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Episode 113: Merger of the Big Five, Part 3 (Defeat! Five God Dragon)

Yugi still has 2000 life points, but Joey's down to 300, and Lector-in-Tristan's-Body has 1200. Lector gloats that it's time for him to do what his associates couldn't—defeat Yugi and Joey so the Big 5 can escape. Thanks to Altar of Mists, he can add any Ritual Magic card he wants to his hand, and he chooses Dragon Revival Ritual. Now he can summon his Five-Headed Dragon (Five God Dragon). Yugi says that's not true, and Lector agrees that he must also sacrifice five monsters, each with different attributes. But Lector's only got one monster on his side of the field!

Lector points out that each of the Big 5 has his own Deck Master, and calls all the Deck Masters onto the field: Jinzo (Dark), Deep Sea Warrior (Water), Nightmare Penguin (WInd), Judge Man (Earth), and Robotic Knight (FIre). The five Deck Masters are sacrificed to summon the mighty Five-Headed Dragon (5000 ATK). (As usual, the five-pointed star has some extra points added in the US.)

Yugi says they've fought this beast before, and Joey remembers it was the last time they fought these cyber-geeks. The Five-Headed Dragon destroyed Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon—and Joey! He hopes his luck is better than it was last time! Yugi tells Joey that at least the Five-Headed Dragon can't attack this turn, so they have one turn to stop it.

But Lector forgot to mention—his dragon destroys all of his opponent's magic, trap, and monster cards when it's summoned. Joey's Jinzo and Yugi's Dark Magician Girl are destroyed. And finally, the Five-Headed Dragon can't be harmed by monsters of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, or Darkness. Duke says that means only Light monsters can destroy it! Lector plays one card face down and ends his turn.

Joey doesn't know what to do. Five thousand attack points and only one kind of monster can beat it! He asks Yugi if he has any ideas, and Yugi reassures him that they can do it, telling him to trust his Deck Master. (Japanese Yugi doesn't mention the Deck Masters, just tells Jounouchi to hang on. Jounouchi tells himself to brace up—he can't rely on Yugi all the time.)

Joey draws a trap card. He was hoping for a monster, but he plays three cards face down, and calls his Deck Master, Flame Swordsman to the field. He smiles at Yugi, thinking that he knows they can do it together, and ends his turn. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he's still counting on Yugi at last....)

Telling Joey good work, Yugi takes over. (Japanese Yugi mentally tells Jounouchi to rely on him—they still have ways to fight.) He draws Magical Hats, then calls his Deck Master, Dark Magician to the field. Téa thinks that's pretty dangerous,and Duke agrees, but Tristan points out that there was nothing else they could do—without monsters on the field, they'd be smashed anyway. Lector thinks Yugi and Joey's monsters will be sitting ducks for his dragon, but Yugi says the duel's not over yet. They'll show him what real teamwork can do.

Yugi says they'll defeat the Five-Headed Dragon the same way they did last time. The Big 5 say that won't work—last time, they summoned Master of Dragon Soldier, and they don't have the cards to do that this time. But Yugi says they'll summon a monster that's just as powerful, and fuses Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman to form Dark Flare Knight (2200 ATK). This monster is a combination of his and Joey's Deck Masters, just as the Five-Headed Dragon is a combination of the Big 5's.

Lector isn't worried. Dark Flare Knight has only 2200 attack points, and can't attack the dragon anyway, since it's a Dark monster. Yugi says they'll see. Téa and Duke worry that if the Five-Headed Dragon attacks, Yugi and Joey will lose, and even Joey hopes Yugi knows what he's doing.

Yugi orders Dark Flare Knight to attack. It's destroyed, but Yugi and Joey are unharmed, because of the Knight's effect, which prevents Yugi from receiving battle damage when it's destroyed. In addition, Mirage Knight (2800 ATK) is summoned in its place. Now Mirage Knight attacks the Five-Headed Dragon. Its effect allows it to absorb the attack points of the monster it's attacking, so its attack rises to 7800. Not only that, it's a Light monster—the one kind that can destroy the Five-Headed Dragon.

The Five-Headed Dragon is destroyed—but Lector's still standing! His life points drop, but only to 600. He activated his trap card, A Deal With Dark Ruler, which prevented him from receiving any damage when the Five-Headed Dragon was destroyed, at a cost of half his life points. Then, A Deal With Dark Ruler allows him to summon Berserk Dragon (3500 ATK) to the field as his Deck Master. And Mirage Knight only stays in play for one attack, then returns to the original monsters it was fused from.

Duke says now there's no way they can stop the Big 5's dragon! It's way stronger than either of their Deck Masters. Serenity calls out to the boys not to let their Deck Masters be destroyed! Joey tells her not to worry, Yugi's turn isn't over yet. (Japanese Shizuka calls out encouragement to Jounouchi, but he says he can't do anything—it's still Yugi's turn!)

Yugi plays Magical Hats to hide his Dark Magician, then pays 1000 life points to activate Dark Magician's Deck Master ability to duplicate the effect of any magic card on the field, and plays another Magical Hats to hide Joey's Flame Swordsman. Then he ends his turn, saying now it's up to fate. Joey says he's not worried—the Big 5 only has a one in four chance of destroying their Deck Masters.

Lector disagrees. He draws, then points out that his Berserk Dragon can attack four monsters at once. Yugi thinks it's all over for one of them, but Joey says he doesn't think so. (Japanese Anzu wonders what Jounouchi means, and Honda says Jounouchi was always bad at math.)

Lector orders Berserk Dragon to destroy Yugi's four hats. Yugi waits for the end, but Joey says it's his turn to protect Yugi, and sends Flame Swordsman to intercept the attack. Yugi says No! and the gang watches in horror as the attack strikes.

But when the smoke clears, Joey is still standing with 300 life points. Dark Magician survived, and so did the Flame Swordsman. Joey used his trap card, Silver Dollar, to save his Flame Swordsman from the attack. The trap can only be used on weak monsters, but Flame Swordsman's attack is only 800, after Joey used its Deck Master ability earlier to power up Rocket Warrior. Yugi tells him it was a good move, and Joey says Yugi'd have done the same thing. (Japanese Jounouchi says now they're even.)

Lector says he's not through with them yet. But his Berserk Dragon loses 500 attack points at the end of each of his turns, so it's now down to 3000, and it's Joey's turn.

Joey activates another of his face-down cards, Knight's Title, which he uses to turn Yugi's Dark Magician into Dark Magician Knight (2500 ATK, and probably the prettiest monster ever). Then he uses his Deck Master ability to transfer 700 attack points from Flame Swordsman to Dark Magician Knight, explaining that since the Deck Master ability only works on Warriors, he had to transform Dark Magician into a Warrior first. Now Dark Magician Knight has 3200 attack points—more than Berserk Dragon. Joey ends his turn, telling Yugi to do the honors. Yugi says they make a great team.

As the Big 5 argue among themselves, Yugi orders Dark Magician Knight to attack the Berserk Dragon. After some very sexy moves (Japanese Black Magician Knight chants a spell as he prepares to attack), Dark Magician Knight destroys the Big 5's Deck Master, winning the duel. Yugi demands that they return Tristan's body, and the gang cheer.

But the Big 5 have no intention of playing fair. They start to attack the gang, intending once again to steal their bodies, but Noah shows up to snatch them away, taking Tristan's body with them. Poor Robot Monkey Tristan says he's going to be stuck as a monkey for the rest of his life! Serenity picks him up to comfort him, and, snuggled in her arms, he thinks maybe he can learn to live with it.

Meanwhile, while blank-eyed Mokuba looks on, Noah tells the Big 5 they're pathetic. (Once again, a red glow is added to Mokuba's eyes in the US version.)

They plead for yet another chance, but he tells them it's time for them to leave for good, and laughs as they disappear, to be imprisoned in his virtual world forever. (Japanese Big 5 wonder where Honda's body went, and Noah asks them if they really thought he could give them bodies—there's nothing real in the virtual world.)

Now, Noah says it's time he challenged Seto personally. He'll prove once and for all that he's the true heir to the Kaiba Empire!

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