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Episode 118: Noah's Final Threat, Part 2 (LP 10000 vs 100!!)

Noah gloats as Yamata Dragon's attack races towards Yugi's Kuriboh. The attack will wipe out the rest of Yugi's life points, and Yugi will be defeated! Kuriboh is destroyed, and Téa says that Yugi lost, but Joey doesn't think so—Yugi hasn't lost any life points. Yugi stands up, smiling grimly. He's activated his trap card, Nutrient Z, which he was able to activate since his battle damage was more than 2000 points. Nutrient Z added 4000 life points to Yugi's score before deducting the battle damage, leaving Yugi with 1800 life points.

Noah reminds Yugi that another of his friends will be turned to stone at the end of Yugi's next turn, then receives a 3300 point boost to his life points, thanks to Shinato's Deck Master ability, bringing his score to 8200. Then he activates the magic card, Sebek's Blessing, which adds the life points Yugi just lost to his own life points, increasing his score again to 10,500. Finally, his Yamata Dragon returns to his hand, and his Spring of Rebirth magic card gives him another 500 life points.

Joey exclaims that Noah's got 11,000 life points! Robot Monkey Tristan wonders how Yugi will get him down to zero. Yugi looks back at his friends, and the statues of Kaiba, Mokuba, and Duke. He has to win soon and set them all free! Yugi summons Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1400 ATK) and attacks Noah directly, but Noah says he barely felt a thing, as his life points go down to 9600.

Yugi ends his turn, and Noah turns Robot Monkey Tristan to stone, while a horrified Téa and Joey and Serenity watch. Yugi vows to get Tristan back, and turns to Noah, glaring daggers at him. Joey tells Noah Yugi's going to shut him down, and Noah says Joey's sister will be next. If Yugi wants to stop him, all he has to do is beat him! (Continuity error! This scene is inserted in the US version, probably to make the transition back from commercial break a little smoother. But it's from a different part of the duel, and shows Yamata Dragon behind Noah. Yamata Dragon went back to Noah's hand at the end of his last turn, and he currently has no monsters on the field.)

Noah draws, and summons the spirit monster, Inaba White Rabbit (700 ATK), which can attack Yugi's life points directly. He attacks, and the sneaky little rabbit sneaks up behind Yugi, hitting him in the back and reducing his life points to 1100. (The attack on Yugi is obscured in the US version.)

Then Inaba White Rabbit returns to Noah's hand, and Noah's two magic cards increase his life points to 10,800. (Actually, it's Noah's Deck Master's ability and the magic card Spring of Rebirth that increase Noah's life points. Sebek's Blessing only works for one turn.) Serenity clutches her brother's arm, asking what now, and Joey reassures her that Yugi can handle this freak.

Yugi plays a card face down, then sacrifices Alpha the Magnet Warrior to summon Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK). Since there's a Dark Magician in Yugi's graveyard, her attack is increased by 300 to 2300. He attacks Noah with Dark Magician Girl, reducing Noah's life points to 8500, but Noah says if Yugi wants to save Joey's sister, he'll have to do better than that. Yugi can't, and ends his turn.

Noah laughs, and points his finger at Serenity, who pushes Joey out of the way so that the bolt of magic hits her alone, turning her to stone. (This shot of Anzu being shocked while Shizuka turns to stone is cut from the US version.)

Joey falls to his knees in front of her (in the Japanese, he screams, "Shizuka!"), and Yugi apologizes, while Noah continues to laugh. If Yugi really cared, Noah says, Yugi wouldn't have let that happen. Then Noah summons Inaba White Rabbit, but before he can attack, Yugi activates his trap card, Dark Renewal. (Dark Renewal's coffin's five-pointed star is changed to a ten-pointed star in the US version.)

This trap card allows him to sacrifice Noah's Inaba White Rabbit, along with his own Big Shield Gardna, to bring back Dark Magician from the graveyard. Dark Magican Girl's attack goes back to 2000, with Dark Magician back on the field. Frustrated, Noah plays a card face down and ends his turn.

It's Yugi's turn. He draws, then plays the magic card, Dark Magic Ritual. (More star-point-adding in the US version.)

He sacrifices Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior from his hand. (This shot of the Chaos ceremony is cut from the US version.)

And summons the Magician of Black Chaos. Now Yugi has all three of his most powerful spellcasters on the field, and they attack Noah together, with a combined attack strength of 7300!

Noah activates his trap card, Chaos Barrier Field, which stops the attack, then forces Yugi's strongest monster to attack his weakest. Dark Magician Girl is destroyed by Magician of Black Chaos, and Yugi loses 800 life points, bringing him down to 300, while Noah's life points increase to 9300.

Noah applauds Yugi, telling him he's put on a great show, and offering to transform Yugi's friends back to normal—if Yugi will forfeit the duel. But Seto and Mokuba will remain stone statues. Joey calls Noah a slimeball, and Yugi warns him to watch what he says. But Joey won't shut up, telling Yugi to go on with the duel and defeat Noah. Yugi asks, what if he's defeated? But Joey says he won't lose. (This sequence is longer in the Japanese. Noah tells Yugi they don't have to be hostile towards each other. If Yugi will join with him, he'll free Yugi's friends.)

(Noah tells Yugi that Seto is his enemy anyway, and Yugi shouldn't care what happens to him. Yugi seems tempted to agree, but Jounouchi won't hear of it. He says that Kaiba might be their enemy, but the feelings between the brothers are the same as the feelings between Yugi and his friends. He thinks Honda, Otogi and Shizuka would agree. He urges Yugi to please fight.)

Noah's response is to turn Joey to stone.

Téa turns on Noah, telling him he's a spoiled brat, who changes the rules whenever things aren't going his way. But Noah just laughs, saying he's already proved he's the best, and is only waiting for Yugi to admit it. But Yugi says he still plans to win. (In the Japansese, Anzu tells Noah that even though he's gained knowledge, he's still just a pitiful little boy who denies what he can't have. Noah says normal people can't understand his greatness, and he'll ask someone chosen by victory—Yugi. He urges Yugi to help him. This shot of Yugi clenching his fist is cut from the US version.)

(Yugi says, "Use power to force people—who will accept you? Stupid." Noah's pretty steamed.)

Noah plays a monster in defense, and plays a card face down. Then he tells Yugi he's going to lose anyway, so there's no harm in showing him the card he's going to play. It's the trap card, Groundbreaking. He intends to use it as soon as Yugi's turn starts to bring back one of his spirit monsters, Inaba White Rabbit, whose attack is enough to wipe out the rest of Yugi's life points. Noah sets the trap card, then ends his turn.

Yugi draws, and Noah activates Groundbreaking, bringing his Inaba White Rabbit back to his hand. But Yugi plays Card Destruction, which forces Noah to discard his entire hand, sending Inaba White Rabbit back to the graveyard, and draw a new hand. Then Yugi attacks Noah's face-down monster with Magician of Black Chaos. It's Otohime (100 DEF), which is destroyed, but her flip effect allows Noah to change the battle position of one of Yugi's monsters. He forces Dark Magician into defense mode, so it can't attack him. Then, Otohime's destruction allows him to activate his other trap card, Vessel of Illusion, which allows him to summon another monster (in the Japanese, it's a token), so he brings Otohime back to the field in defense mode. Noah reminds Yugi that he only has one friend left, and Téa gasps, realizing she's next to be turned to stone. (Cut from the US version is this short bit where Noah asks Anzu if there's anything she wants to tell Yugi while she has the chance. Then he says, "But you prefer his hatred and complaints.")

But she tells Noah that Yugi's going to crush him! Noah says he'll spare her for one more turn, so she can witness Yugi's defeat.

Noah then plays Change of Heart and takes control of Yugi's Dark Magician, which he sacrifices along with Otohime to summon the spirit monster, Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, a big musclebound guy with tattoos and fire for hair, and an attack of 2800. Then Noah plays the magic card Flaming Fist to increase Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi's attack by another 200 points for one turn, making it strong enough to destroy Yugi's Magician of Black Chaos, and reduce Yugi's life points to 100. Yugi's knocked to the ground by the attack.

Thanks to Shinato's Deck Master ability, Noah's life points are increased by 700 to 10,000. Then, Noah plays Spiritual Energy Settle Machine, discarding one card from his hand to allow him to keep his spirit monster on the field.

Yugi struggles up onto his elbows, but Noah tells Yugi he might as well stay down—it's all over. Téa calls out to Yugi to get up, but Noah turns her to stone. Yugi collapses, as Noah taunts him: he has no monsters on the fields, no cards in his hand, and no friends to cheer him on. Yugi is surrounded by darkness.

Then, out of the darkness, little Yugi appears to him in spirit form, telling Yami that he's not alone. Yugi takes Yami's hand and lifts him into the light, and they find themselves in Yami's soul room. Yugi tells Yami that he only has to look inside his heart, and his friends will be with him. But Yami doesn't see anyone.

Then enter a room. Yami doesn't recognize it, but Yugi tells him it holds his recent memories. Joey appears in spirit form, then Téa and Tristan also appear, along with Duke and Serenity. Yami says he thinks he understands, and Yugi agrees. As long as their friends are in their thoughts, they won't be far away. Yugi's friends encourage him, telling him that he may not remember his ancient past, but he still remembers them. Yami says that's true, but he no longer has anything to fight with.

Now Kaiba appears in the room, with Mokuba at his side. Kaiba tells Yugi he can't let this punk Noah win, and reminds Yugi that he's got Kaiba's cards too. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Yugi—my lifelong rival—are you being weak here? The cards of our souls... the time to give up hasn't come. Our possibility is sleeping in the cards." Then he tells Yugi, "Fight, Yugi. Believe in our deck.")

Yami Yugi gets up, telling Noah he won't give up. He draws, and plays Card of Sanctity, a magic card that allows both players to draw until they hold six cards. Yugi's friends appear to him, and their hands cover his deck. Kaiba, Joey, Téa, Tristan, Serenity, and Duke each hold out a card to him. With the support of his friends, Yugi says, he's about to defeat Noah.

Yugi plays Monster Reborn, using it to bring back Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon. (The flashback is changed in the US version to show Noah's Shinato destroying the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and winning the duel, explaining how the Blue-Eyes got into the graveyard. In the Japanese, the flashback shows Kaiba's first attack on Noah with the Blue-Eyes, and represents Yugi's respect for Kaiba's fight.)

Then Yugi plays Polymerization to fuse the Blue-Eyes with two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons from his hand, to form the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500 ATK), and plays Quick Attack so the fusion monster can attack immediately. The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attacks and destroys Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, reducing Noah's life points to 8300. Noah says it's not over yet, but Yugi says he's wrong, playing De-Fusion to turn the Blue-Eyes back into three separate dragons, each with an attack of 3000. Noah desperately looks at his hand, saying there must be something he can do, but there's nothing. For Kaiba, Mokuba, and his other friends as well, Yugi orders the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons to attack.

To Be Continued

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