector says Seto used Mokuba, and took advantage of his trust. Mokuba says he doesn't want to hear it—he knows his brother would never deliberately hurt him.

Lector also accuses Kaiba of using him and the Big 5, but Kaiba's had enough. If you can't win, don't play the game, Kaiba says. (Japanese Kaiba says life is a game, and he won't let anyone trample his dream.) With a great flourish he draws his next card, and slaps it down on his Duel Disk. It's the monster, Spirit Ryu (Spirit Dragon), which he uses to attack Injection Fairy Lily. Lector activates Injection Fairy Lily's special effect, boosting her attack to 3400. But Kaiba activates Spirit Ryu's special effect, discarding two dragon cards from his hand to boost its attack to 3000. Lily's attack is still greater, but Kaiba only loses 400 life points. Now he's down to 800 life points.

The gang wonders why Kaiba let Lector destroy his dragon, but Yugi says Kaiba knows what he's doing. Lector's down to 1400 life points after boosting Lily's attack to destroy Spirit Ryu, and he doesn't have enough life points left to boost her again. Kaiba now attacks Injection Fairy Lily with Twin-Headed Behemoth, and she's destroyed. Lector's down to 800 life points, too.

It's Lector's turn. He gains 500 life points from Solemn Wishes, and 350 from Life-Absorbing Machine. But he doesn't want to pay the 700 life points to keep Imperial Order on the field, and it's destroyed. Joey cheers that now Kaiba can use his magic cards again. Yugi thinks that Kaiba might win this duel after all!

Kaiba taunts Lector, but Lector's not through yet. He plays a monster face-down, then uses Satellite Cannon to destroy Kaiba's Twin-Headed Behemoth. Once again with the flashy moves, Kaiba draws a monster, then plays Pot of Greed so he can draw two more cards. Then he summons Possessed Dark Soul (Blood Soul), and uses it to attack Lector's face-down monster. It's Dream Sprite, whose effect can redirect Dark Soul's attack to any of Lector's other monsters, and he transfers its attack to Satellite Cannon, where it dissipates harmlessly in the sky.

Lector draws, taking the life point boost from his trap cards, then ends his turn, allowing his Satellite Cannon to increase its attack power for one final attack. Kaiba vows to destroy the Satellite Cannon, and the gang wonders if Kaiba has a monster in his deck powerful enough to do it. Yugi thinks there may be one, but it all depends on whether Kaiba can draw it in time.

It all comes down to this draw. Kaiba closes his eyes, while Mokuba urges him on, and draws, you guessed it, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. First, he plays a monster face-down, then he activates his Deck Master's special ability. For a cost of 500 life points, Lord of Dragons allows him to summon any dragon from his hand. Kaiba sacrifices his two monsters on the field to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He sends the Blue-Eyes into the sky to attack Lector's Satellite Cannon.

The Satellite Cannon only has attack points when its attacking—otherwise, its attack is zero, so the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's attack does a full 3000 points of damage. (As he attacks, Japanese Kaiba says his dream won't be lost to a weapon of death, and shouts for the ghost of Gozaburo to disappear.) Lector loses, and the gang cheer for him. Kaiba demands to know where Mokuba is, but as he dissolves, Lector says Kaiba will never see Mokuba again. (Japanese Daimon says, who knows? But this isn't over yet.)

Mokuba cheers his brother's win. Noah asks how Mokuba can still be on his brother's side, after Kaiba betrayed him to gain control of Kaiba Corp. Mokuba says he'll stand by his brother no matter what. They're family, and nothing will separate them. Grimly, Noah thinks he'll show him familly. (Japanese Mokuba says he doesn't care how much he suffers, he only wants to help his brother.)

On the bridge, Kaiba calls out, "I'm coming, Mokuba!"

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