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Episode 117: Noah's Final Threat, Part 1 (The Deck Taken Over: Yugi vs Noah)

The gang watch as Yugi and Noah face each other, standing on chunks of stone that have been raised up into the air. Joey thinks Yugi must be out of his gourd to go through with this duel! Yugi has Kaiba's 400 life points, while Noah has 7400. Yugi says Noah used deceit and betrayal to overpower Kaiba, but Noah says that as soon as he's through refreshing his deck with new cards, Yugi and his friends will meet the same fate as Seto and Mokuba. (Japanese Noah thinks that Yugi uses a strategic deck, while Kaiba uses a power deck. By mixing their cards together, Yugi will distrupt his strategy.) Joey thinks Yugi's faced some pretty tough duels, but this one takes the cake! (Japanese Jounouchi says that since Shinato was called to the field, the Miracle Ark's effect has disappeared, and all the cards have returned to the graveyard. But Yugi still has no monsters on the field, or cards in his hand.) Téa calls out encouragement, telling Yugi she knows he can do it! Noah says he'll silence Yugi's cheerleaders by turning them into statues. (Japanese Noah tells Yugi he can change his Deck Master if he likes, but Yugi says it's not necessary. He says he can feel the beat of Kaiba and Mokuba's heart in the cards.)

Noah lets Yugi go first, and Yugi draws, thinking this had better be a monster card, or he's got nothing to protect his life points. He draws Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, and plays it in defense mode. Joey cheers, but Noah says he shouldn't be so quick to start the celebration.

Noah draws, and seems disappointed in his draw. But, he says, he can still annihilate Yugi's monster. He activates a special power of Shinato's, and six orbs, each with a kanji written on it, appear around him. Noah says they form the Divine Ring, which destroys Gazelle, reducing Yugi's life points by half to 200, while adding those 200 life points to Noah's. Robot Monkey Tristan thinks Noah doesn't need any more life points! Joey says Yugi's still going to beat him.

Noah says Yugi and his friends will pay the price for challenging him—all for someone who doesn't even like Yugi. Yugi says he and Kaiba have a lot in common—they're both participants in an ancient struggle that dates back 5000 years. And Kaiba duels with honor and respect. (Japanese Noah says he doesn't understand why Yugi has accepted this duel. Aren't he and Kaiba enemies? Yugi says, yes, they are rivals. Maybe they're teased by the unlimited destiny of history. Even so, they'll never break the most important thing—the Duelist's Bond. Yugi vows to use the Duelist's Bond to defeat Noah.)

Yugi draws, then plays a monster face down in defense and ends his turn. Noah draws, saying it's time to play a monster that resides in the spirit world. He summons Yata-Garasu (200 ATK) in attack, then activates Shinato's Divine Ring to attack Yugi's defense monster.

But Yugi's monster is Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, which can't be destroyed by any monster whose attack is greater than 1900 points. Frustrated, Noah plays the magic card, Spring of Rebirth, which increases his life points by 500 every time a monster returns to his hand. Then Yata-Garasu returns to his hand, raising his life points to 8100.

Yugi objects—Noah can't just call a card back to his hand. (Japanese Yugi says that this is what he's heard of the Spirit Monster series.) Noah explains that when Pegasus was designing Duel Monsters, he travelled to the mystical Orient, where he learned about Spirit Monsters, and based a series of cards on these beasts, which return to the owners' hand at the end of each turn. (In the Japanese, it's also explained that Spirit Monsters can't be Special Summoned.)

It's Yugi's turn, and he draws one of Kaiba's monsters. If he can use it to destroy Noah's Deck Master, he can win the duel! He plays it face down and ends his turn.

Noah summons another Spirit Monster, Asura (1700 ATK). (Asura's briefs are made into boxer briefs in the US.)

With it, he attacks Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. Since Asura's attack is less than 1900, it destroys Celtic Guardian. (This shot of Celtic Guardian being hit by the knives is cut from the US version.)

(And the sword coming out of Celtic Guardian's back is removed from this shot in the US.)

(Then, the sword is obscured in the front view.)

Asura's special ability allows it to attack every monster on Yugi's side of the field in the same turn. Noah uses it to attack Yugi's face-down monster.

It's Cyber Jar, which destroys all monsters on the field. And, since Noah has moved his Deck Master to the field, Shinato is also destroyed. The gang cheer, thinking Yugi has won. But Noah activates his Deck Master's second ability, Reversal, which allows it to leave the playing field and return to its position on the sidelines, so it's not destroyed by Cyber Jar. Now Shinato can't return to the field in this duel, and Noah and Shinato are separate again.

Cyber Jar's second effect requires each of them to draw five cards, summoning any monsters they pick up to the field. Yugi summons Sangan and Gamma the Magnet Warrior in defense mode, but Noah hasn't drawn any monsters. (In the Japanese, this short bit is cut where it's explained that Noah can't summon any of his Spirit Monsters to the field by Cyber Jar's effect, since this would be a Special Summon.)

Now it's Yugi's turn, and he sacrifices Sangan and Gamma the Magnet Warrior, activating Sangan's special effect, allowing him to add a monster with an attack of 1500 or less to his hand, so he chooses Big Shield Gardna. Then he summons Dark Magician (2500 ATK) by the sacrifices and attacks Noah directly, for 2500 life points damage, reducing Noah's life points to 5600.

Noah's angry, saying how dare Yugi humiliate him like that! Yugi says it was Noah who humiliated Kaiba and Mokuba, just so he could prove his superiority to his father. Noah insists he is superior, and deserves to be rewarded for his unsurpassable power. Yugi says he has to earn respect, not demand it. He agrees that Noah may have been treated badly by his father, but that's no excuse for the way he's treating them. (Japanese Noah says that he can't forgive any hurt to himself, the Creator of this world. Yugi says he never heard of a Creator who treated people as stepping-stones. Every soul has a home, and Noah's soul shouldn't have gone to that steel sun. Yugi says he'll release Noah's soul with this duel.)

Noah plays the Next World magic card. A carpet appears on the field, with Dark Magician trapped in it. Next World chooses one of Yugi's monsters and allows Noah to summon one with the same number of stars. Noah summons Yamata Dragon (2600 ATK), and uses it to destroy Yugi's Dark Magician. Yugi loses 100 life points, and Noah gains them. Then Yamata Dragon returns to Noah's hand, activating Spring of Rebirth, to add another 500 life points to Noah's score. He's back up to 6200, and Yugi's down to 100. How can Yugi win, when Noah's life points just keep going up?

Téa urges Yugi not to let Noah push him around, and Joey says they're all behind him. Yugi realizes that everyone's counting on him, and resolves to keep fighting. He plays Swords of Revealing Light, so Noah can't attack for three turns. Everyone cheers, but Noah says Yugi's just delaying the inevitable. (Japanese Noah wonders if it's Yugi's friends that are supporting him.) Yugi summons Kuriboh and sends him to direct attack Noah for 300 points of damage. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Kuriboh chewing on Noah's arm.)

(And then this shot of Noah flinging Kuriboh back to Yugi's side of the field.)

Noah calls Kuriboh a pathetic little puffball, and says he barely made a dent. (Japanese Noah says, "Did anything touch me?") Kuriboh is displeased. Noah plays a monster face-down in defense and ends his turn.

Yugi draws Dark Magician Girl. He can't use his Deck Master's ability to summon her without a sacrifice, because Kaiser Seahorse's ability only works with Light monsters, and Dark Magician Girl is Dark. He thinks he'd better save her for later. He plays Big Shield Gardna in defense, then switches Kuriboh to defense, and ends his turn.

Noah sets another monster in defense, then sets a card face down. Only one more turn, and Swords of Revealing Light will be gone.

Yugi draws, wondering what he will do. None of these cards can help him! He plays one card face down and ends his turn.

Noah says Yugi will lose on his next turn, but Téa tells Yugi he can beat him. Noah says Yugi's friends are clueless to think Yugi can still win, and Joey tells Noah he's just jealous because Yugi actually has friends, while he's a spoiled brat who's angry with the world because he's stuck in a computer with nobody to hang out with but his sorry self! (Japanese Jounouchi says, "You, a lonely person without any friends, how can you understand? The bond of trust we have with each other—we have made the impossible into the possible.")

In retaliation, Noah turns Duke to stone. Distraught, Robot Monkey Tristan leaps onto Duke. Noah says he'll turn them all into stone one by one, each turn. Yugi will be left alone in a circle of motionless statues who were once his friends.

But Yugi smiles. Angrily, Noah asks what's so funny, and Yugi says Noah is just a child who hasn't matured at all in six years. Yugi's friends are still with him, cheering him on and telling him he can win. Noah can't believe they still have faith in Yugi. Yugi says Noah wouldn't find it so hard to believe if he actually had any friends.

Noah says all he needs to know about friendship is how to destroy it! It's his turn, and he activates his trap card, Pyro Clock of Destiny, which advances the duel by one turn, so that Swords of Revealing Light is ended one turn early. Then, he flip summons Otohime (0 ATK), whose special effect allows him to switch the battle position of one of Yugi's monsters. He forces Kuriboh into attack mode. Then he sacrifices Otohime and his face-down monster to summon Yamata Dragon, and attacks Kuriboh. If this attack succeeds, Yugi will lose!

To Be Continued

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