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Episode 112: Merger of the Big Five, Part 2 (Jounouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory)

The Big 5, with Johnson in Tristan's body, face off against Yugi and Joey. The score stands at the Big 5 8000 vs Yugi and Joey each with 4000. Joey tells Johnson that he beat him once before and he'll do it again, but Yugi reminds Joey that they're up against all five of the Big 5 this time.

Johnson draws, while Robot Monkey Tristan complains that those business geeks are sharing his body like a corporate condo! (In the Japanese, Robot Monkey Honda begs Jounouchi to have mercy and not direct attack, since that's his body the Big 5 are using.) Johnson uses his Deck Master ability, paying 1000 life points to destroy all of his opponents' monsters on the field, and inflicting 500 points of direct damage to Yugi and Joey for each of their monsters destroyed. They're down to 3000 life points each.

Meanwhile, Kaiba's arrived at Noah's virtual Kaiba Land, astonished that Noah could have created it. The blueprints are secret, he thinks, and construction isn't due to begin for another four years. (In the Japanese, Kaiba Land has been built and open for business for some time. All Kaiba thinks is, "Hm. Kaiba Land.") But they've included every detail, including his back-door security system—a chess board, which opens the door when the proper move is played. Kaiba enters, thinking that maybe he'll get some answers inside.

Tristan worries that if this keeps up, he'll never get his body back, but Serenity reassures him that Yugi and Joey will win. Johnson summons Hysteric Angel (1800 ATK) and uses it to attack Joey directly. (In the Japanese, Ota says that the monkey said something interesting when he told Jounouchi not to direct attack. Jounouchi thinks Honda has a big mouth. A shot of Hysteric Angel's eyeglass beam hitting Jounouchi is cut from the US version.)

Then he uses Catapult Turtle to launch Hysteric Angel at Joey. (Catapult Turtle's effect allows you to sacrifice a monster to inflict direct damage equal to half the sacrificed monster's attack points.) Joey's knocked to the ground, and he's down to 300 life points. (Another shot of Hysteric Angel attacking Joey is cut from the US version.)

But he struggles to his feet, while Johnson explains that his strategy is to remove the weaker player—Joey—first. Then he'll concentrate on Yugi. Joey refuses to be intimidated, saying Johnson's just mad because Joey wiped the floor with him in their first duel.

Johnson sets a card face down, then plays the magic card Altar of Mists. Yugi knows that after three turns, the Altar of Mists will allow Johnson to play any ritual magic card from his deck, allowing him to summon a powerful ritual monster. (In the Japanese, Yugi also thinks that during those three turns, Altar of Mists cannot be destroyed by any magic, trap, or monster effect. Pretty powerful card! It hasn't been released in the US.)

Now it's Joey's turn, and he summons Rocket Warrior (1500 ATK), using his Deck Master's ability to take 1000 attack points from Flame Swordsman and add them to Rocket Warrior. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi first reflects that in his last duel, he overspent his Deck Master's strength. But now he has only 300 life points left, so he has no choice.) Then he uses Rocket Warrior to destroy Catapult Turtle.

But Johnson activates his face-down card, the magic card Revenge Sacrifice, which allows him to sacrifice Joey's Rocket Warrior to summon a monster of his own. He summons Machine King (2200 ATK), which gains an additional 100 attack points from every machine monster on the field, including itself, raising its attack to 2300.

Joey tells Yugi it's up to him to finish this guy, and Yugi says he'll try. Yugi thinks he needs to summon Des Vorstgalf (I have no idea how that's supposed to be spelled, but that's what it sounds like. Japanese name is Death Vorustagalf or some such -- I've also seen it romanized "Vorstagalf" and "Vorustagulf," all of which would be written and pronounced the same in Japanese), but it's a Level 6 monster, and he doesn't have any other monsters to sacrifice for it. He draws the Rock Spirit, which can only be special summoned by removing a monster in his graveyard from play. He's previously discarded Buster Blader when he played Card Destruction, so he removes Buster Blader from play in order to summon the Rock Spirit. Then he sacrifices the Rock Spirit to summon Des Vorstgalf (2200 ATK). Joey wonders if Yugi's serious! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that Yugi's monster still needs another 100 points to stand against Machine King, and wonders what Yugi's going to do.) Then Yugi sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Joey thinks Yugi's trying to lure Johnson to attack so he can use his trap on him. But it's an obvious move, and Johnson's surely figured it out. Desperately, and not at all discreetly, Joey tries to warn Yugi that it's no good. Téa and Serenity wonder what Joey's going on about, so Duke explains that Joey is trying to warn Yugi that his plan won't work. Yugi stands firm.

Inside Tristan's body, Nesbitt pushes Johnson aside, saying it's his turn to duel. (In the Japanese, he says he's the only one qualified to play the Machine King.) He brings out his Deck Master, the Robotic Knight, then uses Heavy Storm to destroy all the magic and trap cards on his opponents' side of the field. (The real card destroys all magic and trap cards on both sides of the field. In the Japanese, Altar of Mists isn't destroyed because of its effect.) Yugi's trap, Mirror Force, is destroyed. Yugi appears upset, saying that his plan was to reflect Machine King's attack back at Nesbitt. Joey exclaims that that's the oldest trick in the book, and Yugi says it was worth a try.

Lector tries to warn Nesbit not to attack, but Nesbitt doesn't listen, and uses Machine King to attack Yugi's Des Vorstgalf. Yugi laughs, saying Nesbitt fell for his real trap. Des Vorstgalf's attack was increased by 200 points when Nesbitt played his magic card, Heavy Storm, so it's now strong enough to destroy Machine King. Not only that, Des Vorstgalf causes 500 points of direct damage whenever it destroys an opponent's monster. The Big 5's life points are reduced to 6400. Nesbitt claims it's no big deal—he's still got plenty of life points left. But Lector berates him, saying Yugi's forced him to do something else.

And suddenly Duke gets it, too—Yugi set up Nesbitt to attack him instead of Joey, who's down to 300 life points with no monsters to protect him. Yugi congratulates Joey, telling him that his "acting" was what made the trick convincing, and the rest of the gang is quite impressed that Joey knew about it all along! Joey sheepishly accepts their congratulations, then thinks that if it weren't for Yugi, he'd be a goner! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks he almost became a robot monkey!)

It's Joey's turn, and he draws Panther Warrior. It's a good monster, but it can't attack unless he sacrifices another monster first, and Joey doesn't have any other monsters, so he summons Panther Warrior in defense. Then he sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Yugi draws, apologizing to Tristan, saying he has to attack directly. Tristan tells Yugi to do what he has to do, then hides his face against Serenity's chest, unable to watch his body take the attack. Yugi uses Des Vorstgalf to direct attack, and the Big 5's life points take a 2200 point hit, down to 4200. Then Yugi summons Big Shield Gardna (2600 DEF) in defense and ends his turn.

Kaiba is walking through an empty building. He sees a virtual doorway and enters, thinking it probably leads to more images from his past. But instead, he finds an old movie projector and screen. He switches the projector on. (Cut from the US version is a shot of the movie's countdown. The movie is silent in the Japanese.)

Kaiba sees home movies of a young Noah with Gozaburo: playing games, celebrating a birthday, on a fishing trip. Noah's still trying to convince him he's Gozaburo's son, Kaiba thinks. But it will take more than a few fake home movies to do that.

Then the scene changes, and the movie shows a woman walking down the steps of a church, holding a portrait of Noah in her hands. (In the Japanese, the woman is wearing a veil. This is a Japanese funeral. Kaiba thinks, "Noah is dead?")

Gozaburo tells the grieving woman that Noah can still be saved. Kaiba wonders what it means. Was Noah in some sort of accident? He remembers that Noah was about to tell him "the truth" when he was distracted by the Big 5's attempt to steal the kids' bodies. Kaiba says that If these images are real, something devastating must have happened to Noah right before he and Mokuba were adopted. (In the Japanese, Kaiba thinks that if Noah's dead, who this guy calling himself Noah?) Kaiba walks away, wondering why Noah would want him to know all this information about his past. Unless someone else is behind all this....

Lector has taken over Tristan's body and the duel. He draws, and Joey tries to activate his trap card, Drop Off, to send Lector's card to the graveyard. But the trap card is destroyed—Lector's Deck Master is Jinzo. Then Lector plays Pot of Greed, which allows him to draw two more cards.

Yugi says that by playing a magic card, Lector's activated Des Vorstgalf's special ability, raising its attack to 2400 points. But Lector's not worried. He summons Fairy Lily (Injection Angel Lily).

Joey says she's just a 400 attack monster, but Yugi says no. (Cut from the US version is a scene where Daimon calls Jounouchi a stupid kid, and Jounouchi's not too pleased.)

Lector pays 2000 life points to increase Lily's attack to 3400. (The shot of Lily's hypo filling up as she powers up is changed in the US.)

And uses her to destroy Yugi's Des Vorstgalf. (Lily's hypo is again changed to a rocket in the US, and its attack on Des Vorstgalf is obscured.)

Yugi says the attack cost Lector more points than it did him (Japanese Yugi says he didin't think Daimon would sacrifice so many life points to attack), but Lector plays Sebek's Blessing, which increases his life points by the same amount that Yugi lost. The Bigt 5's life points rise to 3200, while Yugi has 2000 and Joey only 300. Lector sets a card face down, saying the Big 5 will soon claim four more bodies, while Joey panics, saying they've got to do something fast! (Japanese Daimon tells Jounouchi it's his turn, and Jounouchi says he knows!)

It's Joey's turn, but before he can make his move, Lector activates his face-down trap card, Gravity Bind, which prevents any Level 4 or higher monsters from attacking. This will stop all of Joey and Yugi's monsters, but not Lector's Level 3 Fairy Lily. Joey protests that Jinzo should stop all trap cards from being played, but Lector says that since Jinzo is his Deck Master, it only affects his opponent's trap cards.

Then Joey draws his own Jinzo. He sacrifices Panther Warrior to summon it, destroying Lector's Gravity Bind. Lector says his Fairy Lily is still the most powerful monster on the field. Yugi tells Joey that's right, but attack points aren't everything. Joey realizes what Yugi means—Fairy Lily only has 1500 defense points, so he plays Block Attack to force her into defense mode, where his Jinzo can destroy her easily.

Yugi summons Dark Magician Girl (in the Japanese, he says that he's sacrificing Big Shield Gardna to summon her). He attacks Lector directly for 2000 points. (Dark Magician Girl's attack appears to go past Lector in the US version.)

But Lector rises from the attack, smiling. It's been three turns since he played Altar of Mists, so now he can use its effect. He draws, and laughs triumphantly. In his hand, he holds the Big 5's most powerful creature!

To Be Continued

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