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Episode 115: Brothers in Arms, Part 2 ( Invincible Deck Master: The Miracle Ark)

Noah stands by as his Deck Master, Shinato's Ark, descends to the ocean. The gang watch in surprise as the Ark opens up, and all the monsters in both players' graveyards and in their hands are taken into it. Noah explains that from now on, every time a monster is sent to the graveyard, it will be re-routed into Shinato's Ark. (Japanese Noah also tells Kaiba that this is the beginning of the Seven Turns of Creation.)

Kaiba laughs. It's his turn, and, because of Shinato's Ark, Noah has no monsters on the field or in his hand. If Kaiba draws a monster now, Noah will have no way to protect himself from attack. Noah says Kaiba is mistaken. Kaiba draws, and summons Spear Dragon (1900 ATK), ordering it to attack Noah directly.

But Noah has the ability to use the monsters aboard Shinato's Ark to protect himself. He calls Vampire Lord (1500 DEF) to the field in defense mode, and lets it absorb Spear Dragon's attack. He still loses 400 life points due to Spear Dragon's effect—it does battle damage even when the opponent's monster is in defense. But he's saved from most of Spear Dragon's attack. Vampire Lord is destroyed and returns to Shinato's Ark.

Noah tells Kaiba that they're dueling in his world, and he controls everything that goes on. (Japanese Noah says it's the Second Turn of Creation.) The ocean dries up, and they're now surrounded by lush jungle. Noah welcomes them to the dinosaur age, and summons Giant Rex (2000 ATK) to destroy Spear Dragon. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing Giant Rex biting Spear Dragon and shaking it by its neck.)

Spear Dragon switches into defense mode after it attacks, so Kaiba's life points aren't affected. But he now has no monsters on the field.

Noah asks Kaiba if he's feeling frustrated to learn that Noah is more intelligent than he is. He points up at the metal sphere which holds his brain, saying that with each passing second it grows.

Noah says that when his mind was digitized into the computer, something unexpected happened to him. His brain waves became more powerful, and he was able to absorb vast amounts of knowledge through his father's computer network. Soon, he became a superhuman, with more knowledge than anyone on Earth! (An outline of naked Noah in his virtual world is given a shift to wear in the US version.)

But it wasn't enough. He still lacked one thing—his father's trust. But once he destroys Seto, he'll prove to his father that Kaiba Corp should be his! (Japanese Noah tells Kaiba that he's only a test Gozaburo has given him.)

Noah calls Kaiba a lowly human, but Kaiba laughs, telling Noah that behind his so-called superhuman intellect, he's just a spoiled brat. All his life, Noah's had everything handed to him. Kaiba had to work for everything he has. Kaiba Corp is his because he earned it.

Kaiba tells Noah that all this just proves that Noah's mad to trap them in a virtual world and force him to duel. He's a better man than Noah will ever be, and deep down his father always knew it. (Japanese Kaiba asks Noah, if Gozaburo really wanted him to have Kaiba Corp, why didn't he just give it to him? He could have let Noah compete with Seto openly. Why didn't he choose open and above-board ways? It was because Gozaburo didn't trust Noah after he became a computer.)

Noah remembers waking in his bed after the accident. Thinking that it was all just a dream, he jumped out of bed, calling for his father. But he found the door to his room locked. In the wall of his bedroom, a window appeared, with his father standing on the other side. Noah ran to him, saying that he had the wierdest dream, but his father shook his head, and told him that the accident was no dream. Noah's bedroom was virtual, existing within the computers Gozaburo had used to download Noah's mind. (Japanese Noah asked Gozaburo to let him out of there, then Gozaburo explained that Noah had died, and must remain in his virtual world.) As Noah sunk to the floor in despair, a little virtual puppy came up to him, and Noah clung to him.

Noah explored the virtual world Gozaburo had created for him. It was full of friendly people, but their programming was limited. The woman at the ice cream stand could only repeat the same line over and over. Disappointed and frustrated, Noah threw a rock at his dog, but it continued to bark cheerfully at him. He knew some improvements needed to be made.

For his birthday, Gozaburo gave Noah a virtual trip to Mars. In his space suit, Noah said it was the best present ever! How many kids could say they'd been to Mars? Of course, it was only a virtual experience. Then his virtual dog ran up to him, and Gozaburo was shocked to see it wearing a metal mask with spikes around its muzzle. Noah exlained that he had experimented with it, turning it into a robot dog. Then he told his father that he'd been working on another project, figuring out how to improve the virtual world his father had created for him. All they had to do was connect his computer network to other systems all around the world. (Japanese Noah said he'd calculated that if they used the entire financial resources and weaponry of Kaiba Corporation, they could destroy the entire world in thirty days. Gozaburo asked how many people would survive, and Noah replied about three percent. Gozaburo said that wasn't very many, but Noah he didn't care about that, because it had nothing to do with him. He'd already surpassed human beings, and had begun to see Kaiba Corp's position from a new perspective.) Gozaburo said he was impressed, but walked away when Noah asked if this didn't prove he was the perfect candidate to take over Kaiba Corp.

Then, Noah says, Gozaburo began to focus his attention on his new family—Seto and Mokuba. Soon he stopped visiting Noah altogether. Gozaburo didn't believe that Kaiba Corp could be run properly by a virtual president.

Kaiba says that Gozaburo didn't give up on Noah because of his virtual state—he knew that no matter how much knowledge Noah gained, he'd always stay a spoiled brat. Despicable as he was, Gozaburo knew the value of hard work, and he knew that Seto was the better man for the job, and Noah was better off in his virtual world, out of the way. (Japanese Kaiba says that it proves that as strong as Gozaburo was, he still couldn't control the human mind. Noah can only see the virtual world. The real world is chaos. The frustration and strength to live can only be learned by people who live in it. Gozaburo must have thought that he might be able to accept Noah, if Noah could win in competition with a flesh-and-blood human. Kaiba tells Noah that he's lost everything important to a human being, living in his cold world.)

Noah says that's ridiculous, and that of the three Kaiba brothers, Seto is low man on the totem pole. (Japanese Noah says he hasn't lost human feelings. He's surpassed human boundaries to become the Creator. Seto says, you can call yourself "Creator" of this virtual world? And Noah says, let's see how well he understands human feelings. As Creator, he predicts that in the Third Turn of Creation, something will happen that will shock Seto's existence.) Brainwashed Mokuba, watching from Noah's sanctuary, gets up and goes to the door, saying he must help Noah, his one true brother.

Kaiba says let's finish this, and draws. He plays Pot of Greed and draws two more cards. Then he activates Kaiser Seahorse's Deck Master ability, which allows him to summon a higher level monster without sacrificing another monster, and summons Different Dimension Dragon (Twilight Zone Dragon) (1500 DEF). Then he sets three cards face down and ends his turn.

Joey wonders what Kaiba's doing. Noah's Giant Rex can destroy Kaiba's dragon. Noah could win on his next turn! But Yugi knows Kaiba's no fool. He must have some plan in mind.

Noah draws, and plays a magic card, Deepest Impact, which unleashes a meteor shower on the virtual world, destroying Kaiba's Different Dimension Dragon. Then, as the world begins to freeze, Noah explains that the dinosaurs were destroyed by a meteor shower which caused the Ice Age to begin. His own Giant Rex is swept away by the ice. Joey thinks Noah's nuts to do something that destroys his own monster. Both Noah's and Kaiba's life points are cut in half as well, leaving Noah with 1400 and Kaiba with 700.

Noah says this will weed out the week and let only the strong survive. He then plays the magic card, Ice Age Panic, which allows him to summon Last Tusk Mammoth (800 ATK).

But Kaiba calls Different Dimension Dragon back to the field in defense mode. The dragon has been hiding safely in another dimension to save itself from destruction. It's more powerful than Noah's Mammoth and can protect Kaiba from its attack.

Noah insists his Mammoth will destroy Kaiba's dragon, and attacks. Yugi explains that when the Last Tusk Mammoth is destroyed, both players will lose life points. But Kaiba activates his trap card, Ring of Destruction, which will destroy the Tusk Mammoth and inflict damage equal to its attack to both players. Then Kaiba also activates his magic card, Ring of Defense, to protect himself from damage. Tusk Mammoth is destroyed, and only Noah loses life points, taking him to 600.

The gang cheer Kaiba's move, but Joey points out that Kaiba and Noah are both down to their last chunk of life points. Yugi agrees, and hopes that Kaiba can wipe out Noah's first.

It's Kaiba's turn, and he draws, and switches the Different Dimension Dragon to attack mode. Then he discards Thunder Dragon, letting it be absorbed by Shinato's Ark, but allowing him to draw two more Thunder Dragons from his deck, and plays Polymerization to form Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800 ATK). He plays Quick Attack to allow his fusion monster to attack in the same turn it's summoned.

Noah says Kaiba seems to have forgotten—he can call upon any of the monsters from Shinato's Ark to protect him. He brings Giant Rex and Giant Soldier of Stone to the field. But Kaiba laughs. Noah fell right into his trap! He plays his trap card, Dragon's Rage, which allows his monsters to inflict battle damage to Noah's life points, as long as their attack is higher than Noah's defense monsters' defense.

Spear Dragon takes out Giant Rex, and Noah's down to 400 life points. The gang cheers, and Joey grabs Yugi around the neck and squeezes him until his little eyes bug out. All Kaiba has to do is attack Giant Soldier with Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, and it's over.

Kaiba prepares to order the attack. But suddenly Mokuba appears on the field, standing in front of Noah to protect him. Kaiba stops in shock, unable to attack his brother. Noah laughs, telling Kaiba that Mokuba has chosen sides based on his own free will. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Noah stroking Mokuba's face as he says that Mokuba is his brother.)

Now Kaiba must decide—forfeit the duel and step down as president of Kaiba Corp, or attack his brother and risk losing him forever. (Japanese Noah reminds Seto that he predicted that something would happen during this turn to shock his existence.) What will Kaiba do?

To Be Continued

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