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Episode 110: Noah's Secret (The Mystery Deepens: Noah's True Colors)

Noah asks Mokuba how he can still be on his brother's side—Seto betrayed him to control Kaiba Corp. But Mokuba insists that he'll stand by his brother no matter what.

Noah is astonished that even after everything he's shown Mokuba, Mokuba remains loyal to his brother. He's sick of Seto getting everything and leaving him with nothing! He wants what Seto has—and he'll start with Mokuba. He thinks he'll crush Seto by taking the one thing he thought he'd never lose—Mokuba's trust.

Noah asks Mokuba what he thinks his brother is thinking right now. Does Mokuba honestly believe Seto is coming to rescue him? Mokuba insists that he is. Noah tells him to ask Seto for himself.

Mokuba turns around and sees Seto standing there. Joyfully, Mokuba jumps over the back of the couch and runs to him. But Seto raises his arm (in the Japanese, he knocks Mokuba down)

(and the red mark on Mokuba's face has been removed from the US version)

and tells Mokuba to stay away. Seto tells Mokuba he's sick of Mokuba holding him back, and blames Mokuba for them being stuck there. Then he walks away, disappearing into the darkness.

Mokuba calls out to him to come back, but the vision of Seto ignores him. Noah tells Mokuba that his brother doesn't care where he ends up, but he (Noah) would like to help him. He kneels beside Mokuba, telling him that he'll save him. Noah's eyes begin to glow red, reflecting in Mokuba's eyes. Noah puts his arms around a hypnotized Mokuba, telling him that he's the only one Mokuba can trust. (Japanese Noah says "I'll be your brother now," and Mokuba responds, "Noah... big brother.")

On the bridge, the gang watches from across the gap as Kaiba stands alone, having defeated the last member of the Big 5. Kaiba hears Noah's voice (in the Japanese, he first hears Mokuba saying, "Noah... big brother") telling him that he might have won the duel, but he's lost something more important—his brother. Kaiba demands to know where Mokuba is, and Noah tells him to just look down. The missing section of the bridge reappears, and a tunnel forms across from Kaiba.

Kaiba runs for the tunnel, calling out to Mokuba. Yugi warns him that it might be a trap, but Kaiba tells Yugi to stay out of it. (Japanese Yugi says, "Wait, we'll go with you.") Joey asks Kaiba who he thinks he is, and Kaiba tells him it doesn't concern him—it's family business. Then he runs off. Frustrated, Joey says who needs him, and Duke agrees, but Yugi thinks they should help Kaiba save Mokuba. Tristan thinks finding Noah might help him find his body, and Serenity agrees. Grateful for her support, Tristan, the Robot Monkey, buries his face in Serenity's chest, until Duke grabs him by the tail, telling him that for all they know, the Robot Monkey is Noah's pet.

Yugi insists that they can't let Kaiba go alone, and runs off after him. (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi and the others to stay there.) Téa joins him, leaving Joey, Duke, and Serenity arguing about whether to follow. Joey says he's sick of helping Kaiba and never getting any thanks for it, and Duke agrees that if they were in trouble, Kaiba wouldn't help them. (Japanese Jounouchi says they don't need him, and Otogi agrees that it's Kaiba's responsibility.) Serenity won't listen, and takes off for the tunnel, and Joey and Duke reluctantly follow.

But before they can enter the tunnel, it disappears. Joey calls out to Yugi to hang on!

Meanwhile, Kaiba has reached a fork in the tunnel. Grumbling about Noah's tricks, he takes off down the right-hand side. He hears Mokuba calling out to him for help, and then sees a side tunnel. Someone's standing in the darkness. It looks like Mokuba—but it's Noah, dressed in Mokuba's clothes. Noah floats up into the air, then a bright light engulfs both him and Kaiba.

Yugi and Téa reach the same fork in the tunnel. Téa takes off down the left-hand side, saying Kaiba went this way. But when Yugi asks if she's sure, she says she has no idea! (Japanese Anzu says her woman's intuition tells her Kaiba went this way.) Yugi runs after her, telling her to slow down—her legs are longer than his!

Soon, they see a light at the end of the tunnel and emerge into a wooded area in front of an old mansion. The gate is locked, but they hear a baby crying somewhere inside, and decide they have to get inside to find it.

Meanwhile, back at the airship, Marik decides he's tired of waiting around, and comes out to look for the gang, thinking that he has to get Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and the two remaining God cards. (Japanese Malik wonders if Noah will kill them before he does. Then he thinks, "Only I can send them to hell." He won't let Noah take away his pleasure.)

Back on the bridge, Joey and Duke notice that it's getting foggy.

Kaiba comes crashing down to the ground in Noah's virtual living room, with Noah standing before him. Kaiba demands that Noah bring his brother, then sees Mokuba peering around Noah. Noah says that Mokuba is safe and sound, thanks to him, but Kaiba says that Noah's the one who took Mokuba from him, and he'd better hand him over. Noah reminds him that it was Kaiba's ex-employee who grabbed Mokuba. Maybe Kaiba should have been a better boss! Noah says he was the one who rescued Mokuba.

Kaiba grabs Mokuba by the arm and tries to take him away, but Mokuba pulls away from him and runs back to Noah,accusing his brother of standing aside and watching while they took him away. Mokuba says he's staying with Noah. Kaiba asks Noah what he's done to Mokuba (Kaiba never believes for an instant that Mokuba's really turned against him), but Noah claims he's done nothing. Kaiba tells Mokuba to snap out of it, but Noah taunts him, telling him that it will take more than shouting to erase all of Mokuba's painful memories of the times Seto abandoned him for his own selfish goals. Kaiba says it's a lie—he's never treated Mokuba like that, and begs Mokuba not to listen to Noah's lies.

Noah takes Mokuba back to the couch, telling Kaiba he's all alone now. Mokuba would rather be his brother. And that's not all—Kaiba doesn't deserve anything he has, and Noah plans to take it all away from him.

Yugi and Téa have found their way into the mansion and are searching for the baby they still hear crying, but it's nowhere to be found. The whole mansion seems to be deserted. Yugi finds a rattle in an empty bedroom, and thinks there's not really a baby there at all. (Japanese Yugi wonders if they're in the time when Kaiba was a baby. Anzu recalls that Kaiba was adopted at the age of ten.) They find a dusty photograph. "This is weird," Yugi says.

Marik finds the door to the hangar, and tries to get out, but it's locked, and he doesn't know the combination to unlock it. He punches the door in frustration.

Back on the bridge, Robot Monkey Tristan is looking down at the water, when he suddenly sees eyes peering up at him out of the sea. He tries to warn the others, but they just think he's being annoying. (Heh. Japanese Jounouchi tells him to shut up or he'll dissect him. Otogi thinks it's another plan to seduce Shizuka.) Then a waterspout shoots up, revealing the four remaining Big 5, who've come to steal their bodies. Joey quickly throws a bunch of monsters on his Duel Disk to defend the gang, while they jump in the truck to try to get away. But the truck won't start. The Big 5 are quickly making short work of Joey's monsters. Just in time, the truck finally starts, and they speed away, the Big 5 in pursuit.

Noah tells Kaiba it's time he learned the truth, and shows him a projection of himself with Kaiba's adopted father. Yugi and Téa arrive, and Yugi gives Kaiba the photograph they found. He says it's a trick. It's a picture of Gozaburo and Noah.

Noah tells them all to watch the projection. They see Gozaburo take a photograph of young Seto from his desk and show it to Noah, telling him that this is his latest acquisition. Seto is extremely intelligent, he says, and he plans to bring Seto there to challenge Noah, so that Noah will work harder in his studies. Noah will have to prove that he has the intellect to run Kaiba Corp some day. Noah agrees, telling Gozaburo he won't be disappointed, and calling him "Father."

Everyone is shocked, Kaiba most of all. Noah says it's true—he is Gozaburo's one true son, and Seto was just one of his servants. Kaiba says it's not true, but Noah says that now it's time for him to reclaim his rightful position as the head of his father's empire. Noah tells Kaiba he's out of a job.

Kaiba says if Noah's really Gozaburo's son, why hasn't he ever met him before? Noah's about to explain, when the system alerts him to Joey and the others' pursuit by the Big 5. (Cut from the US version is a shot of the truck swerving all over the road, while the Big 5 try to stop it.)

Noah tells them to wait there while he takes care of this, and disappears, Kaiba shouting after him.

The pickup truck is careening down the road, trying to avoid the Big 5. Jinzo blasts the road ahead of them with his trap-destroying beam, and the truck swerves off the road and overturns. (Cut from the US version is a shot of the truck overturning, and Otogi flying.)

Fortunately, no one is harmed, but the Big 5 are still determined to steal their bodies. Jinzo and the Penguin start to argue about who gets to pick first (in the Japanese, they fight over who gets Shizuka's body), while Joey and Serenity huddle on top of the truck. The Deep Sea Warrior walks up with Duke and tosses him to the ground, telling them to stop bickering and choose.

But then Noah appears, and sucks the Big 5 up in a twister, disappearing along with them. Yugi, Téa, and Kaiba come running up to the truck from the woods, and the gang all greet each other happily, Yugi flinging himself onto Joey, who gives him a good squeeze.

Kaiba is still looking at the photograph Yugi found. Yugi asks him if Noah's story could be true, but Kaiba says it has to be a trick—the supposed conversation between Noah and Gozaburo would have happened over six years ago, which is when the photo was taken, according to the date written on it. But Noah looks exactly the same in the picture as he does now. He hasn't aged in six years.

To Be Continued

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