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Episode 111: Merger of the Big Five, Part 1 (The Big 5's Counterattack)

Noah is chastizing the Big 5 for attempting to take the kids' bodies by force. Since they're working for him, they make him look bad by losing and then trying to cheat. They protest, trying to make excuses for their behavior, but Noah won't hear it. Nesbitt shows up in Tristan's body to tell everyone he's about to escape to the real world. But the others point out that he actually lost the duel, so Tristan's body doesn't belong to him.

Noah tells them that they all must share Tristan's body and defeat Yugi in a duel. Defeating Seto's strongest rival will prove once and for all that Noah deserves to have Seto's empire. If they win, he'll let them each have bodies.

Meanwhile, the gang is walking down an empty highway through the desert, asking Kaiba if Noah's really his stepbrother. Kaiba insists it's none of their business, but they go on talking about it, saying that it explains why Noah brought them there. By teaming up with the Big 5, Noah plans to prove that he's the better son. And, Yugi says, he's holding Mokuba captive to weaken Kaiba.

Kaiba's heard enough. He turns and starts to walk away from the gang, but Téa runs in front of him to stop him. She tells him they want to help him, but he insists it's family business and tries to push past her. She stops him again, saying that his family business got them all trapped there, and they can help him find Mokuba. Kaiba turns his head away, refusing to even look at her, while she tells him that Mokuba is their friend, and they want to help him.

Kaiba says, why don't they worry about him instead, and they all turn to see Tristan standing on a nearby hilltop. With the gang's attention elsewhere, Kaiba slips away.

Duke says it's the techno-geek Nesbitt, who took Tristan's body even though they kicked his butt in their duel. But the Big 5 explain that all five of them are there, and the five Deck Masters appear on the hill beside Tristan. Yugi yells at them to give Tristan's body back, and they say there's only one way they'll do that—if Yugi beats them in a duel. Nesbitt complains that he never agreed to give the body back! The others say it's their body now, too, and Johnson points out that they're not going to keep their word, anyway.

A Duel Disk appears on Big 5 Tristan's arm, and Yugi accepts the challenge, turning into Yami as his own Duel Disk activates.

But Joey's not about to let Yugi duel alone. Five against one isn't fair, and he's not about to let Yugi duel for Tristan's body alone. (Cut from the US version is a shot of Robot Monkey Honda, moved to tears by Jounouchi's insistance on fighting for him.)

Big 5 Tristan agrees, but inside his body they argue. The plan was to duel Yugi alone. Johnson says that Joey's weak and will only hold Yugi back, while Lector points out that Joey defeated Johnson in their duel. But Johnson has an idea—to make the total life points even, the Big 5 will start with 8000 while Joey and Yugi each have 4000.

Now the virtual cards appear and Yugi and Joey must choose their decks. Yugi picks Dark Magician, of course, while Joey picks Cyber Harpie in Mai's honor, vowing that as soon as they get out of this virtual dump, he'll rescue her.

Yugi chooses Dark Magician as his Deck Master and Joey chooses Flame Swordsman. The Big 5 say they'll take turns dueling, and rotate their Deck Masters. First up is Gansley with Deep Sea Warrior. (Another sequence with Robot Monkey Honda and the gang is cut from the US version. First, Honda tearfully urges Yugi and Jounouchi on. Anzu tells him not to worry, and Otogi says he'll soon have his body back. He thanks them, and Shizuka, who encourages her brother. Honda melts rather goopily in her arms.)

Gansley goes first, playing the field magic card Legendary Ocean (Legendary City Atlantis). The gang runs to climb one of the mesas to avoid getting wet. Then Deep Sea Warrior summons Legendary Fisherman.

Joey recogonizes this as Mako's monster, and protests that Legendary Fisherman requires a sacrifice to summon, but Yugi says not with that magic card. Legendary Ocean reduces the level stars of all water monsters by one, so Legendary Fisherman can be summoned without a sacrifice.

Joey goes next, summoning Alligator Sword in defense. Robot Monkey Honda watches anxiously, hoping Joey and Yugi can save his body, and Joey reflects that he's going to get Tristan's body back.

Yugi summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in defense. Gansley is about to take his next turn, when Crump steps in, saying he'll take the next turn. Deep Sea Warrior disappears and Nightmare Penguin takes his place. (Japanese Nightmare Penguin says he'll beat them and get a young girl's body, creeping Anzu out.) Téa urges them to beat the flipper-footed freak! Nightmare Penguin points out that his Deck Master's special ability gives underwater monsters a 200 point power bonus. The pumped-up Legendary Fisherman destroys Yugi's Gazelle. Then he summons Catapult Turtle—another level five monster summoned without a sacrifice, thanks to Legendary Ocean. Joey tells Yugi they'd better get rid of that magic card, or they'll be saying goodbye to their bodies!

Kaiba, meanwhile, is walking up a hill on a long stone stairway, thinking that Yugi and his friends can deal with the Big 5—he has bigger problems. He thinks that Noah's story has to be a lie. Noah can't be Gozaburo's son—that would make him the same age as Kaiba, and he's clearly just a snot-nosed kid! He wonders if the Big 5 put Noah up to all this in their attempt to take over Kaiba Corp. But they're not smart enough to have thought of it themselves. There's a piece of the puzzle missing, and he'll find it. But first, he has to find Mokuba. Then he'll show Noah that no one disrespects his family and gets away with it! (Japanese Kaiba doesn't mention the Big 5. He thinks that there are two possibilities. One is that Noah is lying, and the other is that Noah is dead and this is his ghost. Then he laughs at himself, thinking he must be brainwashed by Yugi's supernatural talk. The US version is altered to show the Big 5 as Kaiba is thinking.)

It's Joey's turn. He draws Kunai with Chain and sets it face-down, then summons Cyber Harpie, saying this one's for Mai! He finishes his turn by switching Alligator Sword to attack mode. Yugi thinks he doesn't have anything that can stop Legendary Fisherman from attacking, so he'll have to depend on Joey's face-down card. He summons Mystical Elf in defense and ends his turn.

Johnson tries to take over, but Crump brushes him off and continues playing, ordering Legendary Fisherman to attack Mystical Elf. Joey activates his trap card, Kunai with Chain, which stops Legendary Fisherman's attack, and powers up his Cyber Harpie. (In the Japanese, it also forces Legendary Fisherman and Catapult Turtle into defense. Jounouchi goes on to complain that the Big 5 are always going on about "Yugi, Yugi." He's in this game, too!) The other Big 5 yell at Crump for screwing up. He sets a monster face-down in defense and ends his turn.

The gang cheer, and Tristan says they're off to a good start, and then makes monkey noises. Téa asks him what's up, and Tristan realizes that he's going ape! The longer he stays in the Robot Monkey body, the more he's turning into a real monkey!

Joey draws Harpie's Feather Duster and uses it to destroy Legendary Ocean, then attacks Legendary Fisherman with Cyber Harpie. He's about to attack Catapult Turtle with Alligator Sword when he realizes that Catapult Turtle still has 2000 defense points. Alligator Sword can't hurt it. So he attacks the face-down monster instead, despite Yugi's warning. It's Magician of Faith, whose effect allows Crump to retrieve one magic card from the graveyard, and naturally, he chooses Legendary Ocean. Joey apologizes to Yugi for messing up. (Japanese Jounouchi says he was dizzy with success. Yugi tells him not to worry.)

Yugi says the duel is still on. But Crump thinks that on his next turn, he'll play Legendary Ocean again. Then he'll use Monster Reborn to bring his Legendary Fisherman back from the graveyard. He thinks he's got the duel well in hand.

Yugi plays Kuriboh in defense mode, then plays Card Destruction. Now they all have to discard their hands and draw five new cards. Crump loses his Legendary Ocean again. Joey says it's awesome! He knew he could count on Yugi.

Now Johnson takes over the duel, and Duke tells the gang this is why the Big 5 are winning. The duel is taking its toll on Yugi and Joey, but the Big 5 keep rotating in players to keep themselves fresh. (Japanese Otogi says it's amazing that they've already fought several fierce rounds, but no one's lost any points yet.) Johnson's Deck Master, Judge Man, comes to the field.

Kaiba is still climbing the steps. When he nears the top of the hill, he turns and calls out to his brother. Noah watches from his sanctuary, and asks Mokuba if he wants to answer. Mokuba, his eyes glowing red from whatever mental hijinks Noah did to him, says no. Noah is his only brother. (The red eyes have been added to the US version.)

Kaiba has reached a ruin at the top of the hill, thinking that whatever grudge Noah has against him, he should take it up with him face-to-face. Capturing his defenseless brother only shows what a coward Noah really is.

The haze clears, and Kaiba is shocked to see a building of his own design. But he's never shown those blueprints to anyone! How could Noah have recreated it? Who is this kid? (In the Japanese, the building Kaiba sees is Kaiba Land, which, of course, has already been built.)

To Be Continued

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