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Episode 116: Brothers in Arms, Part 3 (Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn)

Kaiba demands that Noah release Mokuba at once. This is their fight, he says. But Noah accuses Kaiba of disrespecting Mokuba by acting like Mokuba's opinion means nothing, and brainwashed Mokuba tells Seto to give Kaiba Corp to Noah. The gang can't believe it. Noah taunts Seto to attack. But Kaiba can't bring himself to attack while Mokuba is standing against him. He ends his turn.

Noah laughs at Seto, and congratulates Mokuba for helping him against this "stranger." Then he activates another special ability of his Ark, destroying the monsters in the Ark to increase his life points by 500 for each one. Since there are twelve monsters in the Ark, Noah's life points increase by 6000, to 6400, while Kaiba still has only 700. Joey says one more attack and Kaiba's a goner, and Yugi agrees—and if Noah wins, he'll take Kaiba's body and escape to the real world, leaving the rest of them trapped there. (Japanese Yugi realizes Noah could have done this before—he was never really in danger of losing, he was just using Mokuba to hurt Seto.)

Noah then plays the magic card, Dark Hole (Black Hole), to destroy all monsters on the field. All the destroyed monsters go into Shinato's Ark. Noah ends his turn.

Kaiba wonders how Mokuba could have been forced to turn against him. Maybe he has been too hard on Mokuba. He remembers accusing Mokuba of betraying him to Gozaburo and kicking him out. He urges Mokuba to remember that they're a team, reminding Mokuba that he was always there for him. They defeated their stepfather together. Kaiba says he couldn't have done it without Mokuba. (Japanese Kaiba remembers that he promised to be a father to Mokuba and protect him. He didn't treat Mokuba well when he threw him out, but he did it so that no matter what happened to him, Mokuba would still have a family. He didn't use Mokuba. The bond between them was what enabled them to defeat Gozaburo and take over Kaiba Corp. There must be some way to save him. Cut from the US version is this bit from the flashback showing Seto throwing Mokuba to the ground.)

(And, for some reason, this shot of Gozaburo being defeated by Seto and Mokuba is made all glowy in the US version.)

Noah says it's very touching, but Mokuba's on his team now. (Noah has no dialolg in the Japanese.)

Yugi tells Kaiba he can help him, because he's been through the same thing, and reminds Kaiba of when Joey was brainwashed by Marik. Kaiba should be able to get through to Mokuba the same way he got through to Joey. The answer might be in his deck. (Japanese Yugi says it was the bond between him and Jounouchi that saved them. Kaiba must keep fighting to awaken the bond between him and Mokuba. The flashback of Joey under Marik's control is added to the US version, replacing more shots of Yugi talking to Kaiba in the Japanese.)

Kaiba turns to Noah, telling him that not only will he win the duel, he'll win back his brother. (Japanese Noah says that's some advice, and Kaiba says don't mistake him—he doesn't plan to listen to anyone. He'll fight with his own will.) He draws, but it's not the card he wants. He still has Different Dimension Dragon, though, which returns to the field due to its effect. He puts it in defense mode and ends his turn.

It's Noah's turn, and the virtual world changes again. (Japanese Noah says it's the Fifth Turn of Creation.) Now it's the modern world, and the Kaiba Corporation building appears. Noah says that once he takes over Kaiba Corp, he'll return the company to the way it was before. And if Kaiba doesn't remember, Noah will remind him. The Kaiba Corp roof pad opens and Gradius (Vic Viper), a jet fighter monster, emerges. Noah adds the equip magic card, Cyclon Laser, to increase Gradius's attack from 1200 to 1500, then adds another equip card, Matter Leveller, which will increase Gradius's attack by 100 every time it attacks. And, Cyclon Laser allows Gradius to inflict damage even when the monster it attacks is in defense mode. He attacks Kaiba's Different Dimension Dragon, reducing Kaiba's life points by 100, to 600.

And, since the Different Dimension Dragon returns to the field each time it's destroyed, Noah can just continue attacking it, wearing away Kaiba's life points. (This shot of the gang is cut from the US version.)

But Yugi says that if Kaiba can draw a powerful monster, he can still turn the duel around.

Kaiba draws. Still not the card he wants. He leaves his Different Dimension Dragon in defense and ends his turn. He and Noah taunt each other for a while, then Noah takes his turn (the Sixth Turn of Creation), playing Gradius's Option, which turns into a second Gradius with the same attack as the original. He attacks Kaiba's Different Dimension Dragon, and Kaiba's life points go down to 500. Kaiba thinks he can't keep this up much longer, and Noah asks Mokuba if he's enjoying the show. Kaiba calls out ot his brother, and Noah laughs, asking him how it feels to lose his only friend. Then he attacks the Different Dimesion Dragon with the second Gradius.

Kaiba's knocked off his feet by the attack. He struggles to rise to his elbows, calling out to Mokuba to snap out of it, telling him he needs him. He manages to get to his hands and knees, while Noah taunts him, telling him he's one attack away from annihilation. Joey yells encouragement, and Kaiba gets to his feet, saying it will take more than a few attacks to keep him down, and it's his turn now. (Japanese Jounouchi yells "Stand up! Don't give up!" and Kaiba struggles to his feet, responding, "Shut up, Stupid! You can't tell me what to do!" Cut from the US version is Jounouchi's reaction, as he angrily yells, "Kaiba, teme!!" which means "Kaiba, you!" But it's a very rude way of saying "you." The subtitles translate it as "you bastard," or, "you bustard.")

Noah says that the sooner Kaiba gives in, the less he'll have to suffer, and Mokuba has already realized this. (Japanese Noah asks if there's a dispute between the friends, and says it's a symptom of the weakness of human beings when they're about to lose.) Yugi tries to break through to Mokuba, telling him that Noah has brainwashed him, and Seto is his brother. It seems Mokuba is beginning to listen to him. Noah tells Mokuba that the others are just trying to break them apart.

Kaiba tells Mokuba not to let Noah poison his mind. He reminds Mokuba that they've always been there for each other. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Mokuba, this is going to be my last turn. I can't fight you. As long as you're beside me, I can fight. Now or in the future, this won't change. ") He tells Mokuba that there's something he's never told him—Mokuba once saved him when they were kids. When Gozaburo adopted them, he was merciless, forcing Seto to work without rest. Seto was ready to give up, until Mokuba inspired him, sneaking his cards to him, and drawing the Blue-Eyes White Dragon for him. That card inspired him and gave him something to strive for. He swore that day to become a person worthy of possessing a real Blue-Eyes.

Mokuba remembers making the card. In flashback, young Mokuba lies on the floor of his room, drawing the card with crayons. The card turns into a real Blue-Eyes and flies Mokuba away on its back. A tear drips down present-day Mokuba's cheek, and he says that he remembers. Kaiba calls out to him that he knows Mokuba is strong and can break through Noah's mind games. Never give up! (Japanese Kaiba says, "Without that card, I would have been finished. Do I deserve that card, and to be your brother?" As he continues his turn, Kaiba says, "My deck connects me and Mokuba.")

Kaiba draws, and holds the card up with his eyes closed, begging it to be the card he needs. With one eye, he peers at it, and yes! This is it. Kaiba sets one card face down, then activates the special ability of his Deck Master, allowing him to tribute just one monster to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Mokuba stares at the Blue-Eyes and recognizes it as the card he drew for his brother. In his mind, Mokuba sees his brother riding on the back of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon with him, smiling at him. He opens his eyes, and Noah's control is broken. Mokuba calls out to his brother. Noah tries to tell Mokuba that Seto is their enemy. Joey calls out to Noah that it's too late (Japanese Jounouchi tells Mokuba to leave that guy). Mokuba calls Noah a phony and runs away from him.

Kaiba attacks Gradius with the Blue-Eyes, destroying it and reducing Noah's life points to 4900. Destroying one of Noah's jets causes the other one to be destroyed also, and Noah's out of monsters. (Japanese Noah says he loves that Seto can do this to him. But he's not finished yet.) Noah uses the five monsters in Shinato's Ark to increase his life points by 2500, bringing him back up to 7400—even higher than before.

Noah begins to take his turn, but Kaiba stops him, telling him it's time to find out which one of them is superior. He activates his trap card, Last Turn (Last Battle), which requires them each to choose one monster to engage in a final battle to determine the outcome of the duel. (This shot of Jounouchi saying that Kaiba made a great gamble is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba chooses his Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Noah chooses his Deck Master, Shinato's Ark. The Blue-Eyes attacks, and the Ark seems to be destroyed—but it's not the real Deck Master. Now the true form of Noah's Deck Master is revealed—it's Shinato, King of a Higher Plane, with 3300 ATK. It destroys the Blue-Eyes, and Kaiba loses.

Mokuba calls out to his brother, while Noah gloats, telling his father that he's won, and he can now take over Kaiba Corp. (Japanese Noah asks Kaiba, did he forget? This is the fateful Seventh Turn—the round of his ultimate ability.) Then Noah rises and merges with his Deck Master, saying that he has one final task. He's decided not to escape to the real world in Seto's body. There are plenty of others to choose from, and he wants to turn Seto into a permanent fixture in this world. (Japanese Noah asks his father if he's seen—he's proved that he's better than Seto. Noah is naked inside Shinato, but he's covered in the US version.)

Kaiba struggles to sit up, having been knocked down by the force of the Blue-Eyes's destruction. Mokuba runs to him and Kaiba smiles, reaching out a hand to his brother. But just as they're about to come together, Noah turns them to stone—two statues with hands outstretched toward each other, inches apart. (Japanese Noah says he'll name the statue "Wonderful Brotherhood.")

The gang run to them and stand by the statues. Tears fall from stone Mokuba's eyes. Yugi gets mad and goes Yami. He says this doesn't prove Noah's the best—it shows Noah's father that he's a coward. Noah claims he won fair and square, but Yami says kidnapping Mokuba and using him as a shield wasn't fair. Noah's guilty of the same foul play as the Big 5. Kaiba could have easily won, but he chose the safety of his little brother over his victory. (Japanese Yami tells Noah he didn't really win—if Kaiba had kept the Twilight Zone Dragon, it would have survived the Last Turn and the game would have been a draw, but instead he abandoned the chance to survive in order to summon the Blue Eyes and win Mokuba back.) Yami picks up Kaiba's deck and challenges Noah to continue the duel.

The score is 7400 to 400, and Kaiba's side has no monsters on the field. Noah accepts the challenge. If he wins, he'll turn them all into stone but one, whose body he'll use to escape. But if Yami wins, Noah must set them all free.

Noah causes circles of stone to rise out of the ground beneath himself and Yami so that their duel will take place in the sky.

The duel begins.

To Be Continued

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